Dirty son Fantasies – Takes new heights

Part 2 – Rishi’s Dirty Fantasy reaches new heights.
After reaching home, Kaveri went into to the loo to get freshen up. She sat down on the pot to take a piss and she put down her leggings down to below her knees , she started bursting out her hot piss and in doing do she noticed white sperm leaking out like a tap of water. She understood that something was wrong. She felt the difficulties while walking back home and now she was suspecting about what did really go down at the dentist’s clinic. She was trembling with fear and anxiety. She kept thinking about how did her pussy become so creamy and wet when she hasn’t had sex for many years. Rishi mean while in his room, was rolling another joint and completely naked in his room. His cock was still very stiff after all the fucking he had done to his mom. He just needed his mother’s soft pink pussy lips under his face or his cock inside the clit he has been thinking of ramming since he hit puberty. His plan was to make his mother the biggest and the hottest slut of his locality. He was going to be her pimp who fucks every night after she would earn for herself and him lacs of rupees. He couldn’t help but he got really hard with all these thought process going into his mind. He was so hard that he started stroking his cock in his room without caring if his mom entered his room , she would look into her son’s huge rod . He wanted her to see his big cock jerking off.
Next morning , after kaveri cleaned up her home again, she was really tired. Her blue long sleeveless t shirt was a thin cotton material t shirt which would clearly show her bra outline and because of the sweat , it would stick to the cleavage of her mother’s body. Rishi noticed this and immideately realized that he wants to lick her sweat from her body. “ mummy aap ko dentist ne bulaya hai”. His mother was complaining that it is very hot outside and she would like to shower first before going out. “Mummy aap wapas aake naha lena..abhi chalo”. Hearing this she thought may be it would be better if she just gets done with the appointment of the dentist and then take a shower later. While on road when Rishi and his mother were walking , Rishi was in deep thought of how would he able to fuck her in the clinic again. He knew he had to take some aggressive approach even if it means seeing her mother crying out loud begging for mercy to stop us doing with what we intend on doing to her. He was already having a big boner in his shorts.
“Kaveri ji aap andar aajaye”. “Rishi tum thodi der bahar wait karo”. Dentist said this to RIshi while giving him a smirk and wink. Rishi waiting outside while dentist was going to “check up” on mother was the kind of scene he liked to think about and it was going to happen again. As kaveri laid down on the table , Dentist was having a lustful look on his face with his eyes kept starring at kaveri’s cleavage which was showed a bit of outline of her breasts. “ Kaveriji aap ka tooth canal karna hoga” “iska lamba procedure hai”. Kaveri ne fir dentist ki baat maanli aur boli ke aap ko procedure abhi shuru karna hai toh kar dijiye. Dentist fir apne haath se kaveri ke muh ke pass laake bolta hai “mein apni ungli aapke daanto ko chunga aap mujhe batayega agar dard hota hai”. Dentist ko pata tha ke koi dard nahi hone wala hai mummy ko, woh toh bas apni ungliyon se mummy ki saliva se khelna chahta tha aur aur dekhna chahta hai mummy kaise dikhti hai. Mummy ne apna muh khol diya aur dentist ne pehle ek ungli daali aur upper jaw ke peeche wale teeth pe apni ungli ferne laga. “kuch dard ho raha hai?”. Kaveri mana kar deti hai..uske baad dentist 2 ungliyan apni kaveri ke muh mein ghusa ke puchta hai dard ho raha hai ke nahi. Yeh karte karte fir dentist bolta hai aap ab apna muh band karke dekhiye. Dentist apni 2 ungliyan mummy ke muh ke andar rakh andar bahar karne lagta hai. Dentist horny hone lagta hai mummy ke muh ke saath khelte hue aur fir apna dusra haath mummy ke shoulder ke upar rakh deta aur side se hug karne lagta hai. “Dentist saab yeh karna jaroori hai”. Dentist ki saanse ab lambi aur garam hone lagti hai ..aur fir mummy ko apne pass karte hue mummy ki jeeb ko apne 2 ungliyan joh andar thi, unse khelne lagta hai. Mummy ko pata chal jata hai ki yeh dentist kuch aur h karne ke mood mein hai. Tabhi Bahar se Asif andar aajata hai aur dentist ke room ka darwaza andar aake band kardeta hai.

