Party Girl

You’re laying in bed one night when you feel the vibrations of your phone, a message from your friend shines in your face reading. “Hey, there is this party! Wanna come?” You reply saying sure and get changed into some skinny jeans and a slightly baggy shirt. You tell your parents you are staying at a friends and head to the party. Meeting up with your friends you being to drink and party, dancing to some of the music. A cute guy comes up to you, instantly you notice something slightly off, as the cute guy talks you notice that another guy is looking over at you, always keeping an eye on not you but the cute guy. The guy offers to get you a drink and pretending like you paid attention you smile sweetly saying yes please, you notice that both the guys walk off in the same direction, you think nothing of it and talk to your friend telling her about the cute guy you are talking with. He come back with your drink, and you drink it slowly. He grins slightly as you drink and you laugh it off. Further along the night you feel yourself become wet in your panties, you don't know why but your crotch is burning. Your head feels slightly light and you begin talking to people you never talk to and being extremely friendly flirting with guys that you would never date. You get a slight shock when the cute guy comes back, you practically pounce on him kissing him roughly, your tongues exchanging as you make out. He takes your hand leading you to a spare bedroom in the house, your mind screams to stop but your body wants him more than anything. You walk in the room and he locks the door behind, you look around the dimly lit room and notice the strange guy that was staring at you. You make a soft whimper as you realize you have been drugged, your look at the cute guy that has a lustful grin on his face. You say that you don't want to, but that is not a choice. You are pushed on the bed and pinned being kissed by the cute guy, your mind is screaming to stop but your lips move with his as your hands pull him closer, your hips grinding up to him as your tongues dance around each others mouths. A hand slides up your shirt your nipple being rolled around in his palm making you moan out, wanting to scream you try stop him but you are forced back down, he stands up taking his shirt and jeans off, his throbbing cock staring in your face. Your mind's telling you to hit him and run, scream anything, but your body begins to lean forward, taking the long cock down your throat, you suck and lick your tongue around the tip of his cock as you feel the other man rub his hands down your panties. You moan onto the cock as your pussy is being played with and rubbed. You moan out as you feel your clothes come off, laying there in bra and panties you feel your pussy on fire, without thinking you slide your hand down your panties and finger yourself frantically making the two guys laugh, you moan out as your fingers push inside you the constant thought that two guys watching only making you go harder. They tell you to go on all fours but you ignore them, fingering frantically doing anything to stop your pussy from getting wetter. You feel a forceful grip as you are put on your hands and knees your hand pulled from your panties, you moan at the loss, your panties being stripped off. You moan out as your bare pussy feels the cool air. You look in front of you as the other man shoves his cock down your throat making you tear slightly, your pussy getting wetter as he beings to forcefully fuck your face. You moan out as you feel a cock pushing into your wet pussy, your scream of pleasure is muffled by the cock pounding your throat, your pussy reaching the feeling of full before it pulling out and shoving back in, your pussy being pounded harder than you ever thought, your moans and screams filling the air as you feel yourself wanting to cum but not being able to, your pussy tightens and is stretched hard forefully, your mind going blank as you feel your mouth fill with cum. You spit it out and gag on the salty taste, your pussy being pumped hard, the cum from your mouth dropping on your chest and down your chin as you feel your pussy being to cum, you scream and moan out as your legs give way and you fall to the bed your pussy twitching. The man looks at you angry and slaps your ass firmly. Demanding you to more to make him cum, laying there panting as your pussy twitched gently, he slaps your ass hard and bends you on your back, you tell him you can't take anymore but he does not care, your hands pinned to the bed by his large hands, you try close your legs but he forces them open, you squirm around as you feel his tip going back in your now sensitive pussy, the shock waves of pleasure causing you to scream. Pounding hard you scream and moan his name, the other guy grabbing your hand and putting it around his cock, your mind blank you jerk him off, as your pussy is being brutally fucked, the sensation overwhelming as you pant loudly, his cock forcing his way as far as possible, his hand rubbing frantically at your clit as your sore pussy is abused and fucked. You moan and feel his cock throbbing inside of you, he manages to constantly smack into your g-spot, making you scream and moan, your breathing heavy as he pounds, you feel his cock swell slightly as he cums deep inside you making your pussy squirt out juices and cum at the same time, your pussy clamping on his cock, he pulls out smiling. Cum leaking from your pussy and over your face, you stop jerking the other guy off and he smiles at you evilly, you look at him with pleading eyes not enough energy to move, he gets between your legs and starts to pound, you scream as your pussy cant take it, the pure pleasure driving you insane making you scream as he forcefully takes your pussy, pounding it hard. He decides that it's not enough and pulls out before ramming his cock in your tight ass hole, you scream and squirm trying to get away from his cock before he pulls you down from your shoulders his whole length inside of you, you scream out as you are pounded in the ass, your pussy wetting, cum dripping down you don't want to but you being to rub your pussy all you want is every hole filled your mind glazed over with pure lust, as you rub your pussy the cute guy sucks your nipples making you moan loudly, your ass being stretched and pumped inside of as you feel his cum fills your ass, you cum again and feel weak and used, cum drenching from your holes, the thoughts of being forced racing through your head as you lay there panting naked, cum over your body. The two guys leave as you lay there, naked and wet.