Come and Get it, Dad!

AB-5275 COME AND GET IT, DAD! by Ray Todd


The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, joins the neighborhood mate-traders.

The characters in this novel are some of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within them a depth of passion they never dreamed existed lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

COME AND GET IT, DAD — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

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It was a lazy Sunday morning and Nancy Baxter was lolling around in bed with her father. The young blonde was as stark naked as he was. Giggling as they intimately caressed each other, Nancy was lightly stroking her dad's big, swollen cock. Her father, a part-time cab driver who spent most of his spare time in the local taverns, had taught Nancy how to jack him off shortly after his wife's death three years ago. The beautiful young teen loved it when her father began licking her pussy a few months after that. He'd introduced her to cocksucking about a year ago, and now they spent almost every Sunday morning sucking on each other in his bed.

This Sunday was no exception, and gathering his naked daughter into his arms, Doug Baxter cupped one of her firm, young tits in his hand and covered her rock-hard nipple with his feverishly hot lips. His warm, wet tongue could feel and taste the goosebumpy nubs of excitement standing out on the swollen areola that surrounded her erect nipple. Sucking the cherry-like bud into his mouth, the depraved man excitedly licked his tongue all around it, bringing squeals of delight from deep in the girl's throat.

"Oh, Daddy," she whimpered. "That feels so good."

Her body shivered with delight as her father spent the next several minutes sucking, licking and bathing her sweet, young tits with his hot, wet tongue and lips. Both of her cute tits were saturated with his warm spit when he finally moved his mouth down to her flat, dimpled stomach.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled as he began sucking, teasing and licking her belly button. "That tickles."

Then she held her breath in anticipation as he headed down toward her feverishly hot cunt.

"Oh, yes," she gasped, her hips lurching slightly as he licked up along the length of her juicy cunt. Her thighs and ass began jerking as he rubbed her cunt with the tip of his tongue, sending jolts of unbelievable ecstasy sparking through her body.

Then he moved his mouth further down over her pretty, gold-fringed slit until he found the moist entrance to her cunt. As he speared his tongue out, the soft petals of her pussy lips unfurled like a flower to receive it. Tasting the sweet, warm cunt juices that were flowing around his tongue, he could feel his sweet daughter's body quivering and writhing in ecstasy as soft moans of delight came from her lust-parted lips.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" she suddenly squealed. "Suck it good!"

His daughter's squeals of encouragement seemed to carry him to new heights of joy, making his bloated cock throb with excitement. The wildly aroused man fucked his tongue deeper and deeper into his writhing daughter's juicy cunt. Spit was drooling from his tongue as he passionately licked up the fragrantly scented juice that were boiling around in her tasty cunt. Doug could feel the warm juices oozing out around his chin and cheeks as he burrowed his face deeper into her crotch.

Her dad had been licking her horny pussy for almost a year, and it seemed to feel better every time he did it. It was as if she were riding on a cresting wave of ecstasy that was bringing her the ultimate in forbidden pleasure. Each thrust of her daddy's tongue was driving her closer and closer to a delicious insanity.

He was rhythmically fucking his tongue in and out between her spread cunt lips as the heavenly feeling built and built in her quivering belly. She began grinding her warmly flowing pussy up tighter against his face, thrilled by the excited moans as the man licked and sucked more frenziedly on her oozing cunt. Looking down at her wildly sucking dad, Nancy was almost out of her mind as she grasped the back of his head and pulled his face harder against her aroused cunt.

Doug suddenly felt his daughter's thigh muscles tensing against his cheeks as she pressed his face deeper into her hot, sopping pussy.

"More, Daddy, more!" the wildly aroused youngster was whimpering. "Oh, God, lick my pussy harder! Oh, fuck it feels so good!"

Only vaguely aware of his daughter's squeals, Doug fucked his tongue even deeper until his nostrils flared as he inhaled the fragrant smell of her wetly flaming pussy juices.

"Oooohh oooohhh!" she squealed, her softly rounded ass cheeks starting to undulate wildly on the bed as her father drilled his tongue even deeper into her overheated pussy. He felt the churning deep in his balls.

Staring down, Nancy was excitedly watching her dad's face burrowing deeply between her thighs as she curled her fingers into his thick head of hair. Trying to force his mouth even tighter against her hotly oozing slit. There was a delicious warmth radiating from between her legs to the tips of her hard nipples as the man passionately sucked on her pussy. Nancy screwed her oozing cunt up harder against his sucking mouth, wildly thrilled by each deep plunge of his thick, long tongue.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" she suddenly squealed, her hands grasping frantically at his head as she dug her fingers into his thick head of hair. Screaming with joy, she began wildly arching her hips up as the intense pleasure built in her loins. Her hips and belly began quivering wildly as his sucking continued. Writhing and twisting beneath him, she was smearing her warm, juicy cunt all over his face as her hot, slippery secretions oozed out from between her spread pussy lips.

"I'm coming!" Nancy squealed as she began writhing and bucking through the wild throes of her intensely beautiful orgasm.

Her dad hungrily sucked up the delicious juices as they drooled from her climaxing cunt. His face was soon drenched with her slippery discharge as his beautiful daughter kept coming and coming all over his mouth.

When Nancy's orgasm finally subsided, she took her handsome dad in her arms and pressed his juice-drenched face into the soft hollow between her tits. The creamy flesh of her tits was soon saturated with the slippery juice.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled as she glanced down and saw the deep pools ofcunt juice between her tits. "Look, my tits are as slippery as my pussy. Would you like to fuck your hard cock in and out between them for a minute?"

"You're such a good slut for Daddy," the man beamed, "that I am going to cum all over your face and titties."

She lay with his thick prick in the deep, slippery valley between her tits. She used her hands to push her tits together, folding his hard cock into a warm sheath of tit-flesh.

"Fuck my titties!" she panted.

Doug began slowly pumping his cock back and forth in the deep, slippery valley between her squeezed-together tits.

"Is it fun?" she giggled, seeing the wild excitement on his face. "Are you gettin' a good tit-fuck?"

"Jesus, yes!" he gasped. "It feels just like a hot cunt."

The feel of her slippery tits squeezing his plunging prick was one of the most exciting things he'd ever experienced.

"That's it, Daddy!" the cute youngster squealed with delight as he speeded the tempo of his thrusts. The hard and thick cock rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her tits was driving her wild. Cupping her tits together in her hands, Nancy was further arousing herself by rubbing her hard nipples with her thumbs.

"Shit, honey!" he panted, fucking his hard meat in and out between her hot, slippery tits at a faster tempo. "This is really wild!"

"I know, Daddy," she giggled, her pretty face flushed with lust. "But why don't you finger my pussy while you fuck my tits?"

Reaching behind him, Doug plunged his thick middle finger up between his daughter's widely spread legs, sinking it deep into the warm, moist folds of her juicy-hot cunt. Nancy began writhing and moaning from the tingling sensation of his finger teasing and rotating around in her hopelessly aroused slit as he rhythmically fucked his hard cock in and out between her tits. Panting with excitement, he let her naked body luxuriate in the pleasure of the heavenly finger-fuck he was giving her.

"It's so good!" he moaned, lustily fucking into her tits as his finger plunged in and out between the glistening lips of her pink pussy.

The wild ecstasy continued increasing until without warning his cock suddenly erupted a torrent of hot cum against his daughter's face.

He sat in stunned silence as spurt after spurt of hot, slimy jizz shot out of his pulsating cock, completely drenching her face and hair. When his deflating erection finally stopped squirting, the man rolled off his daughter, completely exhausted.

Trying to wipe her face with the back of her hands and arms, Nancy just stared disappointedly at his limp cock. Wanting this fun to continue, she tenderly curled her fingers around his soft meat. His prick felt so lifeless in her hand that she didn't think it would ever get hard again, but after gently caressing his shaft for a few moments, she felt a tiny throb.

"Good girl, just how Daddy likes it. That feels good," her dad whispered.

With her other hand, she cupped his soft, warm balls, and they felt just as lifeless as his limp cock. Gently rolling his soft bag in her fingers, she continued stroking his limp prick.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her face down over his hard belly and licked the tip of her tongue over the soft flesh of his cock. The moment she made contact with it, she felt that familiar thrill tingling through her body.

Holding the base of his limp cock in her fingers, she began licking up and down the length of his shaft until his prick was gleaming with her wet spit. Thrilled by the taste of the cum that was still sticking to it, she began hungrily swirling her tongue all around the pulpy rod.

Becoming more aroused with every lick of her tongue, Nancy stuffed all of his soft cock into her mouth. The beautiful youngster began sucking passionately on his prick with a fierce hunger, pleasure filling her when she suddenly felt his prick beginning to swell in her mouth. Nancy almost gagged when his cock suddenly exploded into a full erection. She hadn't expected him to get a hard-on so fast, and she wasn't prepared for it.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled, momentarily removing her mouth from his throbbing erection. "You're nice and hard again."

Gently grasping the base of his long, thick cock shaft, Nancy once more lowered her face. Her moist, warm lips coming down over his heavily throbbing knob until it was deliciously engulfed in the wet hotness of her velvet smooth mouth. Seeing the pleased expression on her father's face, she started moving her head up and down, each plunge taking more of his hard meat into her throat than the last. As she deeply sucked on his tasty prick, her dad began instinctively moving his hips up and down.

"Suck, honey, suck!" he moaned as the glorious sensations intensified in his burning prick. Lurching his hips up from the bed, he was involuntarily drilling his thick cock deeper into her mouth. His bloated knob nudged against the very back of her throat as she passionately sucked.

"That's the way, honey!" he moaned as her moist lips and tongue slid up and down over his naked shaft. "Oh, you sweet, sweet girl!"

Nancy was thrilled with the way her father always enjoyed the fantastic blow-jobs she gave him. Wanting to please him even more, her mouth was flying up and down over his spit-drenched cock while her tongue licked wildly around it.

"Suck it, baby!" he panted as the feverish sucking of her lips increased. "That's the way!"

Almost out of his mind from the intense ecstasy, he was wildly lurching his hips up, frantically plunging his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Holy shit!" he panted, his breath coming in short, hot gasps.

Nancy was taking more and more of her father's big, meaty cock into her mouth with every noisy slurp. The cute youngster had never been fucked, but there was nothing she enjoyed more than sucking on her dad's prick. She knew that someday she would let a boy stuff his cock up between her legs, but, in the meantime, she was completely satisfied to suck her father off. She loved every delicious inch of his prick. She loved the way his big, tasty cock filled her mouth, nudging at the back of her throat and pressing out against her cheeks.

"Oh, baby," her dad panted. "It's so good, honey."

With every powerful suck, it felt as if the cute youngster were drawing his quivering asshole right up through his throbbing cockshaft. Nancy's head was bobbing faster and faster as she feverishly sucked on his straining prick. The man's entire body was trembling and jerking from the incredibly erotic sensations being induced by this youngster's hotly sucking lips.

"Are you having fun?" she teased, momentarily removing her mouth from his meaty cock.

"Fuck, yeah!" he groaned, digging his fingers into the sheet.

With his thick, hard cock thrusting up from his lust-swollen balls, Nancy could feel it throbbing wildly in her clenched fist as her ran her tongue up and down the entire length of it. Wrapping her adolescent lips tighter around his prick, the youngster took it deeper and deeper until she felt his swollen knob nudging against the back of her throat again. As she slowly lifted her mouth with a powerful, sucking action, she could feel his entire body shuddering from the intense ecstasy of it.

"Suck, you dirty girl, suck!" her dad panted, half-crazed from the feel of her lips sucking and puffing on his ready-to-burst cock.

With his breath coming in short, hot gasps, his hands were curled into her blonde hair, unconsciously forcing her mouth down over his throbbing prick.

He felt the jizz building up deeply in his balls, and grasping the youngster's head, he pushed her mouth down tighter over his cock.

"Oh, shit!" he roared, feeling his fiery fuck-cream rushing up through the length of his throbbing shaft. "Here it comes!"

Suddenly his white-hot cum was spewing into her mouth, splattering against the back of her throat. Frantically sucking and swallowing, Nancy was going wild, as usual, over the taste of her dad's hot, slippery cum. When it finally stopped squirting into her mouth, the youngster continued sucking, wanting to get every last drop of his delicious cum.


It was a warm summer evening, and because her father spent most of his time at a neighborhood tavern, Nancy was home alone, as usual. Sitting on the step of their broken down porch, she saw Hank Murray slowly sauntering down the sidewalk. Her heart did a flip when she recognized the big, handsome boy who lived next door. He was exceptionally popular and paid no attention to Nancy, but she'd had a secret crush on him since she first laid eyes on him. She realized he had no interest in her, yet she always kept hoping.

"Hi, Hank," she called out to him when he was passing in front of her porch.

"Hi, ummm," he half-heartedly returned her greeting.

"Nancy…" she said her name while licking her lips, hoping that would get him to remember for once.

He was about to continue on without stopping when he suddenly noticed that she had parted her legs slightly and he had a full view of her white panties. The boy had never paid much attention to his young neighbor before, but the sight of that lacy material around her crotch strangely intrigued him. He'd always thought the younger girl was kind of cute, but until now he'd never given a thought to whether she even had a pussy or not.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked, casually walking over to where she was sitting on the step.

"Nothing," she grinned, surprised that he'd stopped to talk with her. "Just trying to keep cool."

Seating himself next to her on the step, he noticed her nipples thrusting out against the front of her blouse, and he realized she wasn't wearing a bra. Hank had never paid any attention to the girl before, but the sight of her panties between her legs and, now, her hard nipples strangely excited him.

As they continued to chat, Hank suddenly had a strong desire to kiss her. There was something so sensual about her that was really getting him turned on. He sensed that she was fast. Very fast. She didn't close her legs and had actually leaned in closer to him.

"Nancy," he said to her a few minutes later. "Could I have a glass of water?"

"Sure," she beamed, rising to her feet. "Come on in."

Following the girl into the house, he felt his prick stirring in his pants as he watched her cute ass wriggling under the tight skirt she was wearing. When they were in the kitchen, she filled a glass with water and handed it to him.

"Thanks," he said a few moments later as he set the empty glass down in the sink. He'd used the drink as an excuse to be alone with her in the house, and now he nervously turned around and faced her. He knew it was stupid to try anything when her dad may be home, but he just couldn't control his intense desire for her.

Not saying another word, he put his arm around the girl and drew her up close against him, covering her softly parted lips with his mouth. Unable to believe Hank Murray was actually kissing her, the youngster could feel her suddenly erect nipples burning through her blouse against his chest. Nancy's head began spinning dizzily when he stepped back and cupped her firm, young tits in his hands. Sighing softly, Nancy could feel the delicious pressure of his thumbs and forefingers tenderly squeezing her hard nipples through the thin material of her tightly stretched blouse.

Hank couldn't believe he was feeling up Nancy, but he was suddenly unable to control his burning lust for her. Panting with excitement as his thick cock began throbbing in his pants, he quickly undid the buttons on her blouse. Nancy never wore a bra, and when he removed the garment, her cute, big-nippled tits were exposed to him. The pretty youngster knew she should stop him, but she had no intentions on doing it. She still made no protest when he lowered the zipper on her skirt and peeled the garment over her softly rounded hips, letting it slither down her shapely legs to the floor. Stepping away from her skirt, the brazen teenager was stark naked except for a pair of lacy panties.

Taking her hand, Hank led her to the couch in the living room where he pulled her down beside him. As he held the girl in his arms and smothered her with hot wet kisses, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. She suddenly felt her erect nipples, burning against his broad chest as he held her closer against together, Hank was planting fiery kisses on the youngster's parted lips, his tongue teasing sensually into her mouth. Finally removing his lips from hers, the feverishly aroused young man lowered his head and began licking and sucking on her nipples.

Feeling his hand slowly moving up along the sensitive bare flesh of her inner thighs, Nancy leaned her head against the back of the couch and wantonly parted her legs, faintly exposing her blonde pubic curls through the sheer material of her juice-soaked panties.

Dropping to the floor on his knees in front of her, Hank grasped the waistband of her panties, and as she arched her sweet young ass up to assist him, he expertly removed them. Still kneeling between her outstretched legs, he frantically removed all of his clothes.

Seeing the young man staring excitedly at her naked pussy, Nancy could feel her heart pounding wildly in her throat. She had no idea what to expect next when he grasped her hips and pulled her ass to the very front edge of the cushion.

"Aaaahhh!" she moaned when the young man suddenly buried his face between her open thighs, pressing his mouth against the juicy hotness of her gold-fringed cunt.

Until now, Nancy had thought her father was the only man that licked pussies. Thrilled that Hank was doing it to her, she instinctively reached out and grabbed the back of his head, pushing his mouth down tighter against her oozing cunt. Nancy almost blew her mind when the tip of his tongue found her sensitive spot, sending bursting thrills of unbelievable delight screaming to every part of her shuddering body.

