it all started in 2005

It all started back in June 2005. My name is Kevin,

I took my daughter Kim 11; swimmg to our local pool, she had been going a while with my wife.
My wife Pam has just got a promotion in her job; she doesn’t have time to take her,
I seem to have plenty of time. I inherited a small two screen cinema in the UK,
back to the story I took Kim swimming, I sat and watch as she swam, while sitting there quite a few girls all about 11 to 13 years old past to and fro, not taking much notice until, I saw this chap eying a couple of the girls, As they sat down to eat some snacks. one of the girls began to look over at him, she only looked about 12years old, I could see him smile he looked around, I pretended to be reading my book, so after a while he motion the girl towards the door with his eyes she got up, she said to her friends she had to go to her locker to get something and left, then he got up and left.
I follow him out the door keeping my distance then I notice they went in to a family changing cubicle,
I went into the next one to them and heard them talked; he asked her if she wanted to come home later with Kelly his daughter? She asks what about your wife? There is no wife she’s gone long time ago.
Ok but not today, tomorrow if that’s ok, yeh sure, make sure Kelly asks me to come over in front of my parents. He then whisperers do you like this, oh yeh mmmmmm it feels nice she said, I will use my Tongue there when you come over
I could hear him whisper I like it with no hair on it, it feels nice, how does it feel for you? Hmmmmm,
I like it. After a while I could hear slurping she must have been sucking his cock he started to moan as if he had cum. then you could hear his zipper closing sound, we had better stop this and go back. You go first I will follow later. I left quickly before they open the door. I thought to myself you lucky shit.
As he sat back in his seat He would bleatingly look at the young girls as they wander in & out of the snack bar area, I seen this young girl adjust her swimming outfit around her crotch in a way you could see her v spot, she could only be about 10/11 years old. It turned me on straight away, I though what the fuck is wrong whit me? I never thought about young girls before today.
Kelly his daughter, and her friends came in, she got some cash off her dad and went to the bar to get refreshments with one of her friends the other stayed behind with her dad, I notice he moved his chair close to her I could see from my vantage point his hand go to her thigh then I notice the girl pull her towel over as if to hide his hand, she opened her legs a little as if to give him room to wander up her thigh she lifted her left leg to give more access to her, this went on for a while until Kelly came back .
After they had their Snack they went back to the swimming pool as they left, Kelly came back and gave her dad a hug as she did this I notice his hand go up her thigh from behind and rubbing her crotch, I could see him squeeze a bit, she smiled and left. All this time I had a fucking raging hard on and though I would go out to the loo and relive myself. Just before I stood up I saw Kim and the girl he had been in the family cubical with Kelly`s dad, her name is Emma, Also the girl Amanda who had her pusse felt up in the snack area and Kelly they were chatting away.
My head was reeling; I had to know about everything? I could not ask my daughter, what was I going to do? a little while later My daughter came out dressed she had finished and ask if she could have a drink, I went to the snack bar to get her a drink as I was at the bar I kind of sneak a peek at the guy sitting on his own and I notice he was looking at my daughter who at this time had her legs open and even opened them more as she saw him looking. I got the drink and went around the back of him as not to let my daughter see me, I could see up her legs; I could see her knickers omg that was the view he had of her.
As I got back to the table, Kelly came over and started talking to my daughter she drank her drink and said her fair wells on leaving I saw my daughter give the singed of a telephone to Kelly to tell her to ring her, as we left. I told my daughter I had to make a stop at my friends shop.
My friend Jim has a spy shop he sells all sorts of Intel and security stuff and other sort for listing and spying with.
I told him that a friend of mine suspected his wife and son was having sex, I told him I had a friend in that sort of work surveillance. He said wanted to setup surveillance in the house video and phone tapping, he gave some phone equipment and explained how to use them and pins to put in clothing to record you would have to be 2 miles around it.
Also some small video cameras wireless so small you could not spot them easily. It all cost £1700. I told him I would let him know all soon.
I got back to car, Kim ask about the bag I told her it`s a present for a friend at the cinema she shrugged ok .on the trip home I notice she had let her hand wander to the front of her skirt and pressed on her crutch a bit her skirt would rise up to thigh just below her panties omg I grew a big boner.
We got home she said she was going to wash the chloroform out of her hair.
I have some things I need to do. With that she went off to have her shower.
As soon as she closed the shower room door, I went to the phone socket and put a device in only one is needed for the hole house and then I went to my computer and set up the other device this would let me hear the conversations on both sides plus a small device which able me to listing to mobiles phones as well, plus I put one small camera in Kim’s bed room don’t ask me why I have never thought of any kind of sexual thing with anyone other than my wife.
