Losinq it

I was always in the sex scene. Everybody at school knew what I have done. I quess you can say "Jumpoffs" but I was yet to lose my virginity. I was a slut && that was I could say
About 8 years ago, I was 12 and I had my first real sexual experience. I was watching the playboy channel and looking at porn on the net when I felt wetness in my underwear. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my jeans and looked inside. White gooey stuff. I told my cousin about it, at the time he was 14. He lost his virginity && enjoyed watching the porn. He wasn't into the whole incest stuff, neither was I. But we couldn't help sharing our experiences with each other.
A month after I turned 13, I recieved an IM from my old friend, he was 14 also. && boy was he a sexy beast.
I agreed to meet up with him and chill at his house for a while. Thought we were just going to drink and smoke weed. Man was I wrong. We popped some pills, drank some vodka and he led me to his bedroom. No one was there. I laid down on his bed and he jumped and landed right next to me. We stared until we both heard the clicking of the lock for the door. Immediatly he told me to shut up, not make a move, and hide some where and wait for a while. It was his mother.
I could hear their voices from the other room.
"Mom, what are you doing home so early?" he asked. The smoothness of his voice made my pussy wet.
"Honey, I came home to make dinner, shouldn't you be out or something?" she asked. I heard Sean let out a squeal as he rushed behind the countertop, I watched as a hard-on grew in his jeans. I looked closer. I saw my phone in the kitchen, and he grabbed it and stuffed into his pocket, lifting up his shirt where I his boxers. "Uhm, mom, Evelyn called, she was wondering if you can go all the way to Queens to visit her and the baby." Sean's mother looked at him up and down. Suspiciously, she asked him to get up. "Mom, my leg hurts, can I sit down?" Yet, she told him repeatedly to get up and threatened to ground him if he refused to once again. She saw the bulge in his jeans. She laughed for a while and then said, "You're turning out just like your father, you know that? Have you been watching porn lately?" His head shook no. "Is there a girl here?" she asked, and then little droplets of sweat flooded his face. "Well, then, I'll leave you two alone. Make sure you use a condom, and don't get her pregnant, and well Sean, make sure…" but he interuppted her, "Mom, I'll be fine, it's not my first, it's her first."
With that, his mother left the room. I got up on the bed again. My ass was still sore from sitting near the heater the enitre time. He went into his room and smiled at me. "Your mom cracks me up, man" I said still feeling woozy. He went to his closet, taking off his sweater and hanging it up. He only had a shirt on and he took that off too. Underneath it all, he had the most sexiest body I've ever seen. And he turned around and grabbed a wife-beater, and there I caught a glimpse of his tattoo. Dice. He put it on and sat down next to me and asked me questions about myself. "You are 14 right?" I asked. He nodded his head. I felt the pills I took earlier kicking in. I leaned back and hit my head against the wall. I lifted my legs up and my mini skirt went with my legs revealing a thong && nothing but a thong. He leaned back and helped me up, I saw the look in his eyes. He embraced my lips with his. We kissed for some time before he reached his hand into my skirt stroking my thights back and forth. He reached my thong gently pulling in the string, and pulled it down and out. I removed his shirt while at it. He tugged at my tube-top until it was at my waist. I unbuttoned && unzippered his jeans until they came off. His boxers were next. He pulled off the tube-top and my mini skirt leaving me there naked. I pulled off his boxers. I don't know what happened bext, but I felt his warm cock plunging into me. The extacy we felt. It was my first time and he was expecting tears from me. But I thought of pain as pleasure. He kept on plunging. "Ellie, I'm about to burst. You?" I could feel a tingling sensation down there. It was wet and felt good. He took his cock out and told me to sit up, I sucked it until he told me he was definetly going to burst. And he was right, gooey cream came from his cock and splattered in to my body. I layed back down on the bed, spread eagle, and he started licking my pussy. He had a great skill with his tongue and the tongue piercing made it feel good. Very good. And plus the tongue ring vibrated. So I was becoming aroused more and more by the minute. We messed around for another 3o minutes until my phone rang. I answered it. "What, mom? What happened? Oh my god, shut the fuck up. What the fuck is wrong with you?" I stood there after hanging up my phone. My mom heard what I was doing. Somehow someone told her about this. I denied it, but someone had alot against me. Sean and I continued fucking until we couldn't move. I left broken hearted after Sean told me he only liked me for a booty call and nothing more. After that, I got ahold of fucking guys for a living, well certain ones I trusted. Me and Sean are still friends to this day, but we also fuck once a week =]]