My first erotic story

She wasn't the thinnest girl in school, but her pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes had something about them that kept me from getting my eyes off her. Her breasts were hardly large and her ass was quite flat, to be honest, but I was dying to see her naked body and feel every square inch of it.

We were at the club with a bunch of friends and, although we never talked much, I asked her if she wanted to get some air, so we headed out of the already-boring club that played the same shitty music every night. She wasn't wearing very high heels, but her shoes made her just a tiny bit taller than I was. Her top was quite short, so you could see a couple of inches of her belly. Girls her size would try to hide that, but it wasn't off-putting by any means – nothing dangling over her high-waist tight jeans, so she looked alright.

All of a sudden, probably because of the few drinks I had earlier on, I kissed her. It wasn't too passionate or hot, but her lips felt right. They were thin and soft and I enjoyed it, so we ended up making out for a couple of minutes outside the club. Some of our friends came out of the club too and I asked them if they felt like hanging out at my place, since I didn't really have any plans with her and I was in the mood for some late-night chatting and laughing with them. They couldn't decide and they ended up going home, saying they were too tired to do any more drinking. She looked awkwardly at me as everyone else left and shyly asked:

"Sooo, what do we do now?"

"We could still go to my place."

"Well, I'm not sure… I mean, I told my parents I would be home by 2 AM…"

I took her by the hand, walked to a taxi and held the door open for her. I gave the driver my address, to which she chuckled. I told her we could just talk and drink some wine.

As we got home, she took of her shoes and I brought the wine. She complained about her feet hurting after spending multiple hours dancing around wearing heels. Since she was sitting on the sofa next to me, with her legs curled up underneath her, I reached to grab her left foot and offered a massage. She quickly pulled it back, saying:

"Nooo, my feet must smell horribly after wearing those shoes all night."

In response to that, I grabbed her foot once again and said "Come on, it can't be that bad" while sticking my nose right in her sole to smell it. She laughed and asked, really confused: "What are you doing?"

"You have pretty feet." I said, while staring at her small, chubby toes. She had no nail polish on, and her toenails weren't freshly cut. I took a sniff of her other foot. They were both sweaty and sticky and gave off quite a strong smell. I started licking her right sole; her heel was quite rough and hard, but her arch was surprisingly soft and just as pale as the rest of her skin. She had a tiny amount of lint in between her toes, probably from wearing socks earlier in the day. I didn't mind and kept licking. As I got to the top of her toes, I started sucking them, starting with the little one. Right when I put it in my mouth, she let out a quiet groan and clenched her toes. By the time I pulled her big toe of out my mouth, she was laying on the couch with her eyes closed, with one hand resting on her belly, as if she was reaching for her sex.

As I was finished with her foot, I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom. She was trying to look confused, but a beautiful smile made its way to the corner of her mouth. I gently laid her on my bed and quickly jumped on top of her. She was still clothed and I couldn't wait to see her bare body. We made out for a while, I took her loose shirt off, and then her bra. She responded by covering her breasts with her hands, so I started kissing her neck, chest, and ultimately fingers, hoping she would let go. She then put her middle finger in my mouth and I started sucking it, which seemed to turn her on. Needless to say, seconds later she pulled her hands to the side and exposed her beautiful, yet small, breasts. They were even smaller than I expected, but her nipples were quite pointy, which made them look really hot. I sucked on her tiny nipples for a bit, then proceeded on my way down, licking her belly, which was noticeably sticky. Again, I didn't mind, I was probably just as sweaty.

I then unbuttoned and un-zipped her high-waist blue jeans, going down to her feet so I could pull her pants off. She then put her left foot, the one I hadn't paid much attention to earlier, on my face and said:

"Do that again, I enjoyed it more than I would've thought."

While I was licking her beautiful, smelly sole, she was trying to grab my penis through my pants, using her other foot. I quickly unbuttoned my pants and took off my boxers with one hand while holding her foot to my face with the other, and she started rubbing my penis and testicles with her toes. She couldn't do much from that position, though.

