A happy family of INDIA

Hi my name is Jamal Ahmed Khan and I am from a small city Kanpur in India. I am a Muslim and my father is a Mullah (High Priest) in a Mosque. I have a big family. My father is Shabir and is of 50 & my mother Rukshana is of 38 Yr, I also have two sister my elder sister is Mehndi and she is 22 Yr old, and my younger sister Mehak is one year younger than me and is 19 Yr old. My father also married to a Hindu woman Neha of 30. He also has kids with her, my stepsister Deepika 15 Yr old and my stepbrother Rajiv 14 Yr old.

My father hid his ill deed of second marriage from us and community for 10 years but when rumors started to rise, he had to accept this publicly which almost took his job as a mullah at the mosque but somehow he saved himself.

My family was in rage after the entire truth hit us but later, when she told us that she was also tricked by our father who told her that he is a Hindu and he is a businessman who travels a lot, it was when every thing changed and we accepted them and its about 4 Yr that we are living happily together. My stepmother is a nice person and so are my stepsister and brother. My stepmother takes my and my family’s care more than my real mother. My step siblings were also very humble and looked up to us to lead them into Islamic community since they liked it.

I was brought up in a very strict Islamic community. We don’t have that kind of law in India as in Taliban but my father forced it on my family. I studied in all boy’s school right form play group and I wasn’t allowed to have any friends. The only friends I got to talk to were my sisters and mothers but than to me and my family was well accustomed to it and we were not only happy but proud of our traditions and fame which get for our religious upbringing but as my beard and hair on my chest started to appear something started to change. I started to have felling for females.

As I wasn’t allowed to talk to any friend and I couldn’t talk to any member of family, I started getting frustrated. When ever I got into market the only thing I seem to be notice was either breast or between legs or back of a woman. That’s when I discovered masturbation and seem to be spending the entire day in my bedroom fondling my penis and thinking about any female I know, but even after so much orgasm I still wasn’t satisfied. I was 18 Yr old and my testosterone was asking for a female to have sex with. Things got even worse when my father gave me job of caretaker and supervisor of his mosque since I wasn’t able to beat my meat for the entire day. At least the heavy work at the mosque paid as my body started to acquire a shape that of a body builder. The frustration started to appear even in my daily life. I was rude to every one in the family.

One day after finishing my morning chores at the mosque when I got home I was such frustrated that when my mother repeatedly called me for lunch I got angry and yelled really badly at her and said I don’t want any food and stayed in my room for the entire afternoon. When I didn’t get to the mosque in the afternoon my mother said to my step mother “Neha Jamal seems to be really mad at something and is in very bad mood. You are the only one who he talks freely. Please go and ask him what his problem is and get him to eat something.”
My mother asked my stepmother because every time I get angry she seems to be my tamer.

My stepmother came to my room along with some food. She kept the tray on the table and asked me” Is this really beard growing on your chin!”
I said “What? What its got to do with my mood?”
“Nothing just I thought we should talk something other than your mood.”
and once again my temper was lost in a smile and I started to stare at her face’
“How do you always do it?” I said
“Do what?” she said
“Tame my anger even though if I am in a mood to kill somebody”
She started to laugh and took me into a motherly embrace, but because she was standing my face was between her breasts.
That’s when I felt what women’s breast feel like. It was so soft and plum that I almost was going to grab it but it was than my conscious shook me. I came rushing to my mind that she is my mother and what felling I am having right now is absolute taboo but than to my penis defied my mind and started to get erect.
I pushed her away and said “I want some food now.”
She was stunned by my reaction and was hurt a bit because she left my room immediately but later I apologized and things got normal with her.
From than on it didn’t matter what I do my mind always seemed to be focused on my stepmother. I tried my best to catch a glimpse of her while changing clothes or bathing to see those milky breast ones without cloth but I wasn’t able to do so and couldn’t take risk of showing my feelings in front of anyone.
One month passed by and still I wasn’t able to see her naked once. I was giving up hope but fate changed. My cousin’s marriage came and my family had to leave to attend it. I had to stay to take care of the mosque and my step mother stayed to take care of me.
I was glad and a little worried also as my stepbrother stayed back with her.

I spent the entire day at mosque and came back at evening and after having dinner went to my room. After almost 4 hour I crept to her room, and there she was sleeping like a angel. She is so beautiful and has astounding features like pouty lips, angel eyes, red cheeks and a body of 36DD-28-40 measurement.

