80's child

Hazelwood High School, just like any other school, had it's halls filled with jerkoffs who loved to pretend to dominate themselves over other guys to make themselves feel special. Also, just like every other public high school in the U.S., it was chock full of pretty young women. Unfortunately for me, I was only involved with the jerkoffs, and I was always on the receiving end of their "popularity contest."
The reason? Who knows? Maybe it had something to do with the impression I made on those who didn't know me. At 5'11" with black hair, I was the kind of guy who would blend in when walking through a crowd. I always had an 80's band shirt on, cargo pants or jeans, and my Element skateboarding shoes. I was just along for the ride, and didn’t really care about the stupid fetishes of high school jocks that think they needed more attention. And after 3 years of high school without a girlfriend, or so much as a look-over-her-shoulder, I had all but given up.
I mean, it wasn't a big priority. High school was demanding, not to mention my AP classes, and I had some time after homework and studying. This time was used for skateboarding.
I don't know. Maybe chicks don't dig skater-boys. Who cares?
I did have my eye on one pretty young lady, though. Her name was Courtney, and at 18 years old, she was the perfect girl on the outside. Of course, other than knowing that she had straight dark-brown hair and a very nice ass, I knew next to nothing about her.
That was about to change, however.
I have no idea what prompted her to speak to me, but it happened, and I’m not complaining.
It was Friday, end of the week, and at exactly 3:00 PM, the bell rang, and there was the usual flurry of activity to and from the lockers. I was looking forward to learning this new trick on my board. I slung by backpack over my shoulder, and I was about to take off when I heard someone call my name. Someone who’s voice I didn’t recognize.
Yeah, okay, maybe my name has something to do with why I’m at the bottom of the food chain here. That combined with my jet-black hair that’s always in my eyes makes it LOOK like I’m in the 80s.
So I turned around, my Almost board under my arm, and Def Leppard shirt on my back. Inwardly, I was astounded at seeing Courtney Tyler walking down the sidewalk towards me. Outside, I was neutral.
I must say, the first thing that came out of my mouth wasn’t the most tactful thing to say.
“How’d you know my name?”
She stopped in front of me, and giggled.
“I’ve known your name for a while, after all, we do go to the same school, right?”
I shrugged, said I guess so. She tossed her hair and continued.
“Anyways, I’m having a party tonight at my place, my parents are out of town until Sunday. Do you think you could come?”
My astonishment made my brain go numb. My mouth moved of it’s own accord.
“I guess so, what’s gonna be goin’ down over there?”
“Well, we will be cutting the grass while we’re there…I hope you don’t mind.”
I got the picture. Cutting the Grass is a popular term for smoking weed.
“I’m there.” No hesitation at all.
Her perfect smile again.
“Great! It’s the first house on the right on Lexington Blvd. Be there no earlier than 8, ok?”
I agreed, and cracked a half-smile that I hoped didn’t look goofy. She smiled wider and did that little wave that chicks do, and walked towards the student parking lot. I just stood there, staring after her, and wondering where my luck came from.
I broke out of my haze, and jumped on my board, rolling towards town, thinking that the next 4 1/2 hours will be very long.