Moaning with ecstasy, she arched her hips up, grinding her hot, dripping cunt against his wonderful mouth while his tongue played with her tingling clit. As she began rotating her pussy in a wild frenzy against his face, the youth had to grasp her hips firmly so she wouldn't involuntarily jerk her writhing hole away from his piercing tongue.

"Oh… yes!" she squealed with obvious delight. "Oh, my God, that's so good… so good!"

Hank slurped and sucked ravenously on her spread cunt lips, filling his mouth with the taste of the horny juices that were pouring thickly from her slit.

"Oh, suck me!" she hysterically sobbed. "Suck me, Hank! Oh, shit, it's so good… so good!"

He continued tonguing the beautiful youngster for several more moments before he finally pulled his mouth away from her cunt. Raising his head, he stared at her pretty face. Her big blue eyes were glazed over with lust.

Standing up, he gently grasped her ankles and lifted her legs back up on the couch. Spreading her thighs, he crawled between them, his stiff cock throbbing up wildly from his big, hair-covered balls. When he was crouched over the girl as she lay waiting.

Nancy threw her arms around the young man and pulled his face down to hers. His tongue quickly slipped into her fresh, young mouth, exploring the soft moistness of her cheeks and gums as she passionately sucked on it.

Feeling his hard cock burning against her belly, Nancy reached between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around the meaty thickness of his prick. The girl had never touched any cock except her father's before, and she was thrilled by the feel of Hank's soft, warm skin stretched so tightly around his steel-hard shaft. It was extremely exciting to feel his quivering cock throbbing and jerking in her tender grasp.

Anxious to be fucked for the first time in her life, she spread her legs and worked the head of his cock between her cunt lips. Feeling the young man pushing forward, the mouth of her pussy began stretching to accommodate the head of his invading prick. She wanted him to fuck her so badly, but the intense pain seemed to increase as the thickness of his cock sank deeper into her virginal hole. His slow and painful progress was suddenly stopped when his hard knob reached the barrier of her cherry.

"Push harder," Nancy whispered.

"But I'm afraid of hurting you," the young man panted, "I thought you'd been fucked before."

"I haven't," she tried to assure him, "but I want to. So ram your cock in me!"

Feeling his cock-head straining urgently against her cherry, Nancy suddenly slammed her hips up.

"Aaauuuggghhh!" she screamed out in agony when his burning cock suddenly ripped and tore through her shattered cherry.

The thickness of his plunging cock flowed up through her tight hole like a red-hot poker, stretching the tight walls of her virginal cunt until Nancy thought she'd faint from the sudden and intense pain. It felt to her as if the fat end of a baseball bat had been stuffed deep into her tight pussy.

"Not so fast," she whimpered, her tight cunt painfully expanding as the thickness of his prick continued sinking deeper into her belly. "Take it easy for just a second."

Nancy suddenly wondered why everyone raved about the wonders of sex. Up to now, she thought it was overrated. There was nothing but pain and more pain.

As he continued to lay on top of her, the walls of her cunt began to expand, gradually reducing the painful pressure of his cock against them. His throbbing cock was finally fully embedded in her brutally stretched pussy, and she was thankful that the young man was remaining perfectly still on top of her.

Spread out over the cute blonde, Hank was letting his prick luxuriate in the juicy hotness of her tightly clasping cunt. He realized it would be painful for her if he started pumping his cock in and out right now, and he was completely satisfied to let it soak in the scalding heat of her pussy.

Nancy began instinctively massaging and squeezing his throbbing prick with her strong, young cunt muscles. She could feel the soft walls of her stretched pussy melting deliciously around the meaty thickness of his deeply embedded cock.

As the earlier pain eased, she began slowly writhing her hips, letting her snug-fitting cunt suck and pull on the length of his swollen cock. It started slowly at first, but she soon felt a warm sensation seeping through her body as his throbbing flesh began moving against the tingling nerves of her stretched cunt walls.

"Maybe…" she whimpered as this strange, new pleasure began mounting in her loins. "Maybe you can start now. It feels better."

Clinging tightly to her, Hank slowly ground his naked body into hers. His rigid prick twisting around deep in her quivering belly.

"Yes, that feels better! Wanna teach me how to fuck?" she teased him. She was still breathing in short, hot gasps as he began moving his swollen cock more urgently in her pussy.

He began stroking into her with sure, steady thrusts, slowly increasing the tempo with every deep plunge. His hotly pulsing prick was drilling deeper and deeper into her hot depths, rippling against the tingling walls of her ravaged pussy.

As the pleasure in her loins increased, Nancy pulled her knees back and wrapped her soft, naked thighs around his humping back.

"Oh, yes, Hank, that's good!" she whimpered, her eyes glazed with excitement as the glowing pleasure in her loins intensified.

Becoming more aroused by every plunge of his pile-driving prick, her hips began a rhythm of their own, thrusting up to meet his lunges. His wonderful cock was pounding ceaselessly into her fiery depths as her squeezing cunt walls sucked and milked on the entire length of his throbbing shaft.

"Ooooh, yes!" she whimpered with delight, the unbelievable ecstasy building and building throughout her trembling body. "This is sooo good! Do you like how my pussy feels?"

"Yessss! It's hot and tight!" he responded as he pounded her twat.

Almost out of her mind from the way he was violently fucking into her, Nancy could feel her hot juices bubbling out around his plunging cock. Her curvaceous hips were squirming and pumping as her sucking cunt lips spiraled up and down over the length of his cream-slicked prick. Her cunt walls were gripping his cock so strongly that the delicious suction was starting to pull the cum up from deep in his balls.

The slurping sound of her sucking, squeezing cunt on his throbbing cock was enough to blow the young man's mind. He knew he'd be shooting his hot load deep into the hot girl's belly before long, but he hoped he could last long enough for her to come first.

As the fucking continued, Nancy was surprised at how easily his thick cock was gliding in and out of her juice-slickened cunt. Only minutes ago, the size of his swollen prick had given her intolerable pain, but now she wished he had a few more inches to give her. Not only was his hard meat gliding smoothly in and out, it was giving her a pleasure that was beyond her wildest dreams.

Writhing passionately beneath the humping youth, electric-like tingles were radiating from Nancy's cock-filled pussy to every part of her uninitiated body. The unbelievable ecstasy was no longer confined only to her pussy, but her toes, tits, fingers and even her asshole were aflame with the wild passions that had completely enveloped her.

"Oh, Goddamn!" she squealed, digging her nails into his back. "Your cock is so big and hard!"

Wanting to make this heavenly fuck last as long as possible, Hank began slowing the tempo of his deep thrusts. Sparks of burning rapture were shooting up and down the length of his cock as he passionately fucked into her.

Locked together in a feverish embrace as they rhythmically writhed against each other, they were lost in a world of their own. The cute blonde's moistly parted lips were welded to his. Her sweet, young tongue worming around sensually in his mouth.

"Oh, Daddy," she softly purred. "I've never felt anything so good in my life."

Hank was surprised for a moment. Did she just call him Daddy? This girl was a freak. He couldn't believe no one had ever fucked her before. Every muscle and sinew in the young man's strong body was responding to the writhing girl's sexual demands. He'd never felt anything that equalled her newly opened pussy. He had a girlfriend, but he'd be back to fuck this young slut.

As Hank continued fucking into her hot cunt, Nancy wished she hadn't waited so long to lose her cherry. Writhing beneath the humping youth, she vowed to herself that from now on she was going to ball every guy she could get her hands on.

"Ooooh!" she gasped, the hot breath exploding out of her lungs when he suddenly drilled his cock in with more force.

Then he drove again and again, his big, juicy cock filling her horny, cunt with an unbelievable ecstasy. His hard, deep strokes were buffeting her cute, naked body all over the couch.

"FUCK ME!" screamed the beautiful youngster, her long, blonde hair flailing all around her flushed face. "Fuck me Daddy!"

Again with the role-playing. He couldn't get his prudish girlfriend to be this naughty. He decided to play along, and maybe she would cum quicker. "Yes, baby. My sweet little girl! Daddy's gonna fuck you! Fuck you hard and make you cum!"

Nancy loved the way he was talking to her. He was very dirty and she loved every cunt-splitting second of her first fuck. Her cute, young tits were jiggling as he rapidly drilled into her with all his power. Fucking the pretty virgin for all he was worth, the young man could feel his cock-head banging against the very end of her cunt.

The squealing youngster loved the way Hank grunted and panted as his muscular body bucked and humped above her, making her cunt tingle with pleasure. His cock was ripping fiercely into her steaming pussy-hole, bringing her almost more ecstasy than she could stand.

"Yes! Yes!" she shrieked, clinging tightly to the young man above her. "I love it! I love it!"

Digging her nails into his humping ass, the adorable youngster was gyrating wildly beneath his pounding attack, every nerve in her young, firm body responding to the friction of his heavenly cock. She could feel a climax rapidly building in her loins, and her tight, slippery cunt was rippling around the hard length of his wildly plunging prick.

Nancy could hardly believe the incredible sensations that were streaking through her body as she writhed and lurched beneath him. Her squeezing pussy was desperately trying to suck his hot cum up into her belly. This was something she'd never experienced, and she could hardly wait to feel him shoot his wad.

"I can't wait anymore…" she cried out hysterically, "shoot your load in my snatch!" Nancy couldn't get over how good it felt to be fucked. Her tight pink pussy felt as if it was experiencing an ecstasy beyond deion. The walls of her tight pussy were burning from the delicious friction of his plunging cock. On the very verge of a seething climax, her nipples were burning and swelling with excitement.

"Oh, Hank! Yes, Daddy!" she screamed, crazily waving her legs around in the air. "I'm coming… coming!"

Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt spasmed around the length of his plunging shaft, he suddenly felt his hot cum gushing into her writhing belly. Screaming hysterically beneath him, the cute youngster felt a man's white-hot jizz shooting into her cunt for the very first time.

"Oh, God," he gasped a few moments later, collapsing on top of her as his cock soaked in the juicy hotness of her cum-filled cunt. "That was fantastic."

"It sure was," she whispered, knowing that Hank would always be more than willing to fuck her from now on.


A couple of nights later, Nancy's father was sitting in a bar with his friend, Doc Wilson. Both men were widowers who were always looking for a strange piece of ass. Doug enjoyed being sucked off by his daughter, but he preferred a roll in the hay with some strange hot-cunted slut.

"Shit," grumbled Doc as the evening wore on without any action. "I wonder what's happened to all the broads tonight."

"Beats the hell out of me," sighed Doug. There were usually five or six women hanging around who were willing to shack up if you bought them a few drinks, but they didn't seem to be there tonight.

"Oh, hell," grumbled Doc, slowly rising to his feet. "I think I'll go and see if there's any action over at Lefty's Saloon. Wanna come with me?"

"No thanks," said Doug. "I think I'll have just one more beer and call it a night."

Doc had been gone about ten minutes when a rather attractive redhead walked in and sat down on the stool next to Doug's.

"Hello, Kay," he said, recognizing her as a woman that occasionally dropped into the bar. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Thanks, Doug," she smiled. "I'm broke tonight."

"What'll you have?"

"Just a beer, I guess. Thanks again."

After giving the order to the bartender, Doug returned his attention to the woman.

"How come you're broke?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

"Because my jagoff ex-husband hasn't sent me a check for three months."

"He must be a real bastard," laughed Doug.

"Not really," she sighed. "I even sorta miss him sometimes."

"Why?" Doug asked, not sure why she'd miss some deadbeat.

"Because he had a huge cock," she confided. "And he could really satisfy me. Do you have a wife?"

"No," answered Doug.

"Did she run off with some guy?"

"She passed away."

"I'm sorry. Boy, I bet you get as horny as me," she whispered, resting her hand on his thigh.

"I get plenty horny," he grinned, feeling his cock starting to swell in his pants. He knew Kay's game. She flirted a bit and then gave it all up. He liked that about her. She was a slutty piece of ass and made no excuses for it.

"What do you do when you get a hard-on?" she teased him.

"Try to find a woman to get rid of it for me!" he laughed, imaging how her pussy would feel around his swelling cock.

"What are you going to do with this big hard-on that you have now?" whispered the woman, lightly stroking her fingers across the big bulge in the front of his pants.

"I don't know?" he said, expecting her response to be hot and dirty.

"Doug," she softly cooed, taking his hand and guiding it up under her skirt until his finger brushed against her juicy-hot pussy lips. "How would you like to empty it in here?"

"My place or yours?" he whispered.

"I need a hot fuck," she whispered, rubbing his throbbing cock through his pants. "And my place is closer. I only live a couple of blocks from here."

When they got over to Kay's place, Doug sprawled out on her sofa after the woman excused herself and left the room.

"My God," he gulped when she returned a few moments later in a black negligee that boldly showed her luscious nipples through the nearly transparent material. "You're a brave woman to wear something like that around me."

"And I hope you're brave enough to take it off," she whispered, sitting down next to him on the couch.

Seeing the bold invitation in her eyes, Doug put his arms around the woman and drew her body close to his. Feeling his cock throbbing wildly, he pressed his passionately hot mouth against her moistly parted lips as she wriggled the tip of her tongue between his teeth. Almost as if by magic, the front of her gown opened revealing her naked tits.

"Like 'em?" she whispered, seeing how he was staring at her lovely tits.

"God, yes," he panted. "They're beautiful."

"Then play with them," the attractive redhead giggled. "They haven't had any loving for weeks."

Staring at her lust-swollen nipples, he cupped one of her heavenly tits in his palm, thrilled by the firm heaviness of it. Her dark, pink areolas were as big around as silver dollars, and the erect nipples were standing there stiffly in the center of them as hard as cherries.

Having gone without a man for such a long time, Kay wantonly grasped his hands and pressed them to her aching tits. Then once more covering his lips with hers, she sensually stroked her tongue deep into his mouth.

With his hands gently massaging her ripe tits, he squeezed the big globes together, feeling the stiffness of her nipples burning against his palms. Finally pulling his tongue out of her sweet mouth, he ran it around her lips and down across her chin to the soft hollow at the base of her neck. With her head resting against the back of the couch, her chest was heaving excitedly as his wet, burning lips moved closer and closer to her tingling tits. A soft moan escaped her lips when the man moved his face down into the deep valley between her big, full tits.

When his mouth finally reached her throbbingly erect nipple, he closed his warm, wet lips around the bright pink tip while he tenderly rotated his hand over the soft, firm flesh of her flat belly. Sucking passionately on her nipple, he let his hand move further down across her tummy until his fingertips brushed against the soft, downy hairs of her pussy mound.

Sucking deeply on Kay's luscious tits, he began sliding his middle finger up and down along the edges of her slick, outer pussy lips. They suddenly opened like the petals of a flower, allowing his finger to slither into the slippery hotness of her juicy cunt. With her oily juices leaking out, he spread the oozing fluid all over her swollen pussy lips until the area between her legs was slippery and wet.

With the fragrance of her hot cunt filling his nostrils as he continued sucking on her nipple, Doug was gently rubbing her slippery clit with the tip of his finger. He could hear the woman softly moaning with passion as she excitedly writhed her ass around on the cushion.

"Oh, God, I need your cock!" she whispered, rubbing the hard throbbing bulge in the front of his pants with her hand. Fumbling with his zipper, she finally pulled it down and reached through his open fly.

"Jesus," whispered Kay, trying to work her fingers through the opening in his shorts. "I've never needed a cock so much in my life."

Still trying to get at his swollen prick, she was wildly grinding her hips on the sofa as he gently fingered the slippery flesh in her juicy cunt. Fumbling in his shorts to free his stiff cock, she finally closed her cool fingers around the throbbing thickness of his hard meat, bringing a shudder of pleasure from the man.

"Oooh, that's a nice big cock!" Kay whispered when she finally pulled it out of his confining clothes.

Feeling the soft pressure of her fingers around his throbbing prick, Doug could hardly wait to drill it into her hot oozing pussy. Shivering with expectancy, the man wormed his finger a deeper into the slick slippery folds of her hot pussy-hole. As she writhed her grasping cunt around his finger, Doug had never felt anything so hot and juicy in his life.

Finally pulling his finger out of her slick pussy, Doug quickly stood up. Staring down at the slippery pinkness of her oozing cunt, he dropped his pants and shorts, and then removed his shirt, leaving himself completely naked except for his shoes and socks.

"Oh, yesss! What a big, beautiful prick," whispered Kay, seductively removing her negligee.

Taking off his shoes and socks, the man just stared at her naked beauty. Her skin was the color of smooth ivory, contrasting to the deep coral tint of her delightfully swollen nipples. Letting his eyes move down over the smooth softness of her flat belly, they focused on the fiery-red curls of swirling pussy hair that surrounded her open slit. His cock was lurching violently as he gazed at the glistening drops of slippery juice that was gleaming on her oozing cunt lips.

