Afternoon Delight Prt. 1: A Normal Day in Class

Afternoon Delight prt. 1
By The Crude Dude

Some days in class you just can't pay attention to what is going on. Some days it's that the subject isn't interesting, sometimes your focused on other things. And sometimes those other things are the hot blonde who sits next to you that either always wears low cut dresses, tight yoga pants, or short skirts. Or the brunette, who is up and to the right of me, who wears just is much or slightly less based on how hot it is. So you sit there and squirm in your seat and try not to think about the solid rod of velvety iron you have in your pants. Well today was one of those days for me and it's compounded by the fact that I would never have a chance with either of them because they both seem rather disinterested in me in anyway. The blonde's name is Maddi and she is a rather sweet looking with a tight athletic body and a pair of B cup breasts. She has always been nice to me and would say we are good acquaintances. But what attracted to me more than even possibly her toned looks and easy disposition is that she was always just so mischievous and I like that is a girl. The brunette is named Delilah and she is a bit of a bitch. She is known around the school as being a bit slutty and that turned me on because I am rather reserved and a virgin. She is just as good looking as Maddi but different. She is slightly larger in all the right places. She has large C or possibly D cup breasts and medium sized luscious thighs and a great ass. I, on the other hand, am a bit larger than most not just in weight but also height. I'm not morbidly overweight but I certainly could lose some pounds so I am insecure. It doesn't help that my cock is slightly smaller than normal being maybe 5 ½ inches hard. So I have only ever had one girlfriend and we didn't do anything sexual what so ever. But today is the day I lost my virginity and gained the confidence I didn't have before. And it all was caused by a cell of chaos theorists.
So I'm sitting in the aforementioned class (History) and my teacher is done with his lecture for the day and is grading papers at his desk and we are working on a essay question in quiet. So I begin to fantasize about stopping time and feeling them up or maybe playing with their pussies and then when I would let time back in they would have a orgasm in the middle of class for “no reason”. But then I started hearing a hissing sound. I look up to the A/C vents and see a billow of white smoke and I smelled strawberries for some reason. I look around and everyone looks very confused and worried but not in a outright panic. I have a terrifying revelation in that this being a interior class room we have no access to a window to let in air. So we have no way of not inhaling this stuff. About that time my teacher had ran for the door to check it and exclaimed that it was blocked by something very heavy. He then commanded us to help him push it open. We all (being 14 students) and Mr. Rob pushed and pushed on that door to no avail. So then we all, almost, at the same time realize we should call 911 but then quickly find out that our signals have been jammed somehow. A creeping terror had now filled my body and I was very worried about what this gas may actually be doing to us. Then from the intercom came a voice.
“Hello everyone. I see you have figured out that there is no help coming and you are completely locked in. The other students and staff have been evacuated. The gas that has been released in the (I then noticed the hissing had stopped) room is a pheromone that I created. It arouses both male and females to a excruciating level. For most of you this is a higher state of arousal than you have ever felt before. You will all eventually fuck each other. The nerd will fuck the pretty cheerleader & equally the jock will fuck the poor plain looking girl. All will share in the orgy and none are exempt. You will be released as soon as everyone has had at least 2 orgasms. Self-masturbation doesn't count and is only acceptable as a precursor to some form sex. Have fun.” 'CLICK'
Never have I heard such a silence. It was so quiet you could hear heartbeats pumping. But it ends when our teacher Mr. Rob said we should sit down and discuss what we should do.
“Now as you all know I am a married man,” he said in a nervous tone “ I don't know what is going on with us being locked in here like lab rats and told to.. uh.. fuck it…Fuck, we were told to screw around to get out. But I do know that I know that I am painfully aroused and I'm sure most of you are in similar conditions. What I would say is we get this done as painlessly as possible. You pair up, you diddle each other, and we get to go home to our families and never speak of this again.”

Looking around I realized I should be thankful that this class didn't have any really disgusting or unkempt people in it. It was comprised of 14 people with 6 being girls and 6 being guys. For the boys there was me, a jock, four nerds, and a slacker. The girls side had Maddi and Delilah, a plain looking girl named Penny, A hilariously hot cheerleader named Rebecca (but I wasn't attracted to her do to her overall elitist bullshit mentality), A reserved looking girl who only wore long dresses or non revealing clothing who I only knew as Flame (her name was Sam but due to her striking red hair she was Flame to most), An Chelsea who was a kind of cute girl who I didn't know much about but knew that she really had thing for Mr. Rob and babysat his kids all the time.
It was in that moment after looking around at all the flush faces, tents in shorts, hard nipples, and lustful looks that I knew we were heading into uncharted waters. The arousal in my pants was now thumping in a rhythmic pattern and I was really feeling the heat so to speak. I then had a great idea, it was obvious we were all going to be paired up and go to town on each other, so who ever acts first gets their pick of partner. So I, in a change of character, stood up with my dick firmly pointed in the front of my pants over to Maddi. I leaned in real close to her neck took a deep breath and said “ Look we are all going to inevitably pick someone and have to screw around so I came to ask you to do the no pants dance with me. And remember that they say big guys eat the best pussy because they love eating.” The look on her face was of shock, amusement, and of course arousal.
“Tom we have only ever been friends but my pussy is so wet right now that I might literally fuck anything so of course. Also next time wine and dine somebody before you proposition them. (giggles seductively)” So I sat her up on her desk and rolled that skirt up to reveal the most soaked pair of panties I have ever seen. I leaned in and kissed the inside of her right thigh and she let out a squeak, and then I licked her other thigh. I went back and forth teasing her until my nose was tickling her snatch through her panties whilst I licked her thighs. I then started licking her through her midnight blue cotton panties. She tasted a bit like water mixed with musk and lust. I licked from where her leather cheerio is up to where her clit pointed through the panties. I worked her up and down slowly and tortuously which led to her screaming “stick your tongue in my fuck hole you dirty fat fuck”. Being the gentleman I am I was happy to oblige and began furiously fucking her love tunnel with my tongue and pretty soon she was not just moaning but grunting and grinding on my face.
“AHHHhh don't you fucking stop, d..ddon't you ssstttoooOOp. OH GOD unnnggg.” I didn't dare stop but I did feel like I was about to drown based on the shear amount of sweet nectar was pouring out of her. I could tell she was close to cumming so I finally focused my attention flicking her bean and fucking two fingers in her hole. “Tommy I'm so close sooo clOOSE AHHHHHH FUCK YES! And with that she tensed up and I put my whole mouth over her mound in a attempt to contain a mess not realizing that I might drown in her nectar. It was quite literally a good two swallows of lady juice before it stopped squirting out like ole faithful. That guy wasn't wrong it was a new level of arousal.

