Hot Summer (Part 2)

Hot Summer (Part 2)

I sat nestled in a crook of an old oak tree, and nibbled on a corn beef sandwich I’d brought from home, and contemplated the morning events. It had ticked so many firsts for me, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, still I wondered about it too. So many questions but in the end they boiled down to one thing really, would Jill and Mary ever play like that again?

After about an hour, and as I was just thinking they might not return today, when heard the familiar sound of girls voices, and soon Mary and Jill come into view. I hurriedly finished my last mouthful and started to climb down the thick branches. On touching down my heart sank to see Jill’s slightly younger cousins Tom and Lilly following along behind, not the I didn’t like them, I did, but I realise that this afternoon wouldn’t be the one I was hoping for.

“Hi Joe” the girls chorused as the touched down. “Hi” I forced a smile back, “So what’s the plan then?” I said. Mary gave me a sideway looks “Well we thought we’d go to the hollow and play this afternoon, Tom and Lilly haven’t been there before and they are only here for a few hours”. My brain ground thought her words trying to decipher any hidden meaning from her but to no avail. As we set off along the winding trial we chatted about something and nothing and it wasn’t long before we were at the hollows entrance and were we climbing haphazardly down the steep slops to the bottom.

From the outside the hollow was pretty invisible only a few gaps in the thick bushes offered access. Once the steep path had been tackled, and unlike the rest of the woods, the vegetation was sparser as the canopy of twisted trees cut out much of the light. It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust to the cool, dark interior. Scattered amongst the tree where flat topped boulders that we used for all manner of make believe things.

Tom said “Cool place, its not fair, we don’t have anything like this at home”, I smiled knowing he was right. Mary led the way to one corner of the hollow where it dipped down even deeper. Looking up past the near vertical sides, a mass of tree roots almost formed a cave. We called this place a dead man’s cave, because the heavy earth walls killed all the sound, making the whole place feel dead quiet. One of my favourite game to play here was climbing the twenty feet up the maze of tree routes, and I began showing off my climbing skills, trying to look as casual as I could before Mary announced we were going to play a game. In my mind now, words had been given a whole new meaning, and I felt my pulse quicken, before common sense prevailed. But, for once, I hadn’t misinterpreted her meaning as she continued “Ok you everyone got to promise, not to chicken out and not to tell” Lilly piped up “I can’t climb up there” pointing to me “no way”, Mary and Jill laughed “No its not a climbing game, nothing like that” Jill said. “No” Mary continued “No, it’s called models and photographers.”. Tom swung up on a tree root and said “Boring, boring, boring”. But Mary pressed on “Its not boring, anyway your probably too young and too chicken to play anyway”, Tom looked defiantly and shot “Am not”. “Ok, prove it and play” Jill said. Tom looked at me, and I nodded “Ok then, how do we play then?”. Mary smiled triumphantly and said “its simple, we each take turns to be the photographer and ” as she produced a dice from her pocket “the photographer rolls the dice, and the others all do too if they get higher than the photographer they are safe, if not then they are a model for that round”

Typical Mary, I thought complicated rules! I just wanted to get to the exciting bit, but Lilly was looking confused “What’s not safe about being a model?” she asked. Lilly despite her appearance, was very bright, in fact she was one of the brightest kids I knew. Dad said she would go to Oxford for sure when she was older. Mary fixed her with one of her looks; she didn’t like being questioned by anyone, let alone someone who she viewed as her junior, “Well Lilly, the photographer gets to set up the scene for the photos and the model….. well they have to do what there told”. There seemed to me to be a lot more information being exchanged between the girls than the sparse number of words indicated, and Lilly seemed to be considering things carefully. At length she said “Ok then, but any ones not being models get the help to photographer and no one chickens out until we have been around at least once oh and nothing too much!”. She had got it, not only than she had got it and still had agreed to play. Now, it seemed, it was only Tom in the dark.

Mary confirmed her agreement, and said “You can be the photographer first if you want Lilly”. Lilly paused again calculating the options, “No, your alright, let Joe do it”. “Catch Joe” Mary said, as she tossed the dice in my direction.

Not being that ready I fumbled the dice, but soon had it safely in my hand “Ok then” I said as I shook them and lowered myself onto a small patch of bare earth, before launching it forward. The lone dice bounced over the hard dry earth, and rebounded off a root before coming to a stop on the number four. “Four” I beamed “it’s a four”, as I passed the dice to Tom, who promptly rolled a two, seeming unaware of the implication of his roll, simply passed the dice on. Next come Jill who also got a four, and Mary who got a one, leaving only Lilly left. She unleashed the dice pretty hard and bounced about wildly on the floor, coming to rest on six. She grinned with smugness “Looks like Tom, Jill and Mary are the model’s then and I get to help Joe”.

