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My Free Adult Stories – Middle class suburbs, small town. A small group of guys are playing basketball on a small court, while some of their girlfriends sit on the sidelines, watching, chatting and cheering them on. “Aaaaaw! In your face, dawg!” yelled one guy after a 3 pointer from back of the court. “10 to 8!”

As they played, one girl, Ruth was talking to another, when she stops to ask “Wait…Did you hear something?”

“Yeah, I hear you…ho!” the other girl said and laughed.

“No, seriously. It’s like everything behind us and around us has become deafeningly quiet, out of nowhere. Then, I heard a tapping. It sounded like footsteps reverberating in a narrow hallway.”

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The other girl stops a sec, then says “I want some of what you’re smokin, girl. Why you holding out on me?”. She’s still laughing.

“Listen, Crystal. The main road. Do you hear any cars at all? Doesn’t that seem odd? What about those birds that are always making so much noise? Come to think of it, the breeze just seemed to disappear out of nowhere.”

At this point, both girls started looking a bit worried, and uneasy. All of a sudden, the stepping noises got louder, as if someone were approaching. Then, they stopped right behind the girls, as the two girls around. The site they both seen drawn the guys over to look. Before them stood this really cute, barely legal looking short girl with light green skin, which everyone assumed was paint or a costume, since she also had on a little schoolgirl uniform, with a plaid shortskirt and a white twist-top. She also had blonde hair tied in pigtails. She also had breasts that were of the ridiculous pornstar sized basketball silicone variety, with hard nipples. You could tell she was not wearing a bra, as she took a drag on a cigarette and exhaled. She then flipped one pigtail with her finger, as they approached her and looked at one of the boys seductively, and smiled. “Mmmmmm…..Hello, baby. You look good enough to eat.” She said this to one of the pair of twins who was there.

The boy started eyeballing her back a second and said “If I wasn’t already taken, I’d be all over you.”

“Hmm” the green girl, who we’ll just call Nimbula laughed. “I didn’t recall asking if you were taken.”

At this point, Crystal hopped in front of Nimbula and yelled “Oh HELL no! That’s my man! You want a piece of this, bitch!”

One of the guys then asks “What the hell is that?” He points at a huge bulge protuding and poking at Nimbula’s skirt, as if a hard cock is underneath it.

Nimbula responds “Do I want a piece? Mmmmm. I like girls, too, honey. How about I just take the whole thing?” Then, from nowhere, this green girl sprouted a long dragonlike tail and two huge clawed dragonlike wings, each as big as her body. It all sprouted in a flash. She grabbed Crystal’s wrists forcefully, as the wings enclosed on both herself and the now terrified Crystal. What followed for the next minute was a lot of screaming and horrible noise, as everyone else was in complete shock and glued to the spot, watching. All that was heard was a bunch of AAAAAHHHH! CHOMP! SHRED! PLEASE! MMMMMMM! SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! MMMMM! AAAAAAHHH! GURGLE! SLURP! RIP! CRUNCH! GULP!

Then, Nimbula’s wings opened, as Crystal’s bloody clothing fell to the ground, and Nimbula sported a noticeably larger belly. Nimbula burped and licked her lips, with her eyes closed, as if she was in total rapture. She moved her skirt to the side to reveal a huge and rock hard green cock, as her wings detracted and seemingly disappeared. “Mmmm. Who’s next, baby?” she said as she stroked her cock, and hungrily eyed everyone. Everyone started to run, but Nimbula ran faster. She caught one of the twins with her tail. The one whose girlfriend she had just eaten. She bent him over as she removed all of his clothing, ripping it off violently. She had caught the other twin with her hand, and she removed his clothing, too. Then, with no warning, she rammed her hard cock into the virgin asshole of the naked boy bent over in front of her, and made him scream loudly. Both twins begged to be let go. She stood completely inside with her balls resting against his ass and stopped a sec to “savor the moment”, before thrusting harder, while still holding the other twin. Nimbula then picked up the second twin, while still simultaneously fucking the first one doggystyle. She tilted her head back as her mouth stretched wide and she started to lower the boy into her mouth, head first. He screamed “Please! Don’t!”, before his head disappeared into her mouth. He went further down with each gulping noise she made, as she used her lip muscles to pull him down further and further. Nimbula gulped him down about as fast and reckless as she fucked his brother’s aching ass.
Then, with a final gulp, the second twin was gone. Nimbula sucked on one finger, and the first boy in tears, could feel her bigger belly now, full of his brother as she continued fucking his ass. Nimbula then bent over, with her hard nipples and huge tits poking his back, and picked up the pace, ramming him hard. She acted like she would let him go for a second, pulling out, but then she shoved the entire length back in and yelled “Yeah, right!”, as she started fucking as hard and fast as she could muster. Then, she finally came hard, with what must have been at least a gallon of cum, spilling out of his ass.

Nimbula pulls out of the remaining twin, and he gets up fast half angry, half scared. “M-my brother. Cr-Crysstal..”

“Yeah, they were fucking delicious” Nimbula responded, sarcastically.”Your turn.” She grabbed him and lowered him feet first, gulping him down quicker this time. She then sat against the b-ball pole, with a big belly and a big limp dick, as she lit a cigarette, exhaled and said “I fucking love this planet.”

