snow plowing

i am a fourteen year old boy that is looking to make some easy money.
it is currently winter and i took on a snow shoveling job at a local trailer park. this trailer park is a retirment trailer park. That means that all the people that live there are old, that also means that they cant shovel snow like i can. i have four diffrent houses that i have to shovel everyday.

My favorite shoveling memory was when….. i got home from school and i went imidtally to work i did three houses and headed for the last one. i was about six thirthy or better and it was starting to get dark. At this particuliulicar home there is a older couple. The husband is about sevendy-five and his wife is about sevendy but she has altimers really bad. Her housband is real old and he almost never leaves his recliner. Mrs.Hattery is her name or what i call her also likes to tell stories but in the middle of a story she will just forget what she is talking about.

I finished shoveling her driveway and sidewalk to her trailer but its not like she is going to go no where. i was going real fast because it was already dark and it was dropping to about -13. i went up to the door and knocked knowing that Mrs.Hattery would anser. she came to the door i was on the gound level and she was about three feet taller than me frim being in the trailer. She oppened the door and instantly i had a hard on. She was wearing a slightly shorter dress that came way up on her leg but it was rolled up on the bottem by accident and sice she never wore underware she was completly expossed. She told me to come in and it was to cold to be out here. I went in and sat at the table where she usually tried to tell me a story. I looked under the table to untie my boots and she had her legs spread. She had a old clit and it covered in hair. Usually she sat there and talked about her day and had a drink or two of dome vodka or wiskey and i usually took a shot with her.

That pariculicular day she misplaced her meds and was looking for them beause she was sopposed to take them after dinner as the huge sign on the wall said. I started looking for them with her makeing her bend over to bottom cabinets and slowing rubbing my hard into her ass as i looked in the upper cabinet. I went into the living room to look by Mr.Hatter and they were next to his table. He always took sleeping pill after dinner to sleep and i seen the bottle. I got an idea and stook to it. I stole one of his sleeping pills and put in her med holder that said night. I gave it to her and we sat bak down at the table where i was fixing my sox to look at her hairy clit. By the time i was up at the top of the table she was knocked out. she was about twohundred pounds and big as a boat. with big tities so that you ouldnt see the rolls on her stomach. i was sitting there thinking what to do when i spotted the clippers. i lugged her onto the couch with a hard time but the table chairs had wheels on them.

On the couch i took her dress of of her and started shaving her pussy. she had hair on her lips her ass every where so i shavered everywhere. about an hour into it i herd Mr.Hattery moan but i kept on going. Now she was completly shaved and looked like a godess with some jelly rolls. but what can i say more cushion for the pushing right. Finally i took of my clothes and begain to eat her out but her pussy tasted like shit. Next i started fucking her real hard. Her pussy was to tight i might of just of been trying to put my shit into a coke bottle. I lubed up with some ky jelly and just starting going nuts. when i was about to cum i put it in her mouth and jerked it untill i put a huge load in her mouth and some in the nose for fun.

The next day i came back to collect my pay but today she was in a bad mood. I came in and asked her what happend. She said promise you wont tell? I said sure. She pulled off her night gown and expossed her niclely shaved clit. She explained that she didnt remeber what happend and her hole hurt. I responed… well i better take a look at that. i got on my knees when she was sitting in the chair. and i rubbed her lips and she said that made her fell better but a couple drinks would be even better. She never bothered to put on her night gown but i knew that she was already buzzing. She sat there naked pouring drinks over and over. She had about seven shots of JD when i put the moves on her. I moved to her back side and started giving her a back massage. She couldnt see me so i dropped my pants and pulled out my dick and stroked it with one hand.I knew that she was toatlly wasted when she dropped her glass and bent over to get it. I also knew that this was my chance, i went up behind her and stuck my dick into her all the way. i was about six inches and it filled her up. I could just barely touch the top but anyways we moved ourselves into the living room. i had my back to Mr.Hattery so didnt even see him.

I was doing good untill the door busted open. all of usden a cop came in. It was a woman cop. come to find out is that Mr.Hattery wasnt aslep and he called the cops. she came in and imidtly hit me with her nightstick aross the back. she told me that i was a sick person for taking advantage of a old lady. She took me into the bedroom and handuffed me to a bed rail. I could get my hard to go away. She was about ten minuted and when she came back and had Mrs.Hattery with her. she put mrs. hatter next to me on the bed. She started stripping. first the tool belt then the shirt then the undershirt then the pants. the whole time she had her back to me. before she took of her pants and bra she took peperspray and rubbed it on her hands then rubbed her hands on my eyes. I was completly binded i couldnt see a thing. i herd her pants drop then i herd her bra strap snap so i knew this was going to be good. i was laying on my stomach and couldnt see a thing. she told me to get on my hands and knees. Still being tied up i did so. Then i felt something that shocked me it was something poking my ass. it was warm and soft. Then she said u want to take advantge of my mother than im going to take advantge of you. she was a Shemale. she put her dick in my ass and pumped untill i couldnt go no more was so tired and it hurt so bad but she kept on going and going. Finally she put her dick in my mouth and came. she told me that if i didnt swollow that she would shoot me. I couldnt swallow all that so she pulled her gun out. she but it up my but and fired. I instanly passed out.

when i woke up i was in the hospital and i herd the story that Mrs.Hattery had shot me after thinking that i was a robber. i knew that was a lie so i tried to tell someone but the only person that was in the room with me was that mean cop. she looked at her gun and smiled.