Full Release Part One

Full Release: Part 1

A dark fantasy

I remember wings.

That was the first thought to cross my mind after the night I first met her. A beautiful angel come to me in the night. Looking back though, I remember everything with a clarity that is usually reserved for religious epiphany. Though, in a way, I suppose it was a religious moment. To understand it all, I will have to take you back a ways.

It was 3 years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer. Brain cancer. The aggressive type. My doctors told me that I would not likely live more than 6 months. Hard news at any age. At 17, it's devastating. I cried. More than I would like to admit.

My biggest issue, and not surprising considering my age, was that I was probably going to die a virgin. I would lay awake and question God into the middle of the night. Asking those same old self-pity questions. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Etc.

It was a night about 3 months later that she came. Wrapped as I was in my cocoon of depression, I was not aware of her presence when she first arrived. Just a soft sound of feathers like a small bird taking wing in an easy breeze. A hint of lilac on the air. I was so oblivious to the outside world that it wasn't until she tapped me on the shoulder that I realized, with a start, that there was someone else in my room. As I turned in alarm towards this unexpected intruder in my room, I caught her scent fully, and by the time I met her eyes… I was hers. Mind, body and soul.

For a moment she just stood there, silent and still, at the side of my bed. I took in the sight of her. It was as if she had somehow stepped out of a dream, and into my room. Her raven black hair cascaded down her shoulders, catching all the light it could, and grudgingly releasing it as a subtle luster. It framed a face as pure and white as new fallen snow, with rosy highlights above her cheekbones as if she had just come in out of the cold. Inset in that perfect face were the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. They were green, but not just any green, they were all greens. The green of a summer meadow, the liquid green of tree leaves reflected in a forest pond, and the green of a stormy sea, all in one. The beauty of her eyes was complimented, and enhanced, by the deep, luxurious red of her lips. Lips that seemed to promise wonderful things without even opening.

That face, that beautiful, perfect face, is forever etched in my memory.

Without a word, she sat on the edge of my bed and leaned forward. I was too enrapt to speak.

When our lips met that first time, it was like a fireworks show inside of my very soul. It was the perfect combination of firm, and giving. Passionate, and patient. As the initial surprise wore off, I began to truly get into it. With no prior experience to speak of, I was flying on instinct alone. My hands had somehow found their way up to the back of her head, and were holding her to me, but they didn't linger very long. They made their way down her back, feeling the silken material of her pristine white dress, to cup an amazingly firm ass. My already uncomfortable erection became almost painful in an instant.

Slowly, she pulled away. And when I sat up, she pulled my shirt off over her head before tossing it over her shoulder and pushing me gently back onto the bed. My mind insisted that this couldn't be happening, but it was.

Before I knew it she also had my sleep pants on the floor. And there I lay. My Batman boxers tented by my recently released manhood, and her leaning back over me.

She went first to my lips again, but was quick to move onward to other joys. Her lips laid a trail of fire from lips to ears, where she bit, nibbled, and sucked for a brief eternity before continuing down to my neck. When she first touched her lips to the hollow where the neck meets the collar bone, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of these new sensations. I was adrift in a sea of lust.

When she pulled away again, this time standing, my heart broke with the fear that she was going. But instead her hands went to the collar of her dress, finding some hidden clasp, or seam, she began to undress. The dress opened in the front, and with the way she took it off, I was reminded of curtains being drawn open before a play.

And what a show it was. Her breasts were beautiful and perky. Topped with the most perfect pink nipples I have seen even to this day. They did not hang, but seemed to defy gravity, sitting there proud and unashamed. Her figure could only be described as lithe. She had her share of curves, but she had an immediate and obvious agility. Like a long-time ballerina turned stripper. My gaze continued down, and locked hungrily on every inch of her.

She sauntered back over, and this time pulled my boxers off, allowing my proud member to spring free of it's cotton restraint. She looked at it for just a moment, then took it into her hands. Stroking and playing with me. My eyes rolled back in my head at her touch. Had I really once thought silk was soft? Silk was like sandpaper covered with glass shards compared to her touch. She continued to stroke me for what could have been a minute, or a lifetime. I found I didn't much care about time right then.

When she was done, she slid slowly up the entire length of me, my dick rubbing first between her perfect tits and over her silky skin. Her mouth came back up to meet mine, and we locked lips once more. My hands then became a flurry of activity. I wanted to know every inch of her, and I intended to explore until I did. I slid my hands down her back to her now bare butt, and relished the firmness of it. I cupped her breasts in my hands, stroking them, pinching her nipples, and massaging them. I finally found my way down between us to her pussy. This, above all, I knew I wanted to explore. My searching hands rubbed her lips, scared at first to go further, but growing more bold. I discovered her clit, and she moaned softly against my mouth as I began rubbing it with my middle finger.

At this point, I didn't think that I could go another minute without feeling her wetness surroinding me.

Seemingly reading my mind, she sat up, and straddled me. She knelt for a moment, poised above the head of my eager prick, and gazed into my eyes. With her gaze locked on mine, she lowered herself onto me. Her lips parted in a weak cry of pleasure when I was fully inside her. I reached behind her head and pulled her close as she began to move up and down. My mouth hungered for hers, and she happily obliged. We kissed, and we fucked like it was the last night on Earth. Writhing in exquisite passion, I was aware of nothing but us. Her moans grew more frequent as the ecstasy built between us, and she sat upright atop me once more. I was mesmerized by the sight of her perfect breasts rising and falling in the glow of the moon falling through the window. It was perfect. She looked into my eyes once more as she picked up the pace, and I felt near to bursting with pleasure. I thought I would explode. And then I did. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The immediate release of my seed inside of her was accompanied by a full body spasm, as I felt her pussy clench with the strength of her own orgasm. Wave after wave of electric pleasure ripped through my body, and for just an instant, I could see wings stretched behind her. Like the after image of a ghost, they seemed there and not simultaneously. And then they were gone as she collapsed on top of me.

We held each other then, and I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I saw was the early morning sun shining in my face. And in my mind, one thought echoed endlessly:

"I remember wings."

Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, look for part 2. Coming soon.