Chapter 1 Sandras new life – Sandra sold for drugs

Chapter 1 Sandra's new life – Sandra sold for drugs

Please not this story is 100% not real

Sandra was a troubled girl she drinks smokes lives in a bad area got brought up with the wrong crowd in a drug fueled rage. She lived with her mother she has been on drugs ever since she could remember she didint have much of a connection with her mother she was always getting hit by past boyfriends sometimes Sandra was used for sex so that her mother could get on the drugs. Her mother has been selling Sandra to other men for drugs ever since she was 12 but after a while she eventually got use to it whenever her mother was out of cash and she had a drug dealer on the couch Sandra knew her pussy was gonna get a pounding or sometimes her mouth would get a pounding but at least they all respected her enough to cum on her stomach every time.

Sandra is now 16 and she has a boyfriend of her own who is 18 and beats her
all the time and is a drug addict like her mother but she loved him so much
she did not have even 1 shred of respect for herself. One day Sandra and her
boyfriend were at his house lying on the couch watching movies but her boyfriend
wasent really paying attention he was to busy snorting cocaine until he got so
high and agressive he grabbed Sandra by her hair shouting at her he is gonna
fuck her now he dragged her to the bedroom they both started taking their clothes
of Sandra got in her usual position lying on her back with her legs spread but
her boyfriend had other plans he grabbed her side and turned her on her stomach
shouting at her im gonna fuck you in the ass really violently Sandra could not
say a word her boyfriend had her face smashed into the pillow he spread her ass
cheeks he could feel him spit on it then shortly after dive his thumb into her
dry tight ass he positioned his cock at the opening of her asshole and pushed
his cock into her ass with one huge thrust she screamed in pain through the pillow
trying to tell him to stop it hurts but everything she said was muted by her
pillow he thrust his cock in and out of her tight ass the more her ass stretched
the more she started to bleed the mixture of blood and specs of her shit lubricated
his cock making it more easier to slip in and out, he was getting closer to cumming
he pulled his cock out of her damaged ass and pulled Sandra from the pillow before
she could say a word her boyfriend shoved his shit and blood coated cock in her
mouth and demanded that she sucks it clean Sandra had no choice but to suck she
could taste her own bitter shit along with the metalic taste of her blood in her
mouth she could feel his dick in the back of her throat. After a few throat fucks
Sandra could feel something erupting in her mouth he was cumming in her mouth
this was the first time tasting cum for her , her boyfriend withdrew his cock
Sandra fell to her knees with cum falling out of her mouth her boyfriend did not
like this he wanted her to swallow he imeadiately kicked her in the mouth and
threw her out. Sandra hobbled her way home sobbing with a saw ass with the taste
of shit,blood and cum in her mouth soon as she was home the first thing she wanted
to do was sit down and curl into a ball but she walked in on her mum getting fucked
by what looked like a dealer when they both saw her the dealer demanded that he
wanted to fuck her, her mother called Sandra over telling her to take her clothes
Sandra refused saying she was sore this was the first time shes ever rebeled
against her mother. Sandra's mother got of the dealers condom covered cock and
walked over to Sandra and smashed her across the face busting her lip forcing her
to get on the bed calling her a disobediant slut, Sandra sobbed and slowly took
her clothes of, the dealer was getting impatient and told her to hurry up her
mother yanked her Sandra by the hair and undressed her herself and pushed her over
to the bed falling on to her knees thats when she noticed that Sandra had traces
of shit between her but cheeks her mothe yelled at her telling her to learn to
wipe her dirty ass then pelted her ass with her fist, Sandra limped over to the
dealer taking his dick in her mouth getting ready to suck it but the dealer took
control but yanking her hair backwards and forwads throat fucking her he then
pulled her mouth of his cock and thrown her onto the bed and got on top of her
and fucked her hard and rough this guy was black and his cock must of been 10
inches or something bigger shes not use to this size it hurt like hell he was
pounding her pussy till the breach of her orgasm she felt it it gave her some
comfort but only for a short while. The dealer was seconds away from cumming he
pulled out of Sandra and grabbed her by the throat and cummed all over her tear
stained face, once he finished cumming he just left her there on her mothers bed
and left. Sandra used any strength she had left in her body to collapse onto her
own bed and curl into a ball and cry herself to sleep. Sandra woke up to her alarm
clock blaring at her she had to get ready for school she was to sore in all 3 holes
to move but school was paradise to her compared to what she goes through at home.
Sandra arrived at school reeking with the smell of shit and sex she didint have
a chance to wash because her mum had locked herself in the bathroom most likely
injecting herself with some drug, Sandra was greeted by her friend Brenda she
