Real Sex Stories – A lucky afternoon at the mall

Real Sex Stories – A lucky afternoon at the mall

This is based on a roleplaying session i had recently, I thought it would make a good story

The first 2 parts have no sex in them, however the later chapters should make up for it 🙂

Real Sex Stories  - A lucky afternoon at the mall

I was killing time one afternoon; I was looking for a new TV at the electronics store, picked up a couple of magazines at the news stand and was sitting down for a quick burger lunch at the food court. Real Sex Stories

A young girl came over to and leaned on the table across from me, she was short, had long bright red hair, shining green eyes. She had on a short skirt, and a tight halter-top that accentuated her small pointy tits.

“Hey mister, you have a cigarette?” she asked, smiling at me.

I looked her over, and smiled “aren’t you a little young to be smoking?”

She leaned over a little more giving me a peek down the front of her halter. “I’m 18, that’s old enough… why, want to see some ID?” She grinned when she said it.

I could play this game. “Maybe… if you are eighteen then you can buy your own… I grinned back. Real Sex Stories

She sat down across from me, “then I wouldn’t get to meet many guys.” Then reached into her purse and pulled out her license, slid it across the table at me, and stole a couple of my French fries as she did it. I looked without picking it up, the birth date made her a couple of months older then eighteen.

I reached into my pocket and tossed her the pack. “Ok Kara,” taking her name from her license, “I’m Phil”

“Nice to meet you Phil” she grinned at me, “you hang out at the mall often?”

I decided to up the ante a little more, “only to look at the pretty young girls.”

“Oh, a dirty old man, huh?”

I feigned a hurt look, “hey, I am not old.” That got the giggle I had planned.

She stood up, “well, I am gonna go smoke this, see you around.” With that she turned and headed for the exit to go outside and smoke, I watched her tight little ass bounce until she got out of sight, I shrugged to myself as I put the cigarette pack back in my pocket, win some, lose some. I finished my lunch and threw the trash away.

I walked through the mall, stopped at a couple of stores, and started to head back to the exit near my truck.

As I turned the corner I looked into one of the stores- one of those clothing stores where all the kids like to shop, there near the window, looking at some clothes was Kara. She looked up, saw me, smiled and waved. I waved back, and she waved me into the store.

As I walked up to her, she held up a blouse and skirt in front of her that was skimpier then what she was wearing. “What do you think?”

“I think I’d like to see it on you.”

“Then buy it for me.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Why would I want to do that?”

She pushed her hip into my groin and rubbed against my rising hard on. “I could make it worthwhile for you.”

“Could you now?”

“mmm, hum”

I looked at the tags, about $55, not bad, I supposed. I pulled three 20’s out of my wallet and handed them to her, “I’ll be outside.” I turned and walked away.