New Sex Stories – Sweet Kirstie, My Neighbor

New Sex Stories – Sweet Kirstie, My Neighbor

I live next door to a very beautiful 16 year old girl and her family. They own a pool and I have caught by sweet Kirstie more than once sneaking a look at her in her tiny bathing suit. On weekends her folks sometimes ask me to join them at the pool and I try very hard not to let my cock get stiff watching both Kirstie and her mother. But it is the young lovely dark haired girl that gets me so turned on and thinking taboo thoughts. New Sex Stories

One weekend her folks are out and I come over to the house as usual. When she tells me her folks aren’t home (something I all ready knew) I put a very sad face on and say I guess that means no pool today.

“Ohhhh Cliff, you are always welcome. Besides I think you come over here just to look at me.”

“Kirstie! You make me sound like a dirty old man.”

“A dirty horny man is more like it. Come on out to the pool and we’ll catch some sun.”

After laying in the sun for a couple of hours (and my poor hard cock about to explode), we get up. I slip on my jean shorts over my suit. Even knowing your folks will be home soon, you offer to feed me lunch, “I may as well make us something to eat, althought I know what we both want to eat is each other.”

New Sex Stories - Sweet Kirstie, My Neighbor

Surprised and a bit shocked at what you just said I answer without thinking; “Umm, I would love the taste of your sweet pussy darling. But you’re right. Your folks will be home soon and it would not be a good idea for them to catch us sucking or fucking. But I will make it up to you. I have to admit you surprise me.”

“You better make it up to me. And don’t be so surprised. I know you have been watching me and to tell the truth I have been watching you. I finger myself off thinking of you a lot.”

We go into the kitchen and you lean over the counter. Your sweet sexy ass is too much for me and I move close to you and kiss your neck. You turn around and feed me part of the sandwich you were making. I take it from you and sit it aside and pull you to my arms. You feel me hard and stiff, pressing against you. I kiss your neck and you tell me, “I need your cock. I want to taste it. Sit down on the stool and let me suck that meat of yours.” New Sex Stories

I hear the loud sound of my zipper being pulled down by your petite hands. You put you hands on my hips and drag my pants to my feet. Then I feel that moist mouth of yours, kissing and sucking my prick. In my wildest wet dreams I never expected you to seduce me. I enjoy the feel of your wet mouth as you lick, kiss and suck me into your mouth. The soft sounds you make, the look in your eyes.

I pull you off my hard cock, knowing if you stay I will shoot my load off quicker than I want. I turn you around and lift you, sitting you on the counter. My lips go to your breasts covered in your sexy bra. I lick all over the bare cleavage, my hands squeezing your lovely mounds. Then I pull you off the counter and fall to my knees. It is my turn now to pull your bathing suite panties to the floor. My eyes take in your sweet slit, “Ohhhh, baby, I love this hot pussy of yours.” My lips go to it, my tongue digs into your velet pussy. I hear you moan as you lean back,

“Ohhh, yea, suck me, oooooo, I love it.” New Sex Stories

I reach up and pull your bra away, your nipples feel the cool air and are very stiff. I tounge them both and the kiss my way back down you belly. I lick your cunt one more time and then turn you around so I can lick your sexy ass. I run my tongue up and down the crack and then to tease you, I dig my teeth into your flesh.

“Ahhhh, stop that. Ohhhh, baby, I love you.”

“Umm and I love you Kirstie. I wish we hadn’t waited so long. But now I’m going to fuck that sweet pussy of yours. I’ve waited a long time to feel my cock inside you. I want to fill your belly with my cum.”

I pull my shorts off and sit on the stool. Picking you up I set you on my lap. Taking hold of my cock, I lean back and lower you onto it. You feel the large head pushing its way into you. Only it isn’t the moist pussy I was trying to fuck, but your tight ass hole. “Ohhh, nooooo. Don’t, not there please.”

I grab your ass cheeks and pull you down more and more till it is all the way in my lover. I cann’t believe how good it feels, how tight and warm you are. You run your hand over you clit, little moans and cries escaping from your lips. I move you faster, driving my cock into your ass. You slide a finger into your pussy, your juices flowing down your slit onto my lap.

“Ohhhh, yessss, fuck, fuck my ass. Damn it hurts…… Ohhhhhhhh, god yes, yes, (your fingers are moving fast on your clit) I’m ……..I’m cummming!”

I feel you shake, you lean back against me, pushing your body down onto my cock, your fingers fucking your other hole. I can feel my cum shooting deep inside you and I let out a loud cry, “AHHHHHH, I’M CUMMMMMING BABY.”

You can feel it hitting the walls of your ass, some of my cum drips out, soaking both the stool and me. I keep up the pumping and I slide my hand to your pussy and join one of my fingers with yours in driving you to another climax.

You lean back against me, my cock still in your hot ass. “Ohhh, that was heaven. I never knew getting my ass fucked would be sooooooo goood. But you still owe my pussy a good time.”

“Slut, Ha, you’ll get that pussy of yours fucked good and hard. But we better clean up here. Your folks are due back any time. And I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to be here.”

You don’t want to, but I force you off my semi hard cock. We grab our clothes, wishing we had time to shower together. We get the place back in order, using two dish towels to soak up all the juices on the stool and ourselves. I kiss you and you return the kiss. “Ohhh, baby, I want you. Kirstie I want to take you upstairs and fuck you.”

“I want it too. Will you come to me tonight?”

“I shouldn’t, but I will. I will ask your folks if I can stay over while my house is being sprayed or something. Then after all are asleep, I will come to you and fuck you.”

You kiss me deeply. “Yes, ohhh, I cann’t wait. I’ll wear the sexiest nightie I have. You can rip it off me and fuck me.”

I smile and pull you tight. My tongue goes into your mouth, my hands to your tits. When I break the kiss, I tell you to go upstairs and shower and I have to leave. I’ll call your folks in a couple of hours.

We kiss one more time, your hand goes to my cock and you squeeze it. I have to force us apart and leave just fifteen minutes before your folks come home.