My dog and me

+I made an account on here to tell a true story of what happened a few years ago. I made it only to tell story, but if you all like, I may write more.+

It all started on my 12th birthday. My dad has known I been wanting a puppy forever now, so on my birthday, he gave me a cute little golden retriever puppy. He was about 2 months at the time and was SO CUTE! Anyways, I'm not gonna bore you with the details.

About a year and a half to two years later, after he got about full size, I noticed his thing between his legs. I also noticed that he would wrap his legs around stuff and bump it with his thing. Curious, I Googled what he was doing. This is how I learned about sex. My dad is a single parent of me, so I didn't have a mum to tell me about stuff. But by Googling what ever Hunter did, I learned a lot.

Over time, I learned masturbation, fingering, etc. A few weeks ago, I was watching TV at night in the dark. I was covered in a blanket and playing with myself by rubbing myself. I see through the darkness Hunter humping a old stuffed bear I gave him to fuck. This is when my curiousness of him got a bit more personal.

later that night, I googled people doing sexual stuff with dogs. I find out that you can do about anything you do with a guy with a dog. Jack him off, blow him, toy with him, and even go all the way. I decide to instant chat one of the more popular dog lovers. Her name is SomeAreHot (SAH).

Me- Hi
SAH- Hello. How can I help you?
Me- Well, I read that you are a " Dog lover" and I have some questions.
SAH- OK, I'm game. Go on….
Me- I have a full grown Golden Retriever and I have started to have sexual curiousness toward him.
SAH- He sounds sexy. Some people will tell you that it's weird and unnatural to have these feelings for an animal. We are animals too. I have a Great Dane who fulfills my lust. What you got questions about?
Me- I noticed if my hand goes near his part while I'm scratching his belly, he gets defensive.
SAH- Yes, he will be protective, but just reassure him and he will play along.
Me- So how would I start?
SAH- Just play with him alone for a minute, rubbing his belly while inching closer to his member. Just make sure he is comfortable with how close you get. When you get close enough, gently grab his housing and rub it until he pops out. When you can, rub it instead of housing. Jack him off all the way.
Me- OK, and anything else?
SAH- If you want to blow him, do it a few minutes after jacking him, so he'll be in the mood and won't be defensive. This one, you have to position yourself to where the dog is comfortable laying and you can blow him. Gently though.
Me- OK. Thanks. But one more thing. What about fucking. I read you can do that too.
SAH- OK, I was hoping you'd ask. You strip off your bottoms and get yourself nice and wet and hot. Then you spread your legs near him. Your fumes will attract him to your pussy. He will most likely sniff, then lick for a while. Just let him do what he wants. He will eventually move to fuck you. A dog his size will have a big dick, so if your a small girl, I'd think about this before doing it. Once he starts, he won't stop until he's done.
Me- OK, thanks. Bye.
SAH- No problem. Bye and have fun.

My dad is at work for another few hours, so now is as good a time as any. I call Hunter in my room and onto my bed. I rub his belly and get closer to his housing. It isn't until my hand is wrapped around his housing that he growls. I pet his head to assure him and start rubbing him. He quickly pops out and I grab his warm, wet, hard cock. I jack him slowly, we both moaning in pleasure. He grow a whole 10 in. and is thick. He soon shoots his load onto my sheets.

he looks at me wondering why I did that. I smile and pet his head, saying," We aren't done my big boy!" I lay down next to him and position myself. My face is in his stomach and his nose is in mine. I coax his dick back out all the way, then engulf it in my mouth. He lays there motionless. Then I feel his nose sniff into my pants. He must smell my pussy warming up. He cums and it shoots in my mouth. I didn't think it'd taste bitter, but it was. I liked it a lot.

I get up and lean against my wall and get in comfortable position on my bed. I slip off my jeans and panties. I call Hunter over, who eagerly jumps up and comes. I take his face and put it near my crotch, and he crams his nose in my pussy and sniffs. He licks me for a minute and I notice his dick coming out. It isn't long after when he moves up my body and tries to fuck me.

He is having trouble getting it in. I grab it and put it at my entrance. He starts humping slowly, but very soon is humping faster than I have ever seen him hump. His 10 in. dick quickly pops my cherry and fills me with each hump. It hurts, but feels great at the same time. I then feel his cum fill my tight pussy and he lays down next to me. I pet him and pick up my laptop and message SomeAreHot.

Me- I did it! I jacked, blew, and he fucked me!
SAH- GREAT! How you like it?
Me- It was great. But can you get knocked up my dog cum?
SAH- nope. Genes don't match. Great feeling, being cumed in my your dog, huh?
Me- Yup. How does your Dane's dick feel?
SAH- You wanna try him? I can see by your contact info that you live only a few miles away. I can try Hunter too.
Me- SURE!!
+ We did meet up and tried eachother's dogs, but that will have to be my next one, if you guys enjoy this one.+