Deanna Awakening, Pt. 7, Studying with Robby

“I’m headed off to work Deanna” Kirsten said as she poked her head into her daughter’s bedroom. Deanna was asleep in her bed with her friend Natalie, which was a bit unusual. When the kids had anyone sleep over, they usually opened up a sleeping back and laid it on the floor and threw their pillows and blankets on top. As Deanna stirred and looked up to say “OK, mom, have a good day”, Kirsten saw that her arm and her shoulder were bare. She stepped into the room for a closer look.

“Deanna, are you wearing pajamas?”

Dee got a bit red in the face as she looked up at her mom and admitted “no”.

“So you’re sleeping in your bed with your friend NAKED? Is Natalie naked too?”

“We were just, uh, we were just being a bit silly, mom. We’d heard that a lot of people sleep in the nude so we wanted to give it a try” Deanna improvised a reason. She certainly couldn’t tell her mom about how they’d played with each other’s pussies, eaten each other out, and then had Spencer come in so that he and Natalie could fuck! The truth wouldn’t work at all here, right now.

“Deanna, I’ve told you. Your body is a precious thing and it is not to be flaunted. You don’t go around showing yourself naked to anybody but-“

“my husband” Dee finished for her, in an exasperated tone.

“Don’t you give me sass, young lady. If I didn’t have to get into work right away you and I would be having a long talk about this. This” she pointed at her and Natalie “is not proper, and you should know better. I’m going now but you’d better behave yourself and we’re going to talk about this later.”

“Sorry, mom, I didn’t mean anything by doing it.”

“Well, you didn’t THINK about it either, obviously. I’ll pray for you” she finished, exiting.

*** *** ***

“Did you catch that Nat?” Dee gave her equally nude friend a nudge.

“Oh my god” Natalie replied, rolling over to face Dee. She had feigned sleep while Kirsten was scolding her friend. “I can’t believe we didn’t even think to put our clothes back on after, uh, you know.”

“I didn’t think she’d come in here. Besides, I don’t care Nat. My mom can’t tell me what to do every minute, and this whole ‘my body is precious and for my husband’ crap makes me sick. I loved sleeping next to you naked. When you spooned against me you felt so warm and soft, and I could feel your bush up against my ass. Being so close with you is one of the best things I’ve ever felt in my life and I’m not gonna let my mom take that away from me.”

“You go girl” Natalie said teasingly, as she reached out and ran a fingertip lightly over Dee’s breast and nipple. It had been protruding a bit, but got harder instantly with her touch.

Dee leaned over to grab one of Natalie’s nipples in return as she placed a tender kiss on her lips. “Maybe I AM a lesbian, Nat, because I think you look so friggin’ hot right now, and I’m gonna lick your pussy whether you like it or not!”

Natalie laughed as her friend repositioned and brought her head down to her snatch. She parted her legs in welcome and squeezed Deanna’s ass cheeks with her hand, ran her hand down one beautiful thigh and up the other, then gently parted the folds of Dee’s cunt with her fingers. She was greeted there with a touch of moisture, which quickly coated her fingers as more juice was released. As Dee continued to lick her lips and clit, she gave into her friend and opened her legs completely, her bent knees laying flat on the bed. ‘Do other girls at school do things like this’ went through her head while her fingers pushed in and out of Dee’s cunt, making a suction noise that she thought was intensely erotic.

Deanna’s limited practice with cunnilingus was apparently paying off because she soon had Natalie moaning aloud and rocking her hips rhythmically. Nat slid her middle finger as far into Dee as she could and then used her thumb to rub circles over her clit, at which point they were both moaning together. “Eat my pussy, Dee, eat my pussy” she commanded in a loud whisper. “Fuck, Dee, fuck” she removed her finger long enough to lick it clean “you’ve got a sweet pussy Dee. I love you Dee, fuck . . . eat my pussy, eat my pussy.”

The dirty talk helped put them both over the edge and they both shuddered with their morning orgasm. Deanna’s cunt clamped onto Natalie’s finger as she plunged in and out a few final strokes. Then Nat’s legs straightened out, closing up and she needed the tongue out of her, it was too much, too much.

“Fuhh-kin-aaaaaaa” she exclaimed as Dee finally removed her mouth from her slit. They both laughed and Dee fell down beside her.

*** *** ***

“Robby will be here in 20 minutes, guys” Dee informed Natalie and Spencer after reading the text message. “How are we gonna handle this?”

“How are WE gonna handle this?” Spencer asked. “I think this is your show, Dee, so you’ve got to discuss with Robby what you’re thinking about. I don’t think you should just be waiting for him naked and tell him ‘It’s Time’. Do you want Natalie and I with you or do you want to be alone with him?”

“I think we should be alone. I’ll take him up to my room and you guys can hang out in yours, Spencer. I’ll put on some clothes that will get his attention.”