Unable to control his burning desires any longer, Doug dropped to his knees between her wantonly spread thighs.

"Oh, God," she whispered, smiling up at him through half-closed eyes. "It's been so long since I've had a man."

Kneeling between her legs, he lovingly parted the moist curls of her bright-red pubic hair. Feeling her shiver with anticipation, he boldly teased his fingers up along the length of her slick, hot cunt before he crouched over her waiting body.

Staring down at his big cock-head poised just above her cunt, Kay could feel her hot juices flowing out from between her desire-swollen pussy lips.

"For God's sake, hurry!" she sobbed. "I can't stand it any longer!"

Grasping the thick base of his swollen shaft, he moved his hips forward until his sensitive knob brushed against the soft hairs around her pussy. Pushing forward a bit more, he felt the tip of his prick nudging between her slippery cunt lips. A shudder raced through his entire body when he felt her warm velvety-soft cunt flesh closing around his tingling cock.

"Oooh, yes!" Kay passionately whispered, grasping the cheeks of his sinewy ass, trying to pull him deeper into her seething pussy. It was so wonderful to feel his thick cock spreading the walls of her cunt as it slowly slipped up into her channel of joy.

Even though Doug was trying to enter her slowly, wanting to enjoy every precious moment of this heavenly penetration, he could feel her cunt greedily swallowing up his throbbing prick. It was a sexual paradise for the man to feel her rippling cunt walls massaging and squeezing on his sensitive cock-flesh. When his thick cock was about halfway in, he paused and pulled back until only his tingling knob remained in the grasp of her sucking cunt lips.

"Give it to me now!" she panted, her hands tugging on his asscheeks. "Bang me!"

Lunging forward with all his strength, he drove the entire length of his throbbing cock deep into the redhead's writhing belly.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed. "Give me more of that beautiful cock!"

Slowly drawing back, he drilled in again and again until he'd set up a steady rhythm.

"Oh, shit, what a huge cock," whimpered Kay, wrapping her, shapely legs around him. It was glorious to feel a huge prick filling her cunt again, plugging her passage with its hard thickness. Her talented inner muscles tightened around his prick, deliciously milking on it every time he pulled back.

Her horny cunt was creaming hotly, the slippery juices running out along his plunging prick and dripping down over her writhing ass, forming a sticky pool on the cushion beneath her. As he thrust his marvelous cock in and out of her juice-slickened slit, Kay could hear the erotic sound of her pussy squishing around his hard cock.

"Oh, shit, Doug, it feels so good!" she squealed, hoping this heavenly fuck could last forever, but feeling a climax starting to build up deep in her cunt, Kay realized the glorious end was rapidly approaching.

The top ridge of his plunging rod was rubbing deliciously against her hard clit, pulling it back and forth until Kay thought she'd go mad from the intense ecstasy.

"Aaaaahhh… yess!" she squealed with joy. "Fuck me!" Changing the tempo to prolong this wonderful fuck, Doug began drilling into her with longer, slower strokes. Looking down at the woman beneath him, he could see the feverish passion in her eyes and the sensuality of her moistly parted lips.

"Oh, my God!" she softly moaned as the top ridge of his hard shaft vibrated deliciously against the sensitive tip of her joy-button, sending ripples of ecstasy streaking through every part of her hotly aroused body. Every nerve ending in her slippery hot pussy was stimulated by the steady thrusts.

Not since her husband had left her had Kay experienced such intense joy. Doug's broad chest rubbing back and forth against her hot, tingling nipples, the woman screwed her horny cunt up more heatedly around his plunging cock. Lifting her face, she covered his lips with her softly parted ones, teasing her tongue in and out of his mouth at the same tempo that he was stroking his throbbing prick into her hotly aroused fuck-hole.

"Oh, fuck me!" she crooned, holding the humping man more tightly in her arms as he began drilling his juice-slickened cock in and out of her sizzling cunt with a faster rhythm. "This feels so damned good!"

His deep, hard thrusts were jolting the woman from head to toe, each plunge bringing her more joy than the last.

"Ooooh, yes… yes!" she whimpered as the intense pleasure increased.

Panting and moaning, the hot-assed redhead was wildly rotating her hips as she heatedly worked her scalding pussy up and down and around the plunging length of his cock.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Doug, as her talented cunt muscles began squeezing and milking his sensitive prick. "You sure as hell know how to fuck!"

Violently grasping the cheeks of his ass, Kay pulled his rigid cock even deeper into her hot, slippery pussy. Passionately holding the man in her arms, the horny redhead screwed her hot cunt up around the base of his plundering cock while her talented cunt muscles sucked and squeezed even harder on it.

"Oh, fuck my cunt!" she squealed, wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around the humping man as his bloated cock drilled in and out of her slippery cunt. Driving even harder and deeper, he was carrying her closer and closer to a traumatic orgasm.

"Oh, Doug, baby!" she whimpered, grinding her juicy pussy up around his plunging shaft. "You can really fuck! You are a great lay!"

"So are you," he panted, rearing back and slamming his prick even deeper into her slippery fuck-hole.

Aware that he was about to shoot his wad, Doug began fucking harder and faster, wanting to get her off before he came.

"Oh, my God!" she suddenly shrieked as the first wave of her orgasmic pleasure flooded through her body. "I'm starting to come!"

Each deep, hard thrust of his emblazoned cock was intensifying her screaming climax, sending spasms of pleasure through her wildly convulsing body.

No longer having to hold back for Kay, Doug was pumping into her as hard and rapidly as possible, his bloated prick racing up and down her sizzling pussy like a runaway jack hammer.

"Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!" Kay shrieked, reaching the apex of her tumultuous orgasm. "Fill me with jizz!"

Doug suddenly felt that plateau of ecstasy that he always experienced just before he shot his wad, that moment when the whole world seemed to stand motionless, and then his cock-head suddenly exploded, sending a torrent of scalding cum into the beautiful redhead's writhing belly.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed, clutching him passionately in her arms as the man's belching prick sprayed her writhing cunt full of his hotly swirling cum. When the last drop of jizz had dribbled out of his slowly shrinking prick, they collapsed in each other's arms.

"Oh, fuck!" she whispered a later, as his limp cock still soaked in her cum-soaked cunt. "That was the best fuck I've ever had."

"Me, too!" sighed Doug, finally pulling his cream-coated prick out of her sopping hot cunt.

"Am I gonna get another fuck, or are you leaving right now?" she asked.

"I'm gonna fuck you silly again just as soon as I get another hard-on," he promised.

"Good," she giggled, crawling down and stuffing his limp, wet cock into her mouth. "I guess I'd better pump it up again."


After Hank Murray popped Nancy's cherry, they were fucking at every opportunity. Both of his parents worked, and every morning while her dad was sleeping off a drunken stupor, Nancy would slip over to Hank's house where he'd fuck her silly for a couple of hours. When her dad left for the tavern in the afternoons, Hank would come over to her house and give her another fuck or two. Almost every evening they would go out in his car where she would blow him a few times before he fucked her. No matter how often they screwed, Nancy couldn't seem to get enough of it.

Waiting on her front porch for him to pick her up one evening in his car, she was surprised to see another young man with him when he drove up.

"Hi," he cheerily greeted her when she walked out to the car. "This is my friend, Ed Wilson. We were gonna double date tonight but his girl couldn't make it, so we're gonna drive out by the Old Mill dance ball and see if he can pick up a broad."

"But I thought we were going to be alone," she whispered, the disappointment showing in her eyes.

"We will later," he grinned. "Now say hello to Ed."

"Hi, Ed," she smiled, sorry that she'd sounded so silly.

"Hello, Nancy," beamed the boy. "I'm sorry if I've ruined your evening."

"You haven't," Hank interrupted. "Now why don't you drive the car out to the Old Mill while Nancy and I relax in the back seat?"

They hadn't driven more than a block when Nancy threw her arms around Hank and offered him her softly parted lips. With their mouths welded passionately together in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, the young man began massaging her sweet young tits through the material of her blouse.

"You're a naughty boy," she giggled when their lips finally parted.

"Don't you want me to be naughty?"

"Of course I do," she teased, guiding his hand down through the front of her low-cut blouse. "I only like naughty boys."

Hank had never met another girl as horny as this cute youngster, and cupping her sweet, young tit in his hand, he began rolling her swollen nipple between his fingers.

"That's more like it," she softly whispered.

"You really like it when I play with your tits, don't you?" he whispered, seeing the excited glow in her eyes.

"You know I do," she teased. "I like it when you play with all of my body."

Covering her lips with his mouth once more, he reached under her skirt and began moving his hand up between her soft, bare thighs.

"Now you're getting the idea," giggled the horny blonde, spreading her legs wider apart to give him easier access to her steaming pussy. Seeing Ed winking at her as he watched them through the mirror, she playfully winked back at him.

Hank's cock began throbbing wildly in his pants when his finger made contact with the hot moistness of the youngster's wet panties.

"Oh, Hank," she giggled, feeling his finger worming up through the leg opening of her juice-soaked panties. "What do you think you've found down there?"

"I'm not sure," he grinned. "I don't know whether to fuck it or eat it."

"Try both," she whispered.

As the tip of his finger brushed across the slippery hotness of her oozing slit, he felt the horny youngster shiver with pleasure. His cock began throbbing more violently in his pants as he began fingering the slick flesh of her hot cunt lips.

"Ooooh, Hank," she panted, arching her sweet, young ass up from the seat. "Please take my panties off."

Curling his fingers into the waistband of her pants, he peeled them down over her cute ass and legs, dropping them onto the floor.

"Oh, baby," he panted, plunging his finger into her slippery pussy. "You're sure nice and hot down there tonight."

"So are you," she giggled, resting her hand on the throbbing bulge in the front of his pants. Her lovely, young face was flushed with excitement as she rubbed and massaged his hard cock through his pants.

"Oh, Hank," she whispered. "Are you gonna put that beautiful big thing in my hot cunt."

"You better believe it," grinned Hank as she deftly opened his fly and pulled his prick out.

Holding his thick, naked throbbing meat in her hand, the hard rigidity of it made her cunt cream all around his finger. She could feel the hot blood pumping through his cock and it seemed to swell even larger in her grasp. She stared excitedly at the drops of pre-cum that were oozing out of the slit in the end of his swollen knob. Another gob of hot cream spat out of her finger-filled cunt when she felt his big muscular body shivering with excitement as she began skimming his thick, rubbery foreskin up and down over the head of his hard prick.

Thrilled by the sight of the milky pre-cum bubbling out of his prick, Nancy excitedly lowered her head and swiped her sweet tongue across the tip of his hot knob, lapping up the tasty fluid.

Then, opening her mouth wide, she slid it down over the thrilling bigness of his sensitive cock-head. Passionately encircling his shaft with her soft, juicy lips, she started a deep sucking action while her hot tongue teased against every tingling nerve in his big screaming knob.

Watching them through the mirror, Ed was so excited he could hardly control the speeding car. The sight of Nancy's sweet young lips sliding up and down over his friend's lipstick smeared cock was enough to blow his mind.

Sucking passionately on Hank's big tasty prick, the horny blonde could hardly wait to feel the hot thickness of it stuffed up into her cunt. Unable to control her desire any longer, she pulled her soft lips off his cock and lifted her skirt. Facing the young man, she straddled his loins, locking her knees against his hips. With one arm around his shoulders, she grasped the base of his shaft with her other hand and slowly lowered her slippery pussy down toward his bloated cock-head.

"Shit, that's a big, hard prick," she excitedly whispered, feeling the hard hotness of his cock, making contact with the warm slick flesh between her slippery cunt-lips. Because of the swaying of the speeding car, Nancy was having trouble trying to get his prick into her juicy cunt. When his hard cock finally slithered into the juicy tightness of her teenage cunt, her body shivered with joy.

"Oooh, fuck, it's so nice and hard," she softly crooned, continuing to lower herself down over his rock-hard shaft, anxious to feel the whole, thick length of his cock buried deep in her horny belly.

When she finally had his hard meat embedded to the hilt in her slippery hot cunt, she locked her arms tightly around his neck clutching him to her as she looked over his shoulder through the back window. She could see headlights coming up rapidly behind them, but the horny young girl was too excited to even think about climbing off his wonderful cock. The feel of Hank's hard meat vibrating in her cunt as the car sped over the rough road was one of the most erotic things she'd ever experienced.

"You're a bad boy," she whispered into his ear, writhing her hot cunt down farther around the base of his hard, thick shaft.

Clinging passionately to him, Nancy began excitedly sliding her tight pussy up and down over his throbbing cock.

"Oh, shit!" she whimpered with joy, squeezing her soft thighs against his hips. "You are so great!"

As she worked herself into a wild frenzy bouncing up and down over his luscious, hard prick, Nancy could see the headlights of the approaching car drawing nearer and nearer until they were right behind them. The glare of the headlights made it impossible for the girl to see who was in the car, but she realized they could clearly see her. The thought of the occupants of the other car watching her fuck, further excited the horny, young blonde.

"Yesss… Hank!" she panted, clinging tightly to him, the walls of her slippery cunt passage sucking and milking around the hard length of his thick cock as she slid up and down on it. "This feels so fuckin' good, baby!"

Wanting to give his cute fuck-mate an extra thrill, Hank grasped her wiggly asscheeks in his hands and lifted her up until only the head of his cock remained embedded in her juicy pussy. Holding her there for a few brief seconds, he suddenly dropped her back down, letting his lust-slickened prick slam even deeper into her steaming fuck-hole.

"Aaaggghhh!" she squealed with joy, feeling his stiff cock ripping into her cunt. "Do that again, honey! Oh, shit, that felt so fuckin' good!"

Grasping the cheeks of her ass more firmly, he began propelling her wildly up and down over his thrusting cock.

"Oh, shit, that feels so good!" moaned Nancy, staring blindly into the headlights of the car behind them.

Glancing down, Hank could see her hot slippery cunt-lips sliding up and down over his glistening cock. The delicious feel of her hot pussy squeezing against his sensitive prick was sending wild jolts of pleasure streaking through his passion-bloated cock.

The boys in the car behind them could hardly believe their eyes.

"My, God!" gasped the driver, watching the beautiful blonde's lust distorted face bouncing up and down in the rear window. "That broad's really getting screwed."

"Jesus Christ!" gasped his friend. "I've never seen anything like that in my life!"

Her head was thrown crazily back as she bounced, and they could see her glazed eyes staring blindly at their headlights as the girl's lips were parted in wild ecstasy, her tongue hanging out from the corner of her mouth.

Staring hypnotically at the glaring lights, Nancy was aware of nothing but the big, hard cock that was pounding relentlessly in and out of her tingling fuck-hole. It was pure heaven to feel his strong hands lifting her up and down over his hard meat.

Panting excitedly as he clutched her soft asscheeks, Hank was bouncing her up and down at an even faster tempo. "Ooooh, shit," she giggled when the tip of his finger lightly grazed across her sensitive asshole. "That feels great."

Aware that it was further exciting the girl, he continued teasing his finger around her tight asshole.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" she squealed with joy. "That feels incredible!"

Realizing how much the horny blonde was enjoying it, Hank decided to give her something to really squeal about. Parting the cheeks of her ass, he began probing at the tiny opening with the tip of his finger. Pushing it gently against the tight ring of her asshole, the elastic ring slowly opened under his insistent pressure. Then gently rotating his fingertip, he slipped it into her hot ass up to the first knuckle.

"Oh, yes!" she shrieked with delight.

Pushing harder, Hank sank his finger still deeper into the hot, buttery depths of her slippery asshole.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "Give me more! More!"

Whimpering with ecstasy, the horny, young blonde excitedly wriggled her ass down around his finger until it was buried to the palm of his hand.

"Oh, shit, that's great!" she moaned, writhing her hot asshole around the length of his invading finger.

Through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two stuffed holes, Hank could feel the underside of his hard prick gliding in and out of her slit. Panting with excitement, he twisted and screwed his finger around in the hot, moist depths of her tingiing asshole.

"Oh, yes, honey!" she moaned into his ear. "That feels so fucking good, darling!"

As the excited boys in the car behind followed them, Hank continued fucking his cock and finger in and out of her two writhing holes. Screwing her horny pussy up and down over his plunging cock, Nancy clung desperately to him, staring sightlessly at the glaring headlights. Feeling an orgasm building up in her loins, the girl realized she was going to come right in front of the car that was following them, and knowing they'd be watching her climax seemed to intensify her excitement.

"Oh, fuck!" she squealed. "I'm gonna come, Hank… gonna come all over your beautiful, big cock!"

Knowing that he couldn't last much longer as her hot, slippery cunt walls squeezed and milked passionately on his ready-to-burst prick, he speeded the tempo, hoping to bring her off before he shot his wad.

"Oooh, fuck!" she screamed, suddenly feeling his thick cum gushing into her fuck-hole. "I'm coming too, baby! Oh, shit, I'm coming, honey… coming!"

