Jayson's Mother

Jayson’s mother silently opened the door and then there she was; how devastating it is when you are fifteen years old and someone catches you masturbating. There wasn’t much I could do, and I did even less than that. It was my own fault anyway; there was a perfectly good bathroom just off the family room that I could have used to do my dirty work, but I had opted for the Master Bathroom instead, solely for the chance to investigate the clothes hamper of my best friend’s parents with the hopes that Jayson’s mother might have discarded a pair of her panties there.

This certainly wasn’t the first time I’d found a pair of panties in that hamper that had previously been worn by Jayson’s mother, and every time that I had, I found it impossible not to masturbate with them right there on the spot. Holding the cotton crotch to my face and inhaling deeply, pulling on my hard cock fast and furiously until I shot off my load into the bowl of the toilet. It had almost become routine with me. Normally I had limited myself to the times that it was only Jayson and I in the house, but that day was a very warm summer day, and after stealing glimpses of the long tanned legs of his mother in her short yellow sundress for the first hour of my visit I just couldn’t ignore the hardness in my jeans any longer.

I’d thought I had played my cards well; I waited until Jayson got up to leave the room and then I quickly spoke, pretending to assume Jayson was on his way to the closest bathroom I said loud enough for both he and his mother to hear that I was heading for the ‘other’ bathroom and that I would be right back. At fifteen, it didn’t take very long for me to cum, and I figured I’d beat off and be back before the commercials had completed and the show we had been watching was back on the air. And, having Jayson’s mothers’ panties to assist, I quite possibly could break my own record time that hot afternoon.

What I hadn’t planned on, what I’d neglected to prepare for was the fact that the Master Bathroom had two entrances. I’d locked the door that I had entered from, the one that opens to the hallway, and since the other door, the one that connected to the Master Bedroom had been closed in the first place I simply ignored it all together. That was my downfall. One moment I have a pair of white silky panties up to my face with one hand while fisting my hard on with the other and the next moment I am sitting there on the pot, frozen in place with my pants down around my ankles and my fifteen year old cock in my hand, holding a pair of panties to my nose that belonged to the woman who had just opened the door and witnessed my act.

I froze in shock. My jaw dropped and I’m sure my face probably turned a share of red similar to the color of the blood still coursing through my erection, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. Jayson’s mother froze in place for a moment as well; still only half way through the door, the door knob still gripped in her left hand and I watched in pure terror as her eyes left mine and traveled down to my lap before coming back up to meet with mine again. Then she stepped fully into the small room and closed the door. I groaned, surely expecting to die from embarrassment at any moment. Jayson’s mother put a finger to my lips and whispered “Shhhhhhh” and flashed me a wink.

Stepping directly in front of me as I sat, still sprawled out on the toilet seat and in total amazement of what was taking place, Jayson’s mother whispered again, saying that she suspected I had been the one who had been getting into her clothes hamper. She then relieved me of the pair of her panties that I was still holding forgotten in my left hand and tossed them atop the closed lid of the hamper. She gave me one more long look before kneeling down in front of me and placing her hand over the hand I was still holding my cock with. She moved her hand over mine and together we slowly stroked my ever-hardening cock for a moment as her eyes held mine, a devilish smile turning up the corners of her mouth.

I was close before she had arrived, and now with a woman’s touch I knew it would be a matter of mere seconds before I blew my highly anticipated load. Especially due to the fact that I was being touched by a woman for the very first time, and that this was the woman who had fueled my sexual fire in the first place. Jayson’s mother must have sensed this as well, and for the two seconds or so before the world went swirling gray before my eyes and my entire body broken into uncontrollable spasms I experienced the most incredible feeling of a woman’s hot lips wrapped around the head of my cock for the first time, sucking me into her mouth.

Then of course, I was shooting my cum into her mouth as I tried my best to stay sitting upright and not scream from the intensity. Somehow I managed both acts, and a moment later Jayson’s mother was standing back up and walking towards the door as she wiped the corners of her mouth of my remaining seed. Stopping just before walking out the door, she turned back towards me with a smile and paused. I watched in silence as she quickly reached under the hem of that short sundress and worked the panties she was wearing down off her hips, allowing them to eventually drop to the carpeted floor around her ankles.

Stepping out of them, she looked down at the panties on the floor and then back to me before opening and exiting that bathroom door, leaving me alone. I quickly stood and pulled my jeans back up over my hips, then bent over and snatched the little blue cotton panties from their spot on the bathroom floor. I stuffed them deep into my pocket and then opened the hall door and left the Master Bathroom. Returning to the family room I found Jayson hadn’t returned from his own trip to the bathroom yet and that Jayson’s mother was keeping herself busy reading a magazine at the dining room table as if nothing out of the ordinary had even taken place.

I considered saying something, but didn’t have the first clue what, so I just returned to my previously occupied place on the couch and watched the television until Jayson returned, wondering if I would ever experience such bliss again in my life.