Hot Sex Stories – The Adventures of Chloe and Faye: Chloe Meets Sean

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I stopped my bouncing when Shalikka held my hips in place and began hammering herself up into my asshole with fury. I gasped and moaned, my breath coming in fast, abbreviated pants. Chloe knew what this meant, and she stroked my cock and looked up at me. Hot Sex Stories

“You ready, sweetie? You want it now?”

“Oh yeah, oh God, make me me come, baby. Yeah yeah yeah, make me come!”

Hot Sex Stories - The Adventures of Chloe and Faye

This happened several years after I met Chloe:

While she was at first just a casual hookup, it was not long before my dearest Chloe would become my most treasured friend. A truly real person, the only ‘lie’ about her was the nine inch shaved Irish penis lurking underneath her girly frills.

On occasion, I’ve wished that we could have loved each other as life partners, but both of us wanted the same thing: a ‘real’ man. For me, a man or a very understanding woman would do, although I had only ever been in love with women. At that point, I wasn’t sure I could ever have that emotional relationship with a man, so in theory, Chloe would have perfectly bridged that gap. Fooling around and having mind-blowing sissy sex together was one thing, but Chloe and I were destined to be soul-mate friends at best. And that best is far better than good enough. Hot Sex Stories

She is a striking beauty, like Maureen O’Hara in her prime, and every bit as strong and willful as Maureen’s screen persona. With a 28 inch waist, long toned legs, and that flaming mane of wavy red hair flowing down to the middle of her back, she could (and did) get the straightest of men to kneel down in front of her.
Before Chloe, I rarely went out in public dressed, because I don’t pass nearly as well as her. The only times I would brave it were at events like the Pride Parade, where I felt protected by a huge buffer zone of people like me. She was the one who convinced me that crossdressing and passing was a sliding scale, and wherever your God given looks placed you on that scale, you needed to own it, and do the best you can with what you’ve got.

I gradually accepted that the men who wanted me would want me not because they could fool themselves into pretending I was really a woman, but because I was a man wearing women’s clothes: a faggot, possibly the naughtiest (in my mind) of all the sub-phyla of the gay family. It was true, and she taught me that about myself. I am bisexual, but when I play gay, I want to be the biggest fag I can be. I don’t want to be a woman: I want to suck cock and get butt fucked dressed as a woman, but I am always a man nonetheless. ( Hot Sex Stories )

When Chloe and Sean first saw each other, I was there. Unfortunately, my boyfriend Carter was out of the country (I’ll have to tell you how I met him – THAT was a wild night) , but we played separately with each other’s knowledge and permission. It was a huge party in the Hollywood Hills, at the intersection of bi, gay, CD and tranny. I liked Sean well enough, but Chloe and he fell in love, literally at first sight. I had only seen this in movies, but leave it to Chloe to prove once again that fantasies can become reality.

That night, I literally watched her life transform. It was like a movie, where everyone else in the room froze in time, leaving only Chloe and Sean animated as they discovered each other. She saw him first, talking to the host and his tranny wife. Chloe made a beeline for them, giving the wife a hug and kiss. She introduced them, and that, as they say, was all she wrote. (Hot Sex Stories)

A while later, I could feel their new love course from his body into hers as he fucked her anus from behind while she sucked my cock. I was pounding my own asshole up and down on some guy’s eight inch rod. I didn’t even know my butt fucker’s name, but that was not uncommon the way these parties unfolded. All around us, at least forty people fucked, sucked rimmed and generally slobbered all over each other wherever there was a foot or two of free space.