I Can't part 2

I woke up the next morning with a big shit eating grin on my face because of what transpired the day and night before with Shyan my daughter . I can still feel her hot wet mouth and pussy rapped around my cock milking it for everything it had . When I looked around my room I didn’t see Shyan anywhere , I got up and walked into the kitchen and found her there finishing up breakfast for me and herself .
I walked up behind her and rapped my arms around her waste and leaned into her pressing my crotch against her ass through her panties , and said “ morning baby “ Shyan responded by pushing back against me and saying “ morning lover “ . I quickly asked , So I’m your lover huh ? She just smiled and said “ and then some “ winked and sat down to eat her breakfast .
Daddy hurry and eat up and go take a shower , I want you to give me a good fucking before you start your day , do you hear me mister ? I just smiled and replied “Yes lover , anything you say “ and then chuckled .
I went up and started to shower when I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and a hand go strait for my cock , here he is , I been thinking about him since I got up . We need to get him good and clean so we can make him all messy and sticky again , do you have a problem with that daddy ?
Nope , is all I could say , and think to myself what are you doing man this is your daughter you fucked and sucked , you came in her mouth and her pussy , what are you going to do next ? Fuck her in the ass .

A short time later I found out what Shyan had in mind , I was in my room getting some clothes out so I could get dressed and start some work around the house and yard when Shyan walked in and asked , What do you think you are doing ? You cant fuck me if you have clothes on and walked up to me and started kissing me with a passion to the likes I never have felt before . Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring , Shyan said I’ll get it , before I could say anything she was gone in a flash . I heard her talking to someone , a woman . The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it .
Oh shit I thought , it’s the woman from the store , Shyan must have called her before she got into the shower with me . I started to get dressed when both of them walked into my room and I was standing there with my underwear only up to my knees . The woman’s eyes looked like they were going to jump out of her sockets , she was obviously starring at my cock , Shyan said “don’t bother putting them on you got work to do first , you need to fuck both of us before you go anywhere .
I thought , my god how can one man be so lucky , his beautiful daughter and now a beautiful young woman from the store , both wanting me to fuck them . Shyan started to get undressed first , then the woman followed suit . Man she has got a sexy body I thought and my dick agreed , it started to twitch instantly , I walked over to Shyan and started to make out with her while the woman watched , my god what a turn on being watched while I kiss my daughter . Shyan broke our kiss and introduced the woman to me , daddy this is Ashley , Ashley this is daddy . “Hi , nice to meet you “ I said . “nice to meet you too “ she replied . Hey Ashley why don’t you suck his cock while I eat your pussy , and he can watch me do it . It will get him hard in no time Shyan said . Ashley told me to lay down on the bed and got into position so Shyan could eat her out while she sucked my cock to get me hard so I could fuck them both .
Shyan was right , I got hard instantly watching her eating this woman’s pussy out .
I didn’t know my daughter was bi sexual , damn , I must be missing a lot of things , was all I could think .
Ashley was squirming and moaning wildly after only a couple of minuets of getting her pussy eaten out , she started to have an orgasm as soon as Shyan stuck a finger in her ass and pussy while licking her clit at the same time , she was bucking her hips back and forth and her sucking got incredible , the suction was almost to much , I almost blew my load right then and there . Oh god stop , I don’t want to cum yet I said . Shyan switch places with Ashley , I want to see her eat your pussy . Both girls got up and switched places rather quickly , Shyan wasted no time sucking my cock down her throat and Ashley started licking and fingering Shyan’s pussy like a whore in heat .