Nancy came and came, her face a distorted mask of seething passion in the rear window as the boys in the car behind cheered and honked their horn to show their appreciation for the erotic performance they were witnessing.

Nancy was only faintly aware of the cheering and honking as she lurched and writhed through the throes of her fantastic orgasm. When the last drop of cum dribbled slowly out of his shrinking cock, Nancy collapsed in his arms.

With a loud sound of cheers and honking, the other car passed them and sped on down the road.

"Ed," Hank called out to his friend. "Why don't you come back here and let me drive? This horny broad has more than enough pussy for both of us."

"Is it all right with you?" Ed called back to Nancy.

"Um, I guess," giggled Nancy. "I'll take everything you guys can give me."

Turning off the highway, Ed drove down a dirt lane for a couple of hundred yards and stopped the car.

"She's all yours," grinned Hank, getting out of the car as his friend crawled into the back seat.

Ed's cock was throbbing wildly as he gazed down at the cute youngster spread out on the seat with her dress pulled up above her hips and her legs wantonly parted to receive him.

"Hurry, Ed," she whispered as he dropped his jeans, revealing the full length and thickness of his super-hard cock. "I want to feel that big cock in my horny cunt."

Looking at him through half-closed eyes, Nancy watched him crawl up between her widely spread legs. The sight of his huge throbbing cock moving toward her cunt filled her with a bit of apprehension.

His prick was so damn much bigger than Hank's, but she was determined to give him a fair chance. Reaching down, she gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft and slowly guided the big lurching thing toward her hot, juicy cunt.

"Oh, shit, it feels so big and hard," she whispered, squeezing the big, rubbery-hard cock head in her hand. The excited blonde was trembling with anticipation as she pressed the head of his big, bloated cock against her hot, slick pussy opening.

She could feel her cunt slowly stretching open as his thick prick started slipping in. It was so big that it pressed out fiercely against her expanding cunt walls as it sank deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. His penetration was undoubtedly being assisted by the huge amount of slippery jizz that Hank had just shot into her. The vast amount of cum was serving as a lubricant as his stiff cock plowed up through her tight fuck-hole, and at last the full length and girth of his huge cock was completely buried in her cunt.

"Oh, God, it's so hard and big," she whimpered, grinding her naked body up tighter against his. "It feels so fuckin' good."

As Ed had expected, it was a tight, young fuck-hole, but the thing that was blowing his mind was the way her cunt muscles instinctively milked, sucked and massaged his throbbing shaft. The horny, young blonde was obviously a natural born fuck. It was as if her cunt had dozens of hot fingers, all working independently on his big cock-head. It felt as if his lust-bloated shaft was swelling bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly back and forth over the soft fleshy ridges of her grasping, sucking pussy.

"Oh, Ed," she whispered, feeling his hot, stiff cock plunging in and out of her slick, juicy twat. "It feels so good, honey… so fuckin' good."

The nymphet was almost beside herself with ecstasy. Grasping him frantically in her arms, the youngster was throwing her hot pussy up to meet every wild thrust of his stiff, plunging cock. The open lips of her frothy cunt sucked and grasped at the base of his shaft, trying desperately to push even more of his prick into the hot depths of her greedy pussy. Their sweaty lurching bodies were slamming noisily together as Ed pounded his big, fleshy pole harder and deeper into her hotly receptive cunt.

"Oh, baby, fuck me," she whimpered, snaking her smooth thighs even tighter around his lurching waist. "You can really fuck."

It seemed that Nancy had been riding his glorious cock for hours when she suddenly felt her impending orgasm slowly building up in her loins.

"Oh, Ed," she sobbed. "Fuck me faster, honey! Faster!"

The intense pleasure was almost blowing her mind as his juice-slickened prick slithered against her erect clit.

"Oh, sweet, fuckin' Jesus!" she squealed, arching her cunt up to receive the full load of hot cum that she could feel gushing out of his wildly pumping rod. "I'm coming, honey! Oh, shit, how I'm coming! Coming!"

Covering his lips with her hot, open mouth, she desperately clung to him until the last spurt of jizz had dribbled out of her wonderful cock.

"Oh, Ed," she whispered up to him. "That was so good, honey… that was real good!"

When the youth finally pulled his limp, wet prick out, Nancy saw Hank grinning through the car window as he lustily stroked his brand new hard-on.

"Hop on," she giggled. "There's still plenty of cunt here for both of you guys."


As she often did, Nancy sucked her father off the following afternoon before he went down to the tavern, and as always, it had left her in an exceptionally horny mood. Wishing Hank was around to take care of her sexual needs, she decided the next best thing would be to finger-fuck herself.

The pretty, blonde hadn't bothered getting dressed when she got out of her dad's bed after giving him his blowjob and she was loafing around the house in nothing but a robe. Wandering into the living room, she flopped down in a chair and opened the front of her robe to start masturbating.

Closing her eyes, she began idly running her finger up and down over the hot, moist flesh of her furry pussy. She let out a soft moan as she felt the heat building in her loins. As the delicious glow began spreading throughout her young body, she spread her legs farther apart. A heavenly tingle ran up and down her spine when she slipped the tip of her finger in between her hot, juicy cunt lips.

Exciting quivers began coursing through her body, raising goose-bumps all over her tingling flesh. She knew a hard cock would feel better, but there was no denying the rapture she was feeling as her busy fingers dipped and wormed into the throbbing folds of her moistly clinging cunt.

"Mmmmm," she softly moaned as her fingertip came into contact with the bud of her lust-swollen clit. Now frantically rubbing her thoroughly aroused joy-button, she threw her head back and her long, blonde hair flying wildly around her hotly flushed face. Her firm, young tits were jiggling crazily as her writhing hips ground into the cushion.

Still wishing it was Hank's cock, the horny youngster gave herself completely over to the intense ecstasy that was enveloping her. Nothing else mattered but the incredible joy she was feeling in her churning loins. With her fingers burrowing feverishly into the softly layered folds of her oozing slit, she could feel the rapture building and building through her entire body.

"Oooh… ooooh!" she excitedly moaned as she plunged her fingers even deeper into her cute pussy, feeling her slippery cunt walls squeezing hotly around them. As the youngster rapidly approached her climax, she was oblivious to everything but the unbelievable ecstasy that was coursing through her body.

She was just on the verge of reaching her orgasm when she opened her eyes and saw Buddy Ryan, the newspaper boy, staring at her through the open front door. Being a hot summer afternoon, Nancy had purposely not closed it.

"Damn you, Buddy!" she shouted, her face turning a bright-red with embarrassment. "Why the hell are you sneaking around like this?"

"I'm not sneaking," he gulped.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Collecting for the paper."

"Well, I don't have any money in the house," she snapped. "You'll have to come back when my dad is home." But you owe for two months now.

"I don't give a shit how much we owe!" she shouted. "Just get the hell away from here!"

"Okay," he sneered. "But wait til I tell the kids I caught you playing with your pussy."

"You wouldn't dare!" she gasped.

"The hell I wouldn't," he defied her with a nasty grin on his face. "You're nothing but a smart ass bitch that plays with herself."

"Oh, Buddy," she said in a sweeter tone of voice, deciding to be nice to him before he spread the story all around town. "Don't you ever play with yourself?"

"None of your business."

"Oh, come on," she smiled. "All boys do it. Don't you ever jack off?"

"Well, once in a while," he blushed.

"Does it feel good?"

"Sorta," he grinned.

"Well," she explained in a soft voice. "It feels good to me, too. That's why I was playing with myself."

"Really," he gasped. "I thought you had to have a dick to jack off. Does it really feel good when you rub your pussy?"

"Sure," smiled the girl, trying to sound like a pal. "How often do you get a hard-on?"

"Lot's of times lately," he admitted. "I gotta hard-on right now. It got all hard when was watchin' you play with yourself," grinned the boy, unconsciously rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants.

"Oh, Buddy," giggled Nancy, suddenly thinking how much fun it would be to peek at his cute erection. "Why don't you show it to me?"

"No way!" he blurted out.

"Why not?"

"Because boys don't go around showin' their dicks to girls."

"Oh, come on," she giggled. "Just let me touch it."

"Shit, no!" he exclaimed.

"Why not?"

"I ain't lettin' anybody mess around with my cock."

"Don't be silly," she whispered, "all boys like to have girls play with their cocks."

"Not me!"

"Has anyone ever played with it except you?" she asked.


"Then how do you know you won't like it?" giggled Nancy. "Just let me show you how good it feels."

"Gee, I dunno," he stammered, not sure whether he wanted a girl to touch him down there or not.

Seeing his hesitation, Nancy reached out and lowered his zipper, dropping his cut-offs down around his ankles. A delicious tingle tippled through her body when she saw the kid's stiff, young cock. It was only about four inches long and as hard as a rock with a shiny cock-head poking out from his tightly stretched, uncircumcised skin. Tufts of fuzzy hair were faintly visible around the base of his stiff shaft and pink balls.

"Now doesn't that feel good?" she whispered, gently sliding the skin back and forth over his excited knob.

"Wow!" he answered, his young body trembling with excitement.

Thrilled with the hardness of the boy's prick in her hand, she lovingly stroked it until the youngster's legs were shaking so violently that he could hardly stand up.

"Come on," she giggled, releasing his prick and pulling him over to the couch. "Why don't you lie down here while I jack you off?"

"Are you gonna jack me all the way off?" he excitedly asked as he lay back on the sofa.

"I sure am," the girl whispered, starting to slowly and sensuously stroke his cock again.

"Faster! Faster!" he panted as she continued her slow, rhythmic strokes.

"No, Buddy," she giggled, "it feels so much better when it's sweet and slow."

"But I like to whack it off fast," he argued, excitedly writhing around on the sofa.

Ignoring him, Nancy continued slowly sliding the foreskin up and down his tingling shaft until the boy was actually squealing with joy, the intense ecstasy mounting and mounting, and then suddenly his young cock-head exploded a hot stream of jizz all over his belly and chest.

Releasing his spent cock, Nancy hurried into the bathroom, and when she returned with a towel, she gently cleaned him off.

"Now didn't you like that?" she whispered to him.

"Oh, yeah!" he grinned.

"It's a lot more fun to be jacked off by a girl, isn't it?" she smiled.

The boy nodded with a shy smile on his face.

"I know something that feels better than jacking off," she whispered.

"What's that?"

Without answering, the girl lowered her face and stuffed his limp prick into her mouth.

"What the hell are you doing?" he gasped.

"I'm gonna suck you off," she explained, smiling up at him as she temporarily removed his cock from between her lips.

"Doesn't my cock taste all pissy?" he asked.

"No," she giggled. "But it sure tastes salty."

"Gee," he blurted, suddenly feeling his prick getting hard again in her hot, moist mouth, "You better be careful or you're gonna get a mouthful of my gooey junk."

"Good," she giggled. "I love the taste of that gooey junk."

With his hot cock-head in her mouth, Nancy lowered her head, feeling his hard young shaft slithering across the top of her tongue. She was thrilled with the taste of the lubricating juices that were bubbling out from the tip of his prick. The flavor of the young boy's pre-cum was wildly arousing her, and the more she tasted the more she wanted.

Staring down, Buddy could hardly believe his eyes as he watched the way Nancy's soft lips were so lovingly circled around his stiff cock. The obscene lust that was etched on the pretty blonde's face as she passionately sucked on his cock was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

On and on she sucked, and Buddy could feel himself rapidly approaching another wild climax. He was almost beside himself with ecstasy as the girl sensually sucked and rolled his rigid shaft around in her hot, juicy mouth.

"Holy shit!" he suddenly screamed out. "I'm gonna shoot again!"

The boy was trembling violently from all these new and wonderful sensations that were streaking through his body, and then he suddenly stiffened and a hot stream of cum splattered against the back of Nancy's throat.

"Gee, that was great," grinned Buddy as the girl cradled him in her arms.

"Now aren't you glad you let me play with your dick?" she giggled.

"God, yes," grinned the young boy.

"Have you ever touched a girl's tits?" she asked.


"Would you like to play with mine?" whispered Nancy, completely opening the top of her robe.

"Sure," he grinned, staring at her cute, young tits.

"Now play with my tits," she smiled, sitting on the edge of the sofa with him.

An excited shudder rippled through Nancy's body when the boy's fingers lightly brushed across her big desire-swollen nipples.

"Shit, honey, you learn fast," she giggled. As the boy's fingers pulled and twisted her nipples, Nancy glanced down and was pleasantly surprised to see that the horny boy already had another stiff erection.

"Do you know what fucking is?" she asked, staring excitedly at the boy's hard on.


"Have you ever wanted to do it?" she asked.

"Kinda," he answered hesitantly. "But I'd be scared shitless."

"You'll get over that someday," the girl giggled. "Have you ever seen a pussy?"

"Well, I sorta saw yours a few minutes ago when you were playin' with yourself," he grinned.

"Would you like a good look?"

"Shit, yes."

Standing up, Nancy removed her robe, leaving herself completely naked.

"Gee," he whispered, after staring at her juicy cunt for several seconds. "You sure gotta lot of hair down there."

"That makes a great cushion when guys fuck me," giggled Nancy, parting her cunt lips with her fingers to give the kid a better look.

"Does fuckin' feel good?"

"It's the best feeling in the whole world," she giggled.

"I'd still be scared shitless," grinned the youngster, staring at the juicy pink flesh of her hot, wet cunt.

"Would you like to touch it?" whispered the girl.

When he momentarily hesitated, Nancy took the boy's hand and guided his finger up against her hot, juicy cunt.

"It feels all warm and slippery?" he whispered in an awed voice as she eased his finger up to the first knuckle in her dripping pussy.

"I think it feels great," she giggled, holding his hand and stirring his middle finger around in the hot, slippery flesh of her hungry cunt.

When the full length of his finger was stuffed into her horny hole, she reclined back on the couch.

"Buddy," she whispered, spreading her legs to give him easier access to her horny cunt. "Pump your finger in and out of my cunt."

Kneeling next to her on the sofa, he began rapidly drilling his finger in and out of her scalding slit.

"Buddy," she whispered a few moments later. "Why don't you stick your cock in me?"

"Gee," he gulped. "I just couldn't do something like that."

"Don't you like me?"

"Sure," he grinned. "But I'm too young to fuck you."

"That's not true!" she said in a stern voice. "Now, just crawl up between my legs."

Frightened and shaking, but not wanting to make her angry, Buddy knelt between the girl's lewdly spread thighs.

"That's it," she whispered as she reached down and grabbed his stiff young cock, slowly guiding it toward her passionately waiting cunt. A glorious joy swept through her entire body when she felt his cock-head probing between her juicy cunt lips. Trembling with anticipation, she slowly guided the boy's quivering cock into the moist hotness of her slippery cunt. When the head of his prick was lodged in her cunt-mouth, she released his hard prick from her fingers and grasped his ass, pulling him violently against her as his virgin cock slithered all the way into her steaming pussy.

"Shit, that's hot and squishy," he gasped with delight when his prick was completely buried in the sucking hotness of the girl's horny cunt.

"Do you like my pussy?" she whispered in a naughty voice.

"Shit, yes!" he gulped with delight as her talented cunt muscles began squeezing and milking on his sensitive cock.

"Are you gonna give me a nice, hot fuck?"

"God, yes!" he panted. "If you'll show me what to do."

"It's easy, just rock your cock back and forth in my cunt."

Raising up slightly on his knees, he began partially withdrawing as the girl explained what to do. When only his hard knob remained embedded, Nancy grasped his ass and violently propelled him back into her horny hole again.

"Oh, sweet boy!" she squealed, feeling the top ridge of his steel-hard cock vibrating against her erect clit as he drilled back into her.

Now understanding what was expected of him, Buddy began rapidly thrusting his hard cock in and out of her hotly squeezing cunt. Because the youngster was partially elevated on his knees, the top of his super-hard shaft was making glorious contact with her clit, and although he didn't have a man-sized prick, it was driving the screaming girl wild.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" she hysterically squealed. "Faster, honey, faster! I love it! Oh, fuck how I love it!"

The young boy had never felt anything so fucking good in his short life. The feel of his tingling cock slithering in and out of this girl's sucking slit was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him.

Because Buddy had been both sucked off and jacked off in the last few minutes, Nancy wasn't worrying about a quick ejaculation and she was thoroughly enjoying this delightful fuck with the cute, newspaper boy. She was totally consumed by the wild ecstasy of his unbelievably hard cock rubbing against her burning clitoris.

"Qooh, shit!" she shrieked as his virile young cock streaked in and out of her fiery cunt. "Oh, baby, it's so fucking… fucking good!"

Never in her life had anything stimulated Nancy's cunt as much as this kid's hard, thrusting cock.

"Oh! Ooh! OOOOHHH!" she was shrieking at the top of her lungs.

"I am hurting you?" he panted, suddenly slowing down his hard thrusts.

