Our swinging begins 1

A little about us, we are an average Canadian couple, we met in high school, she was 14 and I was 16. We grew up together basically. We have always been hard workers, we completed high school and got our college educations, we were engage young by these day’s standards and married a year later at the ages of 22 and 24. We continue to work hard in our chosen fields bought our home and started our family.

Our sex lives started not long after we met, at our young ages we learned and experimented with sex with each other, each of us was the others first and only. We did things like having sex in public parks and in the back seat of my Camaro (not an easy task) one time in high school we had sex in a hot tub with friends of ours. We only had sex with each other and the other couple only had sex with each other. There was no touching between couples. Often times during our lunch in high school we would rush home to have sex. It was a 20 minute walk 40 minutes round trip which gave a whole 20 minutes to have sex. All these things we did we considered normal parts of exploring and not too adventurous. We assumed that all couples did activities in one way or another that was similar to our own activities.

During our engagement, a week before our wedding to be exact, we went to strip clubs a few times, with our wedding party just for a good time drinking and clubbing first then to a strip club that had female dances upstairs and male dancers downstairs. We went a few times and the party all had a good time, the girls where done first and came upstairs to collect the guys before we caught a cab back home. They sat with the men watching the female dances until we finished our drinks. The wedding went off without a hitch, and our lives went on without a second thought of the clubs.

Some years later we were staying in a hotel near the clubs we attend prior to our wedding. I don’t recall whose suggestion it was to go in but we paid our entrance fee to the club and paid the extra so we could go up and down to see all the dancers male and female. The night was great we enjoyed our time away from the kids and had a few drinks watching the sexy dancers. Our walk back to the hotel was an interesting one. During the walk Angel turned to me and said “I think I’d like to be with a girl” My jaw dropped so far that it may have been possible for me to trip on it. We talked about the idea a little that night and in the nights after that, but the idea soon was forgotten. The drudgery of our daily lives soon lead to us forgetting Angels comment, leaving it as a statement that may have been said because of too much alcohol. Occasionally over the years the idea would come to the surface and excite us. Sometimes she would be hot for the idea other times I would push for it. Neither of us having the energy to put much effort into looking for someone. We also talked about what we would like to do and see each other do, both of us had bisexual desires.

I wasn’t completely unaware of the swinging life style. My parents had been into it, I had only found out later after they’re messy divorce and my mother blaming the lifestyle on their divorce. We found a website for swinging and set up a profile, somehow I doubted this was how my parents had gone about it, but it seemed like a good place for us to start. So the website was chosen our profile was in place and our courage declined. The profile sat with the occasional interest but we hadn’t added any information about ourselves or photos. A year later at the beginning of summer break we both decided to summon all our courage and energy to go through with it and actually meet some people.

I won’t go into the details of everyone we met with. The first person we met with and had any kind of fun with is worth mentioning. Now Angel had always wanted to be with a woman, it must be said that finding a woman to even meet for drinks let alone do anything else with is exceedingly difficult. My desires had always revolved around watching her with another man. Voyeuristic fantasy’s, I wanted to watch her with a bigger guy then me, I never doubted that gave her pleasure but hopped that being with a bigger guy would be a new and pleasurable experience for her. I’ll call him Mike. We met him once at our place for drinks out by the fire. He was in our town for work he was an older man in his 50’s and about 20 yrs older then we were. He was polite and had been swinging for many years. The age was a concern for Angel she didn’t find older men to be to her taste.

We sat in our back yard and listened to his stories, we told him about the few people we had met that hadn’t worked out and about the many single men who had flaked out when it came to the actual meeting (this would be a common theme for single men we would find) So we had seen picture of Mike on the computer it was a couples profile but his wife was still at home about a 5 hr drive from our town. She was aware of his activity and was also into the life but being so far away wasn’t going to be able to meet us. Mike was very informative; he told us many things that have held true even after a few years of us being in the life now.

He was in our town on business and staying at a motel. So the next day after the kids went to school he invited us over to go for a swim and talk some more. The conversation flowed well; we altered back and forth between the pool and the sauna. One time in the pool I dove under the water when I came up to the surface Mike and Angel were in a very close embrace and kissing very passionately. It was the first time I had ever seen her with anyone else and very sexy. It was also the first time in 18 years that she had kissed anyone other than me. We swam a little longer then he invited us up to his room for a drink. He had to work nights that night so the drink turned into a simple cup of coffee. Mandy changed in the change rooms I collected my clothes and changed up in his room. I think he could tell we were nervous, he knew we had never done anything like this before.