By now I couldn't wait for my penis to be engulfed in her warm, pulsing vagina, but we weren't quite there just yet. I finally pulled her jeans off; her wide hips looked as if they couldn't wait to be freed from the jeans that were maybe a size too tight. Her legs were a bit, umm… plus-size, but holy fuck was her body turning me on the more of it I got to see. She was wearing some light pink panties, which had a noticeable wet spot right in the middle. I started kissing the insides of her thighs passionately, to which she sort of whispered a moan, turning me on even more. I wanted to tease her for a while, so I didn't pull her panties off right away. Instead, as I got higher up her left thigh, I started using some tongue, licking the area next to her panties. I then gently kissed her panties, right on the wet spot, and then moved on to her right thigh. She couldn't resist. Suddenly, she pulled my head back to her groin and sort of held me there with her legs. This prompted me to pull her panties to one side, to finally taste her pink, teenage vagina. She had a beautiful mound and a small clitoris and she hadn't shaved in a while – her pubic hair wasn't that thick or long, but definitely present. I started off with a lick across her beautiful pussy lips, stopping as I reached her clit. At first, I moved my tongue in circles, licking every single part of her wet and sticky vagina. I was going faster and faster, pressing on her clit with the tip of my tongue, even sticking one and then two fingers in her warm vagina, as she grabbed my arm and held on to it firmly. She had her legs wrapped around me and I could feel her heels rubbing against my back, only able to remember what her soles smelled like from earlier. Her pussy had a certain smell to it too, but I enjoyed it very much as I buried my tongue in it. As my tongue was moving at a faster pace, stroking her clit from every direction possible, I felt her hand clenching even harder on my arm and her legs wrapping around me with more strength. Then, in a matter of seconds, her whole body started shivering and she was struggling to catch her breath in between the moans she was letting out, which became louder and louder by the second. I kept going, sticking my fingers in even deeper and playing with her clitoris every way I knew. It all culminated in her body twiching heavily. Her eyes were rolled over, her head tilted back and she let out the loudest moan I'd ever heard. She was screaming with pleasure even as the quivering calmed down and she pushed my head away – she couldn't take it anymore.

My mouth and chin were all wet of her bodily fluids. She saw that and giggled. As I was leaning in to kiss her, she shyly took her tongue through her own juices on my face. As she was doing this, she grabbed my throbbing penis with both her feet and started giving me a footjob. I didn't expect this at all, and she probably had never done it before, but it felt amazing. As she was jerking me off with her beautiful feet, she was sort of guiding my penis to her still-wet vagina. When I got close enough, she let go and I gently touched her opening with the tip of my erect penis. She looked at me, seemingly still very horny, and I slowly penetrated her. Her vagina was tight and very warm, wholly embracing my cock as if she was never going to let it go. We were fucking in the missionary position, so right in the middle of the act, I grabbed both her feet and licked them as we were fucking. That's when I felt my orgasm coming. I let go of her feet and laid on top of her, playfully biting her nipple. Although her breasts were small, they bounced quite a bit as we were fucking, but that's maybe just because it became so intense that everything around us was rocking back and forth. I could feel my testicles waiting to burst, and yet again, she started shivering – she was just about to come, too.

I just couldn't hold it in anymore. The feeling of her tight vagina massaging every inch of my cock, her pointy nipples touching my chest with every move, her left foot rubbing against my ass and thigh, her loud moans announcing her orgasm – I came, letting out an unusually loud groan that was barely audible among her moans of pleasure. As we were both climaxing, we made eye contact – her eyes seemed lost, confused and her body was still shaking every few seconds.

I laid next to her for a few minutes, and we were still struggling to catch our breath. Neither of us said anything for a while, until she broke the silence:

"I think this was my first orgasm, thanks for that…"

"I couldn't say the same, but this was intense!"

She leaned in and kissed me, then she put one of her legs over me and we went to sleep, still naked. Her vagina was touching my thigh and I could feel her wet pubes on my skin. My penis, already flaccid, was right under her knee as I fell asleep.

For those guys who wan to see some pictures of the girl so you know what I'm talking about: