Got Milk ?

Normally, I’m just a cute blonde with a really nice figure, since I’m athletic and keep in good shape. Except, I have small petite “b” cup breasts. Or actually, I used to have b cups, until I got pregnant. Due to my pregnancy, my breasts filled out to nice full “c” cups, and they look like the best ones you see in Playboy magazine – no kidding. My husband loves them.

I read up on breast-feeding and all the experts say breast-feeding is the
healthiest method for babies, and recommend that it be kept up till the baby is at least three years old. My son is now 3 ½ years old and I still breast-feed
him every day. He and I both love it. It is a very natural, loving and
pleasurable experience. And it is allowing me to keep my beautiful breasts. In Europe some mothers nurse until their children are six or seven years old I’m told.

At 3 ½, my son is no longer a baby or even a toddler really. He’s a fun little
boy. I nurse him every night just before bed, and when he first wakes up each morning. He also comes to me during the day several times for milk since I am a stay at home mom. He likes to take my breast out of what I’m wearing for him and start sucking my nipple. He insists that I have both my breasts out for him to choose which one he uses for his “happy meal.” He usually fondles and squeezes the breast he’s not sucking, and will use his fingers to stimulate the nipple to get it hard and ready for him to suck when he is ready to switch from the tit he’s sucking now. When he does switch to my second tit, the nipple he has just left is sticking way out like a large pencil eraser. He loves that and will pinch it and roll it between his finger and thumb. When he’s finished eating, he jumps up and says “thanks mom” and dashes off to play or watch TV.

I am left with two nipples sticking way out to here, and dripping milk. And
sometimes I am turned on, and even wet between my legs. On weekends, when my husband is home, he will watch this little scene and he gets turned on too. He then eagerly takes my son’s place and finishes sucking all the milk out of both my tits. We both love the feeling and he says he likes the taste of my milk. We usually then have very passionate sex.

One of my girl friends has chatted with me while my son nursed, and said it
really turns her on to watch, since he really does such a great job of
caressing and stimulating my breasts and nipples while he feeds. She joking
asked me if my son would give her tits a good workout.

A few times, a repairman has been around our house when my son has nursed me. I don’t let them watch, naturally, but afterward I am turned on and they look pretty good to me sometimes. So far, nothing has happened, even though one was such a hunk, I had to go to my room and masturbate to calm myself down.

I plan to keep nursing my son for as long as I can, so I can keep these
beautiful tits. My husband is all in favor, since he loves my big improved tits
too. I wonder if this is going to get me in trouble? Is this perverted? Could be fun though…
to be continued…

I thought I would give you the latest on my nursing situation. The girlfriend I
mentioned before, that said it turns her on to watch me nurse my son, was over
the other day again, and chatted with me and watched while I nursed him. As
usual, he had given both my breasts and nipples quite a workout, and my
girlfriend had gotten another real show. He said thanks mom, and went to his room to
watch cartoons. There I was with both my breasts exposed to my friend, with
both my nipples sticking way out and oozing milk.

My girlfriend said, “I’ve just got to show you what I mean. Don’t cover your
breasts yet.” She quickly opened her blouse and removed her bra. There were her
two large beautiful breasts, with both her nipples sticking way out, just like
mine! We both laughed. And then we looked at each other, and were thinking the
same thing I believe. She asked if it would be OK if she touched my breasts to
see if they felt like hers. I caught my breath, but said yes, I guess so. She
slowly took both my breasts in her hands and gently squeezed them and started
massaging them. She said, “My, they are so firm and full of milk.” She then
squeezed each of my enlarged nipples, and got several drops of milk to drip
from each one. She was amazed I guess, since she has never been pregnant.

She then said, “May I please?” I nodded yes, without knowing for sure what she
meant, but was really enjoying her massaging and caressing my breasts, and
didn’t want her to stop yet. To my surprise she took one of my nipples in her
mouth and started sucking on it. Ooh, it felt so good. She sucked hard and got
a lot of my breast in her mouth with the nipple. And like my son, she massaged
the other breast and nipple while she nursed me. It felt wonderful! She emptied
all the milk my son had left in it, and switched to the other one. After a
wonderful while she had emptied both my breasts of milk. During this time I had
had two silent orgasms, but I don’t think she could tell.

She said for me to look at her tits. Her nipples were poking out even further
than when she had first shown them to me. She shyly asked me to do her a favor
and touch them like she had done for me. I sort of felt obligated since she had
just given me so much pleasure. But I had never had any sexual contact with
another woman, so I did feel a bit awkward. So I slowly took each of her
breasts in my hands and felt them. They were much softer than mine since they
had no milk in them. But her nipples were much harder than mine. I noticed that
she closed her eyes and moaned a little while I massaged them. As I continued,
she slowly lowered herself back further on the couch. As I continued massaging,
she put her hands behind my head and slowly pulled my face down to her breasts.
Not knowing exactly what to do, I slowly kissed her nipples and licked each of
them. Again, she moaned and said, “Suck them, please, please?” So I started to
suck them as my husband and son did to me, that felt so good. She continued to
moan, and moved her whole body sensually, as I took turns sucking both her
breasts. She got more and more into it, and finally had a loud earth shattering
orgasm. She said, “My God, That was awesome!”

We shared with each other that neither of us had ever had any sexual contact
with another woman, but that this was a wonderful experience. She again
surprised me with another request, and said she wanted to check something. I
said ok, and she reached under my skirt and felt my soaking wet panties between
my legs. I jumped back in a bit of a shock. She quickly took my hand and placed
it between her legs under her skirt. She was as wet as I was. We both smiled
and looked at each other. About then, my son came back in and asked me to fix
him some lunch. My friend and I were a bit embarrassed and laughed and giggled.
She excused herself and left while I prepared lunch for my son.

Later, as I did my housework, I was still wet and aroused so much that I had to
lie down on the bed and make myself cum, while I thought of the earlier
activities. I wonder if the next time my friend comes over, we will have the
nerve to do it again. And will we go even further? If we do I’ll share it with
y’all if you want me to.