All eyes were on me, and having be desperate to play a game like this I felt my confidence ebbing away now the crowd was quite big. Jill and Mary, I knew very well but while I knew Tom and Lilly they weren’t in my inner circle of friends, more concerning was the fact that Tom was there, I was excited about playing with the girls but having male competition worried me more than I knew. Finally I realised that I was way in over my head and a slight panic began to build in my stomach. I played a little safety card for me, and stalled for time by saying to Mary “It’s the same rules as before right about what we can do?”. Mary confirmed that it was.

“Ok, we are doing a cheerleader one then” I’d said. I seen a set like that in the magazine that morning so I figured it would work out ok. I arranged Jill and Mary standing side by side, facing me and Lilly and put Tom in the background. “Ok your doing a cheer where you both bend over and touch the ground” They both complied Jill even arched her back a little pushing out her ass. “Ok Lilly?” I asked, she confirmed she approved so I continued “The second one is the this side” as walked around to where Tom was looking at their butts, with slight amusement. “What next?” Lilly asked “Ok Tom you’re the coach, move in beside Mary”, I said. Lilly chipped in, her voice taking a teasing, playful tone “I think we should be able to see there panties in this one don’t you Joe”. I paused of a split second “Yes, Lilly, Tom will you pull down their shorts please” as I spoke my mouth was drying by the second “you what Joe? Mary will lamp me one if I do that”, he replied “No she won’t will you Mary, she isn’t chicken” Lilly mocked, a thin curl of a smile played out on her lips. Mary, trying to sound confident said “No I’m not”. Tom didn’t need telling twice, and her pulled to short down over her hips and passed her knees, before easing them carefully over her trainers. Then, without stopping he moved over to Jill and did the same giggle as he did so. I told to girls to widen there stance, while Lilly took great delight in adjusting there panties, pulling them up firmly to reveal the shape of what lay beneath. Tom and I watch her captivated. By tugging Mary and Jill panties upward firmly she was able to make them arch their backs, extenuating there forming curves. I thought they really did look like the girls from the magazines. Finally we got Tom standing between them with a hand on each ass. Mary stood patiently while Tom touched her butt, before chiming in “Joe, you only have one more pose, then its someone else’s turn”, Lilly ceased the opportunity to say, “Yes Joe, one more, then I’m going to be the photographer”

“Tom, knee down between them” I said “and …. And put your hand between their legs”. Rather clumsily he followed my command, squeezing his hand into place. “Boys!!” Lilly exclaimed sound rather exasperated “useless, he looks like he’s clueless lump Joe, it is a rubbish pose”. I was surprise and a little hurt by her reaction and said “Ok Lilly, what’s wrong with is it, its like you see in magazines and that’s the rules isn’t it”, trying to defend myself. Lilly continued, in a slightly softer tone. “No, not really, Let’s get Tom to take their panties off and do it them properly”. She had a mischievous look on her face as she continued, “go on Tom, get ‘em down”. Mary and Jill still stood there submissively as Tom grapple there panties down to their ankles. Tom step back a little to admire his handy work, the small tent in his shorts growing steadily. I could feel mind doing the same and I stood awkwardly trying not to look too conspicuous. Tom was settle down into the nook between Mary and Jill as Lilly approached him. “Here Tom, put your hand like this”. Boldly she slide her hand between Mary’s leg’s. I watched in awe as her fingers parted Mary pussy lips. “Do it like that” she instructed. He tried to follow her lead, but struggled, so the make it easier for him, Lilly eased Mary’s legs wider and wider apart. As this point I want in on the action too and approach Jill saying “Oh I see what you mean, yes, I think that much better Tom you, touch Jill like this too, come on Jill spread em”, I pushed Jill knee gentle as she complied by spreading her legs wide, so I could reach under her and touched in the same way Lilly had done, it was moist to the touch and her back arched a little as my fingers explored her, and a moan left her lips. Tom took over and Lilly and stepped back to watch, but Lilly was finished yet. She suggest that Tom should be moving his hand back and forth a little to get some action into the shot. He did as instructed and this had a profound effect on the mood in our game. Mary and Jill both looked awesome, but now I could discern that both girls were gentling rocking and grinding there hips in time with Tom, and both girls looked so much more like the girls in the magazine now.

In final act of playful wickedness however, Lilly said “Of course Mary is right, its someone else’s turn to be the photographer now”. Reluctantly Tom stopped and stood up, Lilly was already heading for the discarded dice. Jill and Mary were getting there composure back a little as the dice come rattling over the ground. I stayed in disbelieve at the score as the it come to rest at my feet. Lilly had rolled a six.

By the time I’d rolled a four and Tom a three, Mary and Jill were re-dressed again and ready to take there chances. Mary rolled first and also got a three, and by I was surprised when Jill also got a six too. “Looks like I’m help you Lilly” she beamed, Lilly giggled, “Yes, come over here and we can make a plan”.

