My first group adventure!

After my husband and I had our first 'threesome' experience and he finally got his fantasy wish to see another man fuck me, we continued our adventures once every month or two because it gave us such a 'rush'! I suppose the natural progression of being lucky enough to have a husband that lets me feel a strange cock in me every now and then, was to wonder what it would be like to have even more guys take turns with me!
It had been over a year since the first time I 'strayed', and I had fucked more than a dozen different men with my husband watching and taking turns with me, when he suggested we try adding another man to the group just for fun..making it a 'foursome'! I tried to act surprised that he would make such a nasty suggestion…thinking that his wife would just be a 'fuckslut' for other men to get off on, but I secretly felt incredibly aroused inside! I insisted that I would never try it, but kept it in the back of my mind, open to the opportunity if it ever arose.
Last summer, we decided to take a little road trip to the west coast to exercise the Porsche; maybe take in a musical and spend a couple of days shopping and dining, and decided we would break the drive up into a few segments. At the close of one of our day's of driving, we arrived in Reno and stopped for the evening to have a cocktail, see a show and, perhaps, do a little gambling!
After going up to the room and taking a shower, we dressed for the occasion and, to look my sexiest, I wore a very short and silky pleated skirt, a 'titty' blouse, and my 'come fuck me' high heel shoes! I knew we would find a show where there was a dance floor and, since we both love dancing, knew we would be out there performing! Hubby loves to spin me around when we're really feeling the music; we both get a real charge out of seeing the expression on other guy's faces when I twirl, my skirt flies high, and eyes bulge when they grab a glimpse of my black lace panties underneath! I love to play Mrs. 'cock teaser'!
We went into a cute little lounge off the casino lobby in our hotel and discovered a fabulous group doing renditions of great 60's and 70's rock and roll, and rhythm and blues. The voices were intoxicating, resembling many of the great black singers of the era, so we decided to stay there, have a few cocktails, and dance for a while. When we finally got up, there was only one other couple on the floor, but it certainly didn't keep us from putting on our own show! With my skirt flailing about and my 'cheeks' bouncing beneath my lace panties, we were having a wonderful time watching others watching us…including the guys in the band!
At the break, we sat down for another cocktail and I just 'happened' to make eye contact with the lead singer as he stepped off the stage. I smiled, hoping he would brush by the table and, yes…he headed our way! His name was Tony, a very handsome guy, and as he strolled up to the table he said 'Looks like you guys were having a ball; thanks for coming to our show and livening it up for everyone'! My husband chuckled and invited him to sit down and have a drink with us but he said he had to help the other guys carry out different instruments out for the last set of music. He did, although, say he would like to buy us a cocktail after the show if we were still in the lounge. I felt a little tingle go through me, knowing a little 'wet spot' was developing on my panties when I listened to his deep voice. I was imagining doing 'something else' with him and my husband was certainly 'picking up' on my senses! Of all the men I had screwed since my husband and I started fooling around, there had never been a black man as a party to one of our threesomes.
Not to say that a black cock had never been inside of me! I had once agreed to let a black man in the office (he was always flirting with me) drive home with me one evening when my husband was out of town, and I fucked him twice that night and again in the morning. Even had him lay down in the back seat when we left to go back to work the next day so the neighbors wouldn't suspect anything! Since then, my husband always wanted to see me take on a huge black cock…I finally felt so guilty that I broke down and told him about it! I thought this evening in Reno might provide an opportunity for me to play the part of one of Tony's 'groupies' after the show…if I played my cards right! And hubby could have another fantasy wish fulfilled…watching that 'big black cock' slamming into me!
Shortly after, my husband and I left and went out into the casino for a while, tried our luck at a couple of 'games of chance', and stopped by another one of the casino bars for an appetizer and cocktail. After about an hour or so, I asked my husband if we could go back into the lounge and see if the black men were still playing. He knew I was feeling a little naughty and I could tell by the swelling in his slacks that he was getting a little aroused thinking about the possibilities of finally watching a black guy fuck me!