I sat up to adjust my position and stretch a little after such a intense moment and saw that all were giving into our carnal desires. A jock had that plain girl pinned on the desk and was nailing it home, Chelsea was blowing Mr. Rob, the slacker named John was rimming Flame, and the icing on the cake was the cheerleader and Delilah were each taking on two of the nerds cocks at a time.

“Tommy I think it's time you get some relief there you look really red and your cock must really hurt” said Maddi in a sly tone. I started to say something but she put her finger over my mouth and said “shh let me take care of you.” And with that she shoved her tongue down my throat in a deep kiss. She then lifted her shirt over her head with her bra and I could then see those rock hard nipples. OH did they look good so I reached in and started playing with them. While I did that she was nibbling my ear lobe and then instructed me to take my shirt off. I slowly started to pull it off suddenly feeling very self conscious even in my painfully erect state of arousal. But I did and she didn't seem to care because she continued her adventure south of kissing and nibbling. Then she put her teeth on my right nipple and started working it over, it was delightful but fucking infuriating. I didn't need all this foreplay I was ready to go. So I pulled her head of my chest and pushed her gently to the ground upon which she got the message. So she, whilst devilishly grinning, unzipped my fly and pulled down my jeans and underwear. My dick was the most angry purple I have ever seen and it hurt I was so erect. An thankfully she went straight to work on my issue. She went for the head and the underside of my cock which made me grunt in approval. Then she slowly started going up and down on my dick, quickening with each pass. Then she went whole hog and shove my entire length all the way down as far as it could go. She was a swimmer and thus had strong lungs so she held me a very long time even as her mascara was running she still gagged on my cock. The sensation nearly made me cum but she pulled me out and pinched my dick hard and said “that the nice thing about smaller cocks is that I can hold them down my throat much longer.” My god this girl was a fucking minx, because without skipping a beat she says “ so big boy where do you want it all over my tits, my face, or in my mouth.” She got her answer when I pushed my dick on her lips and let her do the rest. She swirled her tongue in a whirlwind around my member and finally I could take no more “Maddi I am about to shoot the load of a lifetime so get ready.” and so she starts blowing me even harder and quicker until “ OH Maddi you fucking cock whore take my load.” and with that I erupted “ AHHH aaaahhh fuuuuuuuuuuuckckck”. What seemed like a liter and a half of semen poured out of me. Just like when I blew her she had to swallow at least two times to take all that sweet cream down. She then stood up and frenched me so I could get at taste of me and she probably got a taste of herself kissing me. This was only the beginning.
After that my dick didn't even deflate it just stayed rock hard. Words were not needed here so I picked her up and sat her on top of the desk. She kicked off her shoes, and I ripped off that skirt. I waited for no invitation as I rammed my cock into her moist hole. It was like putting myself into a pool of heaven. I could cry it felt so good being in their. But I had little time to think on that as we start furiously fucking. “ Ohhhh Maddi I had no idea you would be such a whore ahh yes you are my slut aren't you ooohh.”
“Oh your cock feels so good in me big brother, ohhh won't you please make me cum again big brother with you fuck stick.” I had no idea why she was calling me brother but I thougth it was really hot and I didn't care. “Ohhhhh yess big big brother with your fucking big cock split me in half and cum in this drenched fuck whole. Lets cum in 10. 10 ( I feel a swell in my balls). 9 (I attempt to thrust deeper and harder). 8. 7 (deeper harder). 6 (Harder). 5 (HARDER). 4 (so close but I can't cum yet). 3(she can't stop yelling either my name or calling her brother and I get harder). 3 ( she throws her head back making delicious yelps). 2 ( oh GOD I AM SO CLOSE). 1 (AAAAAAHHHaaaaahhh yessssssss). An with that, the emptying of my large balls into her tight cum hole allowed me to collapse to the floor. Snuggled up next to her…completely butt ass naked.
More to cum in part 2 stay tuned.