My Niece & I – Part 2

Background; Yesterday my niece and I made out and she ended up giving me one of the best blowjobs I have had. I was confused as to where this would lead, but was more than a little curious to find out.

I worked hard that day, but my mind was racing with what had happened with my niece. Fuck, she and I made out on the couch and she gave me a great blowjob, but what was to happen next and did she or I want more. I had stopped for a break when my phone rang, it was Ashleigh.
“Hi there” she said, “working hard?”
“Yeah, but just having a drink. What’s up?” I replied.
“Mum wants to know if you would like anything special for dinner”?
“You would be nice” I laughed.
“Ha ha, maybe for desert” she replied quickly.
That comment caught me off-guard. ‘Shit’ I thought.

“Well,” I started, “how about we all go out for dinner to ‘The Mortuary’, my shout for letting me stay with you all.”
There was a pause and muffled voices from the other end. “OK mum says thanks.”
“Great, I call Paul and get us a table for 7.00pm”
“Are we dressing up?” Ash asked, with a hint in her voice. “Sure why not, we don’t get to dress up much” I responded.

I hung up and called Paul. I have known Paul for a long time, since high school, and the his place ‘The Mortuary’ was my wife’s favourite restaurant, bar and music venue. We went there for most of our special occasions, and knew most of the staff too. Paul was only too happy to assist, and also reserved a booth in the music lounge for the night. I continued working through the afternoon then grabbed some “dressing up” clothes and headed to my brother-in-law’s.

I got there to find chaos, as two great looking girls were trying to get ready and use all the water, and bathroom time.

Mario and I grabbed a beer and sat on the verandah and chilled out until the coast was clear. We chatted about football and work and life, when out of the blue he asked if I was seeing anyone.
I quickly answered “No” but was a little curious where this was going. “I don’t know when I should move on, and I might not know until it happens, but I think it will one day”. I hadn’t talked to anyone about this, not even my grief counsellor had raised it yet.

Renee called out that the bathroom was free, so I finished my beer and moved in to get cleaned up.
I was in the lounge when the girls walked in. WOW they were smokin’ hot. Renee had already said she was going out clubbing after, so was dressed for a night on the town. She had on a short black skirt that clung to her butt and legs, while her top was an ivory coloured silk number, with only a camisole underneath. She wore heels that made her butt sway even more when she paraded in front of us all. Ash was dressed a little more conservatively but looked stunning; her dress was an Asian number with a slit up the side that exposed her leg when she walked. I whistled to wind them up and earned a punch from Renee and a smile from Ash. Even Mario saw the funny side and got in on the ribbing.

At the restaurant, Paul greeted us and showed us to our table, Renee and Ash sitting either side of me with Mario and Nora opposite. It was a lovely relaxing evening, good food, great company and a wonderful way to relax. The music started in the lounge around 10.30, so I suggested we move to the booth. A great local jazz band was playing which was just the music that got my wife and I in the mood and by the embarrassing looks from Ash and Renee, also seemed to get Mario and Nora in the mood. No kids like to see their parents flirting so openly, even though we all know it happens.

The girls decided not to stay to long, so they headed off to meet their friends at a club, while we ordered drinks and settled in to listen to the music. Paul joined us for a bit, and ribbed me about the ‘talent’ in the room, going to great lengths to point out all the single and available women.
Mario and Nora got up to dance, and a little while later, a very attractive women walked over and sat down next to me.
“Hi, I’m Natasha” she said. “I haven’t seen you here for a long time.”
“It’s been a while” I replied.
She was tall, thin with a great ass and nice tits, and maybe on any other night I might have moved on the invitation, but not tonight. Tonight was about family. I moved my hand on to the table and she saw my wedding ring. I still wear it as I am not ready to take it off just yet.
“Oh, you’re married?” she started. “That’s OK I can do that.”
“Natasha, you’re beautiful, but I’m not ready for this just yet. And no I was married, but my wife died more than a year ago.” I responded.
“I’m sorry” she mumbled. “I’ll just go now, but I will look for you again” and with that she got up and left the booth. Tonight was about family, but I was also thinking about Ashleigh and what else might occur between us.

