Call of Duty – 1

Call of Duty

Part 1 of 3 parts

I am a Military Officer in the Australian Defence Force and on Friday last week I was on duty when a call came in from a young soldier on the other side of Australia. He was supposed to come home on the weekend but due to a motor vehicle accident would be delayed by a couple of days and he wanted to know if someone could go to his mother’s house and tell her that he was OK. He had tried to ring but got no answer.

He gave his mother’s name and address to the on-duty soldier who then gave it to me. I noticed that the address was not far out of the way from my way home so I decided that I would hand deliver the message so that his mother wouldn’t be worried when he didn’t turn up.

After finishing my duty, I took off and headed home via the address given and arrived at the house around 6:30 pm, parked the car and walked up to the front door. I was wearing my best summer uniform with my ribbon bars on my shirt and highly polished shoes. At 27 years of age and with 10 years in the military I was quite fit and some people even said handsome in a rugged sort of way but what would I know!

I knocked on the door and after a couple of seconds it was opened by a rather young looking, but very attractive woman, she obviously wasn’t the soldiers mother that was sure, but I was wrong. She was wearing a pair of white jeans and a red top that fitted her perfectly. When she saw me, she went as white as a ghost and I had to tell her that nothing was wrong, that I was just delivering a message from her brother. She started to laugh and said that it was her son and that she was 47 years old, I told her that she didn’t look it and she invited me in to give her the message.

After I introduced myself I told her the message she was quite relieved and told me her name was Marlene and that she was about to open a bottle of wine and would I like a glass, if I wasn’t going anywhere else. I said no, I was just on my way home and didn’t have to be anywhere in a hurry and that I would like a glass of wine if it wasn’t too much trouble.

We had been chatting for a while about her son when the front door opened and in walked a younger but spitting image of Marlene. I must have had a look of total surprise on my face as Marlene laughed and introduced her daughter Dannielle who was a 21 years old law student. Dannielle said hello and put a number of bags on the kitchen bench. The bags were from high class retailers so she had obviously been on a shopping spree.

Marlene asked what she had purchased and Dannielle started to show her mother what she had bought which consisted mainly of slinky gear that was very sexy. Her mother said that they looked really nice but she wanted to see them on her and asked her to model them for her. At this stage, I said that I should really go and stood up to leave but Marlene said don’t be stupid, it was OK and then Dannielle said the same so I sat down again.

Dannielle disappeared up the hallway and Marlene and I continued talking about life in the Army and where I had been stationed etc. A couple of minutes later Dannielle came back wearing a stunningly sexy red silk top that clung to her body as if it was sprayed on! She had removed her bra and her breasts were well rounded with nipples pushing against the smooth fabric. Her mother said gorgeous and what else did she buy and Dannielle pulled out a matching set of bikini pants that left nothing to the imagination and I was sort of jealous of any boyfriend that she may have had.

Dannielle asked her mother if she wanted to see them on and she said yes and so she disappeared down the hallway again. I expected Marlene to go after her but she stayed in the kitchen with me talking. I had my back to the hallway and I heard Marlene say “Fantastic!” in a loud voice and asked me what I thought. I turned around and nearly spilt my glass of wine for their stood Dannielle in the smooth silky top and the matching briefs which were almost transparent. It was obvious that Dannielle took care of her body because it was perfect right down to Brazilian strip of pubic hair.

As I was looking at her I could feel my cock getting hard, luckily, I was sitting down because the uniform pants are quite tight and it would have showed. I moved my arm across my lap to hide my reaction even more just to be on the safe side. Dannielle asked me what did I think and did a twirl and I said it was very nice and suited her. Marlene laughed and said that it was more than nice and then she grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me up off the chair.
Dannielle also started to laugh as it was obvious that I had a real boner going on as was evident from the bulge in the front of my pants. I went bright red and she then waltzed up to me and placed her hand on the outside of my pants and squeezed my cock. “Oh look” she said, “he has gone bright red and I thought all soldiers were tough men?”

I just smiled, what else could I do. She then slowly unzipped my pants and took out my huge cock, took one look at it and said: “Very nice indeed” and knelt in front of me and took it all in her mouth in one go, moaning softly as she slid her lips over the bright red knob. I looked over my left shoulder towards the kitchen to see where her mother was but she was nowhere in sight for which I was thankful. I then heard a noise to my right and there was Marlene, she had taken off her red top, white jeans and was laying back on the lounge completely naked and with one hand was massaging her lovely tits and the other was deep inside of her pussy which also supported a Brazilian strip.

