13 – The Julie Journals

She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She came across an entry marked "BBQ" and her smiled broadened as she recalled the day she first got together with Wendy…


Julie stopped for a moment to catch her breath and watching the people laughing and enjoying themselves as they chatted and drank. There must have been over a hundred people milling about, some enjoying the rare English sun, others trying to seek shade under the trees dotted about her large garden. Julie loved her annual get together as it gave her a chance to catch up with a lot of people she didn't see during the year. At the moment it was very pleasant and family orientated with the kids splashing in and out the pool, but Julie knew that later, once the sun went down, the adults would start drinking in earnest and the party was likely to go on well into the early hours of the morning.

As she scanned the crowd Julie's eyes met with Wendy's who smiled at her as she parted her lips and poked her tongue out just a little. Wendy walked towards Julie, her eyes looking Julie up and down, and Julie knew that the thin summer dress she was wearing was virtually see-through, but at 36 she was still in good shape and knew her figure drew admiring glances from both men & women alike. Stopping in front of her Wendy smiled as she said, "Nice party, nice dress, lovely body". Julie had known Wendy for a few years and also her live in long-term girlfriend Geraldine, and often in the past Wendy had made it quite clear that she would like to seduce Julie. Wendy was openly a lesbian and whilst you never could describe her as butch at 5'4" and a size 12, there was something about her that was predatory.

Running the back of her hand gently up and down Julie's arm, Wendy quietly asked Julie whether she had changed her mind about going to bed with her. Normally Julie resisted these come ons, but at the same time loved to flirt. "No Geri then Wendy?" Julie asked with a light laugh.

"No" replied Wendy, "Left her back in London so I could have the freedom to charm you into bed". Rather than steering the subject away a little devil inside Julie raised itself as she coyly replied, "And what would happen if I succumbed to your charms then Wendy?"

Wendy licked her lips as she replied, "With this tongue you will think you have died and gone to heaven." Julie's eyes widened but before she could reply Wendy followed with "And once I have ridden you with the strap-on I have back at the hotel you won't think, you will know you have gone to heaven."

Julie felt her tummy flip and her pussy moisten from the blatant sexual come-ons, and for once she thought, 'why not?' Before she could change her own mind she looked Wendy straight in the eyes and said "OK lets go to heaven then."

The pair separated and quietly slid away from the party throng, knowing they wouldn't be missed for the next few hours. Settling herself into the passenger seat of Wendy's small open topped sports car, Julie allowed her short dress to ride up revelling a large expanse of tanned thigh. "Nice" murmured Wendy as she slipped the car into gear and sped away.

Lifting up her ass Julie felt under her body and in a swift movement removed her brief panties. Holding them up to show Wendy she laughed as she said, "Well I won't be needing those" and threw them over her shoulder where they were whipped away by the wind.

"Very nice" murmured Wendy, her eyes now flitting between the road and Julie's long legs, which she had pulled up causing the dress to ride up to the very top of her thighs. Removing her hand from the gear stick Wendy pushed a finger deep into Julie's pussy before removing it and licking the juices. "Wet and very ready I see" Wendy chuckled as she spun the car into the hotel car park.

The hotel was based on the American motel concept, so the two women were able to slip into the room without having to pass through reception. They were barely inside the door before Wendy began to kiss Julie hard on the lips, their mouths parted slightly and tongues dancing together. Julie broke the kiss to step back and pull the dress over her head, revealing her unfettered 40c breasts, which despite their size, bounced firmly. Wendy paused for a moment to admire them before running her fingertips across them stopping to tweak Julie's hardening nipples. Pushing Julie gently in the middle of her chest Julie fell backwards onto the bed parting her legs wide as she did so. Wendy was still fully dressed in her jeans and top and Julie found the sight of this fully dressed woman against her nakedness extremely erotic as she looked into the mirror.

