mothers sweaty feet

As I lied on the flaw next to beige sofa with the soft sounds of some recent drama movie that was playing on TV my eyes and face were fixed to the heavenly sight that I had so often dreamed and fantasized about.

Let me tell you about myself, I’m a 17 year old male going by the name of Matthew but more commonly known as just ‘Matt’ by both friends and family. I’ve got slightly long brown hair with blue eyes and am quite short compared to the rest of my family who are often a minimum of 6 foot with me only just reaching 5 foot 9.

The sight I’m quietly enjoying is tantalizing view of my mothers creamy feet and toes with dark red nail polish, her favourite although I prefer the more natural look, not that imp going to be complaining any time soon.

She had gone to the gym earlier before returning looking red in the face with a faint sheen of sweat complaining that she had started feeling sick and the exercise was only making her feel worse so she had thought it best to return before she caused herself to be sick.

Rather then go to bed she had claimed she’d feel better cuddled up with me on the sofa just relaxing and watching TV. Naturally of course I was only too happy to curl up next to her and to feel her pressed against me as she leaned against my arm. Now while my mother may attend gym she is by no means petite, she stands at 6 foot with brown hair like me, a shapely but motherly figure with slightly toned muscle but covered in that supple layer of flesh that females seem to be able to achieve while only looking all the sexier for it giving them a slight pleasing shape. Brown hair like me reaching halfway down her back, blue eyes that always seemed to have a warmth to them with a cute bubble nose, not a model but more than attractive enough to turn a few heads.

She had slipped into a tank top with a more than generous view of her cleavage, those glorious double Ds, a blue bottom pair of large pyjama bottoms and slippers which she had slipped off and left next to the sofa.

As she curled up next to me happily watching TV my gaze would flick between the TV, her face to see if she was looking at me and finally resting on her feet which sat over the edge of the seat rubbing against each other and toes flexing every now and again. As we sat next to each other she suddenly spoke up in a disgruntled voice “sorry darling, I must absolutely stink right now, I just didn’t feel up to taking a shower at the minute. I’m surprised you haven’t started gagging yet from it’ as she glanced up towards me before returning her gaze to the show.

In all honest I loved the smell, it was a faint mix between her own natural scent, the slight flowery perfume she liked and the muskiness of a hard workouts sweat combined into one pleasing scent. Smiling at her I answered back ‘don’t know what your talking about, there’s no smell at all, must be your own imagination getting to you’. She glanced up at me again and smiled slightly before patting me on the arm and answering in kind ‘your too good to your old mom you know that?’ I just gave her a squeeze in return before returning to my previous gazing.

After a while of enjoying the view I had an epiphany, ‘mom im going to lie down on the flaw, I need to stretch my back out before I get cramps, okay?’. She just sighed softly before leaning up gently to take her weight of me and reposition herself on the seat before stretching her legs out slightly more and instantly capturing my hungry gaze.

As I grabbed a cushion and laid myself down I made sure to do so as in order to position myself under her feet so I could eagerly gaze upon her soles and toes without the chance of being caught. From here I could see the wrinkles of her soles and how the skin would be tougher in some areas and pinker in others and the joints in her toes.
Even better though was with me being so close to her feet the scent was almost overpowering and it was all I could do not to cum in my boxers at that point, although it wouldn’t be the first time I had cum thinking of them, if one looked closely they might even notice the white stain in the occasional one of my mothers socks.

I sat there hypnotised by the sight and scent of her feet rubbing things together to apply some relieving pressure to the hard pressure in my pants practically drooling when all of a sudden she completely flexed her toes out before she completely lowered her feet without realising where I was causing her to place her feet right on my face with one covering an eye and the toes positioned right on my nose and the other came to rest on my slightly open lips and mouth and wiping the taste of her still slightly sweaty feet on my lips.

She giggled out loud for her second before raising her feet saying ‘sorry baby, didn’t realise you were lying there’ before placing her foot on my mouth for a second rubbing it back and forward for a split second before pulling her feet back up and laughing ‘sorry, sorry I couldn’t help myself’ as I whined ‘Muuuuuuuummmm’ while gently swatting at her feet although in reality my erection was near bursting through my trousers.

She finished laughing before once again speaking ‘sorry babe, but my feet are killing me I need to rest them’ and proceeded to rest them this time just slightly next to my face and devouring gaze ‘just don’t die on me yeah’ I just sighed as if unhappily before shutting up to place all my concentration on her feet, although this seemed to be enough for her as she happily flexed her toes.

For a good hour and half a sat there watching her feet before her breath seemed to become more even and finally her feet would occasionally twitch as they are prone to do when she sleeps. All of a sudden I knew what I needed to do, I had to taste her feet, although this created a problem as I knew that she wasn’t THAT much of a heavy sleeper and If I did so she would undoubtedly wake up and I would be ruined for the rest of my life. Instead I merely opened my mouth wide and blew on her feet causing them to twitch even more from the cold blasts of air I was making. After a couple of minutes my dreams came true, her feet kicked slightly as her legs shifted and one of her feet’s toes planted themselves right inside my mouth. Instantly overwhelming my taste buds and senses with the delicious taste of her sweaty feet and causing me to damn near orgasm/ as her toes started twitching slightly again I raised my tongue up and allowed her to rub her toes against it smearing her taste on my tonsils.

Unable to help myself anymore I reached in my pants and fully grasped my seven inch erection and proceeded to stroke myself for a few moments before reaching bliss and climaxing in my hand and full four blasts of my seed. Pulling my hand out I realized I was now faced with the quandary of what to do of a handful of my cum. Getting up to was it off in the bathroom would wake her up so I was stuck here. Struck by inspiration, using my other hand I slowly reached around and grabbed the slippers she had removed earlier this evening, pulling them towards me, I smeared my cum on the inside of them having the satisfaction of knowing that whenever she wore them she’d be walking in my cum, a mark of my ownership of her before placing them back.

Not thinking I raised my hand I wiped the remaining cum on the bottom of the foot not in my mouth causing her to suddenly jerk, jamming the her foot down the back of my throat almost making me choke, before I felt her flex her feet and heard her yawn. Closing my eyes and pretending to sleep I felt her suddenly pause and could feel her shifting forward to see what was the sensation on her foot. For a few seconds I laid their terrified of how she would react before I heard her laugh to herself softly whispering ‘whoops, the stench must have knocked him out harder then I thought’. I could have cried in relief. As I slightly opened one eyebrow to peek out she slowly removed her foot causing to rub sensuously against my tongue making her giggle again before she removed it completely. I saw her smirk as she glanced down speculatively before raising her other foot, the one with my cum to her face pressing her nose against it. As I laid there gob smacked I saw the deep whiff she took before wrinkling her nose in disgust and whispering ‘urgh, God what does he mean no smell, Poor boy trying to make his old mom feel good. She slowly stood up before placing her feet in her slippers. ‘huh, must have been sweating more then I realised’ before proceeding to slowly creep off to bed.

That night I blew my cum twice more and fell to sleep with the biggest girn on my face.