My Life

It Was a normal day when i got to school,Football team practicing,People studying,classes going on,people just going on with their normal buisness,now i was a teen in 10th grade in high school,i was 16,black auburn hair,a bit muscley,5.4" and i was skinny like most teens,i lived with my parents still,but i masturbated mostly in the shower because they checked up on me at night,enough with me lets get on with the story.
The Next Day-I Arrived At School,It Was The First Day-Everyone dressed to impress,but me i just wore jeans and a t-shirt,We all got off the buses and went to our classes,I had Mrs.Anderson for homeroom she was about 5.5" Skinny,And Had C-cup stype Boobs. I Always sat in the back of class,while popular people sat in front.My friend jason sat next to me with this smoking hot girl sitting in front of him.We learned more algebra today,then moved onto Reading,then lunch,We had pasta that day,the lunch costed 1.50$ and i forgot my cash at my home,so i went out to the football field and sat on the bleachers,This 15 yo* kid came and sat next to me,and i glanced at him,and said "Hello" He said "Oh.hey,I Saw You Today In Reading,Sorry dude but i couldnt help but..uhh…look at your ass while you bent over to pick up your book you dropped… I Stared at him,my jaw dropped. he said "…you ok?" I snapped back to reality Then said "Oh yea..Sorry Just I Was Stunned.." He Replied "Well whenever i say that i usually get a fist to the face but thanks for not doing that." before i could apply he stood up and a piece of paper dropped out of his pocket and i yelled to him "Hey dude you dropped something" but he just kept walking,i picked up the paper and it said his home adress and to meet him there tonight with a friend or alone,-3 Hours later- I Called my friend jason and told to meet me at this random kids adress.
I Saw his car parked there and i parked behind him,we got out and walked to the kids door and i knocked,a minute later we heard a few footsteps and the door opened..he said "come on in guys" a little suprised i brought my friend he mumbeled very silently "Damn Friend.." but jason didnt hear it. he said if we wanted anything to drink and we just said a coke,so he got me and jason a coke. he sat down and clearly said "so guys would you like to meet my…friend?"
we said "sure." a little suspiscous. he said "Honey!.." and a man walked in wearing blue jeans,black boots,a black t-shirt came in and sat down,kissing the guy on the cheek,and the kid said his name was Darrel and the clearly boyfriend said Dan.–After about 2 minutes of talking he said "would you guys like to see the pool?" we said "sure" and we all went outside and saw a 20 FT pool.he said we can grab some of his swimming trunks and change,me and jason went in and closed the door to his bedroom and talked quietly he said "Dude hes clearly gay,i want no part of this!" i said "Jason. dude atleast swim if we dont hes probally gonna say we fucked him.." he said "Your right..Lets do it.." we got the shorts and changed in different rooms i pulled my pants down and my 9" cock sprang out and i put on the swimming shorts just as my friend came out then we walked out to the pool,i dived in so i wouldnt endure the nerve-tensing of walking into the water and my friend did the same. so we all just swam,then played some pool volleyball me and darrel vs. dan and jason.,at one point darrel lightly brushed his hand against my cock getting me hard but i ignored him thinking it was a accident. we all got out and when i drove home i didnt realize i was being followed by darrel,i parked went inside and took a shower while my food cooked,but i didnt know darrel was inside my home and he slipped a sleeping pill in my drink downstairs while i was drying off and he hid in the closet while i ate then took a drink then headed to bed i fell asleep,very deep sleep because of the pill and woke up in darrel's basement,jason beside me still asleep our hands tied to a pipe in the ceiling and dan asleep in a chair with his 6" cock splayed on his lap with his hand gripping it and darrel came in and saw me awake he stood there staring at jason and me when jason woke he said "You Guys Will Enjoy Tomorrow…" then he went upstairs. leaving us to ponder whats gonna happen tomorrow. When we woke Darrel and Dan stood there rubbing their cocks and darrel holding a 9mm then they shot his load all over us,,still tied up we couldnt do anything but wriggle when we did darrel slashed us with a riding crop. we just stayed there in pain when they went upstairs i said to jason "i didnt think this would happen how'd they get you here jason..?" jason said in pain "i think food.."
"i think so too for myself.." then they came back in hearing us talking darrel yelled "Shut The Hell Up!!" and darrel riding cropped us again, –To Be Continued–