A sigh of contentment escaped Julie's lips as she felt Wendy's tongue run gently across her pussy lips collecting the juices. Wendy swallowed before continuing probing with her tongue delving deeper and deeper, varying this with light movements across Julie's clit. Julie moaned softly and ran her fingers through her short hair, urging her magic tongue to do its work. Julie's grip tightened as she felt the orgasm building in her and Wendy's tongue lapped more insistently running across her swollen clit before plunging back into her pussy. "Oh my fucking Godddddddddd" Julie screamed as the orgasm ripped through her in a flash of blinding light, pulling Wendy's head close, as she wrapped her legs around her head and arched up to Wendy's willing mouth. Wendy didn't stop but just slowed the pace of her tongue sending shivers and tremors through Julie's body. Placing her lips over Julie's swollen and tender clit, Wendy pursed her lips and began to hum. The vibrations caused Julie to arch her back as another orgasm shot through her.

After an hour of orgasm after orgasm Wendy finally lifted her head from between Julie's thighs and Julie slumped back onto the bed releasing her grip on Wendy's hair. Through half closed eyes Julie watched as Wendy stood and quickly stripped, and with Julie still lying on her back Wendy climbed onto the bed and straddled her face with her knees either side of her head. Keeping her pussy just out of Julie's reach she looked down and said in a sweet voice, "Was that nice baby?"

"Oh yessssss " Julie replied and tried to lift her head to taste the sweet pearls of juices she could see had formed on Wendy's pussy lips. Holding her head gently down Wendy rocked her hips just lightly touching the tip of Julie's tongue with her pussy lips. As Julie started to moan in frustration Wendy moved her hands and gripping under Julie's head, pulled upwards and ground her pussy into Julie mouth. Julie drove her tongue inside as Wendy rubbed herself back and forward rubbing her clit against Julie's mouth. It was difficult to tell whether Julie was tonguing Wendy or if Wendy was just using Julie's mouth to masturbate herself with. Suddenly, with a loud cry, Wendy started to cum and Julie opened her mouth wide as Wendy's juices poured down her throat and she swallowed each drop, savouring the taste.

Wendy looked down at Julie and smiled before getting off the bed and going over to her overnight bag. Julie admired Wendy firm breasts and statuesque curvy figure, which was in fantastic shape for a woman in her late 40's. "Ahah," Wendy cried standing up in triumph holding the strap on in one hand, "This is what I was looking for".

Julie gulped as she watched Wendy fasten the strap-on, the long dildo jutting out in front. "How big?" Julie stammered.

Wendy turned to face Julie and smiled as she said "Nine inches baby and you are going to feel it in both holes". Moving quickly to the bed Wendy lifted Julie's ankles high above her head and rested them on her shoulders, before reaching down and grabbing the base with one hand and with the other parting Julie's soaking pussy lips. With a thrust of her hips the monster dildo slid into Julie's willing body driving the breath from her. Wendy started to fuck Julie with savage strokes pounding the dildo in and out. Julie arched up to meet her thrusts as she felt yet another orgasm building in her body. Crying out Julie bent up and kissed Wendy hard on the mouth, their teeth clashing together as the orgasm tore through Julie.

Wendy withdrew the dildo as Julie slumped back exhausted, thinking to herself that Wendy was finished, but before she could utter a word Wendy flicked Julie over onto her front and holding her under her tummy pulled her onto all fours. Julie started to protest but Wendy simply pushed Julie's head down onto the bed. Holding Julie like that Wendy forced the tip of the dildo into Julie's pussy and then pushed hard to drive it home. Grabbing her hips Wendy began to grind into her with long slow strokes. With each thrust into Julie's pussy, Wendy spoke through gritted teeth a word at a time, "You ………. like ………. this …… big …… dildo ……. in ……. your ………. pussy ……. don't ……. you ……….. SLUT. Wendy shouted the final word and rammed the dildo as deep as she could.

Julie screamed with pleasure mixed with pain as she felt the tip touch her cervix. With a sudden movement Wendy withdrew the dildo causing Julie's pussy to slurp as it pulled back. Still coated with Julie's juices Wendy began to push it at Julie's anal opening, relaxing Julie felt the head of the monster slide inside. Despite Wendy calling her a slut and a whore Julie felt Wendy going slowly in for the first few strokes to ensure Julie's ass wasn't to ravaged.

Once Julie had adjusted to the size she felt the familiar feeling she always got when she was being fucked in the ass. "Oh yes fuck me hard…. make me your bitch" Julie screamed at the top of her voice, not caring who heard her cries of ecstasy.

