New Sex Stories 2018 – Back to school

New Sex Stories 2018

And, This was only the first week!

The old pickup truck purred along. I was at the wheel and there were two young, high school lovelies squeezed in the cab with me as we drove to the local ‘big box’ complex to pick up a load of donated clothing. The club that the girls belong to was collecting for victims of some local disaster. It was the first week of the school year and they were out ‘doing-good’ from the git-go!

Depending on one’s taste these two ladies [and they were certainly dressed and acting like ladies] were either very boring or very interesting. The actual name of their club at high school escapes me but I know that they are commonly known as the “Goody-Two-Shoes-Do-Gooders”.

New Sex Stories 2018

There is never a hint of spiky hair, bare tummies, dragging baggy pants or untoward behavior. Sensible skirts and Dockers, sweater sets with a nice strand of pearls, button down collars and tucked in shirttails. These kids were as outside the ‘norm’ as were the other rowdy extreme. Pretty refreshing to an old guy like me.

We jiggled along in the truck. The load wasn’t heavy and shifting was kept at a minimum. Especially since the shifter had to slide ever so slightly between the sweet, nylon clad knees of the president of the club. I tried to keep my mind on the road but in the mirror I could see a refreshing pink blush at every shift from third to fourth. That was fun!

Back at the school the kids quickly unladed the boxes and spread them out on tables that had been set up in the maintenance area of the school. I am the oldest member of the maintenance team [the ‘club’, as we joke]. I do the odd things that my years of experience have given me the knowledge to do.

This latest task was a bit of a slam, however. They just didn’t want any of the young guys driving about with a couple of Do-Gooders! I certainly know how to behave but my mind was just as ‘dangerous’ as the younger hotshots I work with.

As I drove into the open bay I had trouble setting the parking brake. I wasn’t involved with the unloading, anyway, so I slid under the truck to see what could be wrong.

I heard mumbles and exclaims as they went through, opening boxes, sorting categories. I was tugging on the brake cable as my ears perked up……mumblemumble……Panties!! They had opened a carton filled with panties! Returns and unsold and for whatever reason given away. Well! I made a note to check that box out as soon as the kids went home!

Everyone left except the faculty advisor for the club. She was making a last check of things. I was having a little fun because it appeared that she was not aware that I was still under the truck, twenty feet away. This lady was probably in her forties and as prim and as proper as her teen charges. Hair done neatly, proper blouse and skirt and sensible black shoes.