My Sister is a Per

It was a typical Friday morning when I was thinking about Angiine who is my girlfriend . She is 5'6 and roughly 110 pounds. She has C-cup perky breast and she wants to what so i have only been to 3rd base before ( I got a blow-job) After a while of thinking of her I started get hard so I started pump my cock I was concentrating on me fucking her I started to increase my speed when my sister Chrissy barges into my room "HeyMatthew can y-what the hell are you doing" she said " what do you think" I said pulling my boxers up "well I think you were just jerking off… But any ways I was wondering if you would like to come with me to Luke's birthday party" she said in a casual tone "sure but from now on nock ok I need privacy."I said as I took my shirt off and grabbed an Aeropostale shirt "Matthew i think your fucking ripped"she said as I put my shirt on "what the Fuck I'm your brother your not suppose to think of me like that" I told her.she was 17 and I was 15 she was 5'5 and I was 6'2 she has b- cup boobs. " Well it's the truth you're fucking hot " she finished " But your still my sister I told as I walked to the kitchen to get something for breakfast. When I went to get the cereal I felt my sister grab my junk and I yelled at her "what the fuck stop you perv" She said "sorry I just can't resist you your a fucking hot" she said " listen we are brother and sister what you want is incest and we can get In trouble and you know it plus I have a girlfriend"I stated. She gave a sigh and went back to her room.

Later at school I was in history class and Angie was giving her report and I was thinking about what my sister had said what if we did do it just once I mean I have always thought she was sexy so maybe we could do it once. The rest of school went by quickly. as I was walking home I was thinking of Chrissy and I thought of screwing her then I realized I was getting hard and it hurt to walk so I went into the carry out and asked where the restroom was the owner told me and I went into the bathroom and dropped my pants and started to pump my dick as fast as I could imagining I was fucking Angie and I ended up thinking of Chrissy it took me maybe five minutes and I bloo my load all over the wall I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned it up I finally got home (never see my parents because both off them go to work when we get off but get home when we get home)

After I got a snack I went to my sisters room to tell her I would do it once . But as I got closer to her room I could here her. "OOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK ME …. SHIT IM CUMMING "she screamed then I got pissed not because she was my sister but that I was supposes to fuck her not this bitch ass punk who's fucking my sister I barged in and immediately grabbed the person who was fucking my sister and pulled him to the floor and started to punch him "Don't you dare even touch her again "and I punched him in the stomach and kicked him out. I stood there for a minute until I finally caught my breath I turned around and I hugged my naked sister and told her I would do what ever she wanted " Matthew ….. Fuck me " she said "My pleasure " I said and I pulled down my shorts took out my already hard dick and climbed up on the bed and laid down she then got on top of me and kissed me when we surfaced " It's my first time so be gentle "I said then with out warning she grabbed my dick and pushed her pussy onto it she slowly going down.

While this happened she moaned loudly when she was all the down she started to bounce I started to feel the tingling felling that warned me I was about to cum I started to tell her when she stiffened"FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK I'm cumming ….fuck me hard "she said while she bit her lip we both felt our own orgasms . As she felt my cum she screamed"fuck yes Cum in me fill my fucking pussy with your cum" we both sat there breathing heavy.

The next day at school me and Angie had a fight I told her not to go to out to dinner with this prick named Brice who had offered Angie to see a movie we ended up breaking up. When I got home I grabbed a snack an went to Chrissy room to talk to her when I opened the door I saw rubbing her self for a minute I just stood there watching her. Then I said "Need a hand sis." "Sure "she moaned silently I walked around the bed and I pulled her pussy towards me so close that I started to lick her pussy she instantly grabbed my head and pulled me deeper into her crotch. Then I pulled her lips open an slowly sucked her pussy "oooooohhhh…my…..god that feels so fucking good "she said "you like when I suck your pussy huh?" I said "ooh my god yes." She almost screamed "cum for me Chrissy …..cum in my mouth" I said then her body began to go stiff. I knew she was cumming so I kept on sucking her juices while she gushed out cum.

After she stopped cumming I moved up her pussy to her belly to her boobs.stoping for a second to suck them each then to her mouth. Then they both started to kiss."I want you to fuck me hard"she said
"Ok" I said…..

1hour later she turned the key on the lock. Opened the door and stepped inside she then went to her sons room but he wasn't there. Then she went to her daughters room she opened the door to see Chrissy bouncing on Matthews dick. "What are you doing"my mom stated…..

To Be Continued