It was there, my goal but I couldn’t touch her because of her being my mother. I cursed God for it and started to get really sad at my situation. Just than I noticed for the first time that she has most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. I wasn’t able to resist and wanted to touch it, feel it and suck it. I got close to her feet and licked it once.
My stepmother stirred and I just froze but it occurred to me that its just sensation and than I did it again and again and again. She wasn’t showing any signs of getting up so I got a little further and started to suck her feet. It was than she got up and was starring at me unable to understand what is happening.
“What are you doing” She asked.
Instead of replying her I once again licked her feet from heel to toe.
She understood immediately what I was doing and said “My son it is fetish what you’re doing and more than that it is taboo and you can’t do that to me. You should do this to your own girl”
I once again licked her foot and said “You know your husband, he doesn’t allow me to have any male friend so a girlfriend is something impossible. You are the only friend I have. Please mom let me do this once I promise I won’t do it again ever until you tell me to do so.”
She started to sob and said “My son I know how you feel but this can’t be happening.”
I started to lick her leg and raised her night gown up to her knee while still licking and sucking her feet.
“Mom see how desperate I am, see my penis it’s irritating me more than anything that I live in house with four women and still I have no girlfriend. Mom I desperately need sex.”
Tears were now falling from her chin.
She said “My son I love you as a son and I know you really need a women now but I can’t be that women”
I was now at her thigh and was still sucking and kneading the flesh and despite all her verbal protest she still wasn’t opposing me and I took that as a sign from her body and that was YES.
I got up and brought my lips to her lips and kissed her forcefully on the lips and tried to push my tongue into her mouth. My mother was sobbing but still she opened her mouth and let me explore her mouth.
She whispered in my ear “Okay this once I will help you but we can’t do it here beside your brother”.
I was in the seventh heaven I was finally going to get my angel into my bed. I picked her up and realized that although even being 5’ 6” and having a plum body she was hardly more than 60 Kgs. I took her to my bed room and laid her on bed and started to takeoff her clothes. She was still sobbing and was saying “my son we shouldn’t be doing this I am your mother please stop”. But I was on fire I needed her and now. She didn’t have any bra and was wearing only a large panty under her nightgown. I tore it off and she cried in pain. I took off all my clothes and started kissing her all again starting form her breasts which were most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She had large mounds on which a light brown areola and dark brown nipple were like icing on a cake. I started hungrily sucking her nipple while tugging and chewing it. She was still protesting and was asking me to stop. I kept changing form one breast to other and liked and sucked them while kneading the other one. She was still protesting and I got feed up of it so I got on my knees and pushed my penis in her mouth to quiet her but to my amazement she accepted it but was still crying. She first did nothing but as I started moving into her mouth she started to suck and move her mouth. She was trying to put my 8 inch cock into her throat but due to its girth she was unable to. She suddenly stopped sucking and pulled back to see my penis properly. She said “Your cock is the biggest I have ever seen. See I can’t even get my hand around it.”
I was felling proud about it and asked “Is it even bigger than my father’s”
“Its nearly twice in every aspect with your father. I don’t know how will you get that in my pussy?” and suddenly she realized what she said and started crying again asking me to stop.
I laid her back and spreaded her thigh to see what I heard was women’s treasure for any man. It was beautiful. She had almost no hairs and her outer lips were red and so puffy that instantly I had a desire of licking it.
I licked it once and was thinking it would taste and smell like piss but to my astonishment it was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. It was a little tangy flavored and smelled a way I can never explain but extremely arousing. She was leaking fluids and I was sucking whatever moisture was there which was increasing with every lick. Mother was still sobbing but now was still. I kept licking for another 5 min and than wasn’t able to hold back. I got up and lined my penis with her vagina. She started protesting again “Son please stop we shouldn’t be doing this” but now the brakes were gone. There was no way I could have stopped. I started fucking her with all my might and she started to cry again. But this time it was different it felt more like moans.
I had her now she was mine and I am hers from now on no more masturbation for me I have a woman and she is all mine. Her inside was like velvet and was burning. It felt like I am stuck into some oven but I loved it. It was like she was caressing me with her insides milking me with her vagina. When we started she was motionless but now she was moving along with me like she wants to meet my each stoke with hers. I am unable to state the feeling I had at that time. I was trying with all my power not get off so early and to savor this moment as long as possible. Suddenly she started to shake and screamed and clenched her vagina’s muscles so hard that I was unable to move. She later told me she had the best orgasm ever. A minute later I climaxed and spurted my seeds into her. She panicked “Son you should have warned me, I am fertile and I can conceive very easily. Your father will know because he didn’t have sex with for about 10 Yrs”
I immediately understood that it was her sexual hunger due to which she wasn’t really opposing me but due to our relation her mind wasn’t allowing her to do something so taboo. I said “Mother don’t worry about my father he is a scoundrel. First he married you falsely and than he wasn’t able to satisfy you. Now I will take care of you. You will be my woman and that to forever. I will be your son for others but in private I will be your man and don’t worry about becoming pregnant, I will soon find some way to confront father with this amazing news”
My stepmother gave me first smile in the entire evening and melted into me and we slept in a tight embrace with my penis still inside her.
I slept with my angel and I was the happiest man in the entire world