I never thought about my daughter sex wise.
I just wanted to know what was going on in the swimming pool that day.
A call came I answered it was for Kim it was our next door neighbour girl Helen, so I never listen in on it, that is until heard her say Kelly`s name then my ears pricked up and I went to my computer room locked my door got the computer set up an started to Listen to their conversation, Helen said omg, you acutely let him see up your skirt ` have you ever had any one touch you there yeh a few times,
Omg who? Can’t tell you yet maybe some other time ok, oh ok, is he a hunk like your dad? Nay nobody else is that hunky lol; I will let you know what she said after she rings me. Speak to you soon bye, then she hung up. I set my computer so as to record any phone conversations in case I am not there at time the phone rings, I left the room, I knocked at Kim’s door and opened it omg she was naked I closed the door quickly and said I was sorry, told her I would make some dinner, spag bowl it’s her favourite, and call her when it’s done.
I could not get the picture of her naked body out of my head shit what was I thinking she is my little girl for Christ sakes. But never the less I had a hard on.
I need to go it into the bathroom and have a wank thinking of her and her friends at the pool today it did not take long to cum and boy did I cummmm.
I went down and cooked dinner, I had just finish cooking called Kim we sat down and ate our spag as we were eating I kept sneaking glances at Kim’s legs in her short skirt, I think she saw me looking I got so red in the face I almost broke a blood vessel just then my wife came home , she said I looked like someone had been slapped in the face, I said some of the pasta went down the wrong way my daughter laugh and smiled at me, I think she knew the dilemma I was in,
My wife then told us that she had to go on a course as part of training for this new job, it was in Southampton she would leave on the Saturday and be back the following Sunday. No probes we will be alright Kim had half term starting Monday.
After dinner we went into the reception room to watch TV the phone rang Kim got it it’s for your mum its uncle Tony, Pam took the call she went out of the room as I was watching TV, I looked out the corner of my left eye and notice Kim’s skirt had risen up her thighs quite a lot you could see the outline of her panties as she heard the phone ring off she pulled her skirt down to her knees, Pam popped her head in said she was going to have a shower and have an early night as she would be leaving early in the morning, night ,night all/ off she went as time went on I again notice Kim’s skirt had crept up her thigh again but this time you could see her panties clearly.
I thought I have nothing to lose I stretched my legs out in front me now there was no way if you looked at me you could miss my Bonner it made a large tent in my sweats as first I pretended not notice then I looked at her and saw her looking straight at my crotch I put my hand on my cock trough my sweats and squeeze it she shot a look at my face and saw me looking at her then to her panties I kept this up for a while still looking at her panties I only stopped when I heard the shower room door open she also sat up pulled her skirt down then I heard the bed room door close
I looked back at Kim and started to squeeze my cock again as I did this I could see her legs open slightly
I blatantly started to stroke my cock trough my pants I looked at her she seemed to open her legs more as (at this stage my blood was pumping so fast) she did so I came so fast and furiously I thought my head was going to blow. I looked at her and left the room so just said good night
As I was on my way upstairs the phone rang, I went to get it, she got to it first, it’s for me dad, ok pet I will see you in the morning then kissed her on the cheek and she smiled at me. As I went up to my room I thought about listing to the conversation on the phone. I needed a shower I will let it record and listing tomorrow.
In the morning I got up and went down stairs Pam was up showered and eating breakfast. she smiled and said hi sweet heart coffee and toast are on the table, I kissed her she said she will miss this for a whole week but when she gets back she will be all over me for a month lol, there was a beep outside it was her brother Tony he was taken her to the train station I carried her case to the car spoke to Tony cot on some gossip, kissed Pam again, as she got in oh can you give Kim a kiss for me tell her I will ring tomorrow whit that off she went
I went back into the house finished my coffee went up stairs to have a shower, got out and dried off.