Dentist tab tak mummy ke muh se apni geeli ungliyan nikaal ke wahi haath se mummy ke muh ko pakad leta hai. Asif tab tak mummy ki taango ke pass aake uske thighs par haath ferne lagta hai. Kaveri chilla bhi nahi paa rahi thi kyunki uska muh band ho gaya tha dentist ke haath ki wajah se. Dentist fir mummy ke kaano ke paas aake bolta hai “ Kaveri aaj toh pura mazza lootenge tera.” Aur bolte hai uski mummy ke haatho ko upar karke baand deta hai aur duct tape se uski wrists ko baand deta hai aur muh ko bhi band kardeta hai. “Asif aaj hum dono khub chodenge iise. Saali ki chut aur badan ne puri raat sone nahi diya thik hai.” Asif ka haath ab tak mummy ki chut pe tha..usne ek hi haath se mummy ki salwar ko upar kiya aur mummy ki salwar unki gaand se chipne lagi . Mummy thoda uth bhi gayi thi asif ke haath ki power se. Usse dard bhi ho raha tha lekin asif aur dentist kuch sun ne wale nahi the. Asif ne apna muh mummy ki chut pe laya aur apni tongue se pure chut ke area ke asspass geela kar diya chaat ke. Geele salwar hone ke baad asif ne dum lagake ek hi jatke mein salwar faad di. Andar mummy ne black panty peheni thi. Kaveri ki panty ekdum geeli thi lekin who uske pussy juices se geeli nahi tha balki uski mom ko paseena bahut aata tha aur uski wajah se panty bhi paseene se geeli ti. Asif apni nose mummy ki chut ke pass laake panty se ragadne lagta hai aur bolta “auntyji ki panty toh paseene aur pishaab ki buh chodd rahi hai. Yeh bolte hai asif ne apna lund apni pant se nikaalke mummy ki panty ke side se andar laga diya. Ab asif ka lund aur mummy ki chute k saath ekdusre ko choo rahi thi aur mummy ko panty asif ke lund ko upar se chupa rahi thi. Dentist tab tak mummy ki neck pe kiss karte jaa raha tha. Uske kisses bahut hi bade hone lage aur jab tak uska mann bhar gaya kaveri ki neck puri geeli ho chuki thi. Yeh karte hi fir dentist mummy ke armpits mein apna haath fera aur uska paseena sukh chukka tha. Dentist ko yeh pasand aaya aur apni nose se mummy ke salty armpits ko smell karne laga aur thoda lick karne laga. Asif fir mummy ke upar chadta hai aur unki panty neeche kar deta hai. Kaveri ab take k dum shaant ho gayi thi. Usse pata tha ab woh kuch nahi kar sakti aur agar koi usse bacha sakta hai toh woh uska beta hi hai.

Rishi bahar wait kar raha tha aur soch raha tha ke dentist abhi andar kya kar raha hoga. Usse pata tha ke asif bhi andar hai aur kuch na kuch woh dono kar rahe honge. Rishi andar jaata hai aur dekhta hai kya chal raha hai. Andar ghuste hi usse yeh scene dekh ke andar hi andar khush ho gaya. Usne dekha dentist mummy ke boobs se khel raha hai aur unke armpit pe apni nose lagaye asif ko uski mummy ko chodte hue dekh raha hai. Rishi ki pant mein ek tent ban chukka tha. “Rishi beta..aajao..” Dentist khushi khushi rishi ko apne pas bula ta hai. Rishi ko dekh ke uski maa rone lagti hai. Rishi mummy ke pass ata hai aur bolta hai “ sale randi..yeh checkup karwa rahi hai tabse “ Uski mummy ka muh band tha isliye woh kuch explain nahi kar sakti thi. Dentist rishi ko batata hai ki uski mummy ne usse bola tha key eh sab uske saath karo. Rishi ko pata tha dentist jooth bol raha hai aur uski mummy ka rape ho raha hai. Lekin rishi yeh sab sun na nahi chahta tha..usne sidha mummy ke left side mein gaya aur mummy ka duct tape nikaal diya. “mummy tum yeh sab karwa rahi ho andar aur mujhe bulaya bi nahi”. Kaveri ab chawk gayi thi yeh sunke aur boli “beta meine kuch nahi kiya . Yeh sab dentist ki kartoot hai.” Asif ne bhi dentist ka saath diya aur batane laga ki uski mummy lund ki pyasi hai. Mummy ne puri koshish kari samjhane ki lekin kuch ho nahi paya. Rishi ne socha kea b mummy pe assault kardena chahiye. Usne mummy ko gale se pakda aur smooch karne laga. Uski mummy virodh kar rahi thi but jyada nahi kari. Rishi ne mummy ko t shirt ko upar karke mummy ko hug karne laga. “ Mummy agar aap yeh sab karna chahti ho toh karlo..mujhe koi problem nahi hai” . yeh bolte bolte usne mummy ko ab sirf bra pehne hue dekha…uska chehra uski mummy ke badan ko dekhke laal tapkane laga . Who mummy ko uske baalo se pakad ke apne muh ke pass laake bolta hai “aaj se tu meri randi hi banke rahegi” “jisse chudwana hai meri marzi se chudwayegi aur mere saamne chudwana hoga” . Tujhe chudwane ke paise bhi lenge aur tu ab se meri pasand ke kapde pehengi.” Mummy ab tak puri ro chuki thi aur ab kuch nahi kar rahi thi. Who samajh gayi thi ab who chudne wali hai kutiya ki tarah.

