Best Adult Story 2018 – My first cousin experience

This is a story of my first experience with my female cousin.

A bit of background. This story took place in 2012 when I was age twenty, and she was age eighteen. Before beginning the story, no I will not give out pictures to respect her privacy.
The story…

It was another Thanksgiving vacation for me, coming home to Michigan to see the family. I had been studying at college down in Ohio, and due to my busy work and class schedules, I rarely had time to visit the family up north. Back then the only family I really had left to me was my mother, and my aunt, two cousins, and grandparents all from dad’s side. Due to issues, I hadn’t met them until the previous year, 2011. that being said it would be the second Thanksgiving I had ever spent with them, and a chance to get to know everyone better.

Best Adult Story 2018 - My first cousin experience

When I arrived, I had the entire week to spend, though everyone was busy with their own life schedules. I contacted my female cousin, who for this story we will just call Kate. She was a tall, slender girl, with size DD breasts, wide hips, and as pale as the fresh fallen snow. I had never really thought of how she looked the first year I had met her, but that would change very soon.

Calling her up we decided since her boyfriend was off at work most of the day, and everyone else was busy, we would go grab some lunch together and catch up a bit. luckily for us Apple Bees was across the street from her, and so after arriving we went over.

The first indication to me that I should consider her more was upon arrival. The waitress sitting us asked if it was a special occasion, such as our dating anniversary to which I replied, “Oh no, this is my cousin.” What I had found odd was when the waitress had asked, Kate had blushed and grinned slightly, showing her cute dimples. The red cheeks on that pale skin reminded me of cream in a bowl of strawberries. Sitting down my mind began analyzing the situation to see if I had missed something. She was still a bit red, though it was fading. She normally wore simple jeans and a sweater this time of year, but she instead was wearing a skirt, with thin leggings underneath, the skirt only barely reaching her knees. Instead of a sweater, she had on a hoody which seemed a bit tight on her, which seemed to show off the form of her breasts a bit more then normal. Looking all this over my mind began to wander a bit, enjoying the beautiful women that was sitting across the table without thinking we were related. Upon realization of our shared blood, I quickly pushed the thoughts from my mind.

After ordering our food, a nice steak with garlic potatoes for myself, we began talking, catching up on what was new in our lives since we had last seen each other at Easter. Somehow the conversation had gone to relationships, and how I had recently lost my last girlfriend a month ago. She confessed her and her current boyfriend were having a lot of issues, and decided to take a break for awhile making her effectively single. As the food began to disappear over our conversation, we ordered a few simple drinks.

As we finished our drinks however, she seemed to have become much more talkative, and suddenly she blurted out a confession. “Even though we are family, when we first met I thought you were really sexy, and would’ve asked you out if we weren’t related.” I was stunned. Not only did I not expect something like that, but I realized I found her attractive as well so it was a huge compliment to me. This attractive women wished she could date me and found me of all people, sexy. being so stunned and flattered I forgot I was talking to my own cousin, but instead began talking to her as if she was just a women. I admitted to her the same in return and teased her a little indicating how the waitress could easily have thought we were on a date at first. remembering that this was family however, I quickly reined in my tongue and asked if she wanted to go. She agreed and after dropping her off at home, I told her I would see her the next day for Thanksgiving.

Headed to my hotel room that afternoon to check in, my mind was flooded with thoughts and images of her. We were both single, found each other attractive, and hadn’t known each other as family for long. Would it really be so bad to just flirt a bit? Maybe tease her somewhat? It wasn’t like we were going to be intimate or date in secret. It would just be harmless teasing. My mind so filled with trying to decide what to do, i had completely missed that the attendant at the hotel had hit on me and seemed to have subtly offered to come check on me late in the night. Sadly I realized this only the next morning, and by then she had clocked out and gone home.

