my step sister's birthday treat

I woke up and glanced at the alarm clock. It displayed 7:30; the sun was already coming in through the blinds, so I rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. It is funny how the memory works, I remembered immediately it was my brother Andy’s 18th birthday, well he is really my stepbrother, but we had been together as a family for 10 years. !0 years this weekend actually, and my Mom and stepdad had gone away to spend their anniversary at a hotel resort.

Andy had said he was okay with it after a promise to have a pool party the following weekend. Deep inside I knew he was a little upset, but I was going to make it up to him, starting with breakfast in bed. I put my fingers through my short black hair and went downstairs. My “night shirt” was actually one of my Dad’s shirts, and was just long enough to cover my panties. I am not in the habit of traipsing around the house indecently dressed; I guess you would say I was a little shy. I had turned 18 a few months ago and still had my gawky teenage skinny figure. My breasts are still developing, and I just filled a B cup bra.

I made a plate of waffles and toast, added butter and strawberry jam, poured two glasses of orange juice and put everything on a tray with Andy’s birthday card. I knocked briefly on his bedroom door and entered. I guess I surprised him in the “act” because he hastily pulled up the bed sheets over his hips.

Pretending not to have noticed anything, I placed the tray on his lap.

“Happy birthday bro!” I declared, giving him a kiss on his forehead, which was now a little red from blushing.

“Err, thanks Debs.” He replied running his hand through his blond curly hair. No wonder my mother fell for his father I thought, he is so cute.

I sat on the edge of the bed; my right foot hooked under my left knee and ate the toast as Andy tucked into his waffles.

“So what have you got planned for today?” I eventually asked as I picked up the tray and placed it on his chest of drawers before sitting beside him in the bed.

“Nothing much, was just going to sit around the house, watch some TV. I have some things I should do, but I’ll do them tomorrow.”

I meant to reply “You are going to procrastinate then?” but to my horror I said instead, “You are going to masturbate then?”

It just slipped out; I guess it had been lingering on my mind. I was my turn to go bright red and I covered my face in embarrassment.

“Deborah! My innocent sister is perhaps not that innocent after all.” He paused for a while and before I could make a retort, he continued. “Why, do you want to watch?” His right hand slowly pulled the sheet down his chest. My mind froze and all I could do was watch the sheet slide down. He stopped just as a few blond curls of his pubic hair showed, I was fully aware he was watching my reaction.

“Last chance to leave.” He warned, and pulled the bed sheet off completely. His cock was already stirring and growing in size. Andy took it in his hand and slowly stroked it as I watched in fascination.

“Have you seen a guy’s cock before?” Andy asked, beginning to suspect the level of my innocence. I shook my head and lay on my side facing him, my elbow and hand supporting my head.

“Only in pictures and on video. My, you got hard very quick.”

“I am so horny, you interrupted me, remember.” He started stroking faster and little beads of moisture appeared at the tip. He slowed his pace to long strokes and closed his eyes.

“Ohhhhhhh.” Andy groaned as streams of thick white cum splashed onto his tummy. He continued to stroke himself until his cock lost its rigidity. His cum pooled in his tummy button.

“Pass me some tissues Deb.” I pulled out three and gave them to him.

“Was that good?”

“Very good, I needed that relief. Don’t you masturbate?”

I blushed again before replying. “Sometimes. How often do you do it?”

“Once I did it five times in a day, I’m sure I could do it more, just need some extra stimulation.” Andy said.

“How about trying to break that record today? I have some sexy clothes I could wear to turn you on. Consider it your birthday present.” I could not believe I had just said that.

Andy eyed me a little strangely. “If you want, I’m not going to say no.” He laughed. “The little guy agrees.” He glanced down as his cock twitched. “Have a go yourself.”

I reached out and lifted up his member, its weight and warmth surprised me. Under Andy’s instruction and suggestions, his cock soon became stiff. As I kneeled on the bed to get myself comfortable, my shirt parted and rode up my thighs. I saw him look between my legs, so I spread my knees apart giving him an unobstructed view of my translucent pink panties. I knew the material was so thin he would clearly see my triangle of black hair through them. A tingle of excitement started in my legs.

His hand rested on my knee and slowly moved up my thigh, his fingers tracing little circles on my skin. I gave out a moan and stroked his cock harder. I saw his balls retract and just as his fingers reached the apex of my thighs, he came.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, don’t stop, ohhh.” He cried.

His hot cum spurted out and I tried to coincide my hand movements with his spasms. Judging by the way his back arched, I got it right. The remains of his semen trickled over my knuckles. I got another three tissues and cleaned off his tummy.

“That’s twice; I think you are going to easily break this record.” I laughed as I stood up. “I’m going to get a shower and get dressed.”

“Wearing less is better.” He called out after me.

After a nice hot shower, I went back into my room and lay naked face up on the bed. As I thought about what I had just done, I slipped my hand between my legs and began to rub my clit. It did not take long before tingles of electricity replaced the sexual ache and that quickly developed in to a small orgasm. I rolled over pressing my face against the pillow to muffle my little cries as a wave of pleasure crashed through my body. Normally after an orgasm, I feel satiated, but this time it left me still wanting more.