was the only person Sandra could open up to Bredna knows every single detail
about Sandra's life. Brenda walked over to Sandra imeadiately smelling the scent
of sex and shit all that Sandra could do was cry on Brenda's sholder Brenda hugged
Sandra closer telling her to follow her Brenda only lived around the corner from
the school so she took her home to clean her up, shes always offering Sandra to
stay at her house for as long as she wants but Sandra cant cause her mother will
do everything she can to ruin her friends life and she did not want that for the
only person in the world who cared about her. Both Sandra and Brenda arived at
home were Sandra's mother greeted them she was concerned why they came home just
when class was about to start but she looked at the state of Sandra and she knew
what was going on so she told them that she would ring the school and make up an
excuse. Sandra striped out of her clothes and took a nice warm shower and rinsed
all the blood,shit and cum of her body and fixed her hair and makeup, once she
came out of the shower Brenda's mother had some of Brenda's clothes out for her
to wear she thanked Brenda's mother for all that she has done and got dressed.
Once the two girls were all ready they went back to school luckily Brenda's
mother made a good excuse for them they sat in class and Sandra was feeling so
happy until the bell for home time rang Sandra had a worried look on her face
as she hugged her friend goodbye and walked home, when she walked inside her
mother was drunk as a skunk Sandra just walked to her room, minutes later she was
startled by the door bursting open with her mother wacking her with a baseball bat
Sandra just curled up into a ball and took it until her mother passed out. Once
Sandra's mother passed out Sandra had something to eat had a shower and went to
sleep on the couch since her mum was passed out in her room. The next day arrived
Sandra went to her room to check on her mum she was still passed out, she got
herself ready and walked outside bout to walk to school but her boyfriend was out
the front waiting for her he wanted to fuck but she wanted to get to school and
didint wanna go through pain again she wanted to break up with him but was scared
what he might do with her he walked up to her and Sandra ran straight back inside
and locked the door while her boyfriend was banging on the door she quickly slipped
out the backdoor and ran straight to school. Sandra was 5 minutes late for class
yet when she arrived at the school gate her best friend Brenda was waiting for
her, once Brenda saw Sandra she was covered in bruises she imeadiatly hugged her
and told her shes had enough she is doing something about Sandra's condition Sandra
pleaded to her not to but Brenda refused and told her everything will be alright
they both wagged school and went back to Brenda's house and showed her mum the
bruises on Sandra's body and what her mother has been using her for. Brenda's mum
imeadiately rang the police. When the police came they talked to Sandra she
explained that her mother is on drugs used her for sex to pay for the drugs and
thats she has a boyfriend that forcfully had sex with her the policeman wrote
everything down and took Sandra and Brenda with him back to the police station.
The police arrived at Sandra's house finding Sandra's mother injecting herself
with something they took her into the back of the police and searched the house
they found a notebook full of dealers numbers, the police eventually found all
the drug dealers that have sexually assaulted Sandra including her boyfriend.
All drug dealers got sentenced to life in prison for charges of sexual assault
drug dealing and for having sex with a minor, Sandra's now ex boyfriend got
sentenced to 10 years for sexual assault/rape his sentenced was cut to 10 years
because he was only 17 and not 18 till next year, Sandra's mother was sent to
a rehab center followed by a 30 year to life jail sentence but Sandra on the other
hand had no other family around her town she was due to be sent to a foster home
but then the most thoughtfull thing happened Brenda's mother offered to adopt
her and raise her as her own Brenda's mother had no bad history had a clean
record she passed easily all she had to do was fill out a few papers
Brenda hugged her straight away with tears of joy thanking her.
Brenda's mother well now she will now be calling her mum took her back home with her
to were Brenda was waiting soon as they got home Sandra ran up to Brenda and egged
her new mother on to tell her ,their mother explained that she has adopted Sandra
both girls all jumped for joy their mother told the 2 girls to go over to Brenda's
old house to get her things while their mother will set up another bed for Sandra
in Brenda's room. Both girls arrived at Sandra's old house Sandra didint have much
to grab all she grabbed was a few packs of cigaretes some clothes a couple of
trinkets and supplies and they were ready.

The 3 girls have been living together
for 3 weeks now and for Sandra that was 3 weeks without sex or drugs or violence
she already had a mother who cared for her a job at the local cafe her already
wounded body has been healed her vagina and ass has already tightened up she
had a best friend/sister who loved eachother very much maybe to much her life
was officialy changed.

CHAPTER 2 Sandra and Brenda find eachother Coming soon…