New York New York

"One of my special clients will be in the big apple Thursday and Friday and needs a good looking gal on his arm for a party Fright night. Of course I thought iof you, interested?"
"Oh Rhonda, your so sweet" laughing "Details?"
"It's black tie, pick you up in a limo at 8 and your on your own" now my turn to laugh.
"Sounds good to me"
"Have fun Princess" and hung up as she laughed.
Tanya had a German background, a natural blonde, blue eyes the color of widex and a body that just wouldn't quit. Now 19, she was going to a University to become a Lawyer with a percomality that made you feel comfortable, no matter male ot female. Quite a find for me and for the three times I used her, raves of thanks followed. So I went about my day doing all the good things one does not thinkong about Tanya. It was 9:37Friday night when the phone rang and my client tore right into me which set me back on my heels!
"Get down here and I mean right now!" he shouted "We've been mugged and they have Tanya!"
I was trying to form words as I was in shock and he hung up! It took me 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, throw some clothes in a bag, brab some American money, my passport and on the road by 9:50. No point in even thinking about a flight, it was to late. The Caddy was flawless arriving at the Hotel at 5:05 am. The door opened and there he was, his arm in a sling. limping with a bandage on his face.
"Hello Ronny, you made good time" closing the door after I entered.

A man dressed as a security guard showed hismself with Ted introducing him to me.
"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!" I shouted at him.
"Now look!" he snarled at me "i'm here…..!"
No point in trying to be nice, I wasn't in a nice mood nor did I want any crap so I took out my gun!
"You dumb fuck, you can't protect yourself! Get out or your going to be speaking in a high voice!"
That did it, hands out in front of him, he left in a hurry!
"OK, so what happened?"
"I picked Tanya up, we came into the underfround parking, stopping by the elevators and wham, four guys jumped us! They took everything I had, beat both the driver and myself up and took Tanya!" Ted was hurting not only from his own pain but also thinking about Tanya.
"God Ronny, she is so sweet" sitting in a chair, tears welling up in his eyes.
"Four guys? What did they look like?"
"Never got a good look at them except the one beating on me! About 25, a four inch cut on his neck and they were all black. Took less than a minute!"
"What did the cops say?"
"They'll call me, I gave them my Toronto number. What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to get her back! No girl of mine is just forgotten!"

Ted had a shower, I ordered breakfast with room service and he left fpr Toronto. No point in rushing out, I was beat and all the honest people were up and about, much to early. By two I was ready to go finding the door man, they know everything.
"I need a body guard" speaking straight with him "at least 300 pounds and tough as a $5.00 steak. Any idea's?"
"To protect you?" not smiling.
"Not exactly but he has to be there for me. "$500.00 a day with no fear, understand?"
"I know this guy, he's black, use to play footbal…..can give a small boy shade"
"This is for you" palming a hundred dollar bill "have him here by five!"
Like all banks, they don't like to give you your own money and it took an hout fet what I needed. going back to the Hotel.
"I want to settle up the account for room 1206 and I'll need a suite two bedrooms" That clerk was as dumb as the rest of them "And I want to speak to the manager"
He came all smiles, the problem solver.
"My friend was magged here, your security sucks so what are you going to do about it?"
He began like all other wumps trying to use, bullshit baffles brains!
"You asshole!" I said louder than I should have "You let a van in the underground parking! Are you freaking nuts? Who drives a van and stays here? Fire the Bastard at the enterance!"
I left him standing there with his mouth open knowing major suck up would be coming.

The body guard was huge, as ugly as a new born gorilla, just what I needed. I told him the whole story, no point for him to be in the dark not saying anything.
"Pretend I'm a guy! I'm here for one reason and so are you! Pick up what ever you need and move in with me, your own room. To-night, we go make ourselves available, spread the word what were looking for with a reward for anyone who wants the money. To-morrow, rent a van and have it outside at noon ready to go"
Peeling off a thousand dollars, I told him he would have a weeks pay and a thousand dollar bonus if we found her by to-moorow night"
One thing I've learnded about money! You'll get results with enough, no matter what you want! For the next three hours, he asked a lot of unsavory guys if they knew anything. By two am, that was enough. The next day, we wnet at it again with big boy coming back tio the van.
"Lets go. Turn right at the first street and park, he says he knows about this"
Opening the back door, he was reluctant to get in saying,
"Ok look, what my end?" his eyes darting back and forth.
I peeled off a thousand dollars, folded it and put it in my pocket
"If this is true, the grand is yours. Now then don't duck with me, talk to me!"

He went on to explain that they've done this before, capture a girl, abise her for a few days then turn her loose
"How many there?"
"I don't know man, ten bucks and you can do what you want to her"
"Get lost!" Mr. Big said " if it's her, I'll find you! If it osn't true, I'll fond you!"
He didn't turm white but he was scared as this man was huge and he said it with conviction.
"Change seats, this is Harlem and we need help!! Can you afford three more?"
"What ever it takes, $500.00 a man?"
going to assume was his nouse, I had to waut in the van and within an hour, three very bif men went in the house.Coming out, I had to get in the back with each having a baseball bat!
"No guns, you have guns, leave them here"
The sun was now just going down when we parked.
"I want all of them down, I don't care who's in therew, lean on them. My interest is for the gorl and i don;t want anyone walking away!"
"What you going to do with that pop bottle?" the man in the back laughed.
"I have to carry something" with all laughing.