This went on for a little while till Shyan had a massive orgasm witch almost made me blow instantly . Ok ladies , who’s going to be first to get fucked ? Shyan said , I will wait since I asked her to come and join us . Ashley just looked at both of us and said “ You don’t have to tell me twice “ and laid on her back with her legs rapped up around her head . Her pussy looked so good looking up at me . All pink and shaven with just a strip of pubic hair above her clit . I eased the tip of my cock at her entrance and asked her if she was ready to be fucked , her only reply was to push herself up to impale herself on my cock . With that I shoved forward as hard as I could , she let out a scream of pleasure and pain . I told Shyan to sit on her face while I fucked her and let her eat her pussy , Shyan didn’t hesitate one second , she jumped up and squatted down on Ashley’s pretty face . Instantly Ashley began to lick her new lovers pussy out with a hunger of a starving child looking for it’s mothers nectar of life , I mean she was realy eating her , Shyan was bucking and grinding like a wild bull , screaming “oh god yes “ please don’t stop .
I picked up my pace shoving my cock deeper inside of this tight willing little cunt that was offered to me , it was so wet and tight I couldn’t believe how tight she was , I knew this though it felt amazing , like a glove gripping my cock and milking it for all it was worth . Ashley was moaning loader and wiggling around telling me she was almost ready to orgasm . I picked up the pace to a blinding speed , I couldn’t fuck any faster if I wanted to . Shyan was moaning and grinding her hips downward into Ashley’s face forcing her cunt into her lovers mouth when all of sudden she started screaming she was gonna cum , Ashley tried to speak but couldn’t do to the mouth full of pussy she had . Shyan screamed “cum with us daddy cum for your baby girl “ I’m trying baby , I’m trying was all that I could say , after Ashley and Shyan’s orgasms I told Shyan to lay on top of Ashley with her pussy facing me and Ashley’s face underneath . They quickly got into position and I started to fuck my daughters beautiful tight cunt , and shoving it into Ashley’s mouth for good measure on every third or fourth pushes . I kept doing thid for quite some time and couldn’t cum for some unforeseen reason , before now I didn’t have a problem filling Shyan’s pussy full of cum > Shyan was beginning to cry out again her orgasm was coming on strong and fast , she cried out cum in me daddy , please cum with me , in me , I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy . Try as I might I couldn’t get to that point of Cumming , when out of the blue I felt Ashley’s hand slide up underneath my balls and she started to rub her finger on my asshole , my god that feels good , don’t stop gonna make me cum , I screamed . Shyan said , Yes daddy cum in me , cum in me please . With that Ashley did the unthinkable , she shoved her finger into my asshole and it pushed me over the edge , I let a mighty groan and shoved my cock deep into Shyan’s hot , wet love tunnel , and let loose one of the most intense orgasms I have ever felt , immediately Shyan began to cum with me screaming yes , yes , yes , fucking fill my tight pussy up daddy with your baby juice , and that I did .

After Cumming 8 or 9 jets of cum deep inside my daughters wanting pussy I collapsed on top of her without thinking about Ashley being underneath her , Ashley let out a grunt , uhg , fuck your squishing me , get up please . Oh shit , sorry honey and I rolled off of the two woman , the three of us just laid there breathing heavy , when Shyan asked , daddy what made you cum so hard and so fast ?
I looked over at Ashley and said , ask her . Ashley had a big shit eating grin on her face and said , I fucked him in the ass , I shoved my finger all the way inside of his asshole , works every time . We all laid laughing , and talking for a bit . I offered to take both ladies out for dinner but Ashley said she had to go to work and thanked Shyan for inviting her over for the best fuck she ever had , Shyan just said , any time sweetie , any time and then winked at me . We said our good byes and went back inside the house to figure out what we were going to do for dinner when Shyan asked me , daddy did you like fucking both of us ? Yes of course I did . Did you like her pussy better than mine ? Honey , I love your pussy better than any other pussy in the world and would never think of trading it for any other . With that Shyan jumped on my lap and kissed me passionately and said I love you daddy and I will never fuck any other man for as long as I live .

After we got home from a quite dinner , I said I was tired out and was going to go to bed early .
Shyan said ok daddy and kissed me goodnight with the sweetest little girl kiss any man has ever gotten and said goodnight I love you now and forever . I was sleeping for quite some time when I had this dream , it was Shyan kneeling between my legs , sucking my rock hard cock deep down her throat and shoving two fingers in my ass and asking me if I liked getting fucked in the ass , all I could do was yell , yes, yes ,yes , don’t stop please don’t stop and blew a wonderful load down her throat . I was breathing really heavy to the point of almost passing out when I heard Shyan scream , daddy I’m sorry , I’m sorry , I didn’t mean to hurt you , please don’t die on me . I jumped up and looked her straight in the eyes , I thaught was I dreaming or did this really just happen . My answer hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw the look of horror on my precious daughters face and tears in her eyes . I grabbed her in my arms , still breathing heavy and assured her I was fine , that I came so hard I almost passed out . Shyan cried for a minuet or so and said she was so scared she killed me and she would be all alone and cried harder .
Baby it’s ok I’m fine I swear , see my breathing is back to normal I’m not going to ever leave you never , I love you more than anything in this world , with that she stopped crying and gave me a kiss like no other , one that would tell any man she belonged to them and only them .