Fantasy – chapter one

My husband and i , Steve and Katelynn (Kate) Mathews, would have been celebrating our 10 yr. annaversary next week. Big plans were in progress, dinner parties, friends and family reunited, and good times to be had. After all those years, we were still very happy and in-love.Although, being in love doesn't always mean that everything is perfect. It only means you are able to forgive the imperfections more easily. Being married for ten years meant that we did know just about all there was to know about one another, though we were foolish to believe that neither of us had secrets kept hidden, no skeletons in the closet. We hid them well from each other, though i will give Steve the bigger credit in our story. Understand that it was my secret, my dreams, that began the demise of our marriage, but ultimatly it was he who destroyed it. He had a good run, 9 long years he kept his secrets safe from me, but no secret is meant to stay silent forever. Eventually, no matter the effort made to protect yourself, you are bound to fuck up. It is simply human nature, we all fuck up. Some of us only once or twice, and maybe not too bad. But others fuck up more often, and are sometimes capable of ruining their lives, and all ones around them as well. This is where mine and Steves story begins, 9 long years ago, when I began to have very frequent and unusual sex dreams/fantasies about a faceless man, his enormous penis, and the things he did to my body while i was asleep. Steve and i were about a year into our marriage, still in the newlywed stage, and from the day of our wedding, to night of my first shocking dream, Steve was the only lover i had ever known, having remained a virgin until married. 10 years of marriage, 9 years of sharing my body with two men, my husband, and the faceless torturer that haunted my nights, and eventually he also stole my days. Steve never knew, i did not want to hurt him with thoughts of me desiring another man, i never wanted him to feel inadequit, as a lover or as a man. I never wanted these dreams, never wanted the fantasies, they just started one night, and never left. I hated myself for what was happening to me, feeling guilty and ashamed every day and night.None of it ever made any sense either. I had no desire for a dick so big as his, having only ever had Steve's dick, most impressive in size and always satisfying, there was never a reason to want or desire anything different, when what i already had was great. I'll just leave it at this, I never willed or wanted the faceless man, or his huge dick, in my life, or in my dreams. For so long his existence confused me, I had no idea who he could possibly be, although there was always something familiar about him, but i could never figure it out. Every time he appeared in my mind I got the feeling we had met in some long ago place and time, just briefly, never to each other again. At first, he only came to me about once a week, but after a couple of months I saw him every night when I closed my eyes.Often times i would wake in the dead of night, hearing myself moaning, and feeling the warmth and wettness between my thighs,knowing I'd just had an oragasm for real as well as in my dream. I don't know if Steve had ever heard or seen me do this, but if he had, he never said anything, and if he hadn't, i was terrified that someday he would. I never wanted to have to tell my husband about my dreams, never wanting to face my shame and guilt out loud, especially to Steve. I could never admit to what the faceless man did to me in the darkness of night, in the most secret parts of my mind, where he always waited for me,knowing that i would come to him, and where he would take all that he wanted from me, his will was strong, my body was weak, and in that dark, unfriendly part of my mind, he became my master and i his servant. I could not fight him here, he knew this, and so he owned me, i became his at night and Steven's in the day. Always i tried my hardest to be normal and happy, to never let anyhting show. This way I would never have to talk or answer uncomfortable questions, from my husband or anyone. I don't know if Steve ever fantasized or dreamt of other women, but if he did, and if it was anything like mine, i felt sorry for him.

I have come to hate the sun as I watch it go down, for when it is gone the night will come, and just like all the nights passed by this week, i know tonight will also be no different. The night will come, no mercy shown in it's black, starless cloak, seeming instead to mock me, as if the night itself knows what waits for me upon it's arrival.
Night was once a friend to me, now i am betrayed by it's swift defeat of daylight, left now helpless and waiting, knowing he will come for me, knowing he will torture me, and knowing still that torture it may start as, but pure, blinding pleasure it will become.
The world outside is still and quiet, as the hour is late and i try to fight the heaviness of my eyes. But I have lost, time once more defeating me and sending me off to bed. I climb onto the mattress, laying down beside my husband and bury my body within the blankets. Too warm and too comfortable, the pillows soft, cradeling my head, thoughts of staying awake elude me and I fall asleep, my breathing beoming shallow as i fall deeper and deeper into the darkest part of my mind, and i find him waiting there. He takes my hand,firm but not hurting me, and leads me down our path that leads to our cottage. It is here that he will ravish my wanton body, here that if i do not obey, i must endure what ever his wicked mind can think of to punish me. Knowing just how develish he is, i make it a point to behave very well for him every night. This does not please him either, but he can not punish me for being good. He pulls me with him to the bed, telling me without speaking to lie down on it, and I do as he says, wondering where this night's journey will lead me, hoping i do not wake Steven with moans and sighs of pleasure. With swift, smooth movements and cat-like agility, the faceless man is upon me, shedding me of my clothing and my shyness all at once, my desire for him becomes stronger with each passing second, as i feel the heat of his body burning into me, suffocating my senses and setting fire to my loins, until all that I taste, touch, hear and feel is his body, his mouth,his hands and fingers, causing my body to shutter as he touches me everywhere, all at once. A cool breeze brushes my fevered body, and i welcome it, thankful for the small relief and wishing for more relief of another kind, praying for the teasing to stop and the deeper, less controlled pleasure to begin. Wondering fingers find my soaked and pusling pussy, and i feel him push his fingers inside me, testing me, to see if i am ready to recieve his ever hard and anxious cock of abnormal size, and width, deep within my body, where he will then use it to fuck me hard,fast, and furious, and i can hardley wait, wanting him,so hard and thick,inside of me right now. Convinced at last that he need not wait any longer, as i am sure i was soaking wet, i felt it leaking down my crack, he is finally ready to join our bodies, and let each take their pleasure from the other, giving it just as freely in return. With all the passion two lovers could possibley feel, we gave and we took, we went fast and we went slow, the giant fucking me in every way, and all ways, as orgasm after orgasm took me, like waves on a lake, and i just lay there, floating and smiling as i wait for him to find release. When he does, shooting his hot seed deep into my belly, i feel the waves growing higher again, and once more i am floating, and rolling with the waves, and still smiling.