"No! No!" screamed the girl, screwing her cunt up tighter around the base of his prick. "Don't stop, Goddamn it! Keep fuckin'!"

Wanting to please this beautiful girl, he began fucking into her at a more rapid tempo than before.

"That's the way, baby!" she whimpered. "Just fuck me to death, you sweet boy!"

Almost out of her mind from the electrifying sensation of his hard, cock shaft streaking back and forth against her clit, Nancy was frantically thrashing and bucking beneath him, unable to believe she was receiving such intense joy from a kid.

Driving his cock into the girl at an even faster speed, Buddy could feel that funny sensation deep in his balls and knew he'd soon be shooting off his hot load again.

"Oh, shit!" Nancy suddenly screamed out when she felt his thick cum squirting into her cunt. "I'm coming! I'm coming… coming!"

"Gee," he nervously asked a few minutes later when the girl finally stopped jerking and moaning. "Are you all right?"

"God, yes," she whispered, a dreamy expression in her eyes. "I'm just fine, and you're sure a great little fuck."

"Will you let me fuck you again someday?" he asked.

"Yes, honey," whispered the cute blonde. "Any time you want to."


When Nancy awakened the following Sunday morning, she hurried into her father's room to give him his blow-job. The man was only half-awake when she slipped into his bed and began tenderly licking the head of his soft prick. With her fingers titillating the base of his limp cock shaft, she could taste the drops of oily pre-cum oozing out from the end of his cock-head as she tongued him. She could feel his body coming to life with lascivious expectations as his prick began rapidly swelling under her wet caresses. When his wonderful cock reached a full throbbing erection, she excitedly lapped up the colorless discharge as it seeped out.

Licking his magnificent cock, she thought how much her father would probably enjoy fucking her hot, cunt but she knew it would be much to big for her. It was almost twice as long and thick as either Hank's or Ed's cocks, and the youngster was sure it would split her open.

She began teasing her warm, wet tongue down over the sensitive underside of his shaft, working toward his balls. Gently holding them in her palms, she licked and sucked on his crinkly balls until they were glistening with her saliva.

Lifting her head, she could feel her dad jerking with excitement as her soft, young lips passionately encircled his pulsing knob. He loved the way his young daughter always enjoyed his meaty cock. The obscene desire etched on her beautiful face was the most exciting thing he'd ever seen. Over the years, Doug had enjoyed more than his share of women, both younger and older, but he'd never had anyone suck on his prick with such loving care as his own beautiful daughter.

Nancy became even more aroused when she felt him start unconsciously writhing his hips up and down, sliding his bloated cock back and forth in her mouth. It glided so smoothly in and out of the tight circle of her slobbering lips, making an erotic squishing sound that seemed to further arouse the girl. Nancy was thrilled by the way he was plunging his pulsing cock deeper and deeper into her throat. The heated throbbing of his thick cock filling her mouth was thrilling the girl beyond anything she'd ever experienced.

"Daddy!" she gasped when he suddenly pulled his spit-drenched shaft out of her mouth. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to give you the same pleasure you're giving me."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I'm going to lick your sweet pussy while you suck my prick," he explained. "Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes!" she excitedly answered.

As her father twisted around over her, he clutched her tits in his hands, tenderly massaging them until her nipples exploded into a hard erection.

"Oooooh!" she softly squealed when he brought his mouth down over one of her tingling nipples.

The excitement increased in her loins as he slowly licked his tongue down across the flat plain of her writhing belly to the soft mound of pussy curls between her legs. With his hips beside her face as his hands spread the softness of her inner thighs, she grasped the thick base of his shaft and once more inserted his swollen knob into her mouth.

Her entire young body gave a sudden lurch when his mouth wetly covered her puffy, hair-fringed mound. She could feel her head spinning crazily as he passionately planted tantalizingly hot kisses along the edges of her open cunt lips. The ecstasy was almost beyond her comprehension as she felt the thrilling warmth of his wet tongue parting the downy hair around her oozing cunt.

"Oh, my God," she mumbled around the thick cock in her mouth when she felt, his tongue slithering into the slippery opening of her quivering cunt.

Sucking deeply on her father's prick, Nancy's fingers traced over the sensitive skin of his swollen balls as his tongue slid deeper into her oozing slit. Caressing the sinewy cheeks of his ass with her hands, she lovingly sucked and licked the sensitive underside of his throbbing shaft. With her head back, she opened her mouth wider, wrapping her lips around the thickness of his hard knob. A shiver of rapture rippled through her body as she passionately sucked and licked, on his big, sensitive cock-head.

Greedily licking into her hot hole, he could feel his cock-head rubbing against the roof of her mouth as her lips pulled and sucked on his sensitive meat. His tongue drilled deeper into her flowing twat, and then darted up to deliciously tease her tingling clit.

Feeling his tongue slurping in and out of her foaming cunt, Nancy's hands tore at the cheeks of his ass as she feverishly sucked on his hard prick. His hot breath was burning deliciously on her cunt lips, adding to the ecstasy that enveloped her entire body.

"Ooooh, Jesus!" she slobbered incoherently around his cock. "Oh, God, I love it!"

Momentarily coming up for air, her dad stared into the pink center between her flowing cunt lips. Looking into the delicious depths of her heavenly pussy, his cock began jerking wildly in her hotly sucking mouth.

"Don't stop!" she squealed, feeling him remove his tongue from her cunt. "Please keep suckin', Daddy!"

Once more lowering his head, he plunged the length of his tongue back into the steamy hotness of her desire-slickened fuck hole.

"Mmmmm… oooh!" the youngster whimpered, writhing her hot, slippery cunt lips up against his mouth.

Unintelligible sounds were pouring from her cock-filled lips as her hands grasped and clawed at his ass cheeks. Wild, animalistic moans were coming from deep in her throat as she passionately writhed her sopping cunt around his face. Her lips were sucking desperately on his tingling cock-head as his tongue drilled deeper into her teen-aged cunt. She was frantically wriggling and twisting beneath him as her pulsing lips sucked passionately on his swollen meat.

As the unbelievable ecstasy kept building between her legs, Nancy's juicy lips were sucking and milking even more passionately on his sensitive cock, bringing her dad more and more pleasure. It felt to him as if the youngster were trying to swallow the entire length of his thick cock while her fingers deliciously teased his swollen balls. Becoming more excited by the moment, he began humping his hips up and down, unconsciously slamming his prick in and out of her sweet, young mouth.

"Oooooh, yes!" she whimpered around his thick cock when he once more plunged his tongue deep into her hot, slick pussy. Her young body aflame with lust, she continued sucking on his delicious cock as her father licked and tongued the velvet-soft flesh of her creaming cunt.

Acutely aware of her father's fantastic tongue in her slit, Nancy was desperately grinding her leaking cunt up tighter against his mouth.

"Oh, shit, Daddy," she sobbed, momentarily removing her lips from his bloated dick. "That feels so fuckin' good."

With his cream-soaked face buried deeply in the wet slickness of Nancy's steamy pussy, the wildly aroused man again lifted his head and excitedly stared into the slippery pinkness of her hot, young cunt. The slickly smooth inner flesh of her oozing slit was glistening with her creamy discharge.

"Oh, don't stop!" she squealed. "Please keep sucking!"

Not wanting to disappoint his beautiful daughter, he quickly drilled his thick tongue back into her leaking cunt again.

"Oh, yes!" she whimpered, writhing her frothy cunt up tighter against his juice-smeared face.

Stuffing his bloated knob back between her ovalled lips, Nancy sucked even harder while her soft, young hands lovingly caressed the smooth cheeks of his bare ass. Nearly out of her mind from the wild ecstasy she was feeling, the girl sucked almost the entire length of his swollen prick into her hungry mouth.

Nancy's brain was spinning wildly from the intense pleasure between her legs. She was totally lost to the obscenity of his thrusting tongue as it battered delightfully against her tingling clit. Suddenly removing his tongue from her screaming joy-button, he plunged it even deeper into the slick hotness of her creaming pussy.

Almost out of his mind from the delicious suction of her lips, the man began humping his hips up and down, fucking his prick in and out of her mouth with the same tempo that his thrusting tongue was working on her pussy.

Almost out of her mind from the joy he was giving her with his talented tongue, Nancy was suddenly aware of his finger probing around her fuckered asshole. Before she fully realized what was happening, she felt his fingertip sinking, into the hotness of her tingling ass. The feel of his finger plunging in and out of her fiery asshole seemed to bring her closer and closer to a wild orgasm. It began building slowly in her belly, and as the heavenly feeling increased, the girl knew she couldn't stand it much longer.

Wanting to feel his hot cum gushing into her throat at the same time as she reached her climax, she tightened her lips more desperately around the head of his cock, sucking for all she was worth. It was exciting to taste the flavor of his pre-cum oozing out from the slit in the end of his knob as it seeped down the back of her throat. Sucking passionately on his thick meat, she returned the favor by slipping the tip of her own finger into his quivering asshole.

Wildly sucking on his daughter's creaming slit, Doug began frantically humping his hips up and down, drilling his cock in and out of her mouth with the same rhythm his tongue was fucking her pussy.

"Oh, shit," she gurgled around his prick, still sucking passionately on it as she felt her orgasm approaching with the speed of a runaway freight train. Feeling her climax building deep in her loins, she desperately hoped he'd soon fill her mouth with his hot jizz.

"Oh, Daddy!" she sobbed. "It's so good, Daddy… so fuckin… fuckin good!"

With his throbbing meat aching for relief, the depraved man continued passionately sucking on his daughter's oozing pussy lips as she spread a sticky film over his chin and cheeks. Twisting and plunging his tongue around in her hot young fuck-hole, the man could taste her tangy juices flowing down the back of his throat.

"Oh, Daddy… Daddy!" she squealed. "It's so good, Daddy!"

Almost out of her mind, the adorable youngster was sucking harder and deeper on his cock, her long hair whipping wildly around her beautifully flushed face as his thick tongue fucked her twat.

Unable to control his mad lust any longer, the man suddenly pulled his face out of her oozing cunt and crawled up over her trembling body.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"I'm gonna fuck you," panted her father, prying her thighs apart with his strong hands.

"No!" she shouted in terror. "You can't stick that big thing in me!"

"I sure can," he panted. "And you're gonna love it."

"Daddy, no! Daddy, no!" she shrieked. "It's too big! It'll split me apart!"

"Shut up and spread your legs," he ordered her, completely out of his mind from the wild lust that was raging in his loins.

"Please don't hurt me," she begged, realizing there was no way she could stop him from doing it.

Unable to control his mad desires any longer, he nosed his bloated knob up between her cunt lips and lunged forward, drilling the entire length of his massive cock up into her tiny hole with one wild thrust.

She shrieked from the intense pain as his cock streaked up through her belly, ripping and tearing the flesh and tissues of her brutally stretched fuck-hole. Screaming in agony, the girl clawed and scratched, trying to get him to pull his cruel prick out of her, but his superior strength and weight were too much for the youngster.

With his daughter pinned helplessly beneath him, the man could hardly wait to start fucking his cock in and out of her tight pussy, but he remained completely motionless, waiting for her young cunt to adjust to the enormous size of his thick prick.

Helplessly spread out under him, the impaled youngster could feel the initial agony slowly fading. Scared to death of what might happen to her, she didn't dare move as she lay with her tight cunt squeezing his massive prick.

When her dad finally began screwing his cock around in her quivering belly, Nancy felt the earlier pain being slowly replaced by a rather pleasant sensation. First, she felt a warm glow that soon turned into a burning rapture. Then after a few short moments, she began wishing she had more of his big cock in her cunt.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered. "I think I'm gonna like this."

Mewling softly into her father's ear, she began excitedly writhing her tight cunt around the thickness of his prick as he began slowly pumping in and out. Never in her life had the youngster experienced the intense ecstasy she was feeling now.

Aware that his daughter was no longer experiencing any pain, the man was fucking deeper and harder, the ponderous thickness of his cock jarring into her with a steady rhythm.

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried with joy. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck me harder!"

The pleasure he was feeling in his tingling shaft was almost enough to blow her father's mind. He was completely aware that he was committing incest, yet he was thoroughly enjoying every depraved moment of it. Nothing in the world had ever felt better than his daughter's teen-aged cunt sucking and squeezing on his massive prick. He no longer gave a shit whether it was his own child or not. The only thing that mattered to him now was the intense ecstasy that he was feeling.

They fucked on and on like a pair of wild animals, each deep thrust of his lusty cock carrying them to new heights of incestuous rapture.

"Oh, shit!" squealed Nancy. "Fuck me good, Daddy! Fuck me harder!"

From the way his young daughter was writhing and jerking beneath him, the man knew that she was rapidly approaching a wild climax.

"Fuck! Oh, fuck!" she was shrilly squealing with joy as her orgasm drew nearer. Almost out of her mind from the ecstasy she felt, the teenager was feverishly rotating her clinging pussy around the plunging length of his meaty cock.

Feeling the hot cum boiling around in his churning balls, the man was fucking his hard meat into her for all he was worth, anxious to fill her cute belly with his fiery cum. Aware that they were probably going to climax together, he began fucking into her with renewed intensity.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" she hysterically screamed, feeling the first tremors of her orgasm exploding deep in her loins. "Fuck my little pussy, Daddy, fuck it! I'm coming! Oh, fuck you are making me cum sooo hard!"

Lurching wildly beneath her father's humping body, the youngster was almost out of her mind from the pleasure she was feeling.

"That's the way, Daddy!" shrieked the girl as her climaxing cunt spasmed feverishly around her daddy's madly pumping prick. "Fuck me good! I'm coming… oh coming!"

Feeling his adorable daughter's tight slit squeezing and milking his thick cock as she bathed it with her orgasmic juices, the man suddenly unloaded a flood of scalding jizz into her hot, slippery cunt.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" the horny youngster squealed with ecstasy. "I'm coming all over your big hard cock!"

Writhing their wildly humping bodies against each other, the man continued lustily fucking until he'd completely emptied every last drop of his sizzling cum into her sweet tight cunt.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered a few minutes later as they lay completely exhausted in each other's arms. "May I stay in your bed all day?"

"Why?" he teasingly asked.

"Because I want to be fucked and fucked and fucked," giggled Nancy.

"Then it's a deal," smiled her father as his horny daughter crawled down and inserted his limp, wet prick in her mouth, anxious to suck it hard again.


Being fucked by her dad's big cock was the most fantastic thing that had ever happened to Nancy. From that time on, the youngster was convinced that the bigger the cock, the better the fuck.

A few days later, Nancy was sitting on her front porch idly watching a group of men repairing the street. It was a hot day and they were perspiring profusely as they worked, but the girl's attention seemed to be drawn to one man in particular. Stripped to the waist as he swung a pick, he had the biggest chest and broadest shoulders that Nancy had ever seen. With his deeply tanned, upper body glistening with sweat, he was a picture of virility. Unable to take her eyes off the big, brawny man, the blonde kept wondering how well he was hung.

When the workmen finally stopped for their lunch break, Nancy was surprised to see him walking toward her. As he moved closer, she would see that he was a ruggedly handsome man in his mid-thirties.

"Excuse me, Miss," he smiled when he got to her. "I was wondering if you might give me a glass of water."

"Sure," she beamed. "Come on in."

Following the girl into the house, he couldn't help but notice her cute ass in the tight shorts she was wearing.

"Sit down while I get you a drink," she said, pointing to a chair by the kitchen table.

When the man was seated, she walked over to the sink and filled a glass with water for him, still wondering how he was hung.

"What's your name?" she casually asked.

"Everyone calls me Rusty." He grinned.

"Hi, Rusty, I'm Nancy," smiled the girl as she handed him the glass of water and perched herself up on the table, her bare legs only inches from his eyes.

"Thanks for the water," he mumbled, thinking how cute the kid was.

"Are you married?" asked Nancy.

"Sure am."

"How many kids?"


"How old is the oldest?"

"My oldest is a teen-age daughter," he answered.

"Are you fucking her yet?"

"What?" he gasped, stunned by the youngster's question.

"I asked if you fuck her."

"Of course not," stammered the shocked man.

"My dad fucks me," she beamed. "We've been suckin on each other for a couple of years, but we just started fuckin' the other day."

Unable to believe what he was hearing, he just stared at the cute blonde in a stunned silence.

"Don't look so shocked," she giggled. "Can you remember when you were young?"

"Of course I can."

"Then you must remember how you used to try and get in all the girls' pants. I'll bet you'd still like to fuck a young pussy as much as my dad does," she whispered, slightly spreading her thighs so the outline of her adorable, cunt was blatantly visible through the tightly stretched material of her white shorts.

"I've never heard such things from a young girl's mouth," he said, completely dumbfounded by what the youngster was saying.

"Do you think I am cute?" she suddenly asked, leaning forward so her firm, young tits were partially exposed in the brief halter she was wearing.

