New Adult Stories – Christina tries a real man

She said aloud and pushed Ben back on the bed. Her mouth went to his chest and she licked and kissed his bulging pecks, she ran her hands over his chest and squeezed, feeling the muscle tense. Jason didn’t have any muscle in his chest to flex she thought as she made her way to Ben’s neck with her tongue. As she did this she heard a ripping noise and felt her panties being pulled from her body. Ben ripped her underwear on each side and jerked them off of her tossing them aside. …

New Adult Stories

Christina hung up the phone and began frantically cleaning her room. It wasn’t really a room, it was the parlor of her grandparents house she and her boyfriend had turned into a room by closing off the two doorways and adding shutter doors to one end. It was more like a living area and bedroom combined, containing a bedroom suit as well as a couch and entertainment center. Her boyfriend Jason had just called her and informed her of his current dilemma. Apparently his friend Ben was in quite a fix, having been kicked out of his parent’s house and outworn his with all his friends he had no place to go. Ben and Jason weren’t extremely close but they had an unspoken respect for each other and Jason had always helped Ben out however he could. Christina who was one year older than her boyfriend had known Ben longer because Ben had dated her best friend when she was 14 but they never really got to know each other that well. Tonight Ben had called Jason at 10:00pm asking for a ride since the parents of the friend he was currently staying with decided he needed to leave. Jason had willingly gone to pick his friend up but after two hours of phone calls was unable to find Ben a place to sleep for the night. Ben had long since worn out his welcome with Jason’s parents and so finally Christina offered for Ben to stay with her for the night. Jason had agreed though she could sense the uneasiness in his voice and she told him they would work out the details when he there.

Christina quickly changed out of her nightclothes into jeans and a t-shirt and was just pulling her pants up when she saw headlights in the driveway. Since she was 18 her grandparents never questioned her about anything and she could do basically whatever she wanted. She walked to the front door, which was adjacent to her room and opened the door as Jason and Ben walked up the front steps. Jason was about 5’9 fairly skinny though since they had started dating three years before he had developed a small pudge in his gut. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt, his brown hair was spiked on top and he had the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. He wasn’t a large guy but he was cute and honest though quite the freak in the bedroom. Ben on the other hand stood about 6’3 and probably topped 200lbs but he was not fat at all. He had tattoos all the way up his arms and neck. Green eyes and scruffy blond hair that he usually had spiked. He was a big guy but a teddy bear at heart. Christina had always liked Ben better than Jason’s other friend’s probably because of the connection they shared since Ben had been with her best friend for 4 years before they broke up.

Christina move aside and Jason led Ben into her room where they both plopped down on the couch and Jason sighed.
“I really appreciate this Christina.” Ben said as he looked around, “I promise it will only be for one night.”
Jason stood up and headed for the door.
“We’ll be right back.” He told Ben, “Make yourself comfortable.”
Christina followed her boyfriend into the hallway where he kissed her lightly then looked her in the eye.
“Are you sure about this?” He asked
“Yeah, its no problem.” She replied
“Where is he gonna sleep?”
“In my bed.”
“WHAT?” Jason demanded
“Calm down baby.” Christina said rubbing his chest, “I’m sleeping with the kids tonight, I just want him to have his own room.”
“Okay,” Jason agreed reluctantly. “I love you.”
“I love you too sweetie.” Christina replied and the two re entered the room. The guys said their goodbyes and Jason went home for the night leaving Ben and Christina on the couch.
“Its getting late,” Christina said, “Do you need anything before bed?”
“Nope,” Ben said as he sat back on the couch, “Just a bed for the night.”
“Alright well have a good night and I’ll see you in the morning.”

With that Christina got up and left the room shutting the door behind her. She went into her nieces room and fixed herself a pallet on the floor. When she finished she walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She had just started to undress when the phone rang. Pulling her shirt back down she ran to the kitchen and grabbed the cordless phone answering it as she headed back to the bathroom.