Her First Taste Of Wine

Katy was walking home from school. Her backpack bounced against her back as she walked along, shivering against the cold. It was late, around six o’clock, and she frowned as she glanced at her phone. She was supposed to cook dinner tonight and at this rate she’d be late. She picked up the pace, her frown deepening as she hurried.

Katy and her daddy lived together in a house with a big backyard in the suburbs. They’d lived there since her mum had died when Katy was six and her dad moved them from the city. He told her later that it was quieter out there. More room to think. Less people watching and snooping around. Now, nine years later, she knew what he meant; usually. Daddy’s methods of correcting her bad behaviour (like right now, late again, why couldn’t she just learn?) often left the kind of marks that can’t easily be explained away. She had to be taught hard and frequent lessons to help her be the best daughter to him that she could be. Katy loved her daddy and so she tried to remember the sweet side of him and how good he was to her when she was over his lap, crying, snotty, bum stinging from the sharp slap of his hand.

Home now, opening the gate. Mentally preparing her excuses and apologies. She opened the door, inwardly cringing, looking around. “Daddy? Daddy, I’m sorry, I had netball practice and then I got caught up with schoolwork in the library..” A light coming from the living room, and the sound of laughter, she followed this down the hallway, rounding the corner to see a football game blaring on the TV, surrounded by Daddy and five of his friends from the office on the couches watching. She knew them all, Pete and Steve and Michael and Darren and Richard. They were nice to her, even if some of them got a bit inappropriate sometimes, ogling her tits under the sweaters she wore, ruffling her hair and patting her on the bum, but she didn’t mind, they meant well. They turned around as she came in, and she smiled tentatively, raised a hand, “Hey Daddy, hey everyone..”

Sudden quiet as they looked at her, eyes moving up, then down. Only sound coming from the sports commentator calling out scores. She stood there, feeling the first stain of a blush starting, very aware of how she looked in her netball uniform, skirt maybe a bit short (she had grown quite a bit over the summer), and she had time to think that actually she hadn’t seen Daddy’s friends in a while, and that maybe she looked quite a bit different since the last time, before the moment broke and the guys turned back to the TV. “Hey Katy,” a general murmur. She relaxed. It was ok. She put her bag down on the table and went to look in the fridge for something to cook.
“Katy. A word.” His voice was soft, coming from close behind her.

She froze, cringing. “Daddy.. I’m sorry I’m late, I’ll make dinner right away. I’m really sorry.”

His hand rested at the base of her neck, spinning her around, fingers under her chin forcing it upward. She trembled, thought about the fading marks on her bum.

“Hey pumpkin.” He smiled at her. “It’s ok, I’m having the boys around anyway. We’re going to order pizza later.”

He released her and she breathed in, happy. “Ok daddy. I’m going to get some food and then go upstairs and let you guys be, ok?”

“Sure thing pumpkin, have fun.”

She made a sandwich, listening to the men talk with one ear, rough deep voices teasing and laughing. A couple of times she caught her name and she squirmed with happy satisfaction that her daddy was talking about her. She hoped it was good things. She skipped to her room, blowing a kiss to daddy before she left, and set up on her bed. Ate her sandwich. Put on a movie in the background while she did her maths. At around ten, she cleaned her teeth and put on her pajamas, padded down the hallway, poked her head around the living room door. “Hey Daddy?”

He turned to look at her, still laughing, halfway through telling something to Steve, who was laughing so hard he choked on his beer. It was just Daddy and Steve and Richard now, they were watching a movie, something with a lot of explosions. Empty cans around the couch, pizza boxes. She took a mental note to clean up in the morning. “Yeah sweetheart?”

“I just wanted to say goodnight, Daddy.” She went to hug him and he returned the hug, pulling her close, surrounding her with the familiar scent of beer and cigarettes. She kissed his cheek and went to pull away, but he held on. She looked at him, surprised, inquiring.

“Why don’t you stay down here with us for a bit, pumpkin? The movie’s only just started.” She smiled, nodded, delighted. He smiled back. “Ok baby, want something to drink? We could all witness your first ever cider, huh guys?”

“Sure Daddy, that sounds great.”

“Grab yourself a glass and come sit next to me then.”

