My night with Christean


My freshmen year had started well, I was strong, athletic and personable. My older brother, who was just like me except smarter, stronger and just all round "Older Brother" had set the way for me, so I had no problem with upper classmen. I had started varsity on the football team as a punter and kick returner, we had a good year so it was easy to get a girl friend. Christean, an asian/American sophomNpore and I soon became inseparable, and soon a couple. She was not overly attractive: 5'3" a 110 pounds. She was a solid B cup and had a small, but firm butt. Her personality was her best feature though, she was happy, smart and had the ability to infect you with good feelings. We probably started "going out" with me a week or two into school. I would like to say I loved her, she was great. Always happy, that being said she would get mad at me, but that's how it was in high school. We had a few clases together, and we were often together in the hall ways. My biggest problem with my relationship with her were het parents; they plainly told me they did not want here doing out with a white kid. I was dumb struck because her parents were both half white, and half Korean. Besides the point we still went out with each other, we just didn't stay at her house.

The first time we had sex was also the first night I had stayed over her house. My parents thought I was over my friend David's house, her parents were in Pitsburg. They were staying from Thursday to Saturday.

That Thursday night started with big game against a rival team. The night was cold and windy, it never got over 45 degrees. The game started with the rival team kicking off. We struggled to the fifty yard line. Forth down and seven yards to go, I was sent out to punt. I would like to think I was a good punter, but maybe not; I sent the ball 43 yards past the defensive line. They ran the ball up to their forty. They would then take it upon them selves to make are defense look silly. They would run it in for a TD and like wise for the two point conversion. I was sent out to return the kickoff, I caught the ball at around the twenty, and returned it to about the 50 yard line. We came back with a TD, with an extra point. Are defense halted their offenses advance, and with a turn over on the 35 we were within field goal range and are place kicker nailed the uprights for three points. They fought back though and scored a TD, but were stopped when they tried for the two point conversion. I ran the ball back from the 25 to about their 45. Their defense was ready though, they sacked are QB and picked off a short pass that would lead to a TD and an extra point for the rival team. At the end of the first half we were down 19-10. The second half was ares though; I returned the kickoff and ran to their 45. From their are offence marched to the end zone, we kicked the extra point and got ready for there offence. We held them at the at are twenty and with a turn over we made it to the fifty, I was sent in to punt with forth down and five yards to go. I sent the ball 38 yards over the defensive lines head. They throw a short pass to their running back who ran it in for a TD, but we stop their attempt at a two point conversion. My best play of the game came next; the kickoff was a great one, deep to are sideline, now as a kick returner in high school you are supposed to let the ball go if it is going to land on in end zone, because you would get the ball on the twenty. Something in me though said back up, catch it and run. Run I did; I ran from the goal line up are side line, my blockers were amazing, I was untouched up to the fifty, then I was in open field, i ran into the center of the field to escape the tacklers in front of me, I sprinted to the end zone, but not before I broke a shoe string tackle. We kicked the extra point, the score was now 25-28 us. We held their offence until they throw a bomb into the end zone, and kicked an extra point. I was sent out again to return the kick off, instead of kicking me the ball, they short kicked it to the thirty were a blocker picked it up and ran to are their. We were robed of a TD when one of are line men face masked a rival line men, are TD was revoked and we throw an interception that lead to a field goal for are rival team. The game was now 35-29 them. I actually returned the ball this time, a good run to are forty. Are offence fought hard and scored a TD, but are place kicker missed the extra point. The game was tied 35-35. Their offence stalled and turned the ball over at their 35 yard line, are place kicker was sent in, he made up for his missed extra point with a great field goal. We were up 38-35, with thirty seconds on the clock. They tried to score again, but were stopped outside of field goal range. We won that game and I was feeling great.

After the game David, the second string quarter back(also a freshmen) who got in during the second half and throw the revoked TD and the pick, asked me if I wanted to stay the night at his house if Christean and I wanted to, he was my best friend and I was about to say 'yes' when Christean said "Were spending the night at my house."

I had no idea we were, but then Christean told me her parents were away. I grabbed my gym bag from the locker room in the field house, and met up with Christean. Christean and I walked to her house. Me in dirty sweat pants and sweat shirt, her in leggings and a nice blouse. When we got to her house I wanted to shower because I was cold dirty. I retreated up the stairs to her bathroom, I assumed she was making diner. Once I entered the bathroom I stripped off my cloths and began running the water. The room was soon hot and steamy, the mirror fogged. I stepped in the shower, letting the hot water run over me, letting it sooth my body. I began to clean myself… then the shower door opened, Christean stepped in, and rapped her arms around me from behind, are naked bodies touching for the first time. Her hard niples pressed against my back, and we stood their letting the water run over are bodies. I turned around and saw her naked for the first time. Her nipples were hard and small, her vigina was shaven, and her skin was simply flawless. I wrapped my arms around her body, one hand on her back the other on her butt. Her arms wrapped around me, squeezing us together. I kissed her on the forehead, then she looked up at me, and I kissed her passionatly. We stood there in are perfect embraces until the water turned warm, then cold, then ice. We moved to her bed, enveloping are naked bodies in the covers of her bed. We laid their abreast to one another; are fingers were tangled, are legs twisted, are lips one as are tongues danced. Breaths were few as passion was plenty. As night fled and morning encroached I moved on top of her. I held her breast in my hand as my other hand crept down her flat stomach down to her pussy. Are lips still joined I moved my finger in and out of her pussy. Her hips rose, her breath fled. As are lips parted her voice echoed in the room, not words, but high pitched "ahhhhha's" of pleasure. Finally, my fingers wet, I robbed the head of me penis over the lips of her vigina. I moved into her and felt the the muscles of her vigina twitching and moving to accommodate me inside her. Her hips began to buck and I thrust my self into her, soon we both came and we experienced orgasm together. She then sat up and kissed me, and we both feel to the bed, weak. We then realised that we had school, and it was 6:30a.m. We wen't to her shower for we were now covered in sweat. As we stepped onto the shower I started the water, once again the room became hot and steamy. We began to wash one another, then Christean started to kiss my chest, moving to my stomach. Now she was completly on her knees. I now erect: began to rub her head and her hair. She then took me into her mouth. At first she ran her tongue around the head, then she role more and more of me into het mouth. The speed went from slow, to fast as she moved her head back and forth on my dick. Then she got lower, my dick still in her mouth. She then came strait up, allowing my dick to move deep into het throat. I now released my cum in her throat. As she pulled her head back, she kept her lips tight, pulling the cum off and leaving my dick clean. She then stood and kissed me on the neck, she then turned, open the shower door and walked out.

When I finished my shower I stepped out and dried. I put on basketball shorts and a t-shirt I had in my gym bag. I went down stairs and sat down next to Christean on the living room coach. It was now 7:00a.m. and we needed to be at school in a half-hour.

Christean saw me looking at the clock and smiled.
She said "I think we have have enough time?"
I said "For what?"

She then rubbed her hand over my groin. I became hard instantly, she, with my help pulled my shorts down. She began to suck my dick as I held her breasts through her shirt. I soon came again in her mouth and she once again held her lips very tightly as she pulled her head off of my dick.

She then got up and walked into the kitchen, I heard her spit, then rinse her mouth.
She then said "We need to go Luke if you want to be at school on time.

I have more stories, but I don't know if you guys/ girls want me to put more on hear, so let me know. And let me know if you want more of my time with Christean or of my time with other girls and women.