Rishi mummy ko bed pe leta ke uske upar aata hai aur usse lip lock karke kiss karta hai. Rishi bilkul paagal ho gaya tha apni mummy ko kiss karte hue aur uski mummy bhi ab pure arram se saath uska saath dene lag gayi thi. Kiss karte karte uski mummy ne apna haath rishi ki shorts ke upar uske lund ke pass ferne lagi. Rishi ne yeh notice kara aur sidha mummy ke chehre pe ek slap diya dheere se. “Mere lund se khelne ka bahut mauka milega mummy”. Yeh bolte hi Mummy ne ek naughty smile dedi. Rishi ne mummy ko apne jism se lagake ek aur hug diya aur fir waise hi apni mummy se lipta raha. Ab rishi mummy ki gardan pe apni tongue se khel raha tha aur mummy ki back par haath rakha hua tha. Usne mummy ko peeche se pakda hua tha. Mummy ki bra abhi tak unke boobs ko chupa rahi thi…rishi mummy ke cleavage pe apna muh laake cleavage ko chaatne laga. Chaat the chaat the usne mummy ko taango ko fela diya. Mummy ki hairy pussy thi. Usne mummy panty ke andar haath daala aur fingering karna shuru kar diya. Mummy ko finger karta rhaa aur unke upar unko hug kara rakha tha. Usse mummy hi breathe tez hone lagi. RIshi ko apni mummy ki saanso ko apne ears ke pass sun ne mein mazza aata tha. woh yeh karta tha aur uski mom jor jor se moan karne lagi. “ beta chod do mujhe..” Yeh sunte hi rishi se raha nahi gaya “ oh mummy…mera aapko chodne ka itna mann tha aur ab mein roz aapko jaise chahu waise chodunga” . “haan bête…joh karna mere saath tu karlena” “teri randi ban chuki hu mein” . “haan pata hai maa..mein toh apnu lund ko tere andar rakha hi karunga.” “jab tu ghar pe floor pe pocha lgaya karegi toh mein neeche leta rahunga aur teri gaand aur chut mere muh mein honi chahiye.” “tu jab jhaadu lagaya keregi ..mein tere armpit chaata karunga taaki tera fresh sweat ko mein lick kar saku..aur tujhe roz gym le jaya karunga ab se taaki teri figure ab mujhe jaise acchi lage waise tu banaye”. Yeh bolte bolte ab rishi ne apna lund mummy ke andar ghusa diya aur grunting noise nikaalne laga. Rishi apni mummy ki thukai bahut jor jor se kar raha tha. Pure room mein mummy ko chut ke paani ki awaaz chap chap karke goonj rahi thi. Dentist aur asif tab tak apna lund haath mein rakhe hila rahe the aur apni turn ka wait kar rahe the. Rishi ab mummy ke ear ko kaatne laga aur mummy ki neck mein bhi kaatne laga. “ Mummy mein apna mark daalunga tumhare gardan pe aur yeh bolte hi ek jor se usne mummy ki side neck pe ek hicky dedi. Mummy bhi ab josh mein thi..usne apni taange upar karke rishi lower back pe cross karke usse apne aur kareeb kardiya. Ab dono missionary position mein the aur ek dusre se bilkul chipke hue the. Dono moans de rahe the jor jor se aur sabko pata tha room mein that dono ab jaanwar ban chuke hai. Rishi aur jor jor se mummy ki pussy pump karne laga aur fir mummy ke andar creampie dedi. Rishi ko bahut jyda satisfaction mili . Uski mummy thak chuki thi. Rishi jab bed se utha toh uski mummy apne fate hue kapde dekhne lagi. “beta ghar kaise jaongi mein aise fate huke kapde pehenke”. “mummy abhi ghar nahi jaa rahe hai. Aap ko toh abhi aur chudna hai asif bhai se aur fir dentist se. Agar mera lund ko mazza aagaya aapki chudai dekh ke toh mein bhi aapko aur chodunga.” Yeh sunte hi kaveri ne kuch nahi bola aur sidha bed pe arram se let gayi hai arram karne lagi. Asif tab taka aage akar bolta hai ki usse chonda hai mummy ko. Rishi mana kar deta hai aur bolta hai tum dono ko ek mauka milega ab chudai ka aur uske baad se mein paise lunga tumse agar tumhe mummy ko chodna hai toh. Abhi tum dono ek saath mummy ki chut pe vaar karo ..mein ghar jaake mummy ke liye kapde laa raha hu. Yeh bolte hi Rishi ghar chala gaya. Ab mummy ko dentist aur asif ki lund chusne ki baari thi.