She returned to the living room in a loose pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt that should have been put in the donation bin last year. Her breasts strained against the fabric and the bumps of her nipples were clearly visible. Natalie reached out and rubbed them teasingly, “oh, yeah, uh . . . I think you’ll get his attention, Dee.

We’ll head upstairs and Spence is gonna see if he can go any longer, right Spence?” She grinned and winked at him. He blushed furiously but a smile grew on his face “I can’t believe you like having sex with me, Natalie. It’s like a dream come true, really it is.”

“Don’t get all gushy on me Spence” Nat replied. “We’re not going steady or anything, and I won’t be taking you to the prom; but fucking is fun and you’re the only one here with a dick.” Deanna burst out laughing.

“So . . . your just . . . using me?” Spencer looked a bit hurt.

“Hey, if you don’t want to, say the word.” Natalie looked at him with her hands on her hips. She looked so sexy Spencer couldn’t stand it. And her smart mouth made her that much sexier. There were a whole bunch of worse things than having a girl that pretty and with that hot a body wanting you to put it in her. His smile returned and he reached out a hand to take hers and lead her up the stairs.

*** *** ***

“Hey Robby, come on in” Deanna tried not to sound nervous as her long-time friend stepped into the front hall. “Thanks a lot for coming over.”

“Hey Dee, no problem. I brought my study guide but you’ve got your Chem textbook right?”

“Oh, sure . . . yeah.” She closed the front door and turned to face him. As he set his bookbag down his eyes were drawn to her bare legs in her white ankle socks. Scanning upward he noted her cute little nylon shorts and then that REALLY tight t-shirt she was wearing. He didn’t want to stare but he could see her nips through the fabric! She never wore anything like that to school. She always dressed very modestly, except when she wore her cheerleading outfit, and that really only exposed her great legs, the chest area did not really display natural curves . . . but this t-shirt sure as hell did.

“Let’s go study in my room, Robby. Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine. I just had an energy drink on the ride over.” He had ridden his bike the 3 miles from his house. “It’s ok to go in your room when your mom’s not home?”

“Hey, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” She led him up the stairs, giving him a fine view of her tight, firm ass.

She sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her for Robby to sit down. “Robby, I, uh . . . I wasn’t exactly honest with you about studying.” Robby just looked at her, confused. “I don’t really need help with Chemistry. I’ve got that covered.” She breathed deep and reached out to hold his hand in hers, which she noticed was sweating suddenly.

“Is everything OK, Dee? Is there something wrong? Are you sick or something?”

“No, no . . . it’s nothing like that. I’m just, uh . . . we’re, uh, growing up, ya know. And when kids grow up they become curious about, um . . . sex.” It was hard to get the word out but she felt like she had crossed the barrier once she had. “You’ve been a great friend for years, Robby, and I think sometimes maybe I took you for granted. You’ve never tried anything with me but I knew I could count on you if I needed help with anything or someone to talk to.” She felt she was talking in circles and needed to get more direct, or she’d lose her nerve.

“I feel ready to . . . uh . . . DO . . .’IT’. And I want my first time to be with someone I can trust. Someone who I know cares about me. Someone that I love.” She finished very quietly, almost a whisper.

“You” Robby searched for his voice “love me?”

Deanna looked up into his eyes and nodded. “Not like a want to marry you or anything, Robby, but like I feel safe around you, we’ve shared a lot in our lives. I care what happens to you and I’d do anything to stop you from getting hurt, that kind of love. Like I love Natalie. You two are my closest friends in the world and I want you to be part of my life forever.”

“Wow, Dee. That’s pretty heavy stuff.”

“Well, it’s true, Robby.” She took his hand and rested it on her bare thigh. “Natalie said you used to have a crush on me, and I never even realized it. I must be so dense.”

“You’re a really smart girl Dee. You just don’t read people all that well . . . not that I’m any better at it. I should have said something to you but I never had the guts. I didn’t want to screw up our friendship if you didn’t want to go out with me or anything.”

“Have you ever, uh, done anything, with anybody?” Dee didn’t think so but she wanted to ask.

“I made out with Crystal under the bleachers at the homecoming game. I ‘sorta’ touched her boob. Does that count?” They shared a laugh together and some of the tension melted away.

“Well” Dee stood up and faced him, crossing her arms to pull her t-shirt over her head in one fluid motion. “How about you touch THESE boobs?”

“Ohhhhh, wow” he breathed out. She took his hands in hers and brought them up to rest them on her beautiful flesh. He felt her nipples hardening against his palms as he cupped and held her perfect mounds.

Squeezing gently, he encircled her nipples within his thumb and forefinger staring intently because he could not help himself.

“What do you think, Robby?”