Mario and Nora returned from dancing, needing a drink, and by the touching and kissing, a room too, and fast!!

“We’re going home” Mario said with a wink. Nora gave him a playful slap and a kiss. “You coming too?” Nora said laughing as she realised just how that sounded.
“No” I said quickly, “I think I will stay and enjoy the music. Do you want my car?
“No, we will catch a cab, Mario’s drunk too much to drive.”

We said our goodbye’s and Paul booked their ride home. I settled back in the booth and took in the great jazz, remembering how my wife and I used to spend hours dancing and listening, kissing and cuddling, then making love for hours after we got home. I missed it so much, but could not get Ash out of my head after last night even thinking it would be nice be with her now..

My phone rang, and saw it was Ash. “Hi there beautiful, I was just thinking of you” I said smiling.
“Where are you? Still at the lounge?” she was shouting as the noise where they were was loud enough to hear down the line.
“Yeah, your mum and dad just left. I think they need a room” I was laughing by now.
“EEEEW, that’s such a bad image” she yelled. “Stay there, we are coming back. Can you get four of us back in tonight please.”
“Sure I’ll let Paul know your coming back. See you soon” and hung up.

Ash, Renee and two friends arrived later and we settled in. Ash sat next to me and gently rubbed against my thigh with her leg. I could see a sparkle in her eyes, that said she was glad to be here with me. We all continued to talk and dance, and I certainly got some looks dancing with three young women who looked HOT. At about two in the morning, Renee and her friends took a cab to Beth’s house, while Ash and I stayed until closing, talking and dancing and just having a good time careful not to do anything that an Uncle and a niece shouldn’t do, at least in public.

Driving home, Ash sat close to me, gently stroking my thigh and shoulder. “Let’s go to your place for dessert” she said with a sly grin. “I’m hungry”
We got to my place and only made it into the lounge room.

“God I need to see and feel your cock again Uncle Will” she moaned, grabbing my shirt and helping me out of it.
We lay back on the couch together and we leaned in and kissed gently at first but then with passion. “I wanted to stay with you the whole time at the restaurant, as you make me feel so great” she said breaking the kiss. ”I didn’t want to stop last night, but knew it was risky at home, as mum’s a bit of a light sleeper”
“Well no-one else is here now. It’s just us” I whispered.
I leaned closer and slowly unbuttoned her dress down to her stomach exposing her lace bra. I began to kiss her breasts through the lace, paying attention to her hardening nipples. “Oh god that’s great, don’t stop please. Suck my nipples!!”
I had no intention of stopping, so moved slowly to remove her bra freeing her beautiful breasts and then gently sucked a nipple into my mouth. It was so hard, just like a boiled sweet, and rolled it gently between my tongue and teeth. Ash’s body was writhing in time with my sucking and she furiously massaged her free tit.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” she moaned. “Nick is no way near as good as you” I now moved her hand away and cupped her free breast and slowly rolled her other nipple while sucking more of her breast into my mouth.

Nick is Ash’s boyfriend, a nice enough guy, but he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I was to learn later, that he does not satisfy her sexually.

I needed to taste her and kissed my way down her stomach and unbuttoned the rest of her dress. She raised her hips and it was gone. I was now faced with a lace thong, and kissed her gently. She grabbed my head and pushed me closer. “Uncle Will eat me now, I need your tongue in me”. I peeled her soaking panties away and took a breath. It was hot and wet and needed sucking.
“God you taste good” I said, as I moved closer and planted a gentle kiss on the top of her mound then gently parted her folds and licked her from her ass to her clit. Her pubic hair was soft and gently framed her pussy. I could not remember the last time I saw hair on a girl’s pussy, but I was too busy to care.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck” she moaned as I pushed my tongue into her tight little pussy. She was hot and wet and wanted more. I worked on her pussy and clit until she came, powerfully and vocally. “OH MY GOD, don’t stop I’m cuuuuming!!. Her orgasm seemed to last for a minute or more until she slumped back onto the couch with glassy eyes and a big grin.

Uncle Will” she paused for breath, “That was amazing. I thought you were going to pull my clit out of my body. That was so intense I nearly passed out.”

