Mending a Broken Heart – Best Adult Gay Stories

It’s my second year of college. I come to class, get in my seat, and then I see her walk in. Michelle. The girl that lights up my world. She’s such a smart, sweet, and generous person. I’ve also heard that she’s wild and kinky. Everything I want in a girl. She and I do not talk a whole lot. I never know what to say to her. The butterflies in my stomach overwhelm me. But this is the day. I’m going to make a move. I’m not planning to ask her out on a date, but I’m going to ask her if she wants to maybe do some homework together. Class ends, and I walk over to her. She looks at me and greets me with that beautiful smile of hers, “Hey Patrick! What’s up?” I do my best to remain calm, and reply, “Hey Michelle! Nothing much, I was just wondering if you could help me with some of the homework? It’s a little confusing for me.” It’s weird. I didn’t stutter once while saying that . She agrees to help and says, “Of course! Anything for you. I’m free later tonight if you wanna come over.” Hearing this pretty much made my day, so we set up a time and agree to meet at her place at 8 PM.

Mending a Broken Heart

I show up at her house at 8:10. She opens the door with a smirk on her face. “You’re late”, she says playfully. “Only by ten minutes”, I reply. I’m excited to be there, but also a little curious. Does she already want to have sex with me? I know she has a wild side, but things seem to be moving pretty fast. We’re not that close or anything. Nonetheless, the night is going well. We’re being productive, and at the same time, we’re joking, laughing and teasing each other. She’s a great conversationalist. It gets pretty late, she says that she’s tired. It looks like sex is off the table. But it doesn’t matter. I get ready to leave and tell her, “So if I ever need help again, could I come over?” She smiles and says, “Sure, I’m always happy to help you.” I head back to my place, excited for where things can go from here.

It’s the next day, and I meet up with one of my good friends, Warren. We grab lunch at the cafeteria. “So what were you up to last night?”, he asked. “I was studying with Michelle at her house.”, I reply. I haven’t told anyone about my feelings for her, and Warren looks a little intrigued. “I didn’t know you and her were so close.” He says. I’m a little evasive in my response, saying that I just needed help with something and she seemed like the best person to go to. He then looks at me with a grin. Does he know about my feelings for her? He then asks, “Do you wanna know a secret?” I say, “Sure.” He lowers his voice and whispers to me, “Michelle gave me a blowjob last Friday night.”

I’m surprised, and hurt. “What! Really?! What happened?”, I ask in excitement. Apparently Michelle texted him that night, asking if she could come over and hang out. They went to his bedroom, where she asked him to take off his pants. Warren did as told, and she did the deed. “Honestly, it was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.” he says. He seems to be hoping that she’ll want to hookup again in the near future. Later that night, I just sit in my room, crushed. Even though Warren and Michelle did not do anything wrong, I could not help but feel a little betrayed. She and I hit it off so well last night. I should have known better. She is a flirty person. And she and Warren are good friends. Maybe I was a fool to believe that she was into me just after that one night. The rest of the week goes by, and Michelle does not seem too interested in hanging out again. She and Warren seem to be hitting it off though. It is now Sunday night. I’m contemplating what my next move should be. Should I just let this go and move on? Or should I keep trying? I choose the latter. I text Michelle, asking if she wants to hang out. She replies and says, “Sorry Patrick can’t do tonight. Visiting a friend. Sorry :(“. She could honestly just be visiting one of her friends, but I can’t help but think she is going over to Warren’s house. I decide to take a walk to clear my head. While walking, I approach a bus stop, where there is a bus going downtown. I decide to get on, and head downtown, where I can visit the local strip club. I’ve only been to a strip club once, and I’m hoping some hot, naked girls can help get my mind off of this.

When I arrive at the club, I see an unusual amount of women waiting in line to get in. I reach the bouncer, and he gives me funny look. He then asks, “What’s a guy like you doing here on a Sunday night?” I reply, “What do you mean?” He his face grows more confused. “You do know Sunday night is ladies night at the strip club, right?”, he asks. That’s odd. I did not know strip clubs had a ladies night. I’m not even sure what in entails. I ask him, “What happens on ladies night over here?” He laughs and replies, “Walk on in, and see for yourself.” I enter the club, and see male strippers walking around. I do not understand. I thought this was a gentleman’s club. But it made sense. This is the only strip club in town, so I guess there has to be at least one night set aside for the ladies. I’m pretty disappointed. I really want to see beautiful women dance naked on stage. But might as well make the best of it. I can just hang out at bar, and drink until I don’t know where I am anymore.

I get to the bar, and begin drowning my sorrows. I look to the main stage and see man walk on. He looks about 6 feet, so a little taller then me, and he’s quite muscular. Dark skin, and in a full cowboy costume. The music begins and he starts dancing. I’ve never seen a man move his body the way he does, and it’s quite impressive. The dancing continues, and he slowly begins to remove his clothes. First the hat, then his cowboy jacket, and he shows off his big arms. The way he flexed was a little enticing. He then removes his tank top, revealing his tight chest and rock hard six pack. You can see the sweat rolling down his body. He’s certainly a good looking dude. Then he removes his pants. Under those pants, he is wearing really tight briefs, and there was a visible bulge. From where I’m sitting, it looks big down there. I can’t help but be fascinated at the sight of it. Suddenly, begin to feel my cock stiffening up, but I’m too drunk to care. Finally, the briefs come off. I can see his tight, firm ass. I feel this desire to squeeze and kiss it. He turns around, showing off his cock. It looks amazing. Long, thick, and dark. A beautiful sight. He’s rock hard, and I’m incredibly turned on. I’m so drunk and mesmerized at the sight of his manhood, I almost don’t realize that he’s looking at me, smiling. We lock eyes, and I finally come to my senses. My cock is throbbing at this point, because this man was turning me on so much. I feel confused and a little scared. I get out of the club as fast as possible, and hop on the first cab I see, and head home.

I get to my place and go straight to my room, contemplating recent events. I hop on my computer and find a video of girl on girl porn. It does not do anything for me at the moment. Then my mind shifts to that stripper’s stiff cock, and I can feel my mouth watering. My own cock grows as I think of it. I then think about how he was smiling at me. Could he want me? There were so many girls around the stage, reaching to touch that love muscle of his, and I figured that could have turned him on. But he was looking at me. A guy. I don’t know what any of this means. I want to go back and see him. I tell myself that I shouldn’t because I’m straight. I am straight…or am I? It probably has to do with the fact that I’m drunk and heatbroken. Once I sober up, it’ll feel like one strange dream, but things will go back to normal. But I love what I’m feeling right now. I want to see him again. I have to go back. Next Sunday night.