Went into my computer room, had look at the monitor I forgot to turn it off it was on sleep as I looked I saw Kim in her bed looking at her diary,
I will tell her mum has gone, she must have heard the car come and go, as I went to her room I knock on her door and waited, no answer so I open the door she looked as she was fast asleep I notice the covers had been pushed down I could see her shorts she wore to bed as well as tank top. Was this for my benefit? I had to know I closed the door behind me and went back to my com room I looked at the monitor I saw Kim look at the door? I knew then it was for me I made a sound she could hear I saw her fix herself that if someone came in they could her tight shorts, I went back to her room knock on her door a little harder she had to hear this, no answer I opened the door a walked up to bed I looked at her for a while and sat on her bed no movement so I put my hand on her leg just above her knee I squeezed it lightly still no move so my hand moved up her thigh squeezing as I moved up my hand was very close to her hem of her shorts I slipped my hand on her shorts there so tight you could see the outline of her pussy I kept moving up until it was on her pusse. I played whit it for some time, she got so wet you could see her v easily I heard some moans come from her I slipped a finger I up and down the outline of her pussy she open her legs a little. as I looked up I could that her little nipples where pushing out trough her top, I put my other hand on her tit and squeezes it her face was a picture of pure lust but she still faked sleep so I played along with this and pretend she was asleep, I took my hand off her shorts and started to pull them down her legs, omg, she had no hair at all on her mount, so I took them off then the tank top off, no one could sleep trough this, I started to suck her beautiful little tits from side to side you could see her biting her bottom lip to stop her moans , I then moved down her belle on to her mount and that beautiful pussy, I licked her (pussy from clit to ass) for at least a half hour her body shook severely times whit orgasms and still she kept her eyes shut she turned as if she was stirring in her sleep but I know her pussy was tickling from the onslaught she just had, I could not resist her Ass so I started to lick on it more, I just found heaven on earth I put my finger in a bit then to the knuckle she shivered again to another orgasm the sweat was running off her I thought time to leave her now. I left went back to my computer room and looked at the monitor she pretended to wake up when the coast was clear you could see her check self out what a smile on her face as if she won the lotto. After a while she got up and had a shower.
I was down stairs cooking her some breakfast when she came down good morning dad what’s for breakfast she said pancakes she asked where`s mum, she had to leave early today, she has left over an hour pet (as if she didn’t know already) she asked me to give you a big kiss, so I did right on the lips, I then went about my cooking I never said a word nether did she.
She then said boy what a night she had it was so warm I must have taken my jamees off me in my sleep I woke up sweating , I had to giggle to myself se must think me a fool to think she slept through it all
What is the plan for today? My friend Kelly you know the girl from the pool yesterday she was asking if we could get together today, (I thought I hope it will be over hear) as she said this the phone rang it`s for you I think its Kelly, after a while all I could hear was oh ok I will ring later and hung up, what was that all about Hun, oh it was Kelly her Granma is coming down for the weekend so we are not sure what to do.
That's when an idea hit me: why don’t you come over to the cinema whit me ye can look at a new release we have in, while I get some work done for the opening next week all the refurbishing is complete. I can slip one of the films on the screen you all can watch, oh wow that would be fantastic dad, and can her dad come to? He was going take us for something to eat later, sure but what about her Granma I asked?
I will ring and ask, Hi Kelly my dad said we could see a movie at his cinema, she explained all oh yeh what about your Nan? Ok see you later then and hung up, she said her Nan will sleep for the afternoon from travelling and her dad said he would love to if it was ok with you I told her he was welcome, Dad you’re fantastic and she gave me a long hug, I am going out to the hot tub, and maybe I will go to bed for a while and have another sleep, will you wake me up by 1pm? Please I sleep so sound I might sleep all day, sure Hun she went off to the tub, while she was in the tub Kelly rang hello oh hi its Kelly, hi its Kim`s Dad, Kelly, Kim is in the hot tub shall I call her, no its ok shall we pick her up this afternoon? I said acutely it would be easier if we picked you up as I might have to go out and see some other people about next week,
Ok I will tell my dad bye and she hung up. Kim finish up in the tub I am of to bed dad don’t for get to wake me ok, oh by the way Kelly rang I told her I would pick them up, thanks dad with that she went up the stairs to her room after about half an hour I picked up some of her laundry and took it up to her I popped into my com room and checked my monitor she had her eyes open fixing the sheet over her, I then went to her room and knocked lightly on door no answer so I let myself in she had her eyes close and fast asleep( you think) I put the laundry down and sat on her bed and put hand on her tight a squeeze it gently then moved it up slowly I could feel her mount under the sheet she did not have any thing on her you could see the shape of her breasts and her mount and v shape pussy I just played with her pussy trough the sheet you could see it get very damp from her juices,
I pulled the sheet down, what a body; I had to get my mouth on that pussy soon. I put my fingers on her and moved them around slowly onto her clit and started rubbing it up and down her legs started to open more and more, I had to get my Tongue on that pussy,
I started to lick it with a pure lust I stuck my tongue out and lapped her Pussy she neared her first orgasm In order to keep from hurting my little girl I eased off and slowed down a bit. But by god, I wasn’t ready to stop my oral pussy play yet!
I started to cum myself god I was filed whit pure lust I sucked her to four orgasms I had my finger up her ass. I was licking her from Pussy clit to ass I had to stop and get out quick or I would have fucked her .as I got to my room I had to take my shorts of they were very wet as I had cum in them, I had my shower got dressed and called Kimy leaned my head in her bedroom door time to wake up sweet pee (how easy she woke up I had to laugh to myself)
Ok dad I will be down in a while, she had her shower dried got dressed, so to speak she had a nice tight top showed her breast off and a skirt so short if she sat you could her panties, it gave me an instant hard on, so I was glad when her friend rang to say they were ready Kim said she would wait out by the car, I will be out shortly, I picked up my keys and headed out to the car she was leaning against the back you could her knickers as I got to her she stood up and got into the car off we went to pick them up I could see her dad was looking Kim all over with lust in his eyes, introductions over and done we set of to the cinema I explained To Eddy about the cinema`s opening next week so they would have the cinema to them self’s all day as I had to run some earns for a few hours, no probe’s I will look after the girls he said,(yeh I thought I know you will you lucky shit)
As we got into the cinema I told them to make them self's comfortable as I went up to the box to put a movie on for them. Can we get some refreshments dad please Kim asked? So I gave her key to the cinema kiosk
When I came back down I took them into their seats so they could sit and watch the movie I put on, I think that was the last thing on Eddy’s mind the movie as I was leaving the hall I told them that I would have to lock the front doors, but Kim knew where the other keys in my offices where and said I would be back in two and half hours told them to enjoy the movie and left as I was going out the door I saw Kelly move to the other side of her dad now Kelly was in the seat next to him on his left and Kim next to him on his Wright so I went out and locked the front doors but from the inside and slipped up to the projection box and I could see them clearly from my vantage point.
As the movie went on I could Eddy's hand slip to his side causing it to touch Kim` s left leg she did not move So he started moving his hand as if he was scratching his thigh but at the same time his was rubbing against Kim s leg again she did not move he got a bit braver this time he put his hand on her knee no sudden movement so he squeezed it a little again no movement from her but as I looked properly I could see his left hand was up under his daughters skirt and in her panties all ready her legs were spread a lot to give him access to her pussy at this time I had my cock out and was wanking so hard, then I looked and saw him move his right hand up Kim s thigh amt he then reached her crotch and rubbed his palm around a few times and then I saw his hand go inside her panties my god he was rubbing her up and down and she open her legs to give him more access to her pussy, wow he was now making the movement as if his finger was inside her, he then stopped and turned to his daughter and said something she got up and went out to the cinema doors looked back and gave the Tums up. I went over to the door of the projection room and could see her she was looking at the doors sat down on a stool and stayed there, I went back to the other side to see what was happing there omg he had his head between Kim s legs and her panties where on the back of the seat in front of her legs where on the arms rest either side of her you could see his head bobbing up and down real fast her head was turning from side to side her hands on his head as if to keep him their this went on for quite a while she must have come as she was pushing him away from her pussy as he sat up you could see him wipe his face with a hankie it was probably covered in pussy juice lucky shit. I know how that tasted then Kelly came back and sat down and took his cock out and started to jerk on it he just laid back and let happen then Kim took her phone out and put it to her ear as she done this the vibration started to go off in my pocket I took it out it was Kim dad when will you be back can I get some more coke please I said sure but I won’t be back for at least two hours pet is that ok with you all as this meeting came up, sure dad we will be ok .
she then hung up and turned to them and told them , he then took Kim by the head and guide her to his cock and I saw it disappear into her mouth and Kelly took down his pants and under ware she then climbed over the seats behind Kim and knelt down and put face between her legs and moved it up and down quite fast after a few minutes of this Kelly stood up and stood Kim up and guided her onto her dads lap she turned her back to him and sat down and Kelly guided his cock into Kim`s pussy Kim started to bob up and down for a while and Kelly got down between them and started to lick between Kim’s thighs, Kelly lifted her head, I could see her stand and lean her head forward and French kissed her dad, I don’t know how to explain this but to watch your daughter been fucked by somebody else is so erotic and to top it watch him French kiss his young girl this was too much for me, I came as if it was the last cum every it went on and on, I had to sit down for a while, I must have dozed off.
The End
To be continued up to you Let me know what you think;
This is my first time ever righting a story or a true tale