Gripping Julie's hair Wendy pulled Julie's head back and commanded, "Look in the mirror." Julie felt the orgasm explode in her body as she saw the reflection of Wendy driving the nine inch dildo in and out her stretched ass.


After four hours of licking and savage fucking by Wendy's with her strap-on, both of them had sneaked back to the BBQ without their absence being noticed. It was three months later when Julie saw Wendy again, this time at a wedding anniversary party. Julie didn't really want to go to but felt she had to and she also had a little hope that Wendy might just be there, as she hadn't heard from her since their wild afternoon in the hotel.


Julie looked across the room and saw Wendy waving to them, sitting there with her long-term girlfriend, Geraldine. Julie and her boyfriend JJ, went over and joined the big group at the large table and were soon chatting away. Wendy didn't look at Julie once over the next two hours, and in fact if anything was flirting with Julie's boyfriend. This was both annoying and confusing Geraldine at the same time, as she thought Wendy was a confirmed lesbian rather than bisexual.

A bit put out at being ignored by Wendy, Julie excused herself and went to the toilets. Sitting there with her head in hands wondering what had happened, she heard the door open and after a few seconds an urgent tapping on the cubicle door. Standing up Julie opened the door about to give the knocker a mouthful, as there were other cubicles free, when she found herself face to face with Wendy. Wendy stood with one hand on her hip and a cheeky grin on her face.

Pushing Julie back into the cubicle Wendy kissed Julie hard on the lips, her hands darting over Julie's body touching her through her dress. Finding the bottom of the dress, Wendy's hands dived underneath and then upwards, before gripping the top of Julie's panties on either side and tugging them sharply downwards. Julie stepped out her panties and Wendy pushed her roughly back against the wall beside the toilet bowl. Lifting Julie's left leg up onto the seat Wendy plunged two fingers deep into Julie's pussy. Julie yelped at the sudden invasion but pushed downwards all the same to meet Wendy's thrusting fingers. Wendy chuckled as she said, "Still a willing slut I see" before working another finger into Julie's now soaked pussy. Julie shuddered and leant forward and bit Wendy's shoulder to stop from crying out as she came hard and quickly onto Wendy's fingers.

Pulling her fingers out of Julie's pussy, Wendy held them to her mouth and slowly licked them clean as she said "Your boyfriend is away next week I believe.", Julie nodded her assent as Wendy went on, "I will be round on Wednesday night, be naked and be ready." With that Wendy turned and left the toilet.

Julie's heart was still racing when she returned to her seat but Wendy again ignored her, only passing the odd word now and again.


Wednesday night couldn't come soon enough for Julie, though she had decided she was going to have words with Wendy about ignoring her at the party. The doorbell rang and Julie pulled the robe tight around herself as she opened the front door wide. Wendy stepped in and stood in the hallway with her usual grin, which slowly turned into a frown as she looked at Julie wrapped in the robe. "I thought I told you to be naked" said with Wendy a snarl and swung her open hand at Julie's face.

Julie ducked under the hand and grabbing Wendy's wrist continued the movement, twisting it up behind Wendy's back and pushing her against the wall. Kicking the door shut with her foot Julie leant close to Wendy's ear and whispered in a firm voice that was laced with menace. "You can treat me like a slut all you want in bed, but out of bed be careful……..be very careful indeed."

Letting go of Wendy's arm Julie turned and walked slowly up the stairs allowing the robe to drop to the stairs, revealing her naked body underneath. Julie smiled and swayed her hips as she heard Wendy follow her up the stairs and into Julie's bedroom.

Still rubbing her arm Wendy sat on the bed and looked at Julie intently. With a little hurt in her voice Wendy stammered her apology and explained that she had to be careful as she didn't want to get found out by her girlfriend as she knew she would lose her if she did. "Good" said Julie, "I feel the same about my boyfriend so this should work out perfectly," and with that jumped onto the bed, rolling onto her back. Smiling lewdly at Wendy, Julie opened her legs wide and running her fingers across her own pussy lips, collected some juices before placing them to her own lips. "See how wet I am for you?" Wendy hesitated at first and meekly asked whether Julie was going to twist her arm again. Julie laughed throatily as she said, "We are in bed now darling, I am yours". Wendy needed no second invitation and throwing off her clothes climbed between Julie's legs.

