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I had always had a special bond with my youngest step-daughter from the beginning of my marriage. It was a typical bond, that of most parents, the only difference was that she wasn’t of my blood. Things were tough for Kristi when she was young, nothing seemed to come easily for her. She had to study twice as hard as her older sister to make decent grades in school, and as a teenager she struggled just as much socially, where as everything came easy for Traci. My wife, Beth and I took extra time helping Kristi with her studies, but neither of us knew what to do to help her make and keep friends. We both believed that sooner or later it would just happen naturally.

One night I was relaxing, watching a little TV before bed, trying my best to forget about a long week of work when Kristi came into the room in tears. I immediately asked her what was wrong, but her only response was to ask when her mother would be home. I told her that she was working over and wouldn’t be home until morning. My answer only brought more tears, and she started to sob as she turned away.
“Wait!” I called to her. “Come here and tell me what’s going on. Why are you crying?” I patted the cushion next to me on the sofa, and Kristi reluctantly took a seat next to me.
She sat hunched over, leaning toward the floor, her butt barely on the sofa. She cupped her hands to her face to try and hide her tears, and flushed cheeks. “It’s nothing…” She said, her words muffled by her hands and tears.

“Well you don’t cry over nothing.” I responded, my heart growing heavy I my chest. I could not bear to see her cry.

“I’m stupid…” She sobbed, shaking her head slightly from side to side.

“Sweetie, your not stupid, just tell me what has you so upset. I‘m sure we can work it out.”

She through herself back against the sofa, her tiny frame nearly convulsing as she wept. Kristi was only fifteen when this day happened, and I had only recently realized that she had started to mature into a striking young woman. I had always know she was beautiful, the spitting image of her mother at her age, but until the night of her first formal dance a week earlier, somehow I had not noticed how her body had changed. When she came out of her room in that black sequenced gown that clung to her small body like a second skin, I was in awe. It was cut fairly low over the breast, showing off the inner firm mounds of her pert breasts, and plunged low in the back. And when I say low I mean low, the open back swooped down below her waistline, and was open across her back. It showed off her new found figure far too well, a figure that I had not noticed until that night. Now she laid back on the sofa in a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top. The shorts being a bit too short, and the same for the top.

“I feel weird about talking to you about this, about my love life.” Again Kristi cupped her hands over her face. She drew in a deep breath, causing her belly to sink into her body.

“Sweetie, you can talk to me about anything.” Is what I told her, but I was thinking to myself: You’re fifteen, how much of a love life can you have? But before the last word passed over my lips I had a flash back of myself at fifteen, and wasn’t sure I really wanted to know the answer to my question, and was damn glad I had not asked it out loud.
“I know… but when it comes to this stuff… well I just feel strange talking to you about it.” I could see her cheeks flush a deeper shade of crimson as she spoke, and wondered why.

“It’s okay, I understand. Just remember that I am here for you no matter what.”

“Oh God, that makes it even harder.”

“What does?”

“You being you. Just forget it.” Kristi hopped up from the sofa and walked over the entrance of the hallway that led back to the bedrooms. She stopped and leaned forward against the corner of the two walls, and stared back at me through her red eyes. “Fine, I have to talk to somebody or I’m going to explode.” She said, then sat back down next to me.

“You don’t have too, you can wait until Traci gets home… talk to her.”

Kristi let out a angry laugh as she brought her right hand down on my thigh. “She’s part of the problem.” She shook her head again, took another deep breath and then went on. “Nick and I broke up.”

“Really, I thought you two were getting along fine?” I gently rested my hand atop her’s on my thigh.

“So did I, until I found out that he was feeling Terri up at his place last night.”

“What does that mean?”

“Feeling her up? You know, playing with her titts.”

“I know what feeling up means, but how do you know that’s what happened?” Kristi turned her hand over under mine and squeezed.

“I was asking him about last night, why he didn’t call, and he let it slip. He actually said that her titts may be bigger, but mine are firmer. Can you believe that? Like that is suppose to make me feel better!”