"Yes," he gulped, nervous perspiration standing out on his brow. "I think you're a very pretty young girl."

"Am I sexy?"

"You're a young girl, you're not sexy yet…" he stammered, not even convincing himself.

"Hmmpph! Would you like to fuck me?"

"Of course not."

"Why not?"

"Because you're just a kid."

"Don't give me that kid shit," she snapped.

"I could fuck you silly if you gave me the chance. I've got the hottest cunt you'll ever find."

"Good for you," he said, taking a swallow of water from his glass. "But I'm not going to give you the chance."

"You won't be sorry," she teased, reaching out with her bare foot and lightly rubbing her toes against the front of his pants. Unable to speak, he just stared at the pretty girl as her bare toes sent a delicious tingling sensation through his big, powerful body.

"Well," she whispered, dropping to her knees in front of his chair. "Do you wanna fuck my hot cunt, or don't you?"

The man knew he should get out of the house immediately, but he just sat in stunned silence, feeling her fingers fumbling with the zipper on the front of his pants. Losing all sense of reality, he felt almost as if he were someone else watching this erotic scene from afar. Sitting numbly in the chair, he was only vaguely aware of her hand delving into his open fly. The man involuntarily shudderd as the cute youngster lightly traced her fingernails across the sensitive head of his thick, limp prick.

"Oh, Rusty," she whispered, pulling his soft cock out. "What a nice, plump cock."

Before the man realized what was happening, she lowered her face, covering his lap with a cloud of blonde hair as her soft young lips closed around the thickness of his limp cock-head. Feeling the heavenly suction of her delicious mouth, the ecstasy of it was streaking to every tingling part of his body and his cock suddenly exploded into a throbbing erection.

"Rusty," she whispered. "Why don't you take the test of your clothes off and come into the living room where we can be more comfortable?"

Almost as if hypnotized, he removed what clothes he had on and dutifully followed Nancy into the other room. When he sat down completely naked in a chair, she dropped to her knees in front of him.

"God, that's a tasty thing," she whispered. Smiling at the man, she reached for the throbbing hardness of his thick cock. Lowering her face, she began planting warm wet kisses on his hard, muscular belly as she lovingly curled her fingers around his deliciously thick shaft. Moving her mouth down over his stomach, her nose burrowed into the thick bush of wiry cock-hair just above the base of his hard cock. Not touching his prick with her lips, Nancy kissed on down the man's leg to his knee, then her tongue worked back up along the tingling flesh of his inner thigh.

When her mouth finally found his big, hairy balls, she lapped her tongue across the crinkly skin, bringing a soft moan of pleasure from him as he involuntarily spread his thighs further apart to give her more room. Tenderly sucking his balls in and out of her mouth, she pumped her hand up and down over his thick cock. Feeling the man twitching with delight, she slowly teased her mouth up and down the underside of his shaft.

"Don't worry," she giggled when she felt his body jerk. "I'm not gonna bite, but I am going to suck you crazy."

Sitting back in the chair as Nancy's mouth slaved between his widely spread legs, he could hardly believe this was actually happening to him. He'd dreamed so many erotic fantasies about pretty, young girls, but he'd never thought anything like this would ever be a reality. To be honest, he was forgetting how old she was with each passing minute. How could such a young girl, barely as old as his daughter, suck cock so expertly?

Raising her head, Nancy smiled up at the man, and then lowering her face again, she kissed the head of his prick, her tongue lapping up a glistening drop of pre-cum fluid that was oozing out of the tiny slit on the tip of his knob. Tenderly holding his thick cock in her fingers, the cute teen-ager began brushing his sensitive knob back and forth across her softly parted lips while her tongue lightly licked it.

Becoming more aroused with every passing second, she began heatedly licking his meat until he was thoroughly coated with her spit. Then lowering her head further, she slid her lips down over his tasty cock head as he unconsciously thrust his hips up, driving his thick cock deep into her mouth!

"Oh, honey!" he panted, thrusting his hips up and down to the delicious rhythm of her sucking mouth. "This is fantastic, you little slut!"

"I'm glad," she beamed, removing his prick from her mouth. "Because you're really gonna like it before I'm finished with this big, beautiful hunk of meat."

As she once more lowered her head, Rusty could feel her hot breath on his sensitive knob just before her wet, juicy lips closed around it again. Groaning with pleasure, he instinctively thrust his hips up as she passionately sucked the hardness of his prick even deeper into her throat. The slick wetness of her lips was pulling deliciously on his bloated shaft, sending shivers of delight throughout his big, muscular body.

Completely carried away by the ecstasy, he was feeling, the wildly aroused man reached down and dug his powerful fingers into her blonde hair, forcing her mouth down over his lurching prick.

"Good girl!" he moaned, feeling her wet tongue flicking the underside of his quivering cock-shaft.

As she slowly lifted her mouth with a deep suction, it felt to him as if she were drawing his asshole right up through his burning prick. Ripple after ripple of wanton pleasure streaked up and down his spine as he watched her tightly pursed lips pulling so lewdly on his big, spit-slickened tool. Feeling an ejaculation building up deep in his balls, he began rhythmically thrusting his hips up and down, feeling his hard cock slithering against the roof of her mouth as he drilled it into the velvety depths of her throat.

"What the hell are you doing?" he gasped when Nancy suddenly released his prick and stood up.

"Taking my clothes off," she smiled as she removed her shorts and halter.

The man could hardly believe his eyes when she finally peeled her panties down over her cute hips and ass, leaving her lithe, young body completely naked. He stared at her juicy pussy lips surrounded by soft, blonde pubic hair, and then his eyes traveled up to the big, hard nipples that capped her firm tits.

"Do you like my body?" she whispered, cupping her young tits in her palms.

"Ummm, ummm!" he gasped.

Nancy giggled at his lack of words.

Before the man realized what was happening, she straddled his loins, facing him with a knee on either side of his hips.

"Rusty," she whispered, putting her arms around him and rubbing her tits against his face. "I'm gonna ride you like a horse!"

Covering his mouth with her passionately parted lips, Nancy began slowly lowering her oozing slit down toward his lust-bloated knob.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned, shivering with excitement when he felt the fiery heat of her pussy as his swollen cock-head began parting the soft slippery folds of her juicy cunt lips.

As she continued lowering herself down, his prick began sinking into the oozing warmth of her teen-aged cunt-mouth. Shivering with excitement, the man could feel her hot juices boiling out around his hard cock-shaft.

"Oooh, shit, Rusty," she softly crooned. "I'm really ready for a nice long ride!" Thrilled by the feel of his huge prick between her cunt lips, she began lowering herself farther down over his rigidly standing cock. "Mmmmmm," she whispered, her voice husky with excitement. "It's such a nice big cock."

"Oh, Rusty," the horny blonde softly crooned. "I've never had such a big prick in me. Not even my daddy's."

Sitting in the chair with his throbbing meat buried deeply in her slippery cunt, the man almost came when Nancy began rotating her cunt around his stiff shaft. She wasn't generating too much in and out movement, but the hot wetness of her cunt squeezing against his hard prick was driving him wild. He could feel the top ridge of his cock sawing back and forth against her sensitive clit, bringing shudders and squeals of delight from the pretty youngster.

"Oh, shit!" the lovely girl whimpered. "It's so good, baby… so fuckin' good!"

Firmly grasping the cheeks of her a cute little ass, the muscular man slowly lifted her until only his big, bloated knob remained within her squeezing cunt lips.

"Oh, don't take it out!" she squealed, locking her knees more tightly against his hips as the swollen lips of her pussy feverishly gripped his cock-head, reluctant to let it go. Shuddering with excitement as Nancy's warm pussy lips nibbled on the tip of his prick, Rusty began lowering her down over his throbbing cock again. The squeezing hotness of her slippery cunt felt fantastic as his thick, hard meat slid back into her tight cunt. The erotic feel of her clinging inner flesh rippling over his tingling cock was enough to blow his mind.

"Now bounce me up and down," she excitedly whispered when the thickness of his cock was once more completely buried in her writhing belly.

Wanting to please this adorable nymphet more than anything in the world, he began slowly raising and lowering her up and down over his screaming cock-shaft while lewdly teasing her fuckered asshole with the tip of his finger.

"Oooooh, yes!" she squealed, tossing her head back in ecstasy. "Do it faster, Daddy! Fuck me good!"

Rubbing her hard nipples against his face, Nancy locked her knees more firmly around his hips for leverage and began bouncing up and down on his big cock.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed with delight, her long blonde curls brushing against her flushed cheeks as she feverishly slid her cunt up and down over the heavenly thickness of his juice-slickened cock. "You make me wet!"

Completely carried away by the intense pleasure he was feeling, the big muscular man began thrusting his hips up from the chair, meeting every downward plunge of her slippery, squeezing slit. Heaving and panting like a wild stallion, he could hear the delicious slurping sound of her oozing cunt sliding up and down over his plundering cock-shaft.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" she shrieked, bouncing faster and faster over his thrusting cock. "Slam your big dick into me, Daddy!"

"Goddamn!" he panted, fucking into her for all he was worth. "I can't hold back much longer! I'm gonna shoot my load!"

"Hang on for just a second!" she gasped. "I'm almost ready, too!"

Realizing they were both only moments away from a climax, the man began fucking even harder, hoping he could bring the youngster off before he blasted her belly full of cum. As strong as he was, his back and arms were starting to ache from the strain of bouncing her up and down, but the incredible pleasure of her hot cunt sliding up and down over his throbbing prick made it all worthwhile.

Resting his shoulders against the back of the chair, he began fucking into her with a wild desperation, his bloated knob pounding into the hot depths of what seemed to be a bottomless fuck-hole.

Locking her knees more tightly around his hips for added leverage, she was bouncing her sizzling pussy faster and faster over his lurching fuck pole.

"Ooooh! Oooooh!" she shrieked, feeling his ponderous cock-head battering even deeper into her lurching belly. "I'm coming, honey… coming!"

As the intense ecstasy of her bell-ringing climax enveloped her, her wildly spasming cunt squeezed and sucked passionately on his plunging cock.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck!" she shrieked. "I'm coming… coming! Fill me with jizz! Cream my cunt!"

Suddenly feeling his hot cum jetting up through the screaming length of his jerking shaft, the man thrust his hips high off the chair, drilling his cock-head into the furthest depths of her cunt as it exploded in a torrent of white-hot cum into her belly.

"Ooooooh, yes!" moaned the writhing blonde. "That's it! Fill me with jizz!"

They clung passionately to each other as his exploding cock sprayed her hotly squeezing cunt with his cum.


Sitting in the tavern a few nights later with his friend, Doc, Nancy's father noticed Kay entering the room. He hadn't seen the woman since the night they went to her apartment. He and Doc had been hanging around looking for a piece of ass for the last couple of hours and he was more than glad to see the redhead walking toward them.

"Hi, Doug," she said, sitting down on the empty stool next to him.

"Hello, Kay," he grinned. "Do you know my friend, Doc?"

"I've seen him around," she smiled at Doug's drinking buddy. "But I don't think we've ever met."

"Howdy," said Doc.

"Have a drink?" Doug asked her, staring at her big, full tits in the low-cut dress she was wearing.

"Does a toad have warts?" smiled the woman. "Of course, I'll have a drink."

"Where have you been?" Doug asked. "I haven't seen you around lately."

"I haven't been out," she said, slowly lighting a cigarette. "My mother's been visiting me for the past couple of weeks."

"When did she leave?"

"About two hours ago," Kay answered, taking a deep drag on her smoke. "I just took her to the airport and I've never felt so horny in my life."

"Have you ever gone without a piece of ass for two weeks?" she giggled.

"Not since I can remember," grinned Doug.

"Well, it's no picnic," Kay smiled. "I've never needed a hard cock so badly in my life."

"Could I be of any service to you?" he teased.

"God, yes," she beamed. "I came in here looking for you and your big prick."

"I'm ready whenever you are," smiled Doug.

"Then let's get our asses over to my apartment," she hotly whispered.

After asking Doc to excuse them, Doug and Kay hurried out of the tavern. The moment they were in her apartment, the horny redhead feverishly removed his shirt and then went for his pants and shorts. When his big prick sprang out in front of her eyes, Kay dropped to her knees in front of him, panting like a bitch in heat.

"Oh, baby," she whispered, wrapping the fingers of both hands around his big throbbing cock. "God, how I need this cock."

Momentarily releasing his hard cock, she reached for the hairy balls dangling, between his legs. Tenderly cupping the cum-bloated balls in her palms, the thrilling weight of them sent shivers of excitement surging through her loins. With the burning lust building in her pussy, she slipped her middle finger back under his balls and teasingly traced the tip of it around the sensitive ring of his fuckered asshole.

"Jesus Christ!" he gasped, his body beginning to tremble as she wickedly probed at his tingling asshole.

Again grasping his huge shaft in her hands, Kay rubbed his big knob against her cheek, and then across the hot, wet tip of her tongue. Then opening her mouth wide, she lowered her lips down over his thick cock, licking and rolling her tongue all around the sensitive underside of his prick. She kept lowering her mouth until his enormous cock-head was nudging against the back of her throat, and then raising her head, she continued tickling it with her tongue as his prick slid across the roof of her mouth. When only the tip of his thick cock remained in her mouth, she went down again, her lips sliding passionately over the tingling nakedness of his throbbing prick.

The excitement was building even higher as she cupped his swollen balls in her hand, gently caressing the loose, crinkly skin with her fingers as she delicately nibbled on his satiny smooth knob with her small, pearly teeth. She moved her pretty face up and down, slithering her tongue around his hard shaft as she skillfully sucked his delicious meat into her mouth.

Her eyes were glowing with rapture as her own hot juices oozed out from between her horny legs.

"Oh, yes, baby," Doug softly moaned. The man's entire body was shivering from the incredible pleasure he was feeling. Curling his fingers into her long, red hair, nothing else mattered to the man except the warm, wet lips that were fixed so deliciously around his big, inflamed prick.

Grateful that she'd found such a nice, big prick, Kay felt a slavish need to please this man as much as possible. Sucking deeply on his shaft, the woman hoped he was enjoying it. She knew it was up to her to give his cock every thrill possible.

Finally pulling her lips from his thick cock, she held his hard meat straight out and began licking the slit in the head of his prick with the tip of her tongue, lapping up the drops of pre-cum that were oozing out. When she'd licked up the last of it, she once more closed her moist lips down over his throbbing knob.

"Oh, fuck, that's great," he moaned.

Once more lifting her lips from around his swollen glans, she provocatively slid her sensuous tongue down the underside of his blue veined shaft until she reached his big, dangling balls. Then opening her mouth wide, she began sucking delicately, sucking his sensitive balls in and out as she teased and licked him.

"Jesus Christ!" the man cried out. "You know how to suck a cock!"

Finally releasing his spit-soaked balls from her mouth, Kay lifted her head and began sucking vigorously on the head of his prick again. Hardly able to keep his balance, Doug began shuddering convulsively as her lips worked feverishly on his tingling knob with her squeezing lips until he was on the verge of a wild ejaculation.

"Oh, honey," she excitedly whispered as she suddenly released his big, juicy cock from her mouth. "I'll suck you off later, baby, but right now I want to be fucked with this big prick."

"You've gotta deal there," he grinned, gently grasping her by the shoulders and raising the woman to her feet.

Quickly disrobing, Kay sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Jesus, that's really huge!" she whispered, reaching out and gently stroking his big, spit-soaked cock again as he stepped in front of her.

Finally pulling her fingers away from his massive hard-on, the beautiful redhead sensually lay back across the bed, seductively opening her smooth, bare thighs, exposing her deliciously moist cunt lips to him. Smiling up at him through half-closed eyes, she began slowly rotating her ass around on the bed.

"How do you want me?" she whispered, reaching down and lewdly caressing her wet, pink cunt lips with her delicately tapered fingers.

"Your hands and knees?" he panted.

"Suck my tits first, please!?"

When Doug dropped down beside her on the bed, Kay writhed her soft belly against his massive cock as she lifted her firm, ripe tits toward his mouth.

"Oh, sweet Doug," she passionately whispered as he began licking and sucking on her stiffly erect nipples.

Tenderly caressing her warm inner thighs as he hungrily pulled on her tits with his lips, he breathlessly parted the silky curls of hair around her quivering cunt and slipped his middle finger into her steaming hole.

"Mmmmmrn," she whimpered, writhing her hot, juicy slit around his deeply embedded finger as she reached down and lovingly grasped his thick lurching cock.

"God, your fingers are so soft and cool," he huskily whispered as the woman began stroking the hard, tingling length of his thick shaft.

"Oh, lover," she crooned, pulling his finger from her slippery pussy. "I can't wait any longer. God, how I need that big fuckin' cock in my cunt."