By this point, one couple had snuck off to attempt escape. The one other guy, was trying to sneak up on Nimbula as she sat down. He had a huge rock, as he approached her, and he tried to lunge at her as he yelled “You won’t enjoy it, much longer, bitch”. Without even standing up, Nimbula wrapped her tail around him, causing him to drop the rock.

Using her tail, which was wrapped around him, she pulled him face-to-face, as she blew smoke into his face and licked his cheek. “You guys are so fucking cute when you try to fight back.” Nimbula said. He started to mouth off, before the end of her tail gagged him, pumping in and out of his mouth, which she just did to be “cute” and vindictive. Then, her tail started to stretch really long as her mouth widened to huge proportions. She started dangling him by one foot over her mouth. “Beg for your life. If you show me how much you want it, I may let you go.”

“Please, just let me down. Maybe I have something you want.” He says.

She starts to lower him a bit lower.

“WAIT! Please! Don’t eat me!” he screams. Now, his tough guy act just blows completely, as he blubbers like a baby.

She says “I believe you. Know what? Good news. I think I’ll let you go.”

He smiles before she drops him into her mouth with a loud GULP. “Well, technically, I did let him go. And it was good news for me.”

The remaining two, a couple had made it to the main road and were running to cross, when both bumped into something and fell. What had surprised them was that nothing seemed to be there, not even glass. “OH MY GOD! What is this?!” the girl screamed hysterically.

“Don’t worry, baby.” the guy said as he got up and tried to feel around for an exit.

About this time, Nimbula had gotten up, full round gut and all and decided to find them. She sniffed the air, as if she could smell them. It takes only a minute for her to come upon them. “Don’t bother. There’s only one way out. You know, I don’t have to eat you. I’m actually full. Of course, I still want a favor.”

“Anything” the guy says as he holds his girlfriend and both are scared.

Nimbula says “I’ve never had Earthgirl pussy.”

A flash of anger crosses his face as his girl sobs uncontrollably. The guy starts to argue and attempts to bargain with Nimbula. The girlfriend cries “Please just let us go!”

Nimbula lights another cigarette, and approaches the girl eyeballing her like a wolf does it’s prey. Nimbula’s nipples and cock are as hard as granite. Nimbula drags on her cig, exhales and says “I’ll take your pussy, honey, or your body. No compromise. Either way, it’s your choice.” She pinches the girl’s nipples.

The girl swallows nervously and tells her boyfriend “I-it’s OK, baby.” She started to remove her clothes, as Nimbula just watched and smoked while admiring the girl’s body and stroking her cock. The girl laid on her back emotionless.

Nimbula then said “I want your boyfriend to wet it first.” Nimbula said.

He looks shocked, but reluctantly gets on his knees, before her. Nimbula flicks her cigarette away, grabs the back of his head and smacks him in the face a few times with her cock. “Open your mouth, boy….HEY, YOU!” Nimbula turns to the girl. “Watch. I want you to see your man being my bitch.”

The girl was in tears as she tried to watch. Nimbula shoved her cock in and out of his mouth, ordering him to suck harder, as she gagged him, and made him almost hurl more than a few times. Then, unexpectedly and fast, Nimbula shoves him off and straddles up to his girlfriend, missionary position, as she spreads her legs. The girl gasped a second at the suddenness, before screaming the next second, as her cunt was stuffed with what must have been at least ten thick inches of hard thick throbbing green dick. “Stay where I can see you, or I eat her” Nimbula tells him.

Nimbula, with the face and look of an innocent schoolgirl, starts tearing up the girl’s cute little snatch, fucking her like a beast in heat, as she chokes her and spits on her face, while talking trash. “You’ve never had dick like this, have you, you little whore?!…..OH…..FUCK….YES!” A minute of this, and the girl screaming “OW!” and crying, and Nimbula came a bucketload in the girl’s snatch, overflowing it, as some ran out the sides of the girl’s pussy. “Mmmmmm.” Nimbula cooed in content.

The girl starts to get up when she hears a struggle behind her. “Noooooooo!” she screams, as a second green girl has her boyfriend half devoured, with only his legs still kicking remaining. She tries to run to help, but Nimbula grabs her. “Calm down, sugartits. I said I wouldn’t eat you” Nimbula said, emphasizing the word ‘I’. “Fuck, my friend’s gotta eat, too.” Nimbula had a wicked grin on her face, as the other green girl gulped down the final swallow of the last remaining male. The girlfriend screamed uncontrollably.

“I saved this one for ya” Nimbula told her friend.

“Woohoo. Well, bend her ass over, already!” she said.

They held her in bent over position, as Nimbula shoved her cock into the girl’s mouth. The girl tried to bite her, but Nimbula was too hard. The second green girl came up behind her and entered the girl’s snatch hard from the getgo. They abused her for a little bit in various different positions. Then, Nimbula’s friend, lets her wings out, and encloses the cumfilled girl, and a few, chomps, shreds, screams and gulps later, all that’s left of the girl is a pair of earrings.

Nimbula hands her just-lit cigarette to her friend, who also takes a drag, kisses her as they grab each other’s cocks and says “You’re right. These Earthlings are fun and delicious. We should invite the other girls, next time.”