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Maybe you do not remember me. But I’m very impressed with youIts been im guessing 5 years ago. My wife has always let me take photos of her naked and doing nasty things…with the stiplation i was the only one to see them. We both masturbate alot and she knew i would use them for visual stimulation. My wife at the time was 58 or 59 and a grandmother with a grandmother body. 5 ft 4 in around 180-190 lbs ( a BBW) with 40d saggy tits with big aeroles and long nipples and her cunt is clean shaven most of the time. Over the years she has gotten into fucking herself with large dildos and other big object, because she knows i like a BIG OPEN cunt. So to please me she has worked her cunt into a monster when it is worked up and loose. Its gotten so big and loose that i cant cum in it because i cant feel the sides or get a grip in it , so i either ass fuck her or she sucks me off. So in order for her to get off she has to be masturbated off or fucked with a big object.

First Time showing Wife

Anyways about 5 years ago i had been looking at photos of her on my computer in our family room and jacking off , when i shot my load, i got dressed and went about my business of doing yard work, it was my day off. We have lived next to our neighbor about 10 years and Christine, my wife is friends with the wife, me and the husband are friendly,,we say hi and might chat for a few minutes when we see each other outside, but thats about it. He and his wife are about the same age as us and she is a BBW to and he is chubby. Just your average older couple.Well after my jerk off session and on my way out to do some yard work i open the door and he is just getting ready to ring the doorbell. We both laff and say our howdys and he ask if i have some jumper cables he can borrow. His wifes car battery is dead and he cant find his. I say sure and let him in. I tell him there in the garage and we start walking down the hall to the garage, well you have to pass the family room to get to the garage and i forgot to turn off my computer and i have hooked my laptop to a 36 inch smart flat screen to use as my monitor and on it is a photo of my wive naked on her kness with her hands behind her head with her udders pushed out, legs spread so you get a good look at her shaved big open cunt. Well as we walk by i see it ( he is following behind me) so im sure he sees it. We keep going and reach the garage, i get the jumper cables and hand them to him. I dont want him to see it again, so i start to open the garage door to let him out and he says bummer i wanted to go thru the house and grins at me. I laffed and said i wondered if you saw it and he said fuck yes. I want to see it again. well Christine was gone…


I dont even remember what she was doing, Well i had always wanted guys to see my wife naked…just didnt want it to be somebody that knew her. But i fiqured what the hell and laffed and said ok. So we walked back into the house and into the family room. He walked up to the TV monitor and said DAMN, that beat off material..i was stunned when he said that. i blurted out i have hundrrds and hundreds of nasty photos of her and laffed. Well he stunned me more when he turned to me and says. I have lots of my wife to and i will show you mine if you show me yours and laffs. I had always wondered what his wifes udders looked like because they are bigger than Christines. Well i had gotten over my shock and said sure, i have always wondered what you wifes udders looked i and i used the word udders and he laffed I open my laptop up and tell him to have a seat in front of the monitor and i hit the slideshow button and a new photo of Christine pops on. this one shows christine laying on the bed with her legs spread apart and it was taked after she had fucked herself silly with a big cucumber and her cunt is HUGE lookin. Well the neighbor goes nuts and says fuck that one BIG pussy.

I love it..I guess he remembers he has to jump his wifes car so she can go to work and he says after my wife goes to work do you mind if i come back. I will bring my laptop and you can see Nancy in all her glory while i look at christines photos. And then says if i get to worked up do you mind if i masturbate to them. Well i had just shot a load not 20 minutes earlier but the idea of a guy looking at my wifes photos, and masturbating to them while i watched had me getting a semi hard on. I said no problem, in fact i had just dumped a load looking at Christines photos right before he came to the door and that was the reason the computer was still on. I said i like the idea of a guy jacking to her photos and that when he came back and i got to looking at his wifes photos i might join him if i could get a hard on that quick. He got up and sprinted out of the house with the jumper cables. After he left i striped and sat there playing with myself thinking about him jacking to Christines photo. It was 15 minutes later he rings the doorbell with laptop in hand.Well i just get up and answer the door naked, he laffs and says you really do like the idea of looking at our wifes and comes in. we hook up his laptop next to mind set to chairs in front of them and he strip off, he is chubby and has a im guessing 6 inch cock about like mine only fatter. we hit the slideshow button on the laptops and two naked old fat women appear Christine on one and Nancey on the other. Nancy outwights Christine by im guessing 20 lbs and had huge really saggy udders her aeroles are bigger than christines but christines nipples stick out farther. There is no race when it came to cunts Christines is at least twice asbig as Nancys and both are clean shaved . needless to say we both shoot loads watching our wifes photos. We had been doing this and more for 5 years and neither wife knows it. And i love it