Letter to my special friend – Best Erotic Stories

You start to move your hips, desperate for the feel of the vibrator in your pussy and my cock fucking your ass, pumping you. Your pussy is so wet and you thrust the vibe harder and harder and your hand movers faster and faster on your clit until with a moan we both cum, my cock filling you with my white juices and your pussy with juices flowing from it all over us. The waiter who was just standing to one side while we passionately fucked asks if we would like to follow him.

I’m lucky enough to have a very special friend that I see from time to time and we have known each other for so long that not only do we know each others bodies intimately but also share our desires and fantasies. I wrote this letter to her as we do from time to time to see if we can make each other blow. She said that she loved this one so much that I should post it here so…………

Best Erotic Stories

please be kind

Hi my Sweet

I was sitting here thinking about all the things I’d like to be doing with you right at the moment, so I thought I’d tell you rather than keeping it to myself.

I was thinking that I could pick you up ( I rang you earlier and asked that you wear a long coat and nothing underneath). You get in the car and I ask you if you did what I asked. You open the coat and show me your breasts and beauitful shaved and very wet pussy. I’d lean over and take your nipple in my mouth sucking on it and making it really hard. You feel me running a finger down to your pussy, I find your yummy clit and stroke it with my finger which I slide into your pussy making you move your hips trying to fuck my finger. I slide it out and give it to you to suck and then I kiss you deeply sliding my tongue into your mouth teasing you and making you moan with lust.

I stop and start the car and we drive off. It’s dark so no one can see in. I tell you to lay the seat back slightly and open your coat. I tell you to look in the glovebox and there is and nice thick vibrator in there. I tell you that that is your toy for the trip and to enjoy yourself with it. There we are my driving, watching you out of the corner of my eye, listening to you as you slide the vibrator all over your clit and fucking your pussy with it. I’d love to listen to your moans as they get louder and louder until you cum to a shuddering orgasm.

I take the vibrator from you and suck it into my mouth tasting your sweet juices. We pull into a car park and I pull my thick hard cock out of my pants and you take it in your hand and run your tongue all over it and then suck it deep in your mouth. You keep sucking my prick until I cum, filling your mouth which you swallow greedily and then we kiss passionately so I can taste a bit myself.

You close uo your coat and we get out of the car. We go into the building infront of the carpark. As we walk in we can hear music pumping and we walk into a nightclub, but it’s not like every other night club, It’s quite dark and there is a lot of secluded booths. We are shown to a booth up the back and we sit down and order drinks.

While we are waiting I reach down and slide my hand up your leg and stroke your now dripping pussy making you squirm. Our drinks arrive and I don’t stop but the waiter doesn’t notice. You ask me what club is this so I ask you to look around and you notice for the first time that although it is dark and faces can’t be seen that just about every one is doing the same. The whole club is fully of people stroking cocks, fingering pussys or performing oral on each other.

I kiss you long and deep, kiss your neck, open the top of your coat and suck on your nipples one by one. You are a bit nervous but no one is watching. I slide down so that I’m under the table, between your legs. I start kissing your pussy and then take your clit into my mouth, sucking it hard and flicking it with my tongue making you gasp. I open your legs a bit wider and start fucking your pussy with my tongue and then moving back to your clit. I work a couple of fingers into your pussy fucking you with them.

By this time you are past caring if anyone notices as you moan and your hips thrust trying to take more. I take my other hand and lubricate a finger with your pussy juices and slide it down to you ass. Very slowly and gently I slide it in. You start thrusting wildly as you have both your pussy and ass being fucked and you clit being licked. You cum hard covering you mouth with your hands, I feel your juices running all over the fingers deep in your pussy. You take them out and lick all your juices of them and then we kiss again deeply.

I sit back on the seat and pull my hard, hard cock out of my pants. I halp you stand. I lift the back of your coatand sit you on my lap, my prick sliding into you hot wet pussy. I reach up and cup you nipples squeezing them until you gasp. I then slide my hands down and take your hips moving you up and down on my cock. You reach up and start playing with your own nipples, completely lost in a sea of passion. All you can feel is my cock deep in you and that has taken over your whole awareness, the feel of my hard cock fucking you. You keep cumming over and over, your pussy feels like it is on fire. You beg me to explode deep in you pussy so with a final hard, pussy filling thrust I cum, oh so much that so you are full and my cum is running out of your pussy.

You sigh and lean back on me. Then when you recover you hop of my lap. Our juices are everywhere, pussy juice and my cum mixed together. You kneel between my legs and clean my cock and balls tasting our juices sucking my now flaccid cock into your mouth making me twitch. We finish our drinks and settle back and watch the other couples around us I the throws of their passion.