Owning Aunt Bridgette: Chapter 2

“Anything you want, Dustin,” Bridgette said. “If you’ll keep fucking me like that, I’ll do anything you want.”

She meant it, too. At that moment, still on a high from the long edging session capped off by her nephew’s hard fuck, she was willing to do anything to keep the experience going. Crawling to him, she pressed her cheek to his thigh as she hugged his legs, desperate to show her devotion. Feeling his hand in her hair, she smiled and kissed his thigh with a quick, open-mouthed swirl of her tongue on his skin.

“You really are a whore, aren’t you?” the boy marveled. “Is there anything a slut like you won’t do?”

“Nothing,” she whispered, rubbing her face beneath his balls. “My stepdad, uncle and brother all taught me what it means to be the family whore. I’ve been training for this my whole life, Dustin. I need a man to control me. I’m nothing without a cock to worship.”

The 18-year-old laughed, emboldened by her submissiveness. One hand tugged at her hair, pulling Bridgette away from his cock and he slapped her across the face with the other.

“You got cum on my thighs, you filthy pig,” he snapped. “Lick it up.”

“Yes,” she hissed, eyes closed as she extended her tongue and leaned forward. “I’m sorry I got you messy, Dustin. Let your slutty aunt clean you up.”

The young man felt his cock getting hard again as his aunt practically groveled for his approval. His mind reeled at the possibilities as he thought back to all the photos she’d captioned on her Tumblr. Incest, humiliation, younger men, pain, bondage, rape, prostitution ..

“Is that better, Dustin?” Bridgette asked, gazing up hopefully at her nephew.

Dustin held her gaze and chuckled. He still couldn’t believe his luck. His own sex slave and not just any sex slave, his hot, MILF aunt and she seemed to get off more the nastier he was to her. He decided to test his hypothesis.

Slowly, deliberately, he slapped her again and spit in her upturned face.

“Sir,” he hissed, slapping her again. “You call me Sir or Master, slut. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” Bridgette said, rushing to correct herself. “I’m sorry, Sir. I will try to be a better slut for you, sir.”

Dustin couldn’t believe his cock got even harder as she spoke. Pointing at the ground in front of him, he said, “Kiss my feet, slut.”

The naked blonde scrambled to obey her nephew’s command, lowering her face to the floor and lapping at the toe of his sneaker, while keeping her shapely ass high in the air. Dustin in enjoyed the sight of his subservient aunt tonguing his Nikes for a moment before placing one shoe on her shoulder and kicking her away.
“Did I saw lick my shoes, you stupid whore?” he demanded. “I said kiss my feet. Now get over here and do it right.”

The youth grinned as she crawled closer, barking, “Hands behind your back, slut. Use your mouth,” when she reached for his shoes. Instantly, Bridgette leaned forward and seized a shoelace in her teeth, tugging at it like a puppy. Taking the side of the shoe in her teeth, she tugged at it to no avail before raising her pleading gaze to her nephew.

“Please, Sir, would you sit down or lift your foot for me?” she begged. “I want to please you, Sir, but I can’t get your shoes off if you won’t help me, Sir.”

He laughed again, the clear, youthful gaiety cutting through Bridgette like a knife. She didn’t know why humiliation always made her wet, but it did. The more worthless he made her feel, the harder she tried to please him, to earn some small acknowledgement that she wasn’t completely worthless. Her fingers toyed with her clit, even if she was desperately trying to peel off Dustin’s socks with her teeth. She was almost ready to cum as her tongue began to play over the arch of his foot. Bridgette worked her tongue between each toe, sucking them as if they were a row of tiny cocks.

“Good slut,” Dustin rewarded her. “You can kiss your way up to my cock now and I’ll let you have more cum.”

Feeling ridiculously pleased with herself for completing her task, Bridgette gushed, “Thank you, Sir. I’m so glad you are pleased with my mouth sir.” She licked his ankle and begin to slowly kiss her way up Dustin’s leg, continuing to babble between each kiss. “Thank you for recognizing what a whore I am, Sir. I have needed this so much, Sir. Since my husband left, I’ve had no one to serve other than my sons, Sir.”

“Do you suck your son’s cocks?” Dustin demanded.

“No, Sir,” Bridgette answered. “I want to but they have never demanded it, Sir. I try to seduce them, Sir, but they are too shy to treat their mother like the nasty slut I am, Sir.”

“Maybe I should call them in here and order you to fuck them,” Dustin said.

“No, please don’t, Sir,” Bridgette pleaded before swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. “I want it to be their idea when they take me, Sir. I want them to know that they can demand anything of me and I will do it because I am their mother and I love them, Sir. Please don’t make me fuck them just to amuse you, Sir. I will do anything else to please you if you just leave me that one thing, Sir. I’ll let you whip me or choke me. I’ll stick my tongue up your butt and lick your ass. I’ll fuck dogs for you. Anything, Sir.”

Looking down into his aunt’s stricken, obedient eyes, Dustin realized she was being 100 percent honest. He owned her ass … and everything that went with it. The realization was too much for him and he shot his load all over her upturned face.

“Good job, whore,” he sneered. “You can start by going out there just like you are, naked with my cum all over your face, and tell them you’re going to be busy in here with me the rest of the evening. Ask them if there’s anything you can do for them before you come back in here and worship my cock.”

Bridgette’s stomach fluttered with shame and arousal as she started to stand. Dustin barked that she didn’t have permission to stand and she slumped back to the floor, crawling toward the bedroom door.

“Yes, Sir,” she said.