Setting my luggage away and stepping into the shower my mind began forming images of Kate. I could picture her in the shower with me, and tried to visualize how she must look under those clothes. How her skin would look wet, and how warm she must feel pressed against my chest. As I began rubbing the bar of soap against my skin, I realized I had grown hard picturing her. my first instinct was to be disgusted with myself. this was my cousin, my family. I shouldn’t think of her that way. That way…what way? Of bending her over the bed, and feeling myself press deep inside her? How tight might she be? How kinky? Would she already be wet if I told her to slip her clothes off? Again I shook my head trying to push the thoughts out, and realized I had been stroking myself the whole time now. So close to finishing myself off I let the thoughts return, telling myself they would stop after I finished. That night I had a restless sleep, filled with dreams of her and the ways I could date her in secret, maybe even have a child with her one day…

The next day was Thanksgiving. I woke and tried to forget the dreams I had the previous night. I tried hard not to think about the lunch, or was it a date and I didn’t know it? Dressing in my best shirt, and pants, I slipped on my shoes, squirted my cologne, and headed out the door. I was disappointed not to find the attendant from the afternoon before. My phone rang as I went out to the car. It was her, Kate. I answered in the best, calm voice I could manage, and noticed my pulse began to quicken. Why was i so anxious? We can’t do anything, we are family, i told myself. She had called to ask for a ride to our grandparents early as they had charged us to do the cooking this year. The dinner wouldn’t happen till much later that night, and no one else would come over until at least six. It was only nine am. I told her that would be fine but it was early, so why not go for breakfast together? She agreed and I nervously drove over.

Picking her up, I tried to calm my nerves. I couldn’t help but look her over and noticed she had on a simple pair of sweatpants, and a sweater this time, with a bag of some beautiful clothing tucked away. I assumed it was her dress for later, knowing how for holidays the family always dressed their best, guys in suits, the ladies in dresses. We agreed on a small family restaurant in town and proceeded that direction. The town was small and quiet, just the sort of home feeling I loved. It wasn’t small enough for everyone to know each other, but not big enough to have the hustle and bustle of a city. The snow began falling a bit heavier as we reached the parking lot, and I realized how beautiful she looked with the snow around her. The wind picked up flicking her long ginger colored hair, and her smile at enjoying the weather made her look so young and cute, not that she already wasn’t. I saw that she had quickly looked down at my pants, then jerked her eyes away. Had she really just looked at…? Ignoring the thoughts rushing to the surface I led her inside. The waitress smiled, asked us for our seating, and complimented how cute we looked as a couple. Without thinking, I had replied a thank you instead of denying it! What was I doing? We weren’t dating! However, it was already too late to explain, so I let it go. Kate seemed delighted that i hadn’t denied the date and I couldn’t help but smile.

As we ordered, ate, and talked, everything seemed normal. She didn’t flirt, she didn’t re confess herself to me, nothing. I thought maybe she had let it go and dropped the whole subject, until I felt something moving by my pant leg. Looking down I saw she had slipped her boot off and was rubbing my crotch with her foot! My eyes looked up to her, wide, and shocked. She simply grinned, grew a mischievous look in her eyes, and turned her attention to her plate. my mind raced for what to do. Do I jerk back and alert the whole room to something being wrong? No that wouldn’t do. Do i harshly tell her to stop? I don’t want to hurt her feelings so no. Would it really be bad…if i did the same back? It would just be harmless teasing right? As I made up my mind I looked up and saw shock, yet pleasure on her face. Confused I l realized i had already slipped my boot off and began rubbing where her pussy must be with my own foot before I had finished thinking. Too late to stop things now. We continued, slowly relaxing, and enjoying it, as we tried to make it look like we were still eating. however, in my mind I only wanted to eat one thing now…

After several minutes she closed her eyes and slumped slightly in her seat as I felt a wet patch quickly form under my toes, and myself go off in my pants. Had we really just…? it was over now. She had her fun, and I mine, without skin actually touching so we didn’t technically do anything sexual…sort of. Maybe now we could let go of our attraction and go back to normal. However, my body began craving her now. Wanting to actually feel her, actually see her. We finished eating in silence and as we got in the car she grinned teasing me about how much fun that was. I couldn’t deny it or she would be hurt, and I would be a liar, so i admitted the same. As we drove off to our grandparents we came out to the countryside and she asked me to go down a old road and park the car because it was the best place to see the snow fall. I thought it odd but agreed, and as I parked the car she whipped around in her seat facing me. “Just trust me, it’s ok” she told me softly as she leaned forward. She was drawing nearer to me, her lips looking delicious, her cheeks gaining a shade of red. She was trying to… Without warning I felt her lips plant on mine, and instinctively we began a slow, passionate kiss as if we had been lovers for years. At first my mind screamed at me to resist, but as she continued, all thought and sound left me as if I was drifting in a void. All I could think of was her, how she felt, how badly I wanted to make her mine. After a few moments she stopped and drew away smirking. I chuckled a bit and let myself go. A bit of kissing was fine. As long as it didn’t go anywhere else. However, it would.