When we went back into the lounge, there were half a dozen couples at tables around the dance floor, but the stage was empty! I felt disappointed, almost sad, but a deep voice coming from behind me perked me right up! It was Tony walking into the lounge, up to our table and asking 'Can I buy you guys that drink now'? I smiled and he sat down. The three of us ordered cocktails and were chatting when one of the other band members walked in. He introduced himself as Carl; he had been playing bass guitar, and my husband invited him to join us also. As Carl was sitting down, Tony scooted his chair a little closer to me and I felt his hand brush my thigh…right where my short skirt met my bare leg. Talk about a signal! I felt an incredible 'rush' and returned the gesture by slipping my hand under the table and touching him between his thighs! Wow! What a surprise! My hand had landed half way between his crotch and his knee and I could feel his cock inside his pants right next to his leg. I glanced quickly at him, showing a little grin on my lips, then looked away as I began to slowly rub my ring finger up and down the end of his 'tool'. Needless to say, it started swelling almost immediately. The four of us continued talking for a while and soon noticed that other customers were leaving the lounge; it looked as if it was going to close for the evening. I was beginning to think our 'get-together' was just not going to happen when Tony suggested hubby and I join he and Carl in their room for a nightcap.
Before I could open my mouth, my husband spouted out Great idea!'…I think he felt this might be the opportunity he was wishing for…for him and a handsome black man to take turns fucking me silly! Tony's fingers slipped up under my skirt and inside the crotch of my panties. He sensed how ready I was and wanted to confirm it; my pussy was incredibly wet and throbbing for a good hard cock! We all got up and headed to the elevator.
I knew that Tony wanted to fuck me as badly as I wanted him to but I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't know what to do, given the situation! After all, my husband and Carl were both with us! I wanted to signal hubby that I wanted this guy, and I winked at him while we were in the elevator; he could also tell that Tony was feeling confused, so he thought he would put everyone at ease and said 'baby, you've already flashed your lacy panties at these guys while we were dancing, why don't you lift your blouse and let them see those fabulous breasts'! I was a bit shocked, especially since Tony's friend Carl was also with us, but I was so incredibly aroused I couldn't hold back. I raised my blouse then lifted up my bra, and said 'Here you go, guys'! Tony's lips dropped to one of my nipples like a vacuum while Carl eagerly fondled my other breast. I just gave in knowing that if I had previously fucked over a dozen different men in threesomes with my husband, I could certainly let my husband, Tony, and Carl take turns with me in my first foursome! Besides that, I knew my husband would love to watch me 'used' by two black cocks!
As soon as Carl opened the door to the room, Tony slipped his hands up my skirt and tugged at my panties. We almost tripped as we were running toward the bed! I couldn't get undressed fast enough! I pulled off my blouse as my husband took off my skirt, Carl pulled the bedspread off one of the beds, and Tony knelt down and finished removing my panties. As my husband was unbuttoning his slacks, he looked toward Carl and noticed he was already completely nude…and carrying a foot-long hard-on! Hubby exclaimed 'Look at the size of that thing; maybe it's too big for her'! Carl just pleaded he would be very gentle, take it very slow and, if it bothered me, he would stop immediately. In the meantime, Tony had also undressed. He gently laid me back on the bed and, spreading my legs wide, and slipped his tongue into my throbbing pussy! Carl leaned over my face as I grabbed his huge cock and started to tickle the end of it with my tongue. It got harder than it already was…and grew another inch or so! My husband got so aroused watching me with these two men, he grabbed the cell phone and snapped a few photos with the digital camera feature; he wanted to have more than a mental memory of two black men naked on a bed getting ready to fill his nasty, slut wife with their long, hard cocks!
Tony lifted his chest and body up and crawled forward to kiss and suck my nipples while I continued to lick the head of Carl's cock. As he he moved forward, I glanced down and saw he had the most beautifully shaped penis I had ever seen! The head looked like a purple tangerine, the shaft like the handle of a gently curved baseball bat…and it appeared just as big and stiff! I reached down, curled my fingers around it, and gave it a slight tug toward me. Tony knew what I needed! He moved forward more, keeping his body high on outstretched arms so I could continue licking Carl's cock, while I guided that fabulous pole up to my slippery, swollen pussy lips. As I held its head between my thumb and forefinger, he slowly pushed his pelvis forward until the head slipped inside of me, then he began slowly pumping and thrusting it deeper and deeper until it felt like a log between my backbone and stomach! I barely recognized my husband's voice in the background whispering 'Baby, do you love having that big black cock inside of you? Take it all in…squeeze down on it until he makes you cum…I want to hear you whimper and see you quiver and then make Tony fill you up with his cum'!
