Lesbian Sex Stories – Girls will be boys in the service

This Is Lesbian Sex Stories

Many of you asked me about how it was to join the military, so here is a story I wrote after being on base for a couple of weeks-

Lesbian Sex Stories

Our barracks was for women only and a bunch of us had become close friends. A few of the girls had started to date some of the men on base, but a few have also come back from dates with horror stories that they have been gang banged or at least “a friend” joined the sex, that was not invited. I am not apposed to a gang bang, if it is my choice, but thinking you are going out on a date and being forced into multiple partners is another thing.
So most of us started masturbating and forgetting about the guys. After my 4th day here the girl in the next bed was masturbating and she caught me watching her. She said “want to help me out here?”

Now I have been with other girls before – so I said “sure.” She went into the bathroom and I followed her into a stall. She took off her nightgown and folded it and put in on the floor in front of the bowl. I knelt down and her gown padded the tile floor. I figured very quickly that she must have done this before.
I started to suck on her labia and lick inside her and then went for the kill and started to suck on her clit. She pulled me into her and did a great job not making any noise, but I could tell she was coming as she was creaming into my mouth. She finally released my head and I looked up and smiled at her.
She asked if she could return the favor. I told her I had enough of hard time keeping quiet coming when I was fingering myself, I told her there was no way I could stay quiet if I was being eaten to a climax. She told me that I would have to learn (I have always been a screamer and can’t help it – needless to say I have had some embarrassing dates).

I stood up and handed her the night gown. As I turned to unlock the stall door she grabbed me from behind and started to milk my boobs and grinding her pelvic into my butt. It took about 10 seconds for me to start to pant (I could do this quietly).
She told me to put my nightshirt sleeve in my mouth, which I did.
One of her hands left my boob and traveled south. She then picked up the bottom of my shirt and was rubbing my labia through my panties (yes white cotton ones). I was breathing heavily into the shirt sleeve. She then slid a finger around the side of my panty leg and into my hot wet pussy.

I started to bite the sleeve as not to scream out. She drove her finger deep into me and started moving it around inside me. She followed that finger with another, and then started to pump me.. It took about another minute or two and I was creaming around her fingers. I fought like hell not to scream and didn’t… but boy did I cum. I finally reached down and took her hand out of me. I turned to say thanks and wound up in a very passionate kiss. This was really nice.

We were alone the next day in hospital and were talking and she told me I needed to find a way to control myself, and we both agreed that maybe I should keep mouths and fingers away from my clit and I might be able to not scream. I don’t know about other girls but I get a little different feeling from a anal, vaginal and clitoral climax, with the one from my clit being the most intense. Of course when I mentioned this to my friend, she raised her eyebrows when I mentioned the anal.. and said “you will love hooking up with Mary.“

I then found out that about half the girls in the barracks had fun with each other, that most of the others didn’t care and a couple would probably rat us out… and everyone knew who the two were. I also found out that if you used the stall at the end in our bathroom that it meant you were open to a visitor. That the other girls knew it and that the girl next to me told me that morning she had let the active girls know I was cool. I was also told to make sure I didn’t assume that the “rat” girls wouldn’t be in the “active stall” so to be careful.