She fetched a glass from the kitchen and hurried back to nestle against him, feet tucked under her bum, too excited to even concentrate on the movie. He poured the cider for her, showing her how to tilt the bottle neck at an angle. He dropped a white pill in the glass first though (clink), for her vitamin C, he said. She sipped at it slowly as the movie played and she fielded well intentioned flirting from Steve and Richard, got a boyfriend yet Katy? Getting kinda big on top, arentcha? Explosions and guns and some kind of plot. Minutes passed. She began to notice her head lolling, feeling dull and fuzzy and hyperaware of Daddy’s comforting warm weight against her. His arm around her. Once his hand grazed her breast and she jerked but he didn’t move, he must just not realise.. him saying something to her, low buzz vibrating in his chest, trying to focus, “w-what did you say daddy?”

“Want another drink, baby? Want some wine?” Smiling down at her. She moves her head experimentally, still woozy.

“Um I dunno Daddy, I feel all funny..” she trailed off. He looked displeased. “I mean, sure, I’d love some. But Daddy, does it have to be wine? Remember I don’t like the taste.. I tried that sip of yours that time at Christmas. I don’t wanna waste it..”

He pulled her close. Mouth next to hers, his breath tickling her ear. She looked dizzily around, looking at the other guys, they both had their eyes on the movie. “I know a way that you can have that drink and not have to taste a thing.” Her eyes wide and glassy, wordlessly questioning. “Yeah, it’s true. I’ll show you how, if you like. But it’s a bit of a grownup thing to do. So if I show you how and we do it, you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?”

She swallowed thickly. Thinking hurt. It was easier to agree. “Ok Daddy, show me how.”

He looked down at her. Gripped one of her ears and twisted. She yelped. Richard looked over at the sound, saw the scene playing out and winked. “Once you agree, there’s no take backs. Ok Katy?”

“Yes daddy no take backs I promise..”
He let go. “Good girl. Stay there a sec, ok? Have another beer.” He poured it for her this time, dropped another pill in. Vitamins, she thought hazily. She could hear Daddy rummaging around in the kitchen. She sipped on her beer. Her head was woozy. Lights darting around under her eyelids. Steve and Richard are talking to each other softly, looking at the TV still but she can see them darting glances at her. She hears her name again, this time without the rush of pleasure. Yeast and alcohol turning in her stomach. Suddenly she’s too dizzy to sit up.

She hears Daddy coming back, feels him tug her over onto her stomach, propped over his knees. Feels him yanking her pajama pants down. Squealing with discomfort and embarrassment, trying to pull them back up. He firmly grabs both wrists in one hand and pins them into the small of her back.

“Hey guys,” she hears Daddy say over her rising panic. Pete and Richard look over, small grins starting in their faces as the observe the scene, Katy blushing and tearing up, over her dad’s knee, bottom up, ineffectually struggling.
Dim words from a long way away. “Katy’s volunteered to show us how to drink her wine plugged. Isn’t that right, pumpkin?”

Struggling and whimpering, too confused not to nod but too scared not to try to get away. Dull pain in the back of her head, she thinks he used the base of the wine bottle he brought over. He rips her panties down, spreads her cheeks roughly and she thinks she’s gonna die, she’s so exposed he’s spanked her in front of his friends before but only as a kid and not like this

“I’ll plug you up nice and full, baby.”

Hawking. Spitting. Rubbing her hole, roughly inserted fingers. Something cool and cold, ridged texture, pain as he works it in. Struggling and thrashing and trying to scream, if he hadn’t balled a sock and stuffed it in her mouth. Bum still pointed up, legs parted around his thick thigh, she can feel the liquid trickling inside her, inexorably filling her. A pop as the neck is pulled out, and then more agonizing pain as something impossibly large is pressed against her anus.

“Deep breath, Katy. Stay quiet, don’t embarrass me you little cunt. You wanted this.”

She tries. She really does. But whatever he’s pushing into her widens and widens and she can’t help it, daddy please bubbling around the makeshift gag, you’re hurting meeee

And it’s in. She collapses on his lap, aware for the first time of something hard pressing against her pelvis. Daddy pats her bum, squeezes her swollen belly. She can feel the liquid slosh around her. She needs to go to the bathroom.

“Now we’ll just wait for that to work. And then we can have some fun. That is, if you can keep the fucking noise down. Maybe we’ll take turns kicking you in the belly and see how many turn you into a decanter.”

~to be continued