Kay got on her knees as she was told, and Doug got up behind her tight ass. He spread her legs and aimed for her throbbing wet hole. Arching her back, her juicy cunt lips slowly embraced the thickness of his cock-head as it sank slowly into her.

"Oh, Doug, you've gotta stop a minute," she whispered as his big knob stretched her tight passage to its extreme limits, "You are too deep this way."

After remaining motionless for several moments, he decided that he wasn't concerned with her comfort. He rammed himself in full force, deeper into her burning fuck-hole. Waves of ecstasy streaked through her churning cunt as the man's thick cock moved further into her slowly expanding pussy. The woman could feel every swollen vein and sinew of his thick cock pressing out against her tightly stretched cunt walls. She gave him no more resistance. She could tell he was not going to hear it. Just as he had forced his daughter, he wanted Kay to conform as well.

With their naked bodies welded together in a sweaty embrace, Kay could feel his thick meat digging deeper and deeper into her hot, sucking hole. It was only when she felt his hips pressed between her soft ass cheeks that she realized she'd taken the entire length of his wondrous cock. The horny woman screwed her deliciously stretched pussy up around the thick base of his shaft to make certain to get every throbbing inch of his magnificent prick was buried in her seething hot cunt.

Every tingling nerve in her aroused body sprang alive in a rapturous frenzy when he partially withdrew his thick cock. The horny redhead let out a gasp of delight when he wildly slammed his hard meat back up into her juicy slit again.

"Oh, shit, Doug!" she mewled when he began rhythmically driving his thick cock in and out of her hotly sucking fuck hole. "It's so fuckin' good, baby… so fuckin' good!"

When the well hung man began speeding the tempo of his lusty thrusts, Kay thought she would lose her mind from the intense ecstasy. Every time he fucked into her, Doug's glorious prick seemed to feel bigger and better.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed with joy, writhing beneath him in a wild frenzy.

Doug gritted his teeth propelling his massive prick into the hot, juicy confines of her pussy with all his power. Kay was whimpering, almost flat on her belly at this point. He was fucking into her with reckless abandon.

"Get back on your knees and arch your back, bitch!" he ordered.

She barely moved, she was panting and heaving.

"Did you hear me?" he almost yelled, gritting his teeth. He grabbed her hair tightly in his hand and pulled her back up. This sudden action seemed to wake the hot slut up.

"Oh, God!" she screamed. "What are you doing, Doug?!"

Wanting to give her the fucking of a lifetime, the man quickly increased both the tempo and depth of his powerful strokes. Something in him wanted to hurt this slutty temptress.

"Oooooh, yes!" she shrieked with delight, loving the way his rampaging prick was filling her cunt. Her stretched fuck-hole hungrily welcomed every wild thrust of his brutally big cock. The beautiful redhead was wildly churning and bucking beneath him like a bitch in heat.

"Faster, baby! Harder!" she hysterically shrieked.

Further increasing the speed, Doug was driving with even more power, lifting her right off the bed with every thrust. He could feel the beautiful redhead's hot slick cunt sheath expanding and contracting deliciously around the meaty thickness of his swollen cock as it drilled in and out.

"Harder!" squealed Kay. "I'm almost ready to come!"

Kay felt as if she might literally explode if something didn't happen soon. Doug was being very forceful and she liked how rough he could be.

"Oh, shit, make me come!" she shrieked. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

The feel of his big cock humming in and out of her slick hot cunt was almost unbelievable. Screaming wild obscenities, Kay's face was distorted with passion as her head whipped from side to side. The writhing redhead had reached the point where she didn't think she could stand another second of this intense ecstasy, yet she didn't want it to ever end.

"Fuck me harder!" she screamed. "Fuck me!"

Suddenly aware that he was speeding rapidly toward a mind-blowing ejaculation, Doug increased the tempo, wanting to get the woman off before shooting his own wad.

"Oooh, yes! Make me come!" shrieked Kay. "I'm almost there!" The fire was raging from her cock-filled cunt right up to the tingling tips of her hard nipples. The rapturous joy she was feeling between her legs was the most incredible thing she'd ever experienced.

"Oh, shit!" she suddenly screamed as the man continued pounding his huge cock in and out of her hotly clasping pussy. "I'm gonna come, honey, gonna come! Oh, fuck, I'm coming… coming!"

Kay's entire body began jerking spasmodically as she bucked wildly beneath him. Her intense orgasm seemed to last for an eternity, and the unbelievable ecstasy flooded to every part of her writhing body.

When she began recovering from the climax, she was aware that Doug's cock was still plunging in and out of her juice slickened cunt. Kay could feel his thick slippery meat slithering wetly in and out between her widely stretched cunt lips.

"Oh, God!" he suddenly roared. "Here it comes! Here comes my hot load!"

Turned on by the sight of his slippery juice slickened cock fucking into her, Doug suddenly had this wild desire to see it squirting out from the end of his big swollen knob. He pulled out of her cunt, grabbed her hair and turned her toward his pulsating cock. His huge cock-head had barely cleared her cunt lips when Kay saw an unbelievably thick stream of cum come gushing out of the end of his big, bloated knob. The first violent spurt splattered all over her face, neck and tits. His throbbing cock continued flooding her naked body with cum until his churning balls were finally emptied.

Collapsed on the bed, Kay's entire upper body was completely soaked with her lover's hot, slippery cum. Sticky strings of jizz clung to her hair, while a slick rivulet of cum dribbled down her cheek to the corner of her lips. Thick pools of gooey spunk drenched her tits and belly.

Scooping up the thick slippery cock-juice from between her tits, she began excitedly licking her hands and fingers. She sucked and licked until there wasn't any of his delicious cum left on her naked body, and then she moved her face down and began sucking the last delicious drop from deep in his limp, wet prick.


From that night on, Doug would pick up the horny redhead two or three nights a week for a wild piece of ass. Sitting in the tavern with Doc one evening, he kept watching the entrance, hoping she could come in. The two men had been there since early afternoon and they were quite drunk as well as horny.

"Goddamn it," slurred Doc, glancing around the room for any unattached woman that might be in the mood for a fuck. "I haven't had a piece of ass for a week and I need one."

"Relax," said Doug, trying to focus his bleary, eyes on his beer. "Maybe Kay can fix you up with one of her friends when she gets here."

"What makes you think she's gonna get here tonight?" mumbled Doc. "It's gettin' pretty fuckin' late for her to come now."

"Shit," Doug slurred, trying to read the dial on his watch. "I didn't know it was this late."

"Well, it sure is," mumbled Doc. "And I need a piece of ass."

"So do I," hiccupped Doug. "Do you see any broads hanging around in here?"

"None that's alone."

"We could always go home and fuck my kid," Doug grinned as he took a big gulp of beer.

"How old is she?"

"She's a teen-ager," answered Doug. "But she's sure a hot and slutty piece of ass for her age. She gives it up to the whole neighborhood now, I hear."

"Goddamn," mumbled Doc, his bloodshot eyes lighting up. "I ain't had any young stuff like that for years. Do ya really think she'd let us screw her?"

"Sure," slurred Doug, getting drunker by the minute. "And she's a helluva good cocksucker, too."

"Then let's go," Doc grinned, staggering up off his stool. "I'd sure like some tight, young pussy."

Not expecting her dad to bring anyone home with him, Nancy was watching television in nothing but a negligee when the two drunken men walked into the house. She was both shocked and embarrassed at the way the stranger was staring at her big nipples and the triangle of golden pussy hair that were so deliciously visible through the thin material of her brief negligee.

"I didn't expect you to bring company," she finally stammered to her father, realizing he was quite drunk.

"This isn't company," he answered with a drunken leer on his face. "This is my friend, Doc, and we've come home to fuck you."

Before the youngster could say or do anything, her dad yanked the negligee completely off of her.

"See that, Doc," he grinned at his friend. "Have you ever seen a pinker pussy than this?"

"I sure ain't," mumbled the man, excitedly smacking his lips as he stared at her sweet, young gold-fringed pussy.

As Nancy tried to pull away from her drunken father, he tugged her into his arms and pressed his mouth to hers. Struggling to free herself from his embrace, the easily aroused youngster could feel his hard bock throbbing against her through the material of his pants. As always happened when she felt the nearness of a swollen cock, she could feel that delicious melting sensation in her loins. Feeling her father's deliciously hard bulge rubbing against her suddenly aroused cunt, the horny blonde momentarily forgot that Doc was in the room with them. The pressure of her dad's muscular body against her naked flesh was really turning Nancy on.

It wasn't until her father had temporarily released her from his arms that she was once more aware of Doc's eyes appraising her nude body. The cute youngster realized she should feel ashamed to be standing completely naked in front of a strange man, but she was finding it strangely exciting. Seeing the obvious approval in the older man's eyes as he boldly stared at her blatantly exposed pussy made Nancy feel wicked and grownup.

"Lay down on the couch," Nancy's dad said to her as he rapidly removed his clothes. "It's time to fuck."

"In front of him?"

"Why not?" grinned her father. "He's gonna fuck you when I'm finished."

"Are you crazy?" gasped Nancy.

"Just shut up," slurred her dad as he staggered over and dragged her down on the couch with him. "Doc likes to fuck as much as I do and you have more than enough cunt for both of us."

Glancing over at Doc, Nancy could see that he'd removed his clothes, and was excitedly stroking his hard cock. Seeing how nice and thick his throbbing meat was, the horny youngster suddenly decided she wanted to be fucked by both big cocks.

"Are you ready, baby?" Doug whispered into his daughter's ear.

"Ummm," she giggled. "Yes, Daddy! Fuck the shit out of me."

"Do you really want me to fuck the shit out of you?" slurred her drunken father as he rolled the youngster onto her stomach.

"God, yes!"

Quickly kneeling behind his cute daughter as she lay spread on her belly, the man's hands began gently rubbing and kneading the soft bare flesh of her sweet, young ass. Pulling the ovalled mounds apart, he excitedly stared down at the puckered asshole between them. Aware that Doc was watching, Nancy felt embarrassed as her dad's fingers probed and goosed around in the soft crack of her ass.

She couldn't believe what was happening as she crouched nakedly beneath her muscular father while his friend excitedly looked on. In spite of her shame, Nancy began softly whimpering with joy as he continued kneading the sensitive flesh of her quivering asshole with his big, strong hands.

"Ooooooh," she moaned, suddenly feeling the lewd contact of his hot, wet tongue licking up and down in the meaty crevice between her naked ass cheeks. As degrading as it was to be crouching in this obscene position as Doc watched, she felt a strange excitement as her dad slowly parted her ass cheeks.

Above her, he was staring down at the puckered ring, and then unable to control his depraved lust any longer, he suddenly inserted the tip of his finger into the tight hole.

"No… not that!" she squealed, realizing for the first time that he intended to fuck her tight little asshole. Fear and shock raced through her entire body from the fiery penetration. Too frightened to move, she was completely immobilized as his finger continued probing relentlessly into the hot, buttery softness of her ass.

"No, Daddy, no!" she screamed again, feeling his thick middle finger worming deeper and deeper into her brutally stretched asshole. She couldn't understand why he wasn't using her cunt when she was dying to be fucked there.

Ignoring her screams, her father continued to force his finger deeper and deeper until it was buried to the hilt in her squirming ass. Nancy was to the point of passing out from the intense pain, when to her relief, she felt the drunken man slowly withdrawing his thick finger from her sorely-stretched asshole. She suddenly hoped he'd now stuff his hard prick into her feverishly aroused pussy.

Her hopes were smashed when she became aware of his big burgeoning knob pushing up between her flaring asscheeks. Unable to stand it any longer when she felt his throbbing cock-head pressed against the opening of her ass, she tried to wriggle free from him, but his greater strength was too much for her.

"No, Daddy, no!" she shrieked, struggling wildly to free herself from his grip.

"Take it easy, baby," he whispered, trying to allay her fears. "You're gonna love it before I'm finished with you."

Then with an animalistic grunt, the drunk man lunged forward.

"Aaaaaggghhh! Oh, no!" she shrieked out from the pain of his brutal penetration. She was blinded by the searing agony.

Staring down with a vicious smile on his face, Doug could see his bloated knob just barely embedded inside the youngster's tight asshole. He now felt confident that the horny kid would really love it when her virginal asshole finally became accustomed to the thickness of his throbbing cock.

Moaning with pain, Nancy couldn't believe she was actually being assfucked. Crouched in this lewd position beneath her dad, she could feel his thick cock sinking deeper and deeper into her butt.

Letting out another wild grunt, the man plunged forward again, drilling the throbbing hardness of his hard meat into the hot depths of her brutally stretched ass.

"Stop it! You're killing me!" screamed the hopelessly skewered youngster.

When he paid no attention to her, Nancy realized there was no use in trying to resist him. She reluctantly decided it would be much less painful if she relaxed her muscles and surrendered to him, no matter what happened from now on.

Finally he began withdrawing his mighty shaft until only the swollen head of his prick remained in the tiny hole. Then after plunging it back in again, he began slowly and rhythmically fucking into her. He felt her asshole gradually relaxing around his thick meat as it became more accustomed to the size of his cock.

As Nancy crouched beneath him on the sofa, the original discomfort was slowly disappearing, being replaced by tingles of forbidden pleasure that were rippling around in her.

"Ooooooh… aaaahhhh!" she moaned, unable to deny the intense pleasure she was feeling. As the delicious sensations continued to build in her burning asshole she began screwing her ass back around his hard prick.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered, completely surrendering herself to the incredible ecstasy that was streaking through her writhing body. No longer caring if she were being assfucked or not, she was aware of nothing but the intense pleasure she was feeling. Moaning with ecstasy, Nancy was wantonly thrusting her cock-filled ass back to meet every deep thrust of his pistoning prick.

"Oooooh, yes!" she squealed, consumed by the flames of her feverish passion. She no longer gave a shit about their depraved behavior. Having Doc as an audience only seemed to add to the youngster's excitement. She fully realized what a perverted act they were committing, yet the intense pleasure she was feeling had her aroused to a frenzied pitch. She grinned at Doc and winked, enjoying the added thrill of having a witness to her heavenly debasement.

Nancy pushed back her ass toward her father. Her asshole tightening around her dad's plunging cock as her cute tits jiggled wildly beneath her, her big swollen nipples alive with tingling goose-bumps. This was an ecstasy unlike any thing she'd ever experienced before, more intense and more enjoyable because she was performing this depraved act in front of an audience. As strange as it seemed, Nancy suddenly realized she was going to reach an intense orgasm from an assfuck.

"Oh, shit!" she shouted back over her shoulder to her father. "I'm gonna come, Daddy! I'm almost there… almost there!"

She suddenly felt as if she were going to faint as her tight asshole began spasming around the length of his thrusting prick. Nancy had never felt such excruciating pleasure in her life as her hot, tight asshole began wildly clenching and unclenching around the tightness of his plunging shaft. As her father continued to pound into her mercilessly, she was completely lost in the joy of her orgasm.

Unable to hold back any longer, Doug began shooting his scalding cum into her tingling asshole, filling her belly with it. Frantically pumping into her, he seemed to be firing a never-ending stream of foaming jizz into her writhing depths.

It wasn't until his prick started to deflate that he finally pulled it out of his daughter's cum-drenched asshale.

"Jesus Christ," she whispered, rolling onto her back. "That was fantastic."

Moments later when Nancy felt a weight on her body, she opened her eyes to see Doc straddling her chest, the head of his cock only inches from her mouth.

"What do you want?" she giggled, pretending she didn't know.

"Your dad told me you like to suck cocks."

"I sure do," whispered the youngster, seeing the excitement in his eyes.

"Oh, my God," moaned Doc as her soft, moist lips closed around the throbbing thickness of his cock.

Her warm lips closed even tighter around his naked prick as her tongue teased all over the sensitive flesh of his quivering knob. Licking passionately at the hard spongy surface, she flicked the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit on the end of his cock head, bringing moans of delight from deep in the man's throat as he straddled her chest.

"Oh, God, your mouth feels good on my cock," he panted, digging his hands into her long, blonde hair, forcing her lips down further over his pulsing meat.

She was so engrossed in the joys of licking and sucking on his tasty prick and balls that she wasn't even aware that a pair of strong hands were slowly parting her thighs. Then she was suddenly conscious of her dad pulling her legs apart until the moist, pink plane of her open slit was completely exposed to his grovelling eyes. Her body began jerking violently as his probing fingers teased up and down between her oozing cunt lips. Her entire body stiffened when he lowered his face and began licking his tongue up along the juicy length of her open cunt.

"Oooooh, yes!" she squealed, momentarily pulling her mouth away from Doc's prick when she felt the tongue on her pussy. "Kiss it, Daddy! Kiss my cunt!"

Nancy almost went put of her mind from the feel of his maddening tongue dipping into the hotly squirming folds of her feverishly aroused cunt. As Doc grasped her head and forced her mouth down over his throbbing tool again, Nancy could feel her dad's tongue exploring around between her sopping cunt lips until it come into delicious contact with the quivering bud of her lust-swollen clit.

