loved by a marine

Nelson was working out in the back yard, with his best friend when he started to hear yelling. He got up while his friend cody continued to workout. Nelson slowly made his way to the wooden fence when he suddenly heard his friend gabby yelling. She was screaming yelling like someone was hurting her . "Nelson Nelson , cody someone anyone please help me" . They climbed an jumped over the wooden fence like it was nothing, when there feet hit the ground they looked up seeing gabby with a stopwatch, Nelson cursed calling her a "bitch" I thought something happened to you what the fuck is wrong with you. "He was so pissed with her". Cody looked straight at him a gave him the face he always gave him when he thought Nelson needed to watch his mouth. " cody was madly in love with gabby he just tried really hard not to show it when she was around". Well anyways said gabby we were testing you guys to see how fast you guys are .Nelson looked up an saw the girl he had a crush on since he was a freshman, by then all his anger was gone he couldn't stop staring.
"Nelson" this is Amberlynn she smiled as gabby introduced her to Nelson, there was no need for gabby to introduce amber to cody because he was also friends with her. She held out her hand nervously she could feel how nervous Nelson was when he shook her hand. Well now that that's out of the way lest go finish working out said cody " he turned around an jumped back over the fence. "Bye amber" Nelson said nervously as he turned to climbed gabby told him hey you an cody are invited to amber's party tonight an she would love it if you came, its going to be at her house I'll text you the address in a few. Oh an tell cody that I think he is starting to look really good. He smiled an jumped back over. "Hey cody your baby girl said your starting to look good he laugh telling him. Cody looked at him an said oh really what else she say, she said we are invited to a party tonight its amber's party do you want to go Nelson asked nervously. Hell yeah I want to go gabby throws wild parties he laughed, Nelson laughed telling him I don't know why your happy you always blow your chance wit gabby you get so nervous when get near her an you start freaking out, Hey I don't, I just feel like the time is off that's all, an you I saw you staring at amber like if she was your dinner he laughed. "Nelson gave him an ugly look" its not like that I just think she is pretty that's all he smiled after he said that. Cody looked at him an told him whatever helps you sleep at night bro.. Nelson didn't hear him talking he started to daydream about her, he loved how long her blond hair was he love how she had the most beautiful smile he has ever seen, she had a really nice body she had a nice heart shaped ass an really big tits he realized he was getting hard as he thought about her. "Nelson" cody yelled your phones been going off are you OK cody asked yeah I..I am fine I am going to take a shower I well pick you up at 9:30 if that's okay . I am going to take my jeep so I well see you there cody yelled as he started to run home. Nelson walked inside he saw his mom walking down the staircase she stopped him while he was walking up, son she said are you going out tonight, he looked at his mom an told her where he was going. She told him to take extra clothes she new when gabby throws parties things tend to happen you show up with clothes an next thing you know your running around naked because you lose you clothes . He continued to walk to his room he shut the door behind him locking it he had to have spent a whole hour looking for the right outfit when he found what he wanted he jumped in to the hot steamy shower. He found him self thinking about amber he loved her outfit she had on today but hated how short her shorts were but he couldn't stop thinking about her,
He felt himself become hard as he thought about making love to her he started rubbing his dick slowly jacking himself off he pretend she was rubbing his 9 1/2 inch dick he started to reach his climax he groaned as he pumped a little faster . he reached his climax he throw his head back an shot out moaning amber's name. A loud knock came out of no where his "mom yelled" are you OK did you drop something on your self he then realized he must have been a little to loud he forgot she was home. "Yeah mom I am fine just dropped the bottle of shampoo on my foot that's all. He hurried up an got out.
Nelson stared to get dressed when his phone started to ring, it was amber she texted him her address he new right then gabby gave her his number.

Thanks he texted back, mom I am leaving he yelled while he ran out the door with his duffel bag, be careful she yelled as he was getting in his jeep.
He pulled out his phone an put in the address on his GPS , then called cody to see where he was at , "cody" he yelled cody was already there cody yelled get your ass over her bro your missing out on the party gabby an amber are doing body shots then he hung up.
Nelson put his seat belt on an took off.