“I think you’re beautiful, Deanna. I’ve never felt anything like this.”

“Go ahead and suck on ‘em, it feels good.”

He complied and pulled her right nipple into his mouth, sucking it tentatively at first, then more firmly. After giving the left one a similar treatment he looked up, hands still fondling her “you said it feels good, so . . . someone has done this to you before?”

“Um-hmm” she nodded. “Natalie.” She knew she’d get a reaction and the look of shock on his face was priceless.

“That is so fuckin’ hot! . . . wow.” He took one hand away from her tit to adjust his erection, which was becoming uncomfortable in his pants.

Deanna took his face in her hands and placed a gentle, loving kiss on his lips and then slid her shorts to the floor, there were no panties underneath. “Give me your hand, Robby.” She grasped his left hand with her right and put her left hand on his shoulder. Looking him in the eyes she guided his hand to her cunt and began to give him a personal anatomy lesson. She began to whisper to him, still looking him in the eyes “you made me wet Robby. My pussy got wet because of you.” She realized that she had started to shake a little, like Spencer had the other night. “I’m wet because I’m getting ready for you Robby. My pussy is getting ready to take you inside of me. Will you put it inside of me Robby?”

“Oh my god, Dee. I had no idea you could be so fucking hot. My dick is so friggin’ hard!”

“Then get it out, Robby. Take your dick out so that I can see it!”

Any shyness that Robby had anticipated with getting naked in front of a girl for the first time melted away and he stripped off his shorts and t-shirt. “How do we, uh, . . .I. Um, what do I do first?”

Dee looked down at his boner and grabbed hold of it to feel its hardness. Robby’s eyes looked like they were going to roll up in his head at her touch. “I’ll lay down and you get up on top of me, OK?” Dee coached. “Oh, you’ve got to put a condom on first, I’ve got one right here” she pulled one from her night stand and opened up the packet.

Dee lay down and opened her legs so that Robby could see her pussy clearly. “It goes in right here, Robby” she instructed as she pushed her middle finger into her tunnel. “But rub it up and down first so you get my juices on you, don’t just try to shove it in, ok?”

“And how do you know all of THIS stuff? Who’d you do this with?”

“I haven’t done it with anybody, Robby, I swear. But I watched when Natalie did it with Spencer.”

“With SPENCER! You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nope, they’re probably doing it right now in his room next door.”

“What the fuck!” he chuckled. His cock was still hard as a rock as he climbed up the bed, looking first into her open, wet gash, then her lovely tits, then her dark, shining eyes. He was holding himself up with his arms and couldn’t tell exactly where his dick head was. Deanna reached down to assist and grabbed him again. She ran the head of his dick slowly down her lips, then back up. A few more times up and down with it just inside her labia and then she positioned the head at her entrance. “OK, Robby, push forward now, nice and easy.” They both moaned out “Oooh” as his head penetrated her.

“Is this gonna hurt you Dee?” Robby asked with concern “when I push it all the way in?”

“It shouldn’t too much. I don’t think I have my hymen anymore, not with all the sports, and bike-riding and stuff, but I honestly don’t know.”

She got her feet up on the bed so that she could roll her hips up a bit and then nodded to him to push further. Robby pulled back an inch or so and then pushed forward, penetrating an additional inch. Dee looked like she was concentrating hard and then nodded again. Back an inch, forward 2. He was almost in completely. Back two inches and he plunged forward, burying himself in her wet heat.

“Aaah!” Dee cried out.

“Are you OK?”

A tear was running down the side of her face but she managed to smile up at him. “Yeah. It did hurt some. I guess I still had something there, but it feels ok now.”

Robby was inside of the girl he’d been close friends with and had a crush on for years. She was beyond gorgeous in his eyes and her pussy had his cock in a wonderful, wet grip. He kissed her again, this time with passion and she kissed him back hard. He began pumping . . . because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? And she began to moan into his mouth in response. He couldn’t last long and he hoped she wasn’t disappointed, but in another 4 or 5 strokes he was shooting his load, groaning in his ecstasy. Dee wasn’t quite there so she held him tight with one arm and rubbed her swollen clit with the other to bring on her own orgasm.

Robby pulled out and lay down next to her, pulling her into a warm embrace.

The door opened and Natalie poked her head in “I heard you scream, are you OK?”

“We’re fine Nat . . . we’re fine.”

“Oh, good” Natalie walked over to them, bare-ass naked. Robby gaped at her sexy body as she walked up and held up her hand. He reflexively put his up and accepted her high-five. “Way to go, Robby!” she laughed and tumbled onto the bed next to Deanna, throwing her arm around her in a hug and grabbing hold of her breasts.

“So” Dee asked. “Do you still want to go play ‘Call of Duty’ with Mike, or can you stick around a bit longer?”

*** *** *** ***