One by one, we made our way to the front door of this run down dump and up to the econd floor.
"Ready?" big boy whispered.
They all shook there heads and he run full blast at the door it busting in two pieces. In they went with shouting, my heart in my mouth hoping she was sttill alive! Screams and crashing was happening and then, OMG, there she was, tied to the bed naked! Obviously Tanya had been raped but who knows how many times? In seconds she was free, the only sounds were on people moaning as I took my coat off wrapping it around her as she was in shcck.
"Pick her up, she can't walk!" with bog boy shaking his head as he lifted her.
The other tough guys looked at her in his arms and this was an angry group! Seven men in that filthy dump when we crashed through that door and from what I seen, every one of them had some bone broken. Can it be true? This guy who's arm was not suppose to ne that way ;ay groaning in the hall, he had a four inch scare on his neck! It's pay back time!
"Your one of the ones who like to beat up an older men and rape girls! having fum? Feel good?"
"Fuck you cunt!" he said he shouted in pain "You get yours" spitting at me!
"I will?? The I'll make it worth while "
Taking out my 22, I shoved the nozzle in the bottle, put the bottle between his legs with absolute horror on his face. I pulled the trigger and all they heard was a pop except for his screaming.
"You wont' be raping anyone else asshole, lets gO!"

Big boy and I went to the suite, threw the card on the desl not stopping.
"Paid in full"
Going to my car, they put her in the back shaking each ones hand and I can tell you they had nothing but pitty for her. They enjoyed there work!
"I owe that guy a grand, each of you $500.00, ah what the Hell!" peeling off $500.00 "Here, take what I got left, that's a nice poece of change, you guys were terrifice"
So i left them there, drove directly to Tanya's apartment ringing the super.
"My friend Tanya is in a bad way, a hit and run. Can you open the door for her?"
He didn't say anything but to me, she smelled of urin. In we go heading for the bathroom, God did she ever smell!. In the bath she went then broke down crying, make that sobbing as I poured sweet smelling beads in the water. Nothing to do but let time heal her, she was hurting bad! A constant flow of hot water went in the tub for two hours then put her to bed. There's nothing worse for a female that to be raped but in Tanya's case, this was way beyond rape. I laid down beside her on top of the bed and she woke up with a start every few minutes all night. At dawn, I made toast and coffee forcing her to eat one slice of toast, she had to get something in her tummy.

"I thought I was going to die there, how did you find me?" The tears coming again.
"I used tha same tactics they teach, by others when the law puts aside when they want someone! Monet or people don't count, only the obhective matters! What happened?"
She sure didn't want talk about this but she had to get it out of her system!
"I know this is painful for you, tell me what you can"
Through sobs, forcing herself, she related top me the best she could of what happened.
"Two men, one with his hand around her mouth dragged me to the van, sprayed omething in my mouth and I went limp. I knew what was going on, I couldn't fight back!" now crying hard "They were laughing and felt my panties being ripped off…" putting both hands over her face "and he.."
Down went her head on the table sobbing uncontrolable dor some time.. The most I could do was rub her back and wait. Finally, she continued saying, looking staright ahead,
"The other one turned my head to-wards him and he filled my mouth.."
This was to much for her so I stopped her, gave her a glass of wine and opened a can of tomato soup. Now the best way to obtain energy is to ise energy, a conflict in thinking! The second part was finding a Doctor. $500.00 on my credit card kept the negative results to a Jane Doe liffting a tremedous weight from both of us.
"What am I to do now , I could never go back to the old way"
"Money is not a problem Tanya, funds will be deposited in your account until you finish Univesity but for the protection of not only yourself and my end what happened after they confind you?"

Omce again she found it hard to start but now the tears had dried up.
"Feelings were now back and i struggled but it was no use, there were four of them. This one Bastard took out a knife and cut away my dress with everyone laughing. Look at that, one said, no cunt hair but do I see my cum on her legs! They all laughed again with that animal shouting, that's mine man, ever see anything so nice?"
Tanya was no excited, her fists clenched in rage facing me!
"Know what that other fucking Bastard said? Well at least she ain't thirsy!"
This brought the tears again downing the whole glass of wine.
"They tied me to the bed and i din't know how many…you know, just one after the other. Some jerked off on me, some pissed on me and my ass, I couldn't feel a thing after the second one! I don't know how many fucked me there…was there anything in the paper?"
"Just that a gang fight happened, a turf war, a lot of broken bones, you know" smiling at her.
"No one killed?" with a look of disappointment.
"No…one fell on some glass" No I wasn't going to explain.
"Big deal!" she shouted "Those niggers raped me and only got nroken bomes? They shpuld have all been executed!" This was one bitter woman with a heart full of pure haye!.
"Not that I'm on there side but I remind you that those so called niggers as you put it, are the ones that helped free you!! Not everyone should be painted with the same brush!"
The look of contempt she gave me would never change, we both knew that so I left her after five days and returned to Toronto. She graduated, opened a law office and the last I heard of her, she never married. A very sad day for everyone involved.

The End