The three of us watched while Lilly and Jill when into a huddle, and after a few moments return. Lilly said “Ok, here the theme, its cops and robbers, Tom and Joe, you are the robbers, and Mary, you have caught you and are taking them in for questioning” Jill giggled. Lilly glanced at her before continuing “Right then, first picture, Boys put your hands behind your backs, like your cuffed, Mary your in the middle” We followed Lilly’s instruction. There was something about the way to issued her commands, I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but slowly it dawned on me that maybe this wasn’t the first time she’d played like this. In fact although she was the youngest it was clear she knew much more than we did about how to play these sorts of games. She fussed around our startup pose, and when she was happy she pressed into her second. “Mary you need to kneel down for this one” she said. Mary slowly and carefully sank into her knees. When she was settled Lilly continued “Mary you are frisking the boys, so put your hand between there legs from behind and up” . Mary did as she was told, her slender hand pressing the fabric of my short against my legs, increasing the pressure of my cloths against my sack, and sending my heart rate soaring as blood rush to engorge my cock.

Mary proceeded to allow her hands to wandering upward until her fingers traced the shape of my cock through my cloths. Lilly asked her to message the head which she did, quite firmly; I was getting dizzy with the excitement. I glanced over to Tom who was getting the same treatment. Lilly was ready to step things up a gear and said “Right Mary thats good, now get Joe out to do that to him”. Mary hesitated a moment, and I notices Jill moving closer, craning her neck forward for a better view. Mary release Tom and tucked her finger in the waist band of my shorts, before wrestling down to my knees, taking with them my underwear. I felt the now familiar sensation of cool air on my skin as my cock bobbed about. Mary resumed her previous position, her finger gripping my shaft about the head, she continued her rubbing motion forcing my foreskin back and forth over my gland. I couldn’t help but gasp a little, and felt involuntary movement in my hips, pushing into her strokes. Lilly let Mary continue of a while, before saying, almost in a whisper “Time of the grand finally, Jill would you minding helping and getting Tom out too, we need both boys for the last one”. Didn’t see her do it, I was lost of the sensation pulsing through. I looked down a short Mary had Tom cock in her right hand, with mind still in her left. She was stroking us firmly and in time. Jill was cupping Tom balls and I noticed his hip thrusting forward almost uncontrollable. Lilly said “Great, guys…mmmmm that’s looks great, Mary stick you toung out”. She did, and a seconds later it was met by the warm fluid that erupted from Tom. Mary tried to pull back but Lilly was ready for her, preventing her from moving her head away, as Jill hand took over the pumping to empty Tom over her face. “Lilly!!!” Mary protested “that was gross” as said wiping her face “and its not in the rules of the game, we said it had to be something in the magazines” Jill had stopped pumping and was giggling, as was Lilly “I know, but have to READ the magazine, may not be in pictures but it in the stories” she laugh and teased “and you still have Joe to go”. “No way” said Mary “Absolutely no way…. You cheated, so your going to do it”. Mary turned and grabbed Lilly and the two girls tussled for a moment, before Mary’s superior strength began to show through. Mary manoeuvred Lilly’s in a sitting position on the ground, with Mary behind her. She pin her arms behind her back with one hand and help her head still with the other. “Now” Mary giggled “Your going to get a TASTE of your own medicine”. I noticed Lilly struggling, but it was kind of funny, I though she would have struggled more. Mary said “Tom !!, sit on her legs, and stop her kicking and you two get here”. Jill and I moved forward, I really didn’t know how this was going to pan out but I was so fired up I did as I was told. “Closer Joe, you’ll miss from back there” Mary laughed “come on”. I stood right on front of Lilly, Jill took up stroking me and she wasn’t messing about. “Tongue out Lilly, like you made me”. Lilly obey with hesitations, then everything happen so fast, Mary pushed Lilly head forward and she opened her mouth as my cock slide inside, and at the moment I start squirting cum into her, Jill stopped her vigorous pumping but to my surprise Lilly kept pumping me with her mouth, her lips gripping the my glands. The whole only lasted a few seconds but it was blissful. There was an awkward silence, no one knew want to say, then Mary giggle “Got you back”, and somehow the tension was broken, and Lilly laughed “Maybe, maybe not”. I was still feeling a little shell shocked, as finally my cock began to soften and a satisfying glow filled my body.

We all sorted ourselves out, Tom and I re-dressed. He checked his watch “Hell, we should have been back 30 mins ago Lilly”, and with that we made our way out of the hollow. We quickly arrived back at Jill house and started to saying our goodbyes. Just as Lilly was about to leave she turn to us as in a matter of fact way and said “Are you guy ok to meet up on Saturday and play again?”

(To be continued…)