Nancy could feel Doc's huge cock expanding in her mouth, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she'd have a mouthful of hot jizz. Sucking deeply on his inflated shaft, she was gently squeezing his big, cum-filled balls.

"Keep suckin'!" he suddenly shouted. "Here comes my jizz!"

As her dad's talented tongue drilled hotly into her desire-crazed pussy hole, Nancy felt Doc's hot fuck-cream gushing into her mouth. The slippery warm liquid began flooding down the back of her throat. Fastening her lips more firmly around the thick head of his spurting prick, she frantically gulped and swallowed, not wanting to miss a single drop of this delicious taste treat. The youngster sucked and sucked until his thick cock went limp in her mouth.

Nancy hardly had time to miss his tasty cock when he climbed off of her chest because the feel of her dad's tongue swirling deep in her pussy was driving her wild. His face was completely buried in her steaming crotch as she squeezed her soft, naked thighs tightly against his juice-drenched cheeks. He was feverishly stabbing the length of his thick tongue into the deliciously scented wetness of her oozing cunt.

"Oh, Daddy!" she squealed. "It's so good, Daddy! So fuckin' good!"

Aroused more than she'd ever been in her life, Nancy's writhing pussy was experiencing an incomparable new rapture. She wished this fantastic tongue-fuck would go on forever, but she could feel a huge orgasm building up deep in her loins. Suddenly her ass arched up off the sofa as her shapely thighs clamped desperately against his face. Grinding her writhing cunt up tighter around his mouth, Nancy could feel her cunt lips starting to dilate around his furiously lapping tongue.

"Oooooooh! Oooooooh!" she screamed out when the first delicious tremors of her climax began washing through her body. Wildly arching her hips up off the couch in the wild throes of her intense climax, her entire body was rippling with the unbelievable pleasure of her fantastic orgasm. Her pelvis was jerking frantically against his face as the experienced man prolonged her heavenly climax with his plunging tongue.

Wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure flooded through her trembling body. Finally the intense ecstasy slowly subsided, leaving her limp and breathless when her dad at last pulled his face out of her steaming pussy.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," grinned her father. "Because we're just getting started."

"Good," she giggled. "Because now I wanna be fucked in my pussy."

"See what I mean, Doc? She's a bonafide whore!" Doug beamed.


Doc had just finished screwing the youngster for the second time when the front door opened and Kay walked in. When she'd arrived at the tavern looking for Doug, she was informed that he and Doc had left. Getting Doug's address from the bartender, she'd driven over and found the two men with the naked, young girl.

"My God!" gasped the stunned woman. "Where did you find the jail-bait?"

"She's my daughter," Doug admitted.

"Jesus Christ," exclaimed Kay. "You mean you've been fuckin' your own kid?"

"Why not?" grinned the man. "She has a cunt, hasn't she? And she loves to fuck."

"Have you been balling her, too?" Kay turned to Doc.

Doc sheepishly smiled, then nodded, his cock limp and wet in his hand.

"Who got her asshole?" the redhead asked, seeing the trickle of cum dribbling out of the youngster's asshole.

"My dad," giggled Nancy. "He really poured it to me."

"Do you enjoy fucking, honey?" Kay asked the girl, thinking how cute and desirable she was.

"Shit, yes," beamed the adorable youngster. "There's nothing I like better than sucking and fucking."

"I'm the same way," Kay grinned, suddenly thinking how much she'd like to suck on this cute girl's cum-filled cunt. "Why aren't Doc and your daddy fucking you now?"

"They're tired," giggled Nancy. "They can't get it up."

"That's a shame," Kay softly crooned, staring excitedly at the huge amount of jizz that was oozing out from between the youngster's pussy lips. "It looks like you've really got a cunt full of cum."

"Yep," grinned Nancy. "These guys really pumped me full of it."

"I love the taste of that stuff," Kay continued, anxious to go down on the cute teen-ager. "Do you mind if I suck some of it out of you?"

"You want to taste my pussy too?" Nancy teased the older woman.

"Yes," Kay licked her lips, "I just love the taste of your daddy's hot nut and your cute little cunt seems to be full of it."

"Why are you taking your clothes off?" the youngster asked when Kay was finally stark naked. She didn't know what the lady was going to do with her.

"Because nobody else in this fucking room is wearing clothes," laughed the woman, anxious to bury her face in that darling pussy.

Nancy didn't know why, but she felt a rather pleasant tingle between her legs as she gazed at the redhead's big, billowing tits with her erect nipples thrusting out. The excitement in the young girl's loins increased as her eyes drifted down over the woman's fully rounded hips to the red triangle of curls tucked so deliciously between her soft, creamy thighs. Taking the naked blonde's hands, Kay gently raised her to a standing position.

"You have such pretty tits, Nancy," the older lady whispered, "Do you mind if touch them?"

"I guess not," stammered the youngster, wondering if she were doing the right thing or not.

Nancy's quivering nipples were already hard, but they seemed to swell even more as Kay's fingers glided over the super-sensitive flesh of her tits. The girl didn't know whether it was right or not to let another woman touch her naked body, but she could feel her heart pounding wildly as Kay's fingers expertly fanned the flames of desire in her loins.

"Do you like to have men play with your tits?" whispered Kay, leaning back to watch the excited expression on the young girl's face as she lovingly caressed her bare tits.

"God, yes," giggled Nancy. "I love it."

"So do I," Kay softly crooned, leaning forward and brushing her hot lips lightly across one of her nipples before taking the hard bud into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," moaned the horny young blonde.

The two exhausted men just stared silently as they watched Kay passionately sucking on the youngster's nipple. "I guess it's time for me to lick up their cum," whispered the woman, dropping to her knees in front of Nancy after releasing the girl's tit-bud from her mouth.

Kneeling in front of the cute youngster, Kay reached around and cupped Nancy's firm ass cheeks in her hands. Using her naughty fingers, the woman goosed and massaged the warm flesh between the blonde's soft ass as she pressed her lips against Nancy's dimpled navel. She let her moist tongue swirl around in the cute indentation for a few brief moments before moving it down over the young girl's smooth belly.

Nancy began softly whimpering with joy as Kay's hot, wet lips left a fiery trail of kisses on her quivering stomach. Completely aroused by the woman's lewd advances, Nancy spread her legs wider apart to make her wet slit more accessible to Kay's searching mouth.

The beautiful redhead's mouth moved quickly against the golden patch of whispy fuzz between Nancy's thighs. Expertly moving her lips, Kay was planting a series of hot, wet kisses all around the young blonde's juicy slit.

Completely turned on by what was happening to her, Nancy spread her legs wider apart. She grasped Kay's head in her tiny hands and unconsciously guided the wonderful mouth into the hot recesses of her steamy crotch.

"Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhh!" she moaned, rapidly rubbing her cunt against Kay's face, as the woman's tongue slashed around deeply in her sopping pussy-hole. "Oh, shit, it's so fuckin' good!"

Thrilled with the fragrant smell and sweet taste of Nancy's slippery slit, Kay's tongue was slithering in and out between the slick lips of the girl's inflamed cunt.

"Oh, God!" the blonde suddenly squealed. "You're making me cum… so fast… you're making me come!"

Ignoring Nancy's squeals, Kay lapped greedily at the orgasmic fluids that were flooding out of the youngster's climaxing pussy. Thrilled by the exciting taste of the juices, Kay twirled her expert tongue around and around the girl's hot spots. Again and again Kay sucked and licked on the girl's throbbing cunt, always intensifying the ecstasy in Nancy's loins until the girl couldn't stand it any longer.

"Please stop!" squealed Nancy, pushing Kay's mouth away from her drained pussy as she staggered over to the couch. "I've come so many times I can't stand anymore."

"Was it that good?" Kay whispered to her.

"Jesus, yes!" panted Nancy. "It was fantastic!"

"You haven't felt anything yet," the redhead giggled. "Just wait'll I fuck that cute little cunt of yours." Kay reached in for a handful of young cunt.

"How can you fuck me without a cock?" the puzzled girl asked, pulling away from Kay.

"With this," giggled Kay. Holding up her long slender hand, she folded it into a tight fist. "This baby will give you the best fuck you've ever had."

"You are going to punch me in my pussy? No thanks." The naive girl questioned.

"Wait'll you feel this up your cunt," giggled Kay, it'll feel great. "It's called fisting."

"How do you get it up there?" the blonde asked.

"Slowly at first," Kay answered, anticipating the tight young snatch on her hand. "And once I have it in there, I move it around. You'll see. And I have this if you don't like it…" Kay pulled a large dildo out of her purse.

"It feels like a real cock," giggled Nancy. "I know what that is… a dildo, right? Can I try that first?"

"Yep," Kay beamed. "But let me get it nice and slippery for you first. That'll make it feel a lot better."

"Okay," grinned the excited blonde. "But hurry. I'm dying to feel that thing buried between my legs."

Leaning against the back of the couch, Kay opened her thighs and brought the big, realistic head of the dildo down against her leaking cunt. Parting her slippery cunt lips with her fingers, she guided the big, purple head of the obscene instrument between them. Seeing the end of it starting to sink into Kay's slippery slit, Nancy moved around so she could see right up between the redhead's open thighs.

"Jeez," she gasped. "That sure looks like a real cock going into you."

"And it feels like one," giggled Kay. "You'll love it when I get it all nice and slippery with my juices."

"Please hurry," Nancy excitedly whispered. "I want it in me now."

"Just wait a minute or two," panted Kay, plunging the juice-slickened dildo in and out of her steaming slit. "Just wait until I get it all coated with my slippery juice. When it's hot and slick, you can do it to yourself real good."

"Oh, fuck," sobbed Nancy, tearing at her own pussy with her fingers. "I can't wait any longer."

"Okay, okay," giggled the redhead, pulling the slippery, juice-coated tool out of her heated hole. "It's all yours, honey."

Grasping it in her trembling hands, Nancy lay back and rammed the full length of the obscene instrument up into her hot, pussy. The veins that had been molded into the big, artificial prick were rubbing against her cunt walls, bringing her much more pleasure than she'd expected.

"Oh, yeah," she panted, twisting and drilling the hot, slippery dildo in and out of her overheated fuck-hole.

The circular motion had it rubbing against her aroused pussy-flesh as no cock ever had. As the intense pleasure mounted in her loins, Kay leaned over to her. "Ready for my help?"

Kay rubbed her hand in her own fuck juice. Her fragrant twat had much love lotion to spare. "Fuck that thing!" Kay cried out, aware that the blonde was climaxing. "Oh, Goddamn, just come all over that big prick!" Kay wanted to fist her after she was good and wet and would be too tired to fight.

"Ooooh, shit!" squealed Nancy, excitedly pumping the dildo in and out of her soaking wet pussy. "I'm coming… coming!"

"I know you are, darling!" cried Kay, almost beside herself from the excitement of watching Nancy get herself off. "God, how I wish I had a big cock to fuck you with."

"So do I!" moaned Nancy.

"Shit, baby!" squealed Kay. "I don't have a cock, but I have this. And it's better and bigger!"

"Oh, yeah," Nancy cried, "shove your fist in me! I can take it!"

Kay balled up her fist and slowly worked it into the young slut. Her father watched in amazement as his young daughter got a big fist rammed in her twat. His cock was hard as was Doc's.

Kay fucked the young, tight pussy to another orgasm very quickly. The girl could not believe how big and filling a hand could be. Kay had rammed it in her young pussy so deep that she had almost passed out. Her dad and Doc were beating off to the squirting noises her pussy was making.

"Yes! Yes!" cried Nancy, still writhing through her wild orgasm. "I'd love to suck you off!"

"Then do it!" whimpered Kay, rolling onto her back. "Suck my cunt you little whore!"

Quickly yanking her fist out of the girl's cunt, Kay moved down between the horny redhead's open thighs. Only a few short minutes ago the thought of making love to another woman had seemed very frightening to the blonde, but right now she couldn't wait to suck the hot juices out of Kay's oozing cunt.

A warmth flowed through the redhead's naked body when she felt Nancy's hot breath on her open pussy lips. Through half-closed eyes, Kay watched the pretty blonde's faced disappear between her thighs, and she let out a soft moan of joy when the girl's tongue made its first electrical contact against her hot, open cunt lips. Kay almost lost control of herself when she felt the young girl's tongue stabbing against her tingling clit. Frantically humping her hips, Kay reached down and curled her fingers into Nancy's long, golden hair.

Excitedly licking a pussy for the first time in her life, Nancy seemed to instinctively know how to bring Kay the most pleasure. Swirling her tongue around against the sensitive tissues of the redhead's overheated slit, Nancy reached under her ass and slipped the tip of her middle finger into her tightly puckered asshole.

"Oh, you little tramp!" whimpered Kay, feeling Nancy's tongue lapping against her tingling cunt while the girl's finger twisted around deliciously in her hot asshale.

Sobbing and moaning from the intense joy she was feeling, Kay squeezed her soft, naked thighs more tightly against Nancy's juice drenched face. The overpowering thrills were racing so rapidly through Kay's body that she could hardly comprehend what was happening. As the blonde's slurping tongue brought the beautiful redhead closer and closer to a climax, Kay's entire body began tensing. She was hysterically humping her hips up to meet Nancy's frenziedly lapping tongue.

Watching his little daughter going down on Kay, Doug's cock exploded into a brand new, throbbing erection.

"Oh, shit!" he heard the redhead squeal as Nancy's tongue swirled around in her hot oozing slit. "Eat my pussy, you little slut!"

Staring down at Nancy's sweet, upturned ass as she knelt by the couch sucking on Kay's drooling cunt, Doug dropped to his knees behind her. Grasping the base of his shaft, he eased his cock up between her cunt lips from the rear. Grasping her hips, he pushed forward until the entire length of his prick was buried in the slick hotness of his little daughter's squeezing pussy.

Fucking into his daughter's hot hole, he could hear the soft slurping sounds of her tongue sucking and licking into Kay's steamy cunt. With the erotic sound further exciting him, he began drilling his cock in and out of Nancy's hot slit at a much faster pace.

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" squealed the youngster, temporaily removing her mouth from Kay's drooling cunt. "Fuck your little whore, Daddy! Fuck me hard!"

Nancy was almost out of her mind from the pleasure she was feeling. Sucking the sweet juices out of Kay's hot, velvety-soft pussy while her dad's hard prick fucked into her cunt from the rear was carrying her to new heights of sexual ecstasy.

"Goddamn!" panted Doug, increasing the depths of his hard thrust. "Take this… and this… and this! He took his cock out and rammed it up the teens waiting asshole."

While Nancy continued slurping on the older woman's snatch, her tight ass was getting fucked from the rear. With all of his strength, he rammed his cock deeply into his young daughter's ass. He leaned forward and pulled her hair. She was too busy with the hungry cunt in front of her to react.

The beautiful redhead was soon squealing even louder than Nancy as the youngster's tongue rapidly propelled her toward a climax.

"Oh, fuck!" Kay suddenly screamed, "I'm coming! Oh, shit, I'm going to explode!" Writhing and churning through her wild climax, the woman was hysterically rubbing her hot cunt up against Nancy's face as the cute blonde excitedly drank up the orgasmic juices that were flowing out of Kay's cunt.

Still sucking hotly on the redhead's juicing pussy, Nancy was able to prolong the orgasm by lashing at Kay's tingling clit with her tongue. Grasping the woman's shapely legs, the young girl spread them farther apart and forced them back, exposing the full length of Kay's open, climaxing hole. Twisting her mouth into the very core of her spasming cunt, Nancy continued feverishly sucking until the woman's intense orgasm finally passed.

"Oh, God," the exhausted redhead panted, collapsing back on the sofa when her climax finally ended. "You're sure a wild little girl."

With her face still pressed between Kay's limp legs, Nancy was more conscious than ever of her dad's hard cock streaking in and out of her tingling ass.

"Oh, Daddy!" whimpered the youngster, pulling her mouth away from the woman's sopping twat, "Fuck me, Daddy!" Shaking her ass violently, Nancy could suddenly feel her ass tightening around his plunging cock as she began climaxing. "Oh, shit, I'm coming!" she shrieked. "Cream me, Daddy! Fill me full of fuck cream!"

Pounding into her with all his strength, Doug began shooting a torrent of sizzling hot jizz into his beautiful daughter's loosened asshole. With his body jerking over hers, his thick cream was gushing wildly into her ass and all down her legs.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed. "Squirt me full of it, Daddy! Oh, shit, how I love to be hosed with hot jizz!"

He continued pumping his bubbling cum into her until they both collapsed into a heap of hot, wet flesh, his limp cock still gripped in the tight hotness of her cum-filled ass.

"Goddamn!" grinned the youngster, looking over at Doc's brand new erection. "This is gonna be quite a night before it's over."