He sat Angel down on the edge of the bed and gave her another kiss this time it was more drawn out and more passionate. I had a hard time assessing what Angel was making of the experience partly because her face was pressed with his and I could see her expressions and I think I was partly blinded by my own excitement. He laid her back and climbed on top of her the whole time the kissing was becoming more intense, they were both still fully clothed and grinding heavily. I’m not sure how long it went on for, maybe 5 minutes log enough that I was aware of my own erection straining against my jeans. At some point they rolled over and Angel ended up straddled across him. He helped her off with her shirt. Know neither of us is super model bodies. We’re parents with very little time for the gym pregnancy left us both with some extra weight and stretch marks. I’m 6’0 foot and 180 lbs she is 5’5 and 170lbs. Angel has always been a busty even in high school, and I think Mike was more than excited to finally have her tits free from her shirt. He massaged and played with her huge tits. I was standing behind them still and I could see both of them grinding their crotches together. Later on Angel would tell me he wasn’t her type and she wasn’t overly attracted to him but he was very nice, gentle and polite. Which is what she, or perhaps what both of us needed.

I finally moved in to get involved; I reached around Angel from behind and helped Mike play with her soft tits. Even though Angel has very large breasts she has very small nipples on them, something she has always been a little self conscious of. I have always thought they are very sexy, and everyone we have been with has never had anything but praise for her chest. She was breathing heavy now and I moved my hands down and unbuttoned her pants. She wasn’t ready for them to come off yet, so I reached down her pants from behind and rubbed her bald and dripping wet pussy. I was shocked at how wet and excited she was. Later on after we got home and had a chance to talk about the events she would tell me she was excited but he wasn’t really her type, but because it was our first time with someone else, just the moment its self had her excited. Being sandwiched between two men was more of a thrill then she had anticipated.

I tried to take it to the next level by removing her pants but she was ready to call that a day, she had gone as far as she was ready to go. She rolled off Mike and they gave each other a few parting kisses and Angel got dressed. He was very respectful and as soon as she said she had, had enough he stopped immediately. He offered us a drink but we declined as we had some running around to do before the kids got home. Angel apologized for stopping before he got to have any real fun, she apologized for teasing him. He told us both to think nothing of it, that he realized this was our first time and he had no problem respecting our boundaries.

We rushed home and were practically naked before we got through the door. We were kissing furiously as I laid her down in the middle of the living room floor. I took mikes place grinding in between her legs as she lay on her back on the carpeted floor. We only kissed for moments as I rose up and stripped down quickly at the same time Angel wiggled out of her jeans and unfastened her bra. She laid back and spread her legs wide. I immediately dove in between her legs lick and lapping at the still present moisture on her pussy lips, her underwear had a huge damp spot on them as big as I had ever seen before. As I brought her to an orgasm with my tongue reached up under her shirt and pinched her little pink nipples. She screamed out in an orgasm bucking her hips wildly. Angel has always required a lot of attention to bring to orgasm but when she cums it’s quite a spectacle to see. She bucks wildly and screams with pleasure. Her orgasms have lasted as long as a minute or so, each time however she reaches orgasm faster, never to the point of multiple orgasms but with a momentary rest, as her clit gets too sensitive, she can be brought to climax in about half the time. After this time however I needed some relief I lifted her legs and placed more cock at the threshold of her pussy. With very little pressure needed I pushed my cock all the way into her. She moaned out loud as the walls of her vagina stretched around my cock, her moan was echoed by mine. I didn’t hesitate and began thrusting immediately with as much vigor as I ever had, I fucked her with such a feverous rate that my balls began to ache as they slammed into her with each violent thrust. It didn’t take long before my orgasm was encompassing me and I emptied my load inside her.

We lay there for a few minutes talking about our first affair with someone else. That would become a custom for us, after each get together with other people we would debrief each other talk about what we liked and didn’t like and whether we would like to see them again. With Mike, his work took him back to his home, not that Angel wanted to meet with him again, but the opportunity never came up, he said hi to us a few times on the website, but as with many long distance relationships the work involved was too much to bother keeping it going.

That was our first experience, I’ll post others not all of them but some of the better more exciting ones from our points of view on the swing philosophy and experience hope you enjoyed reading because I do enjoy sharing. The events are as accurate as we could remember, some of the minor details may have been changed or exaggerated a little but for the most part these swinging stories will be as close to the true story as we can recall, and both of us will have a hand in telling the story.

For discretion, ours and the other peoples involved names have been changed we will be known as Angel and Remington.