first time cheating and piss play witha drunk latina

This is my first story if u dont like watersports pissplay theres alot of that in this story

First off im 27 year old male married this is my first time cheating/pissplay/latina girl/

i was at my job i work at a hotel i was just getting done its 4am there was this collage party thing they were hosting im in fire stairway and im walking down the steeps.i hear moaning and laughing i turn the corroner theres this drunk latina girl had to be no more than 20 she was about 5-8 dark hair darkeyes lightskin skinny maby 130lbs atleast c cup tits nice round ass and a thick hairy pussy —shes pissing on the stairs at first i was like hey u shouldent be doing that but she looked up at me was hey baby i realy got to go u can watch if u want i was shocked but something made me stay she leaned back and spread so i could watch it was just something about seeing piss spray from her hairy pussy that made me hard so when she was done she look at me and noticed i was hard she got up walked over to me oh baby was that from me and grabed my dick mumm nice size im avrage 6 inch .then she rubb her pussy for a second she took her panties off handed them to me said hear baby im soaking wett for u. in her broken english she asked me if im into pissing i told her that was the first time i ever seen a girl piss she said she allways had a thing for piss then she squated down again reached for my zipper pulled it out said oh baby your fucking hard she jerked it for a sec then said i got to go again then it started to drip slowly then a bit faster into a stream her thick pussy hair soaked i started to jerk it she said umm baby i want some of that dick in me in a min but first im get my self wett watch wile i finger my self she pulled up her top first time i got to see thoes great tits dark dime sized nipples idident even see the it but she grabed a bottole of tequala she had and took a long ass sip then handed it to me i probaly got enough for 3 shots in that 1 drink she has 2 fingers her pussy now then got on her knees she pulls her fingers out there all stickey has me lick her juicies are sweet her aroma is strong then she starts to jerk my dick with her hand she just fingerd with she then startes to lick my head swarling her toung around the heard puts her lips on it and takes just the head in sucking the head like a lolly pop likcing it inside of her mouth little bit of teeth but not too much then all at onece she takes it all inside im moaning telling her how good a cocksucker she is and this is the best blowjob ive ever had running my fingers throu her hair then she stops starts jerking it and starts sucking my balls then she starts sucking my dick again at this point she takes her finger and starts to rubmy asshole then all at once she fingers it i allmost cum instantly she drinks down eveylast bit of cum slurping it then she says baby lets go back to my room so we can fuck- we get to her room she has a room mate short asain girl she walks in wispers something she looks at me smiles grabs something and walks past me says have fun your in for sum nasty wild stuff hope u can keep up then smacks my ass as leaving she close the door my latin angel starts striping i strip too. takes my hand leads me to the bath room tells me shes about to give me a crash corse in piss play asks me who wants to go first her or me i say her she tell me lie in the tub she squats over me i look up at her hairy pussy something about ethnic girls that dark tint to there pussy lips its soo hot she starts spraying that warm saltly stram first drops land on my dick then its a stram my dick soaked m,oving foward like a hose she makes her way up my chest to my face its just so warm hits my mouth nose eyes soakeing my hair running down the sides she then moves it back to my mouth tells me to task it so i lick a few drops warm and a bit salty she says be her nasty little piss slave and drink sum so she fills my mount with he last bit of pee and i drink it deftinly the most nasty thing ive ever done at that point. then she says lick my pussy clean she smashs her pussy into my face and rides my face im lick up and down her lips toung deep in her pusst she starts to cream its all stickey all over my face im hard as a rock at this point she gets up turns around just jumps down she impaled my cock im deep in her weet pussy in 1 jab she landed so hard my balls hurt she starts rideing me like crazy bounceing up and down then loweres her self down so i can suck on her nipples its all her im her fuck toy at this point its soo wett she then tell me to fuck her from behind tell me she going to cum and she want me to cum with her and filll her pussy from behind holdind on to her great ass i pump faster she meeting my thrusts says she close she keeps saying fill my diry pussy i want to feel your cumm drip out of me she starts to speech spanish curseing and oh gods when i feel it him me a warm flood my dick is in heaven i cant hold on i let go i must of shot off like 4 -5 times im drained we both are exhusted after a few my dick pops out of her pussy she sits back starts to finger her self my creampie driping out of her well fucked pussy shes laughing tells me this was the best fuck she ever had adn the fact im a compleate stranger made it so much better i go to to talk she hushes me we start to kiss and make out pulls away says we should shower so we soap each other up still kissing and rubbing all over when we are done we dry off go back to her room we get dressed i try to to talk again she says its better that we dont know each other names makes it more exciting that way said she never done anything like that but it was great but she was engaged and probaly better that this was a spontaionous but she grabs her schudel book tell me shes staying hear agin for school in 4 months and writes the date down says she will be waiting in the same stair way at 4am again when shes back i hope to have a great story for u all when she comes back. and i got to keep her panties as a reminder of that night