I must have dozed off for a couple of hours or so. When I awoke, I searched through my chest of drawers for something sexy to wear. I selected a red lacy bra and panty set, and slipped my silk robe on. I walked out of my bedroom and went down the stairs to the kitchen.

Andy was already downstairs; as he turned around, I saw he was completely naked. Looking at him standing there, I realized that he had put on quite a bit of muscle on his shoulders and legs. He also had a nice set of six-pack abs.

“Hello sleepyhead, enjoy your nap?”

“Umm, yes.” I realized he must have opened my bedroom door and seen me lying there. At least I was facing downwards I thought.

“Aren’t you hot in that robe?” He walked toward me and grasped the ends of the tie around my waist. I did not say anything, so he undid the knot and my robe slid with a whisper off my shoulders onto the floor.

“Wow that is hot.” Andy said as he took a step back and eyed me from head to toe. The lace was transparent, and I felt my petite nipples harden.

“Does that work for you?” I whispered. He was starting to get hard again.

To tease him, I walked over to the couch, lay down and pretended to ignore him. He straddled my waist, put his hands on my bra and lightly squeezed my tits. His cock was now fully erect and just a foot away from my face. He slipped his hand inside of my bra and massaged my firm flesh.

“Can I fuck your titties? Rub my cock between them?” He asked.

“If you want to, do you like doing that?”

Without answering my question, he reached behind me, unfastened my bra and tossed in on to the coffee table. Grasping a breast in either hand, he pushed them together, trapping his cock between them and started to thrust.

“Oh God, this feels so good.”

My nipples were now rock hard and sensitive, I could feel his testicles rubbing against my tummy. His precum was oozing out and his breathing ragged.

“Fuck my titties bro, faster.” His cock was getting stiffer and he was having trouble keeping it between them.

“Ah, ah, oh, that’s it, ohhhhhhhh.”

The first jet of cum landed in my hair, so I closed my eyes before the second and third shots fell on to my eyelids. He carried on until he could cum no more.

“Jeez, that was so good, thank you. I am sorry for messing up your hair.”

“Number three.”

“Actually number four, I jerked off into your pink panties while you were sleeping earlier.”

“You’re a bad boy.” I scolded.

He got off me and I went into the bathroom to clean up.

We had made some lunch and watched a movie on TV. After it had finished, he went upstairs and brought back some DVDs. I had stretched out while he was upstairs and he lifted my head up so it rested on his hip. As the first movie started, I realized it was porno. Andy started to play with my breasts, gently pulling on my nipples, making them stand up erect.

I let out a soft moan and could not resist sliding my hand inside of my panties. I was soaking wet and started finger fucking myself. I came quickly and noisily.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, ah, ah, ah, ah. Arggggggg.” I cried before slumping back against my brother.

Eventually I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at him.

“Looked like you needed that sis.” He was playing with his cock. “Do you fancy sucking me off?”

“Only if you lick my pussy at the same time.” I stood up, eased my panties down over my hips and kicked them off. I did not feel shy anymore, just incredibly horny. I wanted him to make me cum repeatedly.

Andy quickly slid down the sofa so he was lying flat. I put my knees either side of his chest and my elbows either side of his hips. His cock stood to attention pointing at my face. Andy wasted no time and buried his face between my legs. I gasped as his tongue licked backwards and forwards from my clit to my asshole. Driven by an intense lust I took as much of his penis as I could into my mouth, only stopping when it hit the back of my throat, before sucking hard on it. As my head bobbed furiously, I could taste his salty precum leak out.

I felt my brother’s fingers enter my vagina, stretching the entrance and I came hard grinding my pussy into his face. Waves of ecstasy washed through my body as his mouth sucked hard on my clit and I screamed out at the top of my lungs. I could not move as my orgasm peaked driven by his almost brutal assault on my sex.

Eventually Andy stopped his ravishing. “Oh my God Debs, I have never made anyone cum that hard. Are you okay?”

I rolled off him with a weary but satisfied smile on my face. “I think I just hit sex overload, my body feels like it is on fire.” He got up and I could see he still had a raging hard on.

I opened my legs wide. “Fuck me if you want, it’s the least I can offer after that orgasm. Don’t worry about my hymen; it broke during horse riding a couple of years ago.”

Andy needed no further encouragement and he pulled me to the edge of the sofa. He pushed my knees up against my chest and entered my pussy. His cock felt huge as it went in and I gasped.

“You okay?”

“Just fuck me bro.”

Andy buried his length inside of me and gently made love to me. We climaxed together and I will never forget the feeling of his cum erupting inside of me for the very first time.

I lost count of the amount of times we made love that weekend; I know for sure his record was broken. I went on contraceptives shortly after and was thankful I never got pregnant. We were always discrete in our sex activities and Mom and Dad never suspected anything, though.