4 hours and 25 minutes later, I threw my board in the back of my car, and rolled out my driveway.
I was very pleased with myself; having landed not only a nollie 3flip, but I also accidentally landed a laser flip, and got it on camera. So, after a shower, a shave, and brushing my teeth, I was off, about to get high.
I pulled into the public parking lot at one end of Lexington Blvd., and locked my car. I was jittery all the way up to Courtney’s door, looking around a lot and smoothing my Aerosmith shirt. I walked through the parked cars, and up the three-stair to her door, and rang the bell.
It didn’t take her that long to answer, and when she did, I could tell without looking that the party had already started.
She looked and smelled beautiful, smelling like pot smoke, and I told her so. She thanked me, and gestured me in. There wasn’t too many people there, just another 5 or 6 kids, but I was cool with all of them. I smiled to myself, and thought: and the luck just keeps on rising.
Next thing I knew, I had a Mountain Dew in my right hand, and a J in the left, and my left arm was around Courtney’s shoulders, laughing about something I couldn’t remember. A box of pizza lay open on the table in front of me, and my best friend Cody sat on my right, gesturing for me to pass the joint. I snickered, and hit it before passing. I swigged my Dew, and looked over at Courtney, who was looking back with a smile on her face. I felt sober all of a sudden, as if I was suddenly purged of all inebriation.
I told her that I never noticed how deep blue her eyes were. How the sun caught her hair when I watched her walking to her car after school. I said many things and after a pause, everything came back, and I realized how lame I sounded. I broke into a laughing fit, which Cody joined in, not knowing what he was laughing at.
The next time I looked at Courtney, She nodded towards the next room, the kitchen. I looked that way, and looked back, but she had already gotten up, setting down her drink. I drained my own drink, and told Cody to hold the can, which made him break down in giggles as I followed that beautiful girl into the kitchen.
She turned the corner into the room, and as I followed, she put her arms around me, and placed her lips against mine. If I was surprised, I can’t remember, all I remember is the warmth of her body pressing against mine. Suddenly, she broke the kiss, and grabbed my hand, leading me towards the stairs. I followed, my hazy mind trying to figure out where all my luck was coming from.
We turned into the first room on the left, and she resumed the kiss, but used her hands to fiddle with my fly, trying to get it open. I broke away, and did it myself, my jeans falling to the carpet. As I was pulling my shirt over my head, Courtney was pulling off her own clothes as well.
I pushed her back onto the bed before she could get her panties off, and crawled on top of her, my legs on either side of her. I kissed her gently as I slowly pulled the lace underwear off her beautiful pussy, and caressed her thighs. She shivered in my hands, breathing though her nose as I moved slowly towards her pussy mound, agonizingly slow.
I slipped my fingers in between her lips, only to find them soaking wet already. I decided to skip the foreplay, and move on.
I guided my 7-inch dick towards her, and slid its head down between the lips from the top, brushing her stiff clitoris on the way down.
She gasped and tensed, raising her head to look down at what I was doing. I pushed in slowly, my cock entering he warm body as if it was meant to stay there. She groaned, and closed her eyes, opening her legs to allow me entrance. I pushed farther, her soaking wet pussy easily accepting my rod.
I felt resistance with two inches left to go, so, I drew out, eliciting another groan from her, and shoved it back in. She gasped in surprise, and moved away from my body. It was an involuntary reaction, because she kept whispering, “Don’t stop, don’t stop…”
So I didn’t.
I kept pushing in and out of her, and soon her breaths and hip movements matched my thrusts, her firm breasts bouncing in rhythm.
After a little bit, I increased my thrusts, and felt a burning sensation in my lower back. I pulled out, and Courtney just lay there, breathing hard, and when she raised her head to ask what I was doing, I rammed back in, making her take all seven inches of my rock-hard dick. She screamed, but choked it off, her body spasming, her back arched.
I thrusted again and again, harder and harder until that sensation came back, and I began to cum. Courtney began pushing against my body whenever I pushed into her, and she grunted every time. I hissed through my teeth, and shoved my dick in as far as it would go, cum spasming out of me into her, and my dick pulsing within her body. Courtney must have felt this, because she suddenly screamed again, and arched her back, her hands gripping at the comforter.
Her pussy seemed to close around my dick, tightening, making my own orgasm that much more enjoyable. As my orgasm faded, I felt resistance against my softening cock. I pulled out, and pussy-juice sprayed everywhere. Courtney spasmed again, not making a sound. She was in so much pleasure that she was beyond words.
Soon, it passed, and she began to breathe again. I crawled over her, and pressed my lips against hers, exchanging one last meaningful kiss. Her arms wrapped around her back, and her legs around mine. When we parted, she opened her eyes and said, “Thank you.”
I smiled, and replied.
“No, Courtney. Thank you.”
It was the best night of my life. So far.

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