Broken in- in the bible belt part 7

My first orgasm with man was indescribable. I can only recount the physical nature of it. My pussy spasmed uncontrollably and with each contraction Jamal became harder, and with each relaxation he slid deeper in. This cycle only brought on another orgasm, at which I loss consciousness for a moment, only to be snapped into reality as I felt him become rock hard and slam into my cervix. The pain caused me to push in the opposite direction, but I only bounced off the couch and back deeper onto his full-erect cock. This pain laced cycle again brought forth a furious orgasm at which I succumbed, relaxed my thighs, and like my teacher before me felt his rock hard balls begin to slap my ass. With one great heave, he forced my ass against his thighs and all the blood left my head and ran to my pain ridden-pleasure-filled-pussy. I drifted in and out of consciousness once again, and somewhere from within bore the most powerful stirring I have ever had. My teeth clinched, my nipples became so hard I thought they too would break off my body. My pussy clamped down on his rippled cock and I felt his balls swelling with all his mustering testosterone. My mouth opened, and out of my pussy grew a monstrous orgasm that only matched the monster that was preparing my pussy for a lifetime of such encounters. I felt his cock pulse one last time, and just as his hot cum poured into me, my beaten pussy swooned. Jamal collapsed onto me, I felt his cock spam and the hot fluid build in my pussy searching for an escape but there was no room. With one last grown, he released the last of his desire in me, and unable to take anymore my pussy exploded our mixture back onto him. The room fell silent.
When my eyes focused several minutes later, I found my teacher. She was masturbating, bewildered by her creation.