“You’re welcome sweetie, happy to be of service” I laughed. She slapped me gently and giggled. We kissed and she licked up some of her juice from my chin, then she worked her way down my chest, paying attention to my nipples, causing me to groan. My nipples have always been sensitive and I enjoy the sensation of having them licked and sucked. Her hand continued down my stomach to my pants, slowly removing my belt and opening my front. She reached in and fished out my dick, semi hard and ready for much more.
“MY GOD your dick is beautiful.” She moved down and gently blew her hot breath over the tip of my pulsing head. It twitched in response. She now had one hand wrapped around my shaft and was slowly jacking me off, letting my foreskin cover and retract over the engorged purple head. I felt better than I had in a long time and wanted it to never end. Her pace quickened and then I felt her lips form an “O” over the head then began to suck it into her mouth. My wife didn’t often give me blowjobs, but was great in other ways. Ash seemed well practiced, despite what she had said last night, she knew just what to do and how to control a pulsing rod of flesh.
“Oh fuck you’re good, you have had practice” I grunted. She just sucked deeper into her mouth until she had about half of my dick in her throat. She continued to bob up and down on my rod, while also slowly rubbing my nipples with her free hand.

Ash now managed to get most of my dick down her throat and had sped up, which meant that I was now feeling the familiar boiling in my balls. “I’m going to cum” and a minute later blasted off a series of shots down her eager throat. She slowed down and then cleaned up my softening cock, before sliding up next to me. We were both sweating and were breathing as if we had run laps around the block. I kissed her tasting my salty cum on her tongue and then pulled her on top of me, squashing her breasts into my chest. Ash caught on quick leaned back and grabbed my semi-hard cock and slowly eased it into her waiting pussy.

“OH MY GOD, you are going to split me in half and you’re not fully hard yet” she squealed as she sank down. She was so tight I was only able to slide into her about half way even though she was leaking so much juice. She slowly rode up and down, the wonderful feeling bringing me to full hardness again.
“Fuck fuck you are too big.” Ash slowly worked her way down until I could feel my dick push against her cervix. “I am so stuffed, you are pushing against my cervix” she moaned and began to slowly ride up and down again. OH I’m cumming again” and her body shook. I could feel her pussy constricting around my dick almost continuously. As her orgasm subsided she began to ride my cock again this time with vigour. My dick was now banging against her cervix every time, and then it pushed through and she sank down to my hips.
Ash screamed and froze against my chest. I was not sure if it was pain or pleasure or both.

“You OK?” I whispered in her ear.

“Fuck I can’t move, it’s incredible! You feel like you are almost in my stomach.” She began to rotate her hips slowly ensuring my dick remained in her cervix. Her speed picked up and her clit rubbed against me sending her over the edge again. Her body shook again and she humped my dick causing me to cum spewing into her again. We collapsed on each other kissing and touching before she rose up letting me dick fall free with a sloppy plop. We were drenched with each other’s cum and sweat and the sweet smell of sex hung in the air.

“Oh my god I love you” she said. “You satisfy me on so many levels, especially sexually.
“I love you too, always have” I replied. Ash too satisfied me in many ways.

I picked her up and went to the main bathroom and turned on the shower. We showered together washing each other gently and passionately. She reached for my dick and got me hard again. She placed it between her legs and with her back to me slowly ground her pussy on my dick. I grabbed her breast and massaged her nipple. Ash leaned forward and my dick slid up the crack of her ass and pushed against her puckered hole. She stopped moving, and then moved away from me slightly.

“No Uncle Will, I’m not ready for that. Maybe another time”, and with a free hand she guided my dick back into her sopping wet pussy. I sank in with little resistance, and pulled her against me, rubbing her clit between two fingers.

“Don’t stop, fuck my little pussy and fill me again with your cum” she screamed. Being the gentleman I obliged and fucked her hard until we came together. We dried off and got dressed, before making our way back to her home. We were well and truly satisfied and exhausted and my balls were totally drained.

“Uncle Will, you make me feel so loved. I want to be with you always.”

“I love being with you too, but I don’t know how far this can go. We need to talk more about this.” I was not sure where this would end up, but we both agreed that we did not want to stop yet.

We drove back to their home and tumbled into bed, not before sharing another passionate kiss, and a little feel!!