Before I knew it, Darlene had pulled down my pants. She then pulled me to the floor and removed my shoes, pants and shirt so that I was also completely naked. Marlene then walked over, still with her fingers deep inside of her pussy and said to me: “This is your lucky day” and squatted down over my face so that her very wet pussy was directly in front of my face. There was nothing else that I could do so I started to lick the wet lips of her pussy whilst her daughter continued to suck my cock.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, it is every male dream to have sex with a mother and daughter and here I was, on a warm Friday night being teased by two extremely beautiful women, things could not get any better for me, how wrong I was.

After about five minutes of Dannielle sucking my cock and me licking Marlene’s pussy I heard a voice say: “That looks like fun, can I join in?” Marlene stood up and walked over to another younger woman, gave her a kiss and then introduced her as her youngest daughter Chantelle who was 18 and had just arrived home from work. Marlene said that it would be OK if I didn’t mind! I was speechless. Dannielle was still sucking on my cock, Marlene had just been sitting on my face grinding her wet juicy pussy into mouth and there stood another beautiful girl asking to join in, I just shook my head in agreement.
Within seconds Chantelle had stripped off and it was obvious that both daughters had inherited their mother’s good genes as both had spectacular bodies. Chantelle took up her mother’s last position and lowered herself down whilst Marlene knelt beside Dannielle and started to lick my balls whenever she moved to the tip of my cock.

This went on for a couple of minutes more and then all of a sudden, I heard some whispering and they all stood up looking down at me. I looked back up, somewhat bewildered wondering what was going to happen next. Marlene then said that I had to promise not to tell anyone what was happening and that if I wanted more I had to promise to fuck each one of them before I left. It didn’t take long for me to agree to these demands, after all a soldier is taught to protect the civilian population are we not?

Marlene decided that she would go first and bent down taking my cock in her hand and slowly knelt so that the tip of my cock rested against the lips of her juicy pussy. Slowly, ever so slowly she lowered herself on to my cock until it completely disappeared inside of her. For a woman of her age who had had three children her pussy was extremely tight and gripped my cock harder than any other girl I had known. As she rocked back and forth on my cock she moaned softly and pulled on her nipples so that they became hard and erect. I wondered what her two daughters were doing so I looked over to the eft and there they were licking each other out and moaning wildly.

Marlene then leant forward and placed her hard nipple into my mouth which I sucked eagerly whilst she rode my cock like hardened cowgirl. I was just about ready to cum and I guess that she sensed that for she stopped what she was doing, dismounted my cock and squeezed just below the knob until the sensation disappeared. Shen then turned around, place her legs either side of my head and took my cock in her mouth, gently licking it first before swallowing the whole thing. At the same time, I was running my tongue around her pussy before settling down on her clit which was very swollen and as soon as I started to suck on that she started to moan even louder and she then stuck her finger up my ass which was a new sensation for me.

Marlene brought me to the edge of cuming three times during the next thirty minutes and each time she did that little trick of squeezing my knob to stop it from blowing everywhere. At last she said that she was ready for my load and got on to her hands and knees doggy style and she told me to mount her which I did. As I placed the tip of my cock near her pussy she shivered and said to me: “I want it all and I want your cum inside of me, I want to feel you fill me with your hot warm cum”. I pushed deep inside of her so that my balls were smacking against her ass, and I grabbed hold of her tits and drove deep into her. As I was going both Chantelle and Dannielle started to shout encouraging words like: “Fuck her hard, she hasn’t had a good fuck for months” and “Fill her cunt with cum so that it drips out and we can lick it up”.

With this encouragement, I started to move faster and faster and I could feel my balls becoming harder as the tension grew deep inside of me. I could actually feel the cum moving up my penis and I knew that I was going to explode very soon. I guess Marlene also felt it because she started to push hard against my thrusts and shouted at me to fuck her harder and to cum inside of her.
It didn’t take long and I was on the brink of cuming when Marlene shouted out: “Cum now, I’m there” and as I left my cock explode, filling her pussy with warm cum, she also came, her hot pussy juice squirting out all over my cock and balls.
We both collapsed on the floor exhausted, the warm cum and love juice feeling great as it spread over our bodies and we looked at each other, kissed and she said thank you! I said: “No, thank you.”

End of Part 1