Kristi twisted her upper body toward me, through her arms around my neck, and cried on my shoulder. I in turn wrapped my arms around her, held her tight, and rubbed her back to console her. She and Terri were complete opposites. Terri too was pretty, but had thick brown hair, while Kristi took after her mother with thin blonde hair. It was no secret that Terri had larger breasts, anyone with eyes could see that, but she was also heavier, more on the plump side compared to Kristi that was luck to reach a hundred pounds soaking wet. Terri wasn’t fat, she just had always been a little thick around the middle was all, and Kristi had a tiny waist. As for the firmness of their breasts I had no clue, I had never paid attention, and the only way I would have know was from the hugs the girls gave when we said goodbye. Every time they, or myself, or Beth would leave we always hugged each other, usually accompanied by a kiss on the cheek, or quick peck on the lips. But I had never noticed how the girls breasts felt against me during our hugs, it had never even crossed my mind until that moment. And right at that I could easily feel that Kristi’s we firm, very firm, and so were her nipples. That scared me a little to be honest. The entire situation was starting to scare me. Holding Kristi in my arms, rubbing her back was starting to feel pretty good. I liked the way she felt against me, the way she smelled, the warmth of her body.

It was all starting to feel too good, so I pulled away from her carefully. I didn’t want her to feel as though I was rejecting her in anyway, but I also didn’t want her to realize that she was starting to turn me on either. I didn’t want to be turned on for that matter, I loved Beth. But as I pulled away, she held me tighter, and buried her face into my neck. I could feel her warm breath whispering over my skin, the scent of her hair filled my senses, and the touch of her body had my mind wandering to places it just shouldn’t have been going.

“Why can’t all guys be like you?” Kristi whispered, her soft lips stroking the flesh of my neck, almost as if kissing me. “Mom is so lucky.” She added, pulling herself even closer to me, nearly up onto my lap.

Then it happened… I felt her lips pucker and kiss my neck. Softly, quickly, and then another that last a bit longer. She shifted again, this time pulling herself into my lap. Her lips kissed their way up my neck to my jaw, and continued on a direct path to my lips.

“Kris… what are you doing!” My question brought to a sudden halt by her lips pressing to mine. Softly she kissed me, her smooth lips opening and closing atop mine, begging for something more, something deeper.

At first I was frozen by shock, but before I realized what was happening I was kissing her back. I couldn’t help myself, she felt and tasted so good that my body seemed to ignore my mind telling it to stop. The next thing I knew her tongue had found it’s way inside my mouth, and I was laying her back on the sofa. We laid kissing, embraced within each other’s arms for I don’t know how long. I was lost in the love that seemed so strong between us, until I felt her small hand slip down between our bodies, and start to stroke my already erect cock.

I quickly pushed back from her, place my hand over her’s and told her to stop. Kristi stared into my eyes, and I into her’s. She had the most beautiful eyes, green with gold specks just like her mother. “We can’t do this, Kris…”

“It feels to me like we can.” She cooed, smiling at me, squeezing my hard shaft through my jeans.

“You know what I mean… It’s wrong.”

“I don’t care. I love you, and you love me, so why don’t you show me how much you love me?” She kissed me again, and again I was swept up in the moment and kissed her back, deeply, and allowed her to massage me through my jeans. I could feel her erect nipples poking my chest, the heat of her young body against mine, and the sensations that she was sending through my body where difficult to resist, but I did eventually.

I sat up and looked down at her stretched out over the sofa. She was so beautiful, so sexy, how could I not have seen all of this before, I thought. Then I remembered why, she was my daughter, okay my step-daughter, but to me they were one and the same. I took her hand in mine, stared into her eyes, and explained my position. I told her that I did love her, perhaps too much, and that I found this all very flattering, but it could go no further, and never happen again.

Kristi was not what you would call happy about it, but she understood that we both had just gotten carried away in the heat of the moment. But she also made it very clear to me the she too loved me more than she should, that I was much more than a step-father to her, and if the chance ever arose again she would take it gladly. I had to agree with her on that, and that time would tell.

As it turned out, Kristi and Terri made up, and she also made up with Nick. Neither Kristi or I mentioned that day again for years, nor did we ever act on our true feelings. Oh we were much closer after that day, and I always got a kiss on the lips when we would say goodbye and the hugs seemed a bit more intimate as well, right up to the day she came home and told us she was getting married, Three years later.

That was when the line blurred for us once again…