Leaning down, she slowly unzipped my pants. I knew where she was going but I was enjoying so much I didn’t dare stop her. Slowly my pants came down, and she re-positioned herself to hover over my now growing shaft. She looked delighted and anxious as she saw it pop out and immediately began licking from the base to the tip of the head. i closed my eyes and leaned back relaxing. This would be it. it can’t go beyond this. I felt her lips wrap around my shaft and opened my eyes to watch. Seeing her doing this only increased how good it felt, and I gently ran my hands through her hair, gripping tight. I began helping her bob her head more, and she continuously tried fitting more in her mouth, until moments later I felt her gagging on it’s length, hitting the back of her throat. I wasn’t forcing her to do this, she wanted to do this. We continued as the snow fell outside, the heat in the car increasing for me even though I hadn’t touched the car heater. After what seemed like forever, she finished, feeling myself erupt in her mouth. Waiting, I watched her swallow and lick me clean. She sat back satisfied and readjusted herself in the seat. Putting myself together i thanked her, but told her that’s where it had to end. She agreed simply, explaining that was all she wanted, because it would be wrong to do anything more. Thinking we had agreed and everything would now settle, we drove off to our grandparents. It wasn’t over though…

After a time we arrived at the house and went in. The four of us all greeted and gave hugs and kisses, and sat down to talk. After nearly an hour they got up and indicated they needed to go get some last minute ingredients for one of the casseroles, but to go ahead and start with the meat an things. We saw them out safely and re-entered the house, alone. After what had just happened earlier that morning I couldn’t stop thinking of her sexually anymore. I had to have her, to see her body, to feel myself inside of her. She went off to the bathroom saying she would shower first. I sat at the kitchen table thinking about what I should do. I no longer cared she was family. i cared for her, and I wanted her. Would sex really be that wrong? No, we are both single, consenting adults. Maybe after, it would turn to a deeper kind of love if it already wasn’t. I listened to the shower water, and heard her softly moaning…my name. She was pleasuring herself in the shower. She wanted more, I knew it, but how to go about it? beyond that she might want it, but seemed adamant nothing else could happen aside from the blowjob she had given. Would it be wrong to force her knowing she wanted it deep down? Gathering all the nerve I could, i walked to the door, and after hearing her step out and turn off the water, I turned the knob, and went in. Our grandparents would take at least an hour.

Standing completely nude, Kate looked at me shocked. As i stood there though, my shaft grew hard poking my pants, showing itself off. She smirked looking down. “Well now you see me, and you seem very pleased at how I look. Now are you going to be fair?” She teased indicating I undress. Grinning i did so exposing my entire body to her. i could smell the scent of cum from my boxers from early, and as she smelt it as well her face seemed to soften like a cat smelling catknip. She looked me over and complimented how my body looked but then told me to dress and get out. I remained standing. Looking confused, she repeated herself again, but I only stepped closer. “what are you doing?!” she asked as i placed my hands on her hips. “Taking what is mine” I replied before grabbing her light body, and tossing her to the floor. She stared up in shock, and tried getting back up. I held her down and slowly began kissing her neck. After a few moments of this I felt her resist a bit less, and a small moan escaped her lips. I continued down to her breasts, circling her nipples with my tongue, then flicking. Her moans were becoming louder now, and her resistance began squirming. I was winning, she was submitting. I continued down until my face was inches from her clit. She quietly moaned out permission for something and I looked up. “what Kate?” she looked down, her eyes seemingly inviting, and replied. “Eat big boy, I serviced you, now it’s my turn…but that is all! Nothing else!” I nodded and began gently rubbing her clit with my tongue. After some time, I then licked up and down her wet, juicy, slit. Her body began rocking slowly towards my face. I slipped my tongue in deep, along with one finger and began eating. She moaned louder the more I moved my tongue around, and ground against my face more as my finger penetrated deeper inside her. She was loving this, and I wanted to taste her when she exploded from me. Picking up the pace, then slowing, I tasted her body, making her work for it more. Finally she reached down and pushed my head into her. All I could taste and smell was her delicious tight pussy. i wanted more, i was becoming addicted, and my mind lost track of time. After some time I succeeded, and felt her body jerk and shake as i tasted the sweet nectar that flowed out of her.