Even though I was trembling, I'm certain my mouth could feel a pulse in Carl's cock as he groaned 'Patty, please let me fuck you now…I want to cum and I really need my cock inside of that beautiful wet pussy when I do'! Tony was still inside me but all I could say was 'Okay baby, give it to me'! All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door! My husband got off the bed and walked over, looked through the peephole and said 'Looks like another one of the guys from the band…should I let him come in and watch us'? Tony mumbled between his pumping, 'It's alright with me', and my husband opened the door a crack. I heard him whisper in a low voice 'We are all taking turns fucking my horny slut wife; would you like to watch'? I later found out that the new guy's name was Tom…after we were all through, of course! Tom and the fourth band member shared a different room, and Brian (the fourth guy) had gone out with a girl he met after the show. Anyway, Tom did want to join us, and my husband let him in.
Suddenly, I felt Tony start to tremble, then he shuddered and groaned as I felt a hot, wet explosion pulse deep inside of me. He pushed hard against my pelvis a few more times as he was squeezing the last drops of his cum into me, then pulled out so Carl could get his cock inside my warm, slippery cunt before he shot his load all over the bed! As Tony rolled over to my side, Carl was climbing on top of me, holding my shoulders tightly and pulling me closer to him. He raised his pelvis and slowly pressed his cock between my legs, moving back and forth gently, as he promised, until it 'popped' inside of me. It was bigger around than Tony's, but it went right in because of the all the slippery cum that Tony had left dripping out of me after he finally 'got off'! Carl fucked me slowly but deeply for a minute or two then asked me if I would get on top before I made him cum. We rolled over, I spread my legs and straddled him like I was mounting a horse to go for a ride…and did I ever! His giant chocolate dick slipped right up inside of me again and I bucked and pumped and rode him like a bronco until I arched back with the most incredible orgasm I could remember! I looked around to see if my husband was enjoying the show and…oh oh! Tom was standing there naked also, stroking his cock and smiling! He was a really big guy…must have weighed 275 pounds if he weighed an ounce, and his cock looked like a five pound summer sausage! I felt my husband climbing on to the bed behind me and I knew what I was in for! We had tried a new experience with one of the other men he set me up with several months before…and they had taught me what DP meant! I leaned forward as Carl resumed pushing his cock in and out of me but slowed down long enough for my husband to work his raging hard-on into my other place! Both men started slowly thrusting until I started to quiver with another orgasm. Just as I reached my peak, I felt a warm gush from Carl's huge penis and his big hands pulled my hips tightly against his groin so I couldn't get away until he had drained every drop of his goo deep inside my belly! He bounced and rotated his pelvis until he was completely empty and going limp, then pulled out and we all climbed off the bed to take a break!
Tom was really smiling and, now very hard, said 'Come on guys, let me have a turn'! I knew I had to let him fuck me too, after watching his friends have fun, so I just grinned and sat down on the arm of one of the overstuffed chairs. I moved my knees apart and leaned back a bit as Tom picked me up and carried me toward the bed. I clamped my legs around him and felt his rock-hard cock under the crack in my bottom. He gently laid me back and, one at a time, lifted my legs up and over his shoulders. He put his hands around my waist and slowly worked that 'sausage' into my super stretched pussy! He wasted no time on the gentle love-making stuff…just started pumping and fucking me like a wild man until my clit felt like it was on fire from the friction! Then he lifted me up of the bed, pulled me tightly against his belly, and shot a load into me like that felt like someone breaking a hot water bottle inside of my tummy!
I know I'm just a nympho slut, but I had another incredible orgasm! I tightened my legs around him again and wouldn't let go until the electric 'tingle' had completely subsided from me! I looked over at the other guys again and suddenly felt terribly bad for my poor husband; he seemed so disappointed! I had already been thrilled by all kinds incredible orgasms, had drained three beautiful black cocks, and hubby had only enjoyed a few strokes of rear entry amusement!
I laid back on the bed, spread my legs wide and, with all that creamy stuff dripping out of me said 'Please, sweetie, come and make me cum harder than anyone else in the world can'! He was still incredibly hard from watching me fuck all those horny men (and taking a few great photos for our 'memoirs') so he held me, kissed me, stuck his aching cock into me, and fucked me until he was also completely drained.
My skin was flushed, red and blotchy from the rush caused by the arousal and the amazing workout I had receivedt, having been completely fucked by four different men in about an hour's time, but I somehow managed to get up and dress so hubby could help me back to our room and we could get some much-needed sleep before heading out in the morning. We said our farewells to the guys, told them how much we enjoyed our little 'adventure' together, and I kissed each of them. As I hobbled down the hall on my sweet husband's arm, the evening replayed itself in my mind. It was wonderful…I won't forget it, and I laughed as I joked with my husband, 'Too bad Brian was out with that other girl…should we stop by his and Tom's room in the morning just to be fair'? Maybe we did…I'll never tell. At least until later!