Somethings Just Happen PT1

Chapter 1 A crush

Let me start by telling something about myself. my name is maikel, i just turned 18 a few weeks ago, am about 1,90m long, have short blond hair and weigh about 70 kilo's.

Now let's go to the story.
I just had gotten my driving-licence and whas bragging about it against a friend of mine who whas a bit down because her parents couldn't find a babysitter for her younger sister so that meant she had to stay at home and watch her. So i offert that i could babysit her i had nothing better to do like always. She quickly ran down to ask her parents if it whas oke if i did that. A few minutes later i got a message back that said it whas okey, but i may needed to sleepover there because her parents would be gone the whole night and she was now going to a sleepover. I messaged back that that whas no problem. She told me when i needed to be there. Got my things together. Told my parents i needed the car for the next 2 days and left.

After about a hour i arrived parked the car on there driveway. I walked over to the door and rang the bell i was greeted by my friend (her name is Nanouk she's 15 years old, about 1.80m long, long blond hair and a nice pair of breast) she gave me a hug and thanked me that i would babysit, told me her parents where already gone and would leave herself in a few minute's. She brought me to the quest room and i putt my stuff down. We walked over to her sister's room where she was busy on the computer chatting whit friends. Said "hi" and nanouk said she was leaving and we wished her a good night (Her sister whas almost like a younger version of her, her name is Tosca she's 13 years old, about 1.50 long, long blond hair and a small pair of breast that just started to grow). I asked if she wanted to do something together. She looked at me and said that we could watch a movie she had bought a few days ago. I was oke whit that.

She told me she would put on her payama's first. "oke, you know i will do the same". Went to the quest room took my clothes of put them on a chair and put on a new pair of underwair, white t-shirt and payama bottoms (i don't where payama tops). Walked over to Tosca's room and knocked on the door "are you dressed". The door opened and she walked past me in a long t-shirt whit a short of boxer like short under it. Walked after her to there livingroom. She put on the DVD and sat down next me on the couch. About 15 min in the film i whas halve leing on the couch and she whas getting a bit tired so she put her head against my chest.

About halfway in the movie she had moved and laid her head on my leg close to my croch. Like that wasn't enough by know there was a sex scene on (a scene like you know there doing it but not showing much of what is happening). My cock slowly started to grown and it cost al of my concentration not to let i grown further, while i was hoping the movie would end fast. So i could go and relieve my self, but to my terror she started wiggling around and her head whas now leing on my croch. That did it and my cock slowly started to grown again. I looked down and to my luck she whas now sleeping.

Then a large bang, the hero in the movie just blew up a chopper or something like that. "Shit the timing of that movie couldn't be worse", i said to myself. I looked down and saw her eye's where open by know. Dam surely she would notice my hard on, but to my luck she turned her head to the movie and whent back to watching. Doesn't she notice or isn't she sayin anything to make me sweat. I quickly got my answer when she started to rub her head a bid against my cock. I couldn't help but to let out a small moan.

"You like that" she said.

"I don't know what you are talking about" i said turning a bid red.

"I mean this" this time using her hand to rub against my cock.

"Please stop that we could get in a lot of trouble if someone finds out."

"Don't worry i won't tell if you won't."

"Stil it's illegal to let you do that."

"Oke i will stop, but only if you …."

"If i what" i already regretted asking that.

"If you kiss me, els i will keep rubbing you're friend down there."

"Oke i will kiss you, but please stop rubbing my penis."

She stop rubbing and moved her lips closer to mine and started kissing me. I whas hoping she would get enough of it soon. Then i felt a tongue trying to get in my mouth, so it tried to break the kiss but she put her hands behind my head and kept me on her lips. (For such a young girl she whas pretty strong.) By know i disided to just go with it, because she wouldn't take a no for answer.

She started to explore my mouth with her tongue and i just did the same to her. When i feld a hand slowly going behind my underwear and starting to rub against my cock. By know i didn't care anymore and actualy to tease her back a bit i placed my hands under her t-shirt and started to rub over her nipple's. We did this for a while when i noticed the movie whas over and it already whas 11pm. I pulled away and told her she better go to bed. Whit a disapointed face she got of the couch and went up stairs. I took out the DVD, put it back in it's cover and put down next to the tv. Went upstair and opened her bedroom door to wish her a goodnight. When i saw she was rubbing her pussy. She didn't hear me and just kept on going. She started to moan (not to loud so you could here it on the hallway). A few moans later she whispert im coooooooooooooming!!! O my god i'm comingggggg!! Keep doing that maikel!!!

To say i whas socked that she was fantasizing about me, whas a bit of a understatement. But i whas also a bit flattert. I better get out of here before she opens her eye's i tought a bit to late, because she had stopt cumming and her eye's where know open. When she noticed i whas there she turned red like a tomato and turned her eye's away so to not look at me. I wanted to walk away but i changed my mind and walked over to her sat next to her on the bed.

"You don't have to be emberaced many poeple mastrubate" i said whit a smile on my face hoping to reinsure her.

"I know that but how many poeple are caught by the person the where mastrubating about."

I turned her face to me so i could look at her. "Not many i think, but it doesn't matter i even find it flattering that you where thinking of me."

"Well i always had a bit of a crush on you, because you are always nice to me. "She then realiced something that made her cry a bid.

"What is it" I asked wiping some of the tears.

"you are not gonna tell my parents are you."

"Don't worry they don't have to know. This is between you and me. Know go get some sleep." I tugged her in wiping some of the last tears coming from her eye's and gave her a kiss on the head.

I turned of the lights in her room and whent to the quest room, because by know i needed some private time my self to. I quickly grabbed a whascloth and started to jack of and after only a minute i came in the washcloth. I put back on my underwear put the washcloth in a plasticbag i took with me for dirty clothing(just in case i spilled something or so). Pulled of my payama bottoms and whent to sleep thinking of the things that happent today.