Thinking it was over she smiled and whispered thank you to me as i moved to kiss her. A few short, passionate moments later we stopped and I looked down on her. Giggling she told me my fun was over and to get up, but I remained. “I want you Kate…I want to be inside you..” I told her calmly. her eyes grew wide and she began trying to push me off. “No we can’t that’s wrong!” she told me her voice rising. I slowly, took her hands and pinned them above her on the floor. “it’s not wrong Kate, I love you” I told her. Her eyes grew softer, and watery. Was she going to cry? Why? Did she really not want me? She just shook her head repeating to me how it was wrong and don’t do it. I could feel my shaft, hard, rubbing against her clit. i was so close, i couldn’t stop now. What was puzzling, was she was no longer resisting. She did want this. Was she just pretending not to? Slowly I positioned myself and gently pushed myself inside her pussy. i could feel the heat and how wet she was against my shaft, only increasing how great she felt. She was small and tight, making her have to push a bit harder to penetrate deeper. She closed her eyes and began crying. I wanted to stop, I didn’t want her to be hurt, but my mind was cloudy. All I could think of was how great she felt, and how I wanted her body to belong to me that moment. i continued picking up the pace, placing her legs around me, telling her to grip tightly, as I slid deeper inside her causing her to moan loudly. As i increased how fast i penetrated her, her breathing became faster, and she started to whimper. I looked down at her concerned. i didn’t want it to hurt her. “I’m sorry I will stop” I told her. her legs pulled around me pushing me just a bit deeper into her as she replied. “No…I want this…I want you…It hurts a little..but use me. Don’t hold back.” I was astounded. We both wanted this after all, and she wanted me to give it my all. She wanted to be mine, at least for now. I pressed harder, and moved her to being on all fours, her ass towards me. I stopped for a moment looking her over in the position I loved the most, And rammed my shaft hard into her.

Her body jerked, and I gripped her neck, slowly increasing the pressure, as my free hand smacked her ass until it began turning red. I was going wild, like an animal. All sense of humanity gone. She moaned, whimpered, panted, and screamed as i continuously pressed harder. Her eyes rolled back a few times I thought, and soon i could fill my seed welling up inside me. With my last conscious effort I quickly asked. “Are you on the pill??” She simply grinned and told me to fill her. “if you put a baby in me, we will just have to figure this out…and I will be happy” she replied. With those words i lost it. I pulled out, flipped her over, hung her legs in the air and drilled down into her. Moments later I felt myself erupt inside her filling her with my seed. She was crying. Why? After i finished and her body stopped shaking from her own orgasm…how many had it been, I gently let her down. She quickly put her legs over my shoulders as she wept with a smile. “No like this…so it all stays deep inside me” she told me, reaching up to pull my face close. She explained she had wanted this for months now. If i didn’t want a baby with her and to be with her that was fine, but she would be happy either way. She had wanted us to make love and fully express ourselves, that was all. We talked for a short while, had a shower to clean up, and went about our cooking before anyone arrived. At the table that night, as we all said what we were thankful for, I told everyone. “family, and love.”

After i left, we talked, and after a few months of waiting she had been negative for pregnancy and she was fine with it. A month after, she found herself a new boyfriend, but told me anytime I come visit, her body is only mine until I leave.

My experience with her will always stay in my mind, and I will never regret what we did. A wonderful Thanksgiving it was indeed.

Sorry this story was so long, it is the first that i have ever wrote. I hope you all enjoyed it. i am straight, so guys please do not message me. Ladies your more then welcome to message me. If any existing writers have pointers please feel free to leave a comment.