Josh the Flatmate – Best Sex Gay Stories 2018

A few months back I moved into a house, sharing with three other guys. None of them knew I was into guys, and definitely none of them knew I was obsessed with chastity devices. Me and one of the guys, Josh, would flirt quite a lot, but I never made a move as he would constantly bring girls back to shag from the local clubs, and I just assumed he wasn’t interested in guys at all.

I own a few cock cages and a few nights a month I’d try them on, but I could never lock any of them for more than one night, because of the pain they would cause. So one day I decided to go for it, and buy a full belt. I found one that seemed a bit expensive, but I was determined to get one that was comfortable and secure, so I ordered it. A week later the post man delivered it to my door. I signed it, grabbed the box and went into my room.

Josh the Flatmate - Best Sex Gay Stories 2018

I opened the box and pulled out a steel belt. Without any delay I dropped my pants and wrapped the belt around my waist. It came with secure screws which could adjust the size (only when not being worn). After fixing, the belt fit snugly. Inside the box was a hollow metal tube. I put a drop of lube on the head of my cock and slid into the tube. There were quite a lot of bolts and screws to seal the belt, which made is extremely secure. Once everything was screwed in place, another metal bar locked over the bolts, and a steel lock held everything in place, with just the one key.

I put the key on my bed side table and went to test out the bathroom. I was pleased to find I was able to do my business very easily. So far everything seemed great. I tried pulling my flaccid cock out of the tube, but there was no way. I pulled, tugged, slide, shook, rubbed but there was no movement. The belt left absolutely no room to get my dick out, although surprisingly enough it was very comfortable. I put my cloths back on and was pleased to see the design of the belt could not be seen through my normal jeans.

The big test was going to be sleeping in it, so I first read some chastity stories to get myself nice and horny, then went to bed. As I lay in bed I could feel my straining cock push up against the metal tube. Failing to erect anywhere, I attempted to get some sensation by rubbing the belt, but I couldn’t feel a thing. Even shaking the belt did nothing. I’m not even sure if my dick moved at all inside the tube.

The next morning I woke up fully refreshed with what I could only image would have been a raging hard on. It definitely wasn’t a great feeling, but at least it wasn’t painful like the other cages I had tried. I wore the belt for the next five days. Every day when I came home from work, I would chat on some forums, read some stories and watch some videos. As the days grew I got more used to the belt and not being able to jack off. But I could take it no more. There was cum leaking from my penis, begging me to rub and stroke it out. I decided that night I would remove the belt and feel my soft dick rise hard into my hand. I went to my drawer and pulled out a small anal dildo, and some lube.

Before removing the belt, I thought I would have some last fun, so I lubed up the dildo and took off all my cloths. Lying on my bed, I put my feet into the air, and slowly rubbed some lube into my butt. I entered the dildo and slowly pushed it in and out. I started to leak some more precum, and some fell onto the dildo. It worked perfectly as some more lube, and made it slide in smoothly. At this stage I could hear my flatmate Josh trip on the stairs and call my name. I quickly hide the dildo, put on some cloths and jumped downstairs to see what he wanted.

Josh was quite drunk. Not so bad he didn’t know what he was doing, but definitely had been out partying with his mates for a while. “No girls tonight then?” I asked him jokingly. “Nope” he replied. “Actually I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while. I’ve seen you checking out my ass for some time now, I thought maybe it was time we do something about that”. I was shocked. He was very straight acting and didn’t seem the stereotypical gay type. After playing with myself all night I was extremely horny and completely forgot about the belt. He moved in to kiss me and I, still in shock, just stood there letting him push his tongue into my mouth. We ran up into my room. “Oh, you are a dirty bastard” he said, looking at the lube I forgot to put away earlier.

I blushed, and tried to explain it was something else, but before I could speak he had pushed me onto the bed, and starting removing my t-shirt. I was so horny I could feel my dick strain against it’s cage reminding me I still had not taken it off. All this time not wearing the cage because of the pain, and now that I have the chance to have sex with my hot flatmate I’m stuck in an chastity belt. “Maybe we should wait until you’re not so drunk, and that you actually want to…….” I began to say, but before I could finish my excuse he had taken off my shirt and pulled down my pants.

“What on earth is that” he said, pointing and laughing at the metal contraption holding my penis prisoner. “Is this some weird, male masturbate thing?”. “No” I replied, “It’s a chastity device. It stops me being able to have sex, touch my penis, or even get an erection”. “Haha, that’s pathetic, why would you wear that?”. My face must have been as red as a tomato. I had never told anyone about my chastity belt fetish before, and here the guy I had a massive crush on was standing there laughing at me wearing one. I tried to explain, but as I was talking he noticed the steel key sitting on my table.

“Is this the key?” he said, still smiling and holding in his laughter. I reached out to grab it but he put it in his pocket and said “Why do you need a key if you want to be kept chaste?”. I was starting to panic. I had no idea what he was thinking, and I was already so horny from the five days of wearing the belt. The worst part, was more blood was rushing to my penis filling the already compact tube, as I thought about the power he now had over me, and the thought of not being in control anymore.

“Gees man, I knew you were a queer, but this is just really pathetic.” he mocked. “I really wanted you to put your dick in me tonight too. But unfortunately for you, I don’t let losers fuck me.” I held out my hand and asked him “Please can I have the key back”. “Na, I don’t think so” he replied. “I think this is hilarious and I love a good laugh. Maybe I’ll just hang onto it for a while”. As he said that, I could feel a drip of precum leak from my penis cage and drop onto the floor. Josh saw this and said “man, that’s disgusting, I guess you really can’t control yourself. Clean it up.” I reached for some tissues but he grabbed my hand and said “don’t waste the tissues, just lick it up or something.” I got onto the floor, and reluctantly stuck my tongue out. I’ve never really liked cum but if I wanted any chance of getting the key back, I had better do what he said.

After licking up the fallen precum, I reached for my cloths, still bright red. I grabbed my pants, and started to put them on, when he said “wait, I said I don’t let losers fuck me, I didn’t say I wasn’t going to fuck you. You’re obviously a pussy, so you will be used like one. Maybe this will teach you not to be so weird.”. With that he pulled down his pants, and revealed what must have been a hard 9” cock. He shoved his tool in my mouth and I could feel his uncircumcised foreskin pull back and his raw head push onto my tongue. He kept pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I started to choke, but since he was drunk he didn’t care and just kept pushing.

After he spent at least 15 minutes pounding my tight mouth, he announced “well you have a full bottle of lube there, lets see if your virgin ass can handle a load of my spunk.” He reached out and took the tube. “Rub it onto my dick. Slowly” he demanded handing it to me. I did what he said, and massaged a good load of lube onto his dick. “Could you rub some onto my cock too Josh?” I asked him (well, more like begged him). “But I thought you didn’t want to use your penis. No, you’re going to stay in that for a while, I don’t want you to think about your dick, just focus on mine” he spoke. I continued to rub his hard, erect dick up and down, wondering how this machine was going to fit into my ass. I would do anything to touch my penis right now. I kept thinking if only I had had given up a day earlier, I probably wouldn’t be so horny and could think of a way out of this.

After he was satisfied his cock was nicely lubed up, he hoisted my feet up onto his shoulders. He poured some more lube onto my butt and started to massage it in. It felt so good, I almost forgot about my own cock. I felt his long tool enter my ass. He was quite gentle as he slowly started thrusting, back and forth as he barebacked me. I could hear him groan and see him get horny as he watched me lie there, naked in only a metal steel cage. He started to speed up as we both groaned louder and louder. I now know what all these girls had been screaming about every weekend. He speed up again, and started kissing me. After another 15 minutes of the hardest pounding I had ever known, I felt a warm stream of cum hit my ass, with a final loud groan from Josh.

Josh looked at me for a minute and kissed me on the cheek. Laughing he said “this is really sad man. I can’t believe you actually want your cock locked up”. “No I don’t, please give me the key, I don’t want this anymore” I screamed, begging him to remove the belt. “No, I’ve just cum and I’m not really horny anymore. Besides, thinking about it, while I hold this key I’m sure you’ll pretty much let me fuck you whenever I want. Plus I have to do nothing in return. I don’t even have to look at your pathetic dick. Nope, this can work out quite well.” he spoke with an evil sadist look in his eyes. “Night night, we’ll do this again soon” he winked as he shut my door leaving me naked with his cum oozing from my ass, and my precum oozing from mine.

I rolled over and went to sleep. The hardest part is not knowing when or if he will ever let me out.

“Why did I have to get such a secure, unbreakable belt” I thought to myself. “Why????”