Wendy licked and lapped at Julie's pussy drinking in her sweetness, but before she could really get going she felt Julie pulling and tugging her round into a 69 position. Wendy was on top and as she bent her head back to Julie's pussy, she felt Julie's tongue darting deep into her own body. Lapping at Julie's clit Wendy felt Julie do the same to her, unsure if Julie was mirroring her Wendy ran her tongue round and round in a circular motion. A moan of pleasure escaped Wendy's lips as she felt Julie's tongue do the same to her. Wendy probed at Julie's ass with her finger and felt Julie slide her finger deep into Wendy's ass. This caused Wendy to orgasm violently and she clamped her legs around Julie's head as she felt the juices pour from her body.

Julie wriggled out from under Wendy leaving her in a kneeling position. Looking up blearily Wendy's eyes widened as she saw Julie had a strap-on of her own and was fastening it on. Before she could react, though if she was honest with herself she didn't want to move, she felt the tip against her pussy lips. Wendy was used to taking control and with Geraldine didn't normally allow anything bigger than one finger, although she often rode Geraldine with her strap-on until she passed out. Wendy bit her bottom lip as she felt the dildo slide in, and although she knew it wasn't anything like as big as her strap-on, it still felt huge. Wendy grunted as the dildo went into the hilt before letting out a yelp as she felt Julie's hand come down on her ass cheek with a stinging slap.

"Owwww, that hurt," cried Wendy, but ignoring her Julie started to ride Wendy and every third or forth stroke bought her hand down in a stinging slap. Soon Wendy's ass cheeks were bright red and Wendy could feel the juices pouring from her pussy, she was so turned on.

Julie continued to drive into Wendy and as she did so punctuated each stroke with, "And………who …..is …….. the………slut……..now?"

Wendy couldn't help herself as she muttered meekly, "I am."

"Louder baby, tell Julie exactly what you are and what you want".

Shouting at the top of her voice Wendy cried, "I AM A SLUT AND I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY SLUT PUSSY TILL I CUM" and with that screamed as the biggest orgasm she had felt in years erupted deep inside her.

A couple of hours later as they lay in each other's arms talking Wendy asked about the time in the toilet. Julie smiled as she said how much she enjoyed Wendy's fingers in her and looked at Wendy as she said, "Do you like fisting a woman then?" Wendy admitted that she loved doing it but Geraldine wouldn't let her. Julie rose from the bed and stood by the side urging Wendy to the edge. Positioning Wendy on her back, with her arm upwards, bent at the elbow, Julie lifted herself up and pushed down onto Wendy's fingers. Catching on Wendy allowed Julie to fuck two fingers before introducing a third. Watching Julie bounce up and down was sending shivers through Wendy's body and she felt a little orgasm in her own body as Julie uttered one word, "four". Pushing the forth finger in Wendy saw little beads of sweat appear on Julie's brow but still she rode Wendy's fingers.

Wendy's other hand began to rub her own clit as Julie nodded for Wendy to begin the final assault. Closing her thumb tightly across her palm Wendy pushed upwards into Julies pussy, feeling the juices run down her hand Wendy groaned as she felt her hand slipping into Julie's pussy. Wendy rubbed her own clit more frantically as she felt the warm wetness draw her hand deeper and deeper and she could hardly believe her eyes as she saw her hand disappear up to the wrist. Holding that hand steady Wendy watched in awe as Julie began to fuck her hand moving up and down, faster and faster, as her pussy squelched. Julie's fingers sought and found her swollen clit and she began to rub it as she rode Wendy's hand. Wendy's fingers were slippy with her own juices as she slipped two fingers inside herself before screaming out as she came. Wendy's orgasm caused her hand to clench and unclench deep inside Julie's pussy and this coupled with the noise of Wendy's orgasm sent Julie over the top causing and a huge orgasm burst inside her body.

The two of them lay side by side, both bodies slick with perspiration, their breasts heaving as they slowly recovered their breath. "That was fantastic" Wendy murmured.

"Yes it was darling" replied Julie as she cuddled close into Wendy's body, savouring the warmth and silky feel. Idly stroking Wendy's neat bush of pubic hair Julie whispered, "I think this could be the start of something good, something very good indeed."