Short Sex Stories – The Supervisor

This is My Short Sex Stories

Working in a small lab with only two males and five females something is bound to happen at some point. I would never believed you if you said it was my supervisor and me. ( Short Sex Stories  )

Short Sex Stories

It all happened in snap of a finger.

I have been working for many years with Mary, We have become good close friends, we both have families and share many things alike. One day while we were working close together I happen to catch her staring at me, thinking that she was in deep thought I let it pass.

Later in the day I got her again staring at me, we had a work to do and were rushing around trying to get it done to go home, we have a small room were we do microscope work and is painted black so we can see better using the microscope. We were both in there trying to use it, there is enough room for one person sitting and another standing behind them and that’s it.

Mary was sitting down and I right behind her wait. When it was my turn to use the scope, Mary stood up and turned to fast and last her balance, landing right in to my arms. I could smell the light perfume on her and feel the hardness of her nipples on my chest. It only lasted a few seconds, but I was getting a hard on fast. We were in a sort of hug I could feel her hand brush past me ass and that is when I felt her nipples get hard. She then left the room for me to work.

Later that day while talking about our project we sat across from each other all I could think about was how good she smelled, I started to glance up every time she leaned forward to catch a glance at her breasts, she must have caught me, because she left the room and came back a few minutes later.

This time I did notice that she had a few extra buttons undone on her shirt and when glanced at her this time I was shocked to see that she had no bra on at all!. I was transfixed. Mary cleared her throat and I looked into her eyes. Knew then that I was busted. I turned away and returned to me desk.

Before I went home Mary asked what my plans were for the weekend. I told her that my kids were going to there grandparents and my wife was working all weekend. Mary asked if I would like to come over Saturday and finish work on our project and maybe help her with a few things that her husband could not do because he was traveling out of the country.

I jumped at the chance.

When I showed up Saturday morning around 10 am, I was greeted by Mary wearing only a men’s t-shirt. It went down past the cheeks of her ass. I asked were her daughter was and found out that she was spending the day and night at her girlfriend’s house. Mary poured coffee for us and we started shooting the breeze. I could not help but notice her long slender legs and the shape of her ass when she walked away from me.

I don’t know why but she wanted to clean up the house and started picking things up. Mary bent over right in front of me and her shirt rose up, I could see she was not wearing any panties. I could a instant hard-on! She looked back and said she was going to change clothes. After a few minutes she called me upstairs to give her a hand. I must have jumped to the second floor.

As I go to her room I open the door and see her laying on her bed and wearing a white teddy. Mary asked if anything was wrong? I just walked to the bed and gave her a long hot kiss. I have been waiting to do that for almost 7 years.

It did not take long before I was out of my clothes and she out of her teddy. We explored each other for well over an hour, she pushed me on to me back and came a cross me to engulf my extremely hard dick. It was unbelievably, she took every inch of my dick in to her mouth. I also came right then. After she had a few orgasms, I got up and entered her sweet and silky pussy from behind.

I was a perfect match; I changed the pace every time I felt her about to cum. She told me to stop teasing her and fuck her hard and to make her cry out. I licked my fingers and pushed one in to her tight ass hole and pushed me dick into her pussy at the same time, which pushed her over the edge. She yelled she was Cumming and I could not hold back any longer. We both had an orgasm at the same time and just fell forward and pasted out from exhaustion. After a while I heard the shower running any went to the bathroom and watch her wash her body.

She took her time washing her pussy until she came. I joined her and made sure that I licked her pussy clean of her juices. Not much happen